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Title: Fergus guesses why the Galahs hate ANZMI
Post by: Fergus on Saturday10October2009
Fergus supports the great work of the group known as Australian New Zealand Military Impostors (ANZMI) who work tirelessly and without  personal recognition to weed out Wannabes from the Veteran community.

Mad Galahs intensely dislike ANZMI and strongly support Wannabes.

The Mad Galahs refer to ANZMI as "Maggots" and "Star chamber criminals"   The Mad Galahs official line is that they (The Mad Galahs) are all mentally sick veterans, and Wannabes are mostly mentally sick veterans, and ANZMI are harassing mentally sick Veterans.

The goons from the Mad Galah mob are forever disparaging the great work done by the Wannabe chasers ANZMI.  One of the Mad Galah leading lights - Wiltshire - was once a fully fledged ANZMI operative, perhaps he is now working undercover for ANZMI, has infiltrated the Mad Galahs and is in fact, the source of the constant information that leaks from the Mad Galahs. - thanks Jim Wiltshire aka "The mole"

The Mad Galahs and "outed" Wannabes themselves, appear to be the only veterans who oppose ANZMI operations,  they exhibit in their writings a very deep hatred for the organisation, it can be assumed  that some of this hatred stems from the fact that:

1.    At least four of their members feature on the ANZMI web site they are Kirkman, Muller, Moon and Patterson.

2.   The head honcho of the Mad Galahs, Barry Corse was incensed because his  good mate was exposed as a disgusting fraud. This was Owen Eather an ex Commissioned Officer caught in the act of wearing fake medals.

3.   Wiltshire a Mad Galah leading light was an ANZMI investigator who was sacked for incompetence.

4.   Dave Briggs is not listed on ANZMI (yet) but should be, because he claimed to have heroic Infantry service in Cambodia, where he was awarded a Silver Star by US forces.  Briggs was in fact a National Service private soldier who served in Vietnam with a Royal Australian Engineer  unit. He applied to transfer to the Regular Army when his National Service commitment was completed but he was not accepted on the basis he did not reach the standards required by the Regular Army.
ANZMI are doing the job that should be done by law enforcement. Although clear penalties are listed to legally deal with Wannabes, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors refuse to take action.The Veteran community can thank its lucky stars that ANZMI works for the Veteran Community to expose Wannabes on their web site.  Professor  Paul Wilson, Criminologist of the Bond University recently said in the Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper "The power of public shaming is probably worse than prison sentence". The ANZMI web site is here

It is most likely that Mad Galahs hate ANZMI for the reason that members of their organisation are well represented on the ANZMI website. It is Mad Galah dogma to hate ANZMI. To a man, and woman, they all follow that dogma. Mad Galahs prefer the company of Wannabes and failed ex Defence Force members.  Wiltshire claims to vehemently hate ANZMI and won't admit to ever being a member. It is well known the real reason for him hating ANZMI is because he was sacked for being incompetent. It is also humorous that he would have helped to "out" Corse's good mate Owen Eather.

Fergus likes ANZMI and urges Veterans everywhere to support their good work.



Title: Re: Fergus guesses why the Galahs hate ANZMI
Post by: Fergus Fairfax on Sunday11October2009

Kirkman is a great mate of Brian McKenzie

Title: Re: Fergus guesses why the Galahs hate ANZMI
Post by: PQ on Sunday11October2009
Hear, hear, Fergus.

When I first came across ANZMI I was astounded at the number of wannnabes that infect the veteran community.
Like many others I had seen and heard bullshit artists on Anzac Day full of piss boasting about their heroic exploits and didn't take much notice and wrote it off to the grog.

It is a lot more serious than a few dills getting on the grog, there are some heavyweight frauds going on, and some high profile names have been tossed up. I note that some well known pensions advocates name are on the ANZMI list and I hope the Federal police are actively looking at all the cases that these known fakers have presented to the DVA.

They give all fair dinkum veterans a bad name and well done ANZMI for shaming them to the world.

Title: Re: Fergus guesses why the Galahs hate ANZMI
Post by: Fergus on Friday16October2009
Mad Galahs - warn of Communist threat.

Phillip Holder is a Mad Galah from the Orange region of NSW. He like all Mad Galahs believes he is the saviour of the veteran community and he hates the Wannabe chasers ANZMI with a vengeance. 

Phillip is not known as a deep thinker – nothing wrong with that - in fact, it is requisite for Mad Galah membership.

He sent an email on the 11 Oct 09 that we can all chuckle about, when you read the email below you will see that he said (speaking about ANZMI)

“In my opinion they could be a bunch of nobodies, trained by the communists hoping to have some bearing on the military of australia.”

Jeeeeez, Phillip Holder has reds under the bed. Could the Mad Galahs please bring their constituents up to date by telling them that “Communists” are yesterday’s enemy.

Thanks Phillip we will add this one to the list of funny things said by the Mad Galahs.

By the way we have included a nice photo of Phill.  



From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2009 6:26 PM

From: Phillip Holder
Sent: Friday, 9 October 2009 11:14 AM
Subject: Story by Angus Hohenboken, 5.10.09
In my opinion the proverbial anzmi (and I refuse to put the name in capitals) for they have proven themselves to be liars, twisters of truth, refuse to put their "real names on the net" and in my opinion whatever they say is a pack of lies. Until they can be verified as genuine and willing to back up what they say in a court of law then anyone who listens to their rantings and ravings must have rocks in their head. In my opinion they could be a bunch of nobodies, trained by the communists hoping to have some bearing on the military of australia.
Phil Holder  02 63619468

Title: Re: Fergus guesses why the Galahs hate ANZMI
Post by: CERTO on Saturday17October2009
I have been informed the original photo purporting to be of Phillip Holder was not of him at all.  So my direct comment at the person concerned was ill informed.  I now must admit I have never seen or met Mr Holder and now ever seen him wearing a badge of the VVAA.  However I can assure all that Mr Holder is not a member of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia NSW Branch or any other State Branch.  He may be a Vietnam Veteran.  I am sure this will come as a relief to members of the VVAA. Also received a copy of an email sent to one Barry Billing accusing him of being me and of his dastardly crimes 29 years ago. What a lot of crock.  Keep guessing fellows and I am trembling with fear at actually being exposed and dragged before a court.  What a laugh.

Title: Re: Fergus guesses why the Galahs hate ANZMI
Post by: 80s on Saturday17October2009
Ok so the ANZMI are Commies now, LOL, whatever the Galahs are smoking I will take 2 kgs.