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Title: Vic VVAA
Post by: Zionist on Friday05February2010
Mm  that's interesting Spartakus. I wonder if Elworthy would like to explain what his relationship with Jim Irvine was? He will know what I am talking about. Just a hint until I see if Elworthy comes good. He and Irvine seem to know a lot about the use of VVAA premises in Victoria for private business activities.

From Spartakus in the Corse thread.

Sunray aka Bob Elworthy of the Victorian VVAA just made a post which is typical of him. Elworthy is a long time subscriber to the mad galah email list edited by Petersen. Elworthy as usual got up to his usual trick of distorting the truth and telling lies. Just for your info Elworthy we have removed the forum membership of no more than 6 since the website was published in Jan 2009. Not the long list of members you say.

We say again. We are not here to debate, argue the toss or hear excuses for the mad galahs. We are here to shut the mad galahs down and we are proud to say that and stand by it.

NOBODY who is a mad galah or who supports the galahs or makes excuses for them will be allowed into this forum.

If you don't like that, too bad. And if you don't like what we post, stay away. It's a free country.

Oh and Elworthy we never open our mouths until the galahs open theirs. The ball is in their court. If they shut up, go away and stop their rot we will not say a thing. However this website and forum are here forever.

We have deleted Sunrays membership.