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Title: Bob Gibson replies to Tates lies and defamation
Post by: Zion on Saturday14November2009
Bob Gibson is a Vietnam War Veteran. Don Tate has defamed Gibson and demeaned his War Service. Tate accuses Gibson of being a member of this forum. Bob Gibson has had enough of the lies and abuse of Tate and has sent the following email to AVM for public broadcast.

From: Bob Gibson
Sent: Friday, November 13, 2009 5:00 PM
Subject: your involvement at FSB Coral

Ok you fella's time for fight back. This is from the right people but some of the names are not right like our Lt was Guy Holloway NOT Ray. Pte Richard "Sailor" Barron was with the first night Sunday 12th may 68 at Firebase Coral . This clown Tate has called me a Paedophile, a no show at Coral and the next he will be telling everyone I wasn't even in the frigging army he needs locking up the dickhead. He cannot get mail through to me but he has my home address here on the coast, just maybe I will get lucky and he pops in to see me on his "magical mystery Tour". I reckon he is still smoking too much "Whoopee Weed" nobody could be as stupid as this bloke surely, he is a drop-Kick alright. Would appreciate who ever is the boss cocky to answer on my behalf this allegation by Tate that I wasn't at Firebase Coral at all.
Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran.
Rifleman D&E Platoon 1 ATF
1967 - Oct 1968 TET .

Defence and Employment Platoon in battle of Coral, 12/13 May 1968

The following passage is quoted from the official history volume by Ian McNeill and Ashley Ekins, On the Offensive: The Australian Army in the Vietnam War, January 1967 – June 1968, Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Sydney, 2003, chapter 12, page 367. The passage is contained in the account of the action at Fire Support Base Coral during the first attack by North Vietnamese Army forces on the night of 12/13 May 1968.

The task force headquarters Defence Platoon, sited near the Mortar Platoon, was pinned down by an enemy heavy machine-gun. For many of the platoon, primarily intended for defence of the task force headquarters, this was their first experience of being under enemy fire. Under the command of Second Lieutenant Ray Holloway, the platoon performed well in their first action.

Sources for the passage are in McNeill and Ekins, On the Offensive, p. 601 endnote 102, as follows:

Author Ian McNeill’s note for file, ‘Coral/Balmoral’, 17 May 1988; see also minutes copied from unregistered CGS file, ‘Briefs reference file’, box 3 (28), AWM 101, copies of both in OHC file D/3/10, AWM 257; Richard Barron (former national serviceman, D&E Platoon, HQ 1ATF, South Vietnam, 1968-1969), transcript of tape recorded recollections, April 1998, S01851, AWM.

The Defence Platoon (correct name) of Headquarters Company 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF) was commonly known as the Defence and Employment Platoon (D&E Pl). D&E Platoon had an original establishment of 10 other ranks in 1966 but its strength fluctuated over time. It carried out defence and security tasks, manned check points and provided ‘shot gun’ security for vehicles as well as staff for kitchen duties in the task force headquarters.

Title: Re: Bob Gibson replies to Tates lies and defamation
Post by: Steel on Saturday14November2009
To add to Bobs comments. This taken from Digger History

Whenever Task Force Head Quarters moved into the field, D&E platoon provided its perimeter defence. The first occasion of this happening was Operation "Hayman" on 6 November 1966, which also saw the first large scale aerial insertion onto unsecured landing zones, of the Task Force, on Long Son Island. D&E platoon were also present at the Battle of Fire Support Base "Coral" in May 1968. Again on 5 June 1971, Task Force Head Quarters moved to "Courtenay Hill" which had been previously secured by D&E platoon, following the withdrawal of a company of 2 RAR, to conduct Operation "Overlord" and the battle of Long Khanh. This was possibly the last time that the Task Force established a forward headquarters out of the Base.   

and from HQ 1 ATF Association

.  At the time all but one of the rifle companies of 3RAR and 1 RAR were deployed (and harboured)  in the surrounding areas about 1k out.  This left D Company 3 RAR, and 3RAR’s and 1RAR’S Mortar Platoons, Anti Tank Platoons and Assault Pioneer Platoons and HQ1ATF’s D&E Platoon to defend the under-prepared base.

Tate states in one of his ramblings

I thought this was most important, because the battalions at the time were very short-handed. (3RAR at Balmoral were very seriously down on fighting men, and were at great risk of being over-run at one point, so I'm told.)
So I thought it strange that while other units were seriously compromised as far as hands on deck were concerned, an aparently whole platoon of available men including 'Bomber' were available back in Nui Dat the whole time, sitting on their arses!!!!

Seems every one else except Tate places D &E Platoon at Coral.

Title: Re: Bob Gibson replies to Tates lies and defamation
Post by: Zion on Saturday14November2009
From: Bob Gibson
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 10:44 AM
Subject: Tate

You know what Tate did to a really long time American buddy of mine xxxxxxxxx who lost his right leg in Vietnam hit by RPG and during the early 8o's helped me no end with all kinds of info from Washington DC regarding "AO" and other chemicals he was getting lots of info from a Congressman Tom Dashle who some yrs ago ran for President. Anyway xxxxx is a great bloke and Tate sent all his shit emails across the pond to him and more or less laughed at the fact xxxxx lost his leg in what he said " Was a Real War" !

Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran.
Rifleman D&E Platoon 1 ATF
1967 - Oct 1968 TET .

Title: Re: Bob Gibson replies to Tates lies and defamation
Post by: Zion on Sunday15November2009
Bob you don't have to answer to the Tates of the world. Let them wallow in their own sickness, lies and self pity. Naturally we have the right to defend ourselves and that is a different kettle of fish. The galahs  are really very small people who are trying to be big people. Those who did don't have to attack others to prove their worth.I know D&E Platoon was forward at Coral. I was in country at the time. Now watch the galahs have fun with this revelation of mine  ;D

From: Bob Gibson
Sent: Sunday, November 15, 2009 8:27 AM
Subject: TATE

Could you please post this from me.

Don Tate says D&E platoon members were never in danger and were safe behind the wire. He well might look at D&E platoons "KIA" and "WIA" .

He says not only myself was happy back at 1ATF nui dat while the battle raged at Firebase Coral  , not only has he placed me back at nui dat but he placed the rest of the 40 diggers of D&E platoon with me back there.

Well Im glad to say to Donny Tate that there are another 39  diggers from my tour looking out for him but not to buy his book. This great digger mates are all over Australia and he will never know who they are until they snout him. Keep going Donny Boy you soon will have every man that ever served with D&E platoon from 1966 until 1971 looking to have a little chat with you. But because your such a drop kick they might feel sorry for you because of your REAL war wound might take pity on you,as they know you would love all the sympathy as you seem to suck that up.

Get a life Tate and move on try lawn bowls and abuse some ole white leghorns.

From a Digger Proud to have worn the uniform of my country.

Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran.
Rifleman D&E Platoon 1 ATF
1967 - Oct 1968 TET .

Title: Re: Bob Gibson replies to Tates lies and defamation
Post by: Fergus Fairfax on Sunday15November2009
A little D&E Pl history. There ya go Tate. So much for your bullshit. Look in tha far right column.

Open the attachment to read.

Title: Re: Bob Gibson replies to Tates lies and defamation
Post by: Savage1 on Sunday15November2009
Bob I am sorry that you feel the need to defend yourself from the likes of Don Tate. I served along side D & E Platoon many times and found them very capable soldiers.  People like Donny are small in mind and cowardly in their attacks on fellow veterans.  OK, so Stumbles was wounded, he was not alone.  However, he is the only one I know making big statements about his wounds.

Title: Re: Bob Gibson replies to Tates lies and defamation
Post by: krt1. on Thursday19November2009
After reading that book? that one, Don Tate has put his name to, I am amused at the amount of inaccuracies that are between the front cover and the back cover. I feel it has been written by some one who  has very limited knowledge of administration and tactics. May be this is why he has blundered so many times with his recollection of what DID happen and what he wanted to happen. If he had bothered to do any research on any part of the operations he has reminisced about he might have come close to a second rate Carter Brown, who done it. But I am afraid that the book is NOT a reference of actual events during the Vietnam War, but the ramblings of a second class soldier who was being kept out of the way.  Tate is a problem child who craves attention and thrives on being persecuted. He appears to enjoy the attention he is getting from the ramblings of his deficient memories.  It appears that one, Don Tate went out on one exercise and stumbled into an enemy weapons pit. For his lac-luster performance he was brassed up by some irate enemy, and he expects to be praised for that?  He is just a stupid clumsy "Gronk" who wrote a comic book of poor quality.

Title: Re: Bob Gibson replies to Tates lies and defamation
Post by: Zion on Sunday22November2009
From: Bob Gibson
Sent: Saturday, November 21, 2009 11:47 PM
Subject: Pension Money for his crook book

To all my contacts across the world. Be WARNED of a Low life by the name of  Don Tate  a failed soldier who joined the Australian army and was slightly wounded REMEMBER he joined the army not conscripted and for 40 yrs this loud mouth has never shut his trap. He is going to write another book next week called "Stumbling Inn" to a Bunker system with no glasses on.

To the diggers who run AVM please can you please  post this to Tatar, could you check spelling as I'm pissed off about the defamation he spread so much round Australia and to my limbless yanks mates in USA. He is telling porky pie lies regarding any paedophile ring and it's time for Tatar to put up or Shut Up .He sure is a drop kick, and will never amount to NOTHING in this life or the next, Now they will tell me I'm a member of AVM I wouldn't be able to afford the fee cobber.

Don Tate Tar

Says his book is selling like hot cakes and is not in the mark down shelf as yet. All I can say is he is buying all the copies with his pension money ,wife's pension,and any other pension or medals he can get his hands on to go with his shinyed up sports gong,great stuff, you must stand out like a sore thumb,but a few more on Donny boy.

Selling like hot cakes.  Yeh right tell me another one be more like "Rock Cakes" falling right to the bottom and never to be seen in ANY school within our system as first sign of his porno book going a any school emails will flood that schools headmaster's office like he has never seen.

No. Tate declared this war with me and so be it as I've a few things in the loop for loopy Don and a couple of high flying  well known media people read his emails to me and when we are ready a few of us would gladly have a little yarn about this massive ambush and thru one Pte Colmer who was at the main ambush. Well Tate wasn't even in this ambush some of his blokes say he was behind the wire in Nui Dat cleaning the Shit Boxes.

 Colmer knows much on this Mr Tat Tar.  Nothing like your own diggers knowing  JUST what this fella did, but I'm sure before Santa comes Don Tata Tatar might even get a ride from Santa as he was WOUNDED I think LOL.  Santa might even give Mr Big Noter  a surprise from the bottom of his bag a MEDAL for causing the most disharmony in the past 40 yrs.

A a bloke who joined and signed on the dotted line hasn't stopped whinging, moaning not good for a soldier  as long in the ranks as him,but don't think he would have been promoted most likely be busted back to RECRUIT,best place for a stumbler.

Bomber add For TATE
288 central St Labrador, 4215

Been here 20yrs  and will be here another 20yrs. You started this fight with me TATAR and if you want to rock & with me then you better learn to dance digger. My dancing is to win as quick and at any cost they are not for watchers and spectators, just a bit of Irish luck and I wont be there long.

Gold Coast
Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran.
Rifleman D&E Platoon 1 ATF
1967 - Oct 1968 TET .

VIETNAM "1967- Oct 1968" Infantry Rifleman.
 (FIREBASES-"Coburg" Feb 68- "Coral" May, June 68 )
              DUTY FIRST.

From: Allen Petersen <>
To: "Donald Tate" <>
Cc: "Brian McKenzie" <>, "Neil Weekes" <>, "Jim Wiltshire" <>, "Bernie McGurgan" <>, "Barry Corse" <>, "Terry Westerway" <>
Received: Saturday, 21 November, 2009, 10:45 PM
From: Allen Petersen
To: Bob Gibson

From: Donald Tate
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Saturday, 21 November 2009 8:15 PM

For 'Bomber' gGibson:
Hey gutless come you deleted the word "RIFLEMAN" from your 'signature' for about six months last year? Wasn't it because you'd been outed as a liar and a fool over a year ago? And what did we do about it?
Nothing. We saw no point in hurting a fellow veteran.
But went back to calling yourself a rifleman when you only ever carried a dishtowel. Buick knew. So did others.
They just let you get away with it so you could do their bidding.
Why don't you just answer at least ONE of the questions Barry Corse asked you about Coral?
What an ignorant fool you are.

Don Tate

From: Bob Gibson
To: Allen Petersen
Cc: Bernie McGurgan
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 4:18 AM
What don't you understand about the words "TAKE ME OFF" now this is several times I've told you not to send me any mail from you regarding any subject.
To all Contacts AUST & USA

Read what mr Tate wrote at the bottom of this page & his idiot crowd Petersen,Wiltshire,Corse, and any other names I see on any of these idiots names on emails coming into my computer will go where they all go ( Mailwasher ) Delete & Bounce, never to soil your computer again.
I will  answer couple Donny Tar Tars questions.
Q1. you claiming to be a member of a D&E platoon that was dreamt up by a few mostly you for this porn book of yours was already in your head even then,and the video footage ( Video) mind you was only for slack digs who weren't doing what infantry is supposed to do in the "J" not take video footage of rice paddies and butterflies and you should have been watching somebodies back. Don Tate you're a fool who nobody cares for or wants ,you made your nest now go lay in it. You know all  your mental frothing at the mouth, hey you might have had Foot & Mouth at the time.
BUT I was embarrassed to think others who might not know me might reckon some how I'm tired up with you and your bullshit stories and things you wrote that OTHERS did and not you.Were you at the AMBUSH Donny,who changed the photo's, who was with who. Don't think you know old boy.
 So in short was hoping you would just fade away into a bunker. But when it looked like you were going to stay around turning your lies into even bigger lies,how do you do that donny boy very few are good at it like you.
I heard it might have been  you that was

 a good "boy"  for couple  officers & that's why you don't like them anymore Donny  any truth in that Don??

And for me to Answer "Corse" who wears a medal he will never have on his discharge papers an American CIB he wears but again will never be on his official discharge papers you're joking  seen the yank CIB on his coat taken while he was in canberra with a great parrot shitting on his shoulder that was enough for me and you wankers talk about Frauds & Wannabes your ranks are full of them.

What a jokes in the veteran community you have all become, so answer "Corse" the ICB&CIB wearing Galah, not likely.

Don Hater Tatar you signed on the dotted line, you took the oath, and you haven't stopped squealing ,whinging  ever since you reap what you sow cry-baby.

You should be ashamed to have ever put on the Australian army uniform, one thousands of great young Australians have put on since the china rebellion, but now I'm starting to sound too sensible for you as you would not  understand what that's about.

Don you seemed to be worried about hurting ole Bomber, don't hold back i'm good for what ever shit you can deal out.

I was hoping you would pop in and check on an old one and only D&E 1ATF rifleman Digger seeing we both served in the same platoon unless you dreamt of another LOL. Anyway just in case you're flogging that shocker of a porn book of yours my home addy is

37/228 central Street Labrador.

cannot miss me. There is rather large Australian flag flying out the front. But don't make the mistake of letting me know you're coming, better chance if you try and ambush me,but then I also heard you no good at that either. Oh well shit happens.


of the one & only D&E 1ATF at any time anywhere in Vietnam. Sabre,phantom,2nd D&E all sounds like ASIO to me Don.LOL
  One last thing don if I'm "An Asio agent" YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.
Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran.
Rifleman D&E Platoon 1 ATF
1967 - Oct 1968 TET .


Don Tate has had a website published for some time. If you look at the number of visitors to his website, which he proudly displays, the numbers are miniscule. Just in the hundreds.

Anyway this is a quote from Tates website

"In the memoir, I devote a chapter to the 2nd D&E Platoon- a platoon of men who operated during May/June of 1969- but which wasn’t recorded in the histories of the war. In a battle that took many years, I challenged the integrity of the Australian Army with respect to the validity of its war records, and detailed matters which occurred at the village of Thua Tich on May 29th, 1969.

Those contentions are the reason why this platoon was excluded from the histories of the war- and are yet to be fully revealed.
 On May 29th in 2008, the Australian Federal Government formally acknowledged the existence of the platoon, and its activities. That announcement was made by the Hon Dr Mike Kelly MP, Secretary to the Minister for Veteran Affairs.

This was validation for myself and those others who fought alongside me- Ted Colmer; Kevin Lloyd-Thomas; and Richard ‘Barney’ Bigwood."

Houston we have a problem. Tate states [ above ] he was at the Thua Tich ambush fighting alongside Ted Colmer. Ted Colmer says he was not part of the ambush at Thua Tich.

This is another quote from Tates website

"It is a version accepted by the Australian War Memorial despite a vigorous and hostile campaign waged by the infantry veterans who contend that many of the bodies were actually blown up in an ‘engineer’s burial” while others were strapped upside down behind the backs of APC’s and transported into Xuyen Moc for propaganda purposes."

You have variously quoted these events and other versions of them in various emails and claim war crimes were committed by those you served with. Once again Houston has a problem. Ted Colmer, who was part of the Thua Tich ambush, categorically says NO war crimes were committed in the Thua Tich AO 29May69-31May69 .

This is another quote from Tates website

" Since no “official” record of the 2nd D&E Platoon existed, in later years men from the platoon were unable to draw upon their experiences in that ambush as a reason for psychological damage- thus were denied war pensions."

The SA Department of Veterans Affairs sent a formal letter to the SA RSL ages ago in which this department stated NO Vietnam Veteran who served on the Thua Tich operation has ever been denied Repatriation Benefits based on the reasons you claim.

If ANY Vietnam Veteran has been denied legitimate Repatriation Benefits because of the reasons you state---GIVE US THEIR NAMES.....NOW.