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We are a group of Veterans who are sick of the lies, misinformation, infighting, threats and abuse which have been hurled around the internet by a small,deranged group for the last ten years.This group calls itself the mad galahs. The mad galahs morphed out of the failed orange movement. Their behaviour has been an embarrassment to all decent ex Service members and it is unacceptable.This website has one aim---to shut down the mad galahs and all who support them. If this means casting our net outside the Veteran community we will do that.

We are not in competition with the ANZMI Website We do not work with them in any capacity and our aim is to simply provide another source of information for all interested parties. We do however support the work ANZMI does.

This website  never publishes any information unless we have evidence that what we say is true. We don't publish rumour, gossip or false accusations. What individual contributors publish in the online Forum is their responsibility and not ours. Our opinion is presented here. The Forum represents the opinions and views of many and does not necessarily reflect our opinion. Let that be clear. 

If exposing the truth means treading on some toes we make no apology for that. Only those who lie and degrade our community will feel guilty and offended by what we publish herein.If you have consistently engaged in lies, abuse, threats and sending misinformation you can look forward to seeing your name up in lights on this website. We will not tolerate your behaviour any further without acting to protect our good name and reputation.No longer will we allow you to try to make fools of the ex Service community and the Defence Force.

It has been suggested the mad galahs were nothing but the usual Aussie larikins in the ADF and remain so. This is untrue. These people were never our much loved larikin but were incompetent and dangerous fools, who continue this behaviour to this day.

We will be building an email list to keep you informed.Subscription is open to those who agree to the terms of membership, which you can read when you make application to subscribe BELOW. We will not bombard you with emails.

Your communications with us are held securely on stand alone, anti virused and firewalled computers. We will never reveal the names of our sources without your specific request and permission to do so.

We will confine our work to exposing the mad galahs for what they are.....a small group of cowardly liars, deranged misinformers, deliberate defamers of decent people, chronic conspiracy theorists and feral fools.

On the left hand side of this page you will see various links to various characters who have been causing mayhem in our community. To read the truth about these cretins just click their names. The list will be added to.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and we hope our information clears up any questions you may have about these renegade Veterans who have caused so many problems for us all.

If you wish to pass us information you must provide proof of your feedback.

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