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Title: Mystery - Fergus copycat?
Post by: Fergus on Wednesday21October2009

Someone out there wants to play Fergus. An email was distributed through Alan Petersen's system today purporting to be written by Fergus. 

It was not written by Fergus, and that is obvious from the lack of eloquence.

Fergus franchise's may be available soon, but they will not be cheap

Perhaps Mr Allan Petersen may be able to shed some light, as to the source of the email he distributed - See below?


“--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Allen Petersen <>
Date: Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 2:07 PM
Subject: Fwd

Subject:    Back to the Fight
Fergus is concerned that some contributors to this forum are becoming involved in fighting each other.  Fergus reminds all contributors that we must focus on our real enemy - the Mad Galahs.  Every time one of them opens their mouth we must strike, regardless of the veracity of their statements.  What Paul Copeland has done or hasn't done is not really relevant.

Title: Re: Mystery - Fergus copycat?
Post by: Nuidat68 on Wednesday21October2009
Its Not me. im on holidays in Canberra meeting with FBI agents.

Title: Re: Mystery - Fergus copycat?
Post by: CD on Wednesday21October2009
Canberra?? I thought I saw you this morning on the Portsea backbeach with the CIA talking about the Russian sub.

Title: Re: Mystery - Fergus copycat?
Post by: Fergus Fairfax on Thursday22October2009
And it's not me. I'm hiding under the bed with the commos. Sounds like some dribbling frothing nutty stuff from Martinek. Geeez the mgs are getting pathetic and desperate. How amateurish how childish how retarded. Did I serve with these people? Makes my head spin.

Title: Re: Mystery - Fergus copycat?
Post by: Nuidat68 on Thursday22October2009
Holidays over its back to work  :-\  and just when i was having so much fun. ;D

Title: Re: Mystery - Fergus copycat?
Post by: Fergus on Thursday22October2009
Ho ho ho ho ho.  Like Elvis Presley, Fergus imitators are everywhere, how good is that?  It is certainly pleasing to note that Mad Galah energy is now directed towards Fergus, instead of outrageous conspiracy theories and aiding and abetting wannabes.

The Mad Galahs have their hand in an inappropriate place within the anatomical structure of Alan Petersen’s lower body and “pulling his strings”.  The words integrity and Alan Petersen are an oxy moron, however the words Alan Petersen and moron are not.

Alan Petersen is spraying out Mad Galah nonsense that purports to be emanating from the pen of Fergus. Fergus only communicates through the AVM network.

This will be Fergus’s last word on the matter.



Title: Re: Mystery - Fergus copycat?
Post by: Ethelred on Thursday22October2009
O dear me. Just read this and don't blame me. I have been down in the garden under a sunflower having intercourse with a bumble bee.

Title: Re: Mystery - Fergus copycat?
Post by: Ric T on Thursday22October2009
Keep on 'em Fergus. 

You must be really getting under their (not so thick) hides.