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Title: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: Zion on Wednesday31March2010
Don Tate must certainly be a sociopath or psychopath. Whether or not he is would be for a psychiatrist to determine and the specialist would absolutely have a field day with the Dons head.
Tate is at it again and this time he is plying information from a former journalist and erstwhile author, Frank Walker, which if true, demonstrates just how gullible this journalist must be and how much money he has to waste on chasing red herrings. We are including an email which mad galah mailman and low intelligence quotient former Soldier Allen Petersen has published. You can read this email and others at the end of our comments.The Petersen email is allegedly part of an email from Walker, though Petersen edits information so heavily one can never be sure just what he is publishing.
Tate is again trying to use Jim Riddle, a former British Marine Sergeant, who enlisted in the Australian Army during the Vietnam War and he is using Riddle to pump himself up and underpin his lies about himself and the alleged 2nd D&E Platoon.
Now let's have a look at Riddle first. For us to understand what this is about we need to look honestly at Riddle and his time in the Australian Army and his venture down under a few years ago. Jim Riddle to his credit enlisted in the Australian Army voluntarily and he spent a lot of time in Vietnam. However Riddle was well known in the Australian Army by his peers as a hopeless drunk,who was violent at times, as a man who had deep problems with authority figures and who was promoted and demoted. Hardly the glowing Military career and hardly the type of character who can be relied on or taken for his word. Just not a reputable source of any information.
Riddle was given the opportunity like all foreign nationals in the Military to take out Australian citizenship during the Vietnam War period but chose not to do so and scampered back to the UK never to be heard from again until a few years ago when he wanted to migrate to Australia for personal reasons. By this time of course Jim Riddle was an aging man who was not an Australian citizen. He began a campaign to say he had been denied Australian citizenship, that he should automatically be entitled to citizenship because of his War Service in the Australian military and then the mad galahs led by Corse, Briggs and Tate latched onto this campaign and levelled months and months of abuse at the former DVA Minister Bruce Billson and the Howard Government. Eventually the Government bent over backwards to repatriate Riddle to Australia where Corse, Tate and others used him and his situation for all they were worth to big note themselves and push the stupid mad galah campaign and in Tates case to manipulate Riddle to support his rabble rousing cause to have his fabled 2nd D&E Platoon included on the Order of Battle for the Vietnam War.
Riddle was where he wanted to be, in Australia, away from his family, lauded and feted and able to settle into a life of leisure and drinking. He ended up living at Angus House in Brisbane, a safe place set up by the RSL and administered by the VVAA at this time. Here Riddles behaviour, his drinking and his attitude, ended by his being involved in a violent punch up in which Riddle was seriously disabled. Months of hospitalization and rehabilitation followed, all at DVA expense as far as we know, and eventually Riddle wanted to return to the UK and now lives in a UK nursing home. Riddle is now a poorer source of information than he ever was. He is a demented, frail and sick old man whose memory is poor and who will say anything to keep all sides of the fence happy.
To return to Tate. Tate used Riddle mercilessly while he was in Australia to aid his push to become a renowned War hero and to have the alleged 2nd D&E Platoon recognised officially in the annals of the Australian military during the Vietnam war. In this he has failed. Tate as usual and in character attacked and abused Riddle when Riddle wouldn't or couldn't behave the way Tate wanted him to behave.
So here we have a saga of a gullible and ambitious journalist and author being led up the garden path by a demented, sick and frail old man and a vicious, abusive and lying War Veteran who is out to make a big name for himself, his book and his ordinary and short War Service.
Finally it could be argued that Don Tate had a plan BEFORE he enlisted in the Australian Army, and that his plan was to go to War, volunteering for an Infantry Battalion where he knew the odds were he would see some combat, take his trusty film camera with him, record his alleged heroics and then return to Australia and make money on the back of his mates and the Australian Army. Nobody but Tate knows what the truth is and trying to extract the truth from Tate is like trying to get the truth from the Taliban.
Please see the following emails.
To: Allen Petersen
 Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 3:01 AM
Subject: my relationship with Jim Riddle

Frank Walker (former journalist with the Sun-Herald, NSW,and the author of a couple of books) recently spent a fortnight with Jim Riddle in England. He is researching the entire 2nd D&E Platoon matter, and has collated extensive information.
In the past year, two veterans have sought to ridicule Jim's opinion of me as a soldier, despite my having published his opinions earlier, and in "The War Within". Jim had no reason to hold anything back.
After spending a fortnight with Jim Riddle, Frank Walker wrote to me. He had specifically asked Jim about our association. These are Frank Walker's words:
"Dear Don,
Thank you very much indeed for that information. It is very, very useful. I am transcribing the hours and hours of interview I did with Jim Riddle and I am really pleased with it. He does indeed speak very highly of you ...."
Get that up you, Colmer and "XXXX" Douglas.
From: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 1:11 PM
Subject: Riddle/Angus House.

            Jim Riddle never told "outrageous" war stories to me and I'd be surprised if he did to anyone else.  Before I arrived at the house there were some blokes there who thought he was an impostor, that he'd never even been to Vietnam. Of course when his war service was established some of them had to eat humble pie and they didn't like it. He got on well with most of the blokes in the 3 months I was there. He's a likeable, sensible bloke when he's sober.  He told me that for many years he lived the life of a recluse in England and that coming back to Australia was like a dream come true. But it was very obvious that dream was falling apart. He desperately wanted to get his lady friend over for a visit hoping she'd like it enough to emigrate and then there were his son's and their families, who he hoped he could sponsor out to Australia. Of course none of this could be achieved on a service pension and 100% disability. He was very frustrated by the fact that things weren't going the way he was lead to believe they'd go. When he'd outlived his usefulness, he was dumped by the organ grinders who bought him out here. He was left to try and make some sense out of the situation he found himself in. What does an alcoholic do when he's under stress? He drinks. Then he got some bad news from a specialist which suggested he didn't have a lot of time left. He became agitated by the fact he wasn't going to be TPIed because of his age and started comparing himself to others who did have the TPI. He did a PTSD course and had to "walk out'' when a bloke started telling his group about the "horrors" he witnessed while on the Sydney. (I think it was the Sydney, I could be wrong. It wasn't the Hobart.) I think from memory this bloke was getting a TPI pension and Riddle just couldn't understand it.
                               The day after the alledged assault  I visited Angus House and he told me the circumstances leading up to the fight. Watching his behaviour in the weeks leading up to that altercation and then listening to his version of events I thought it would be very dangerous to lay all the blame on the other bloke. I could say a lot more but what's the point?
                               Jim Riddle is an alcoholic. He's back home where he should be, amongst friends and family. I dips me lid to the blokes who took care of him after he left Angus House. That's what real mates do. He's fortunate to have such friends. I think it should be remembered that Riddle's contribution in Vietnam was over 700 days. I hope he'll be remembered for that service and not  Don Tate's book.
P.S. As I said before that story of having snotted xxxxxxxx was doing the rounds at Reo Wing in 71'. I'm assuming Riddle started it but I don't understand why. I never met Grant Angus, the bloke he had the blue with. There was talk of charges being laid. Had that occurred I think I would have come forward. Apparently Grant Angus is the son of the founder of Angus House, but don't quote me.
From: xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 12:34 AM
Subject: Jim Riddle. (Not for print)

Hi Admin,
                 One Sunday night in August 1971 I emerged from a bowling club in Western Sydney. (I think it was Cabramatta)  I had been to a dance celebrating with a group of other young soldiers. We had been informed that were to be on the final draft to leave Reo Wing, Inf Centre, Ingleburn for Vietnam. I was so relieved to get on that draft. It was every soldier's ambition to get the "fruit salad" on their chest. You weren't going to get far in the Army without it.
                                As I stood at the Taxi rank I noticed a VW Kombi van with its side door half opened in the carpark. I recognised it as Jim Riddles. Riddle and I weren't friends, we weren't enemies either. He was just someone you avoided, especially when he'd been drinking. I was a skinny 19 year old who'd been given a hook and the responsibility of running the armoury. Riddle made my life hell at every opportunity. I dreaded having anything to do with the man. But it wasn't just me. He would attempt to undermine authority every chance he had. Usually with wisecracks and snide remarks  from the cover of the third rank.
                             All the shit I'd copped from him in the previous 5 months was running through my mind as I stood looking at his VW. Against my better judgement I went over to see what was going on. There he was sitting on the back seat  and I expected at any moment to get a verbal savaging from him. It didn't come. I then noticed he had his hands firmly clasped around a .22 rifle that was sitting across his lap. He wasn't as drunk as I'd seen him at times, he was just staring ahead into the night . I asked him if he was alright and was relieved when he answered yes in a civilised manner.
  I knew something was very wrong but I didn't understand what. My opinion of Jim Riddle changed from that night on. I removed the label I had on him and it remained that way for the next 15 years. Jim Riddle was used a lot because of his experience. Soldiers listened to him. If it hadn't been for the alcohol abuse he would have been a Plt. Sgt. at least. He just looked so out of place with us young blokes and I think this also played on him.
I remember him taking over lessons from the instructors at 1 ARU, and they were happy to let him do so. Then we went out on our first patrol. He was sent down into a dry riverbed to flush out something that had caught the forward scouts eye and had moved behind an island. I was watching him very closely. He did not want to be there. I think they said it was a deer. I didn't see it. We did a couple of ambushes and a few patrols from memory and then were choppered back in to 1 ARU. I didn't see him again after that. He apparently got full and refused to leave the boozer one night and was boobed by the duty sergeant. I don't know, I wasn't there, I'd been posted.
                                In 1986 I was reading about a study that had been done on combat veterans in the States who had been diagnosed as having  PTSD, and there was Jim Riddles new label. It just jumped up and hit right between the eyes. I fully believe that any fair minded person who knew him in 71/72 regardless of their prejudices toward him would have to agree, that  with what we know now,  Jim Riddle was exhibiting the symptoms of acute PTSD. I have absolutely no doubt about that.
                                When he came back to Australia 30 years later, he came back into a system he didn't understand. He was going by what others were telling him. I gleaned from our conversations that he was fully expecting to be TPIed. The medal situation only came up when he had alcohol in him. You must understand that the Jim Riddle drunk is a completely different man to the Jim Riddle sober with a different set of memories and priorities. I saw him do things at Angus House and when bought to his attention the next day he would deny them. A liar? No, definitely not. He has mental blackouts, he simply could not remember. I can relate to that. I was drunk myself for 26 years. I have been completely sober and nicotine free for the last 9.  I said that I was disappointed he didn't own up to starting the blue with Grant Angus (who I don't know and have never met) I stand by that but have no intention of elaborating any further. He has been kicked enough. Its time to put it to rest.
                                 He came out to Australia on a whole bag of bullshit promises that could not be kept. I tried to tell him there was no way that the Minister could put aside the statute of limitations for him because of his age. It wasn't going to happen. I believe the minister did everything within his power for Jim. I was with him at DVA the day he was told to put in for EDA. They were indirectly saying to him, put in the paperwork and we'll give it to you, however the Act limits us from doing more! He couldn't accept it. He started grasping at straws. I heard him ring the Transport Dept. in NSW to see if he could renew the plant operators ticket he hadn't used since 1975! He wanted to go back to work at 69 because the Service pension and 100% disability wasn't enough for him to live on! His girlfriend was in England as with his sons and their families. What did he have in Australia? Empty FFFN promises! No wonder he was going off his brain, who wouldn't?
                                   Is Jim Riddle entitled to a bravery award? That's not for me to say. Should he be entitled to a TPI pension? I personally think he would have qualified for it before his 2nd tour in 71, but I don't write the cheques.
P.S.  I am disgusted by the attacks on xxxxxxx. I've never met the man but have corresponded with him on occasion. I have never lost sight of the fact that my tour in 71/72 was a walk in the park compared to the tours of some of the grunts before me. When it comes to the Vietnam Veterans I know exactly where I fit in the pecking order and I am very comfortable with that. Its a pity some of these other blokes didn't have the same respect.


From: Jim Riddle 
Sent: Monday, 12 November 2007 6:56 PM
To: Donald Tate
Cc: Kevin Thomas; remloc; Richard Bigwood; Barry Corse; John Graham; Ian Morrison; Kevin Bovill; John Cassidy; Jim Duffield; Bruce Billson;
Subject: Re: the plaque unveiling


Don and Ted,Kevin &Barney and any others to whom  i owe an apology .   I have been progressivly deteriorating in health, necessitating visits with lifts to my Doctor and Greenslopes.   Even if you'd driven here to collect me, as you suggest, i could not have traveled without throwing-up and passing out.  I have now taken on board some migraines which last days, not hours.  I remain in bed almost all day awaiting the results of tests to tell the medical people what I'm wearing.   I have lost sight in my left eye and get crashing temperature variations and anxiety attacks..  So I'm ' truly sorry i let you down Don, and I'm prepared to pay for the plaque to be replaced with another's name on it.   
I didn't deliberately become ill ... and  until Tuesday Morning i still fully expected to repair myself, and to attend the ceremony. 
 I'd made plans and contingency plans.. including flying into the Wollongong airfield from Sydney,at great expense, so as to reduce my travel.
I'm sorry you feel I was such a failure, and I accept that I'm no longer welcome.  It may be that the anxiety of again losing to the DVA and Immigration Departments, is partly responsible for, in your own words,'' destroying the integrity of the occasion''.

 Now i can look at that plaque in shame, and it will be a constant remainder of how i let you blokes down.   I didn't think it would turn out like this.

You'll have to excuse me.     


Jim Riddle

----- Original Message ----
From: Donald Tate <>
To: Jim Riddle
Cc: Kevin Lloyd-Thomas; Ted Colmer; Barney Bigwood
Sent: Monday, 12 November, 2007 8:53:52 AM
Subject: the plaque unveiling

G'day Jim

I'd like you to know that the plaque was unveiled in your honour. Kevin and myself removed the flag. Everyone was very pleased with the way the ceremony went, and the rock and plaque look terrific. For a long time to come, that plaque with your name on it will stand in that location- and I trust that one day you and your sons might get to see it. I will forward newspaper articles and photos as thet become available.

That said, mate....I have to tell you (and I've cc'd the other blokes who've been battling for you and the whole D&E matter for years) I was personally disappointed you didn't make it. Notwithstanding the fact that you are sick, I think you owed it to me (and the other boys) to have made it down here for this occasion. I went to great trouble on your behalf for two reasons- first to honour you, and secondly, to use your appearance and the occasion to further your own pension matters as well as the D&E Platoon matter. To that end, I had lined up a Federal MP, local media (linked to Fairfax) and had forewarned them that the story was really all about you.

To pull out at such a late stage was to destroy the integrity of the occasion, and the opportunity to obtain much-needed support (the MP has been working on our behalf- and she wanted to meet the man, not the myth.)

In my opinion, for you to just pull out and then tell me I should put someone else's name on the plaque (this is not a criticism of Ted) suggests that you never really appreciated the significance of the occasion, or the opportunity. The plaque cost hundreds of dollars, but the effort behind the whole thing took me SEVEN YEARS!

Jim, I want you to know that should I have been given a few extrra day's warning, I would have driven to Brisbane mself to pick you up, and bring you down, and returned you at my expense. I think Ted and the other boys would probably have done the same.

But with such short notice, that wasn't on the cards.

After the efforts I've made on your behalf for two years, I feel you let me down. I am less inclined to take up the D&E fight any more. I've done my share.

I trust you are on the mend, and will the man you used to be, once again. Regards, Don

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: Boots on Wednesday31March2010
Frank Walker is a former journalist who wrote a book last year called "Tiger Man of Vietnam" about the exploits of Australian Army Capt. Barry Petersen
who was was sent to Vietnam as part of the 30-man Australian Training Team, two years before the first official Australian troops arrived.

Mr Walker is a respected author so heaven help his reputation if he starts believing and publishing Tate's bullshit.


Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: krt1. on Thursday01April2010
TATE is a Bull Shit artist of the highest order!! He is reeling in another honest man who has integrity;  to support Donnie Boys cause of being the "Phantom of Southern Vietnam" The Man they couldn't kill !!  ;D
I don't think the world has heard the last of Donnie Boy and the day he was presumably shot by an enemy. This sagger will go on for a long time yet. ::)

Real Vet's just go to ANZAC days with their mates, and get on with life. Donnie is to proud and to brain dead to realize he is a failure amongst the kids and they have seen through him.

As for his sports medal, it was for time served! They hand out a couple of hundred of them every year to those dedicated dads and mums who support the kids local sports on week-ends for 15 years or more.
My own parents received them, but then they had 5 kids so they needed some distractions.

I can't wait for Donnie's next book. I will suggest a title now, "People I have Coned." BY Donnie Tate, master con artist. :D

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: googlefu on Thursday01April2010
Frank Walker is a former journalist who wrote a book last year called "Tiger Man of Vietnam" about the exploits of Australian Army Capt. Barry Petersen
who was was sent to Vietnam as part of the 30-man Australian Training Team, two years before the first official Australian troops arrived.

Mr Walker is a respected author so heaven help his reputation if he starts believing and publishing Tate's bullshit.


Sorry Boots, but Walker is respected as an author by who?

Walker, so far, to top up his Super in retirement, has written one book. His Petersen book is so filled with base errors that it defies belief.

Australians established concentration camps in Malaya!

There's such a thing as a 63mm belt fed machine gun!

Once a defence correspondent always a defence correspondent I suppose.

What sells and tops up the retirement coffers are atrocity stories. Walker, knows this and has plenty of them in his 'Tiger Men' book. He rolls out the long debunked US stories from the early 1970's as new material. Probably because he thinks he has a new audience for this tripe.

Frank Walker was never a great fact checker when he was a journo. He's gotten worse in his reinvention as a military historian.

Walker and his scribblings are a joke.

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: Boots on Friday02April2010

Didn't know the book was a load of bullshit.

Think I was mixing him up with this Frank Walker

Perhaps it's his son. Obviously can't live up to his old man's ethics when it comes to writing.

I am sure he will latch onto Donnie Boy and do what we all dread.

So sorry for the mistake

Boots   :-[

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: krt1. on Sunday04April2010
Walker is as his name implies.
When the going got hot the Walker walked.
When the laughter was loudest in walked, Walker.
When the Questions were asked Walker, walked.
When the Facts were Questioned Walker, walked.
When the kudos was given, in walked, Walker.
When praise was due, Walker lied and twisted the facts.
Walker is as walker does.
Get the drift???

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: Tooligie on Monday05April2010
Yes I know that this is a forum that allows free flowing opinions, but I am asking that Jim Riddle be left alone...he has been kicked around enough and cannot defend himself from cheap shots and ill informed opinions. I ask that we do the honourable thing and not attack the man by these means, as I think enough has been said and he should spend the rest of his days in peace.... and not be sniped at from the cover of a computer 

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: CD on Monday05April2010
And pray, what brought that subject up again? ???

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: googlefu on Monday05April2010
Good point Toolgie.

Riddle took the Queens shilling to kill the Australian Prime Ministers enemies and he did it for better than two years.

What are we doing for him?

Does he get any support from the Australian Government?

It is a perfect opportunity for the Welfare Officers of 4, 8 and 9RAR to get proactive and lend this man some assistance.

Who cares who his friends are? Who cares what dodgy journos he's chatted to?

Riddle is not the villain in this piece. He needs help now.

What can be done for Riddle?

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: fergus2 on Monday05April2010

This is not a welfare site. Nor is it a debating society. Riddle is being well cared for back in the United Kingdom and don’t forget, Riddle has been the author of his own problems all his life.

Tate through the Mad Galahs enticed Riddle back to Australia with empty promises of money and glory. Riddle woke up to Tate, and refused to be further exploited. Unfortunately Riddle has had a lifelong battle with grog and a belligerent manner which resulted in him being involved in a fight with another Veteran in Brisbane. Riddle has never recovered from that fight, and at his own request, was repatriated back to a medical care facility in the United Kingdom.

The point is, if you mix a journalist like Walker with a sick, injured and confused Riddle the resulting story will be crap.

Further discussion as to the welfare or wellbeing of Riddle will be removed.



Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: fergus2 on Tuesday06April2010
The letter posted to this subject by CD that was written by Tate, and the letter from Alan Price responding the Tate's letter have been erased.

Mature men posting threats of violence is disgraceful.  Tate has an inate ability to offend people for his own gratification.  We will report his words and his actions on this website but never threaten violence or allow others to do so.
Leave Tate to simmer in his own troubled mind he will eventually ruin himself



Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: Alan Price on Wednesday07April2010
Well done, It is disgraceful but I was merely responding to Tate's public message. Please accept my apologies.
Alan Price

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: fergus2 on Wednesday07April2010
Thank you Allan, like I said, leave Tate to continue his own self destruction.

Tate, the Mad Galahs and their ANZAC Alliance Party (AAP) have been the most destructive force to ever invade the Australian Veteran Community. 

They are a very small group of disgruntled, and failed ex servicemen, one ex servicewoman and one female civilian. They are a noisy and noisome mob who by way of prolific and distorted output convey an illusion of influence far in excess of reality. 

If their statements and actions are not challenged by decent Veterans, Politicians and the general public will form the opinion that ex Service people and Veterans are indeed a rum lot.

We look forward to further reports from you regarding Tate’s strange and exhibitionist behaviour.



Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: krt1. on Monday12April2010
My son surprised me the other night. He is only in his teens and I don't involve him in any of the garbage that people like Tater trade on. Any way he had arranged for us all to go to the one person Tater Show, in Bathurst.  I went along just to appraise my son and not to disappoint him.
I must say I had trouble keeping a straight face and not bursting out with laughter. There were others there that I know very well, in all about 12 people had nothing better to do.  One of the gentlemen whom I know quite well, was some what shocked with Taters attitude towards the Defence Force, and the Senior Officers with in the Defence Force. He expressed dismay as to the language that Tater used in his description of those he didn't like.  Taters movies were of interest and must have been shot prior to the drought hitting the Singleton Range, or the area's around Ingleburn. But above all else they were not much better then the normal home videos that I have seen. I did notice that the speed in which the camera was swiveled around left the head spinning.

Rating; a below par, and a very poor presentation of what could have been a very good comical display of a one man  snake oil show.

But not all was lost during the night. We went to Macers for coffee and chips after.


Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: fergus2 on Monday12April2010

Whata load of Clap Trap from Riddle - See his email below

Riddle, like Tate, has a much distorted view of Military History.  4RAR never “pulled out” and left 38 men of the "2nd D&E Platoon" to clean up the province.  What a load of laughable clap trap.

At the time of the Thua Tich action Australia had  between 7,000 and 8,000 Servicemen in Vietnam the vast majority of them being in the same province where Thua Tich was located – so much for Riddle's illusion of 38 men being left to  clean up the Province; then he has used a present day Afghanistan analogy to illustrate his point. Riddle doesn't even know which Afghan province the Australians operate in.The Afghan analogy is just as stupid as the "clean up the province" assertion. Riddle's email, shown below, displays all the confused thinking and distorted reality of a sick alcoholic who has never recovered from the disease. Alcoholics are notorious for being unable to differentiate the true from the false.

Riddle stayed in Vietnam at his own request, and the other 37 men having not completed their twelve month tour were posted to HQ 1ATF and employed in the D&E Platoon, where some stayed, and others were  on posted to another Battalion.

Riddle had a huge grog and discipline problem before, during and after his Vietnam service, resulting in him being sacked from the Army.  Riddle’s file shows him to be an ill disciplined belligerent “know it all” soldier who had an unhealthy hate for authority whether it be NCOs, WOs or Commissioned Officers.

Riddle had ample opportunity to seek Australian citizenship during his service, however he chose not to do so.  In addition during his service in Vietnam he chose to take leave back to the UK and as soon as he was discharged from the Australian Army, returned direct to the UK. Riddle has never contributed anything to the success and national development of Australia and during most of his time as a member of the Australian Defence Force he paid no taxes. In return Riddle receives compensation and income support from the Australian taxpayer via the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs.

Riddle says he has attacked no one, and that is correct, however he has attacked the truth, his assertion of a “2nd D&E Platoon" being formed to “clean up” the province is comic book crap and is indicative of either a very confused man or a liar.

There was never a battle at Thua Tich between the 38 men (mentioned by Riddle) and a 1,000 enemy.  The battle that Riddle hangs his hat on was a planned, coordinated and executed ambush involving Armour, Infantry and Engineers.  Only a few Infantry were involved and most of the firepower was from Armoured vehicles.  The number of enemy involved was more likely 50.

There is no question that the ambush was meticulously executed and the Officer commanding the action was decorated. Riddle and his crew went where they were told to go and did what they were told to do - no more no less.

Riddle and Tate have now turned this action into something it was not.

Tate has used Riddle and this action as the basis to accuse the Vietnam era Defence Force and Officers and men of HQ 1 ATF of being corrupt and dishonest.

Jim Riddle is a confused, befuddled and delusional old man who is incapable of recalling anything much with any accuracy. AVM has never sent one email to Riddle previously but because he has now forced his way into a debate in Australia we will include him on all future AVM emails, including this email. If erstwhile journalist and author Frank Walker wants to be the laughing stock of the Australian Veteran community and be the subject of total rejection by those now serving all he needs to do is write up a new book or article based on the lies, delusions and bitterness of people like Tate and Riddle.

And don't forget, Tate was not involved in the ambush at Thua Tich.



From: Allen Petersen

To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 12:44 PM


From: Jim Riddle
To: "Don Tate"
Rec'd: Monday, 12 April, 2010, 2:36 AM

Subject: Message from Jim Riddle

With today's fighting in Afghanistan, the Australians have a battalion there, what would happen if the battalion left 38 men in say Helmand Province and they had a massive battle against 1000 enemies.

In this case, 4RAR pulled out and left the 38 men of 2nd D&E platoon to clean up the province on their own which placed them heavily outnumbered.

If this scenario happened today, Australia would be swimming across to shake the hands of those 38, not calling them liars at every turn or fact mentioned. At first we fought to be recognised by friends and allies, by the country we fought for. Called lairs we continued though it hurt to be attacked.  When 2nd D&E was finally recognised, we were still called liars for mentioning the actions that took place.

At which point do we get to come home? At which point do we get the sorry we deserve for being called liars... at which point do those calling us stop?

All I see and hear about on the news, in magazines, is Afghanistan, Helmand province, yet never is it mentioned how the enemy dead are disposed of?  How would the people that run things deal with the aftermath of a battle that had the enemy dead in the numbers that we dealt?

I will never take away from those that fight today, but things change, and in that battle, on that day, we had heroes, all of us, and we fought with all we had  Now, a few shots fired and someone gets a medal. Then, we were turned away from, left to fight alone when those around us should have known better. We have lost so much since then, and though times change, it saddens me to see the enemy hasn't changed.  Now, we fight amongst ourselves, the camaraderie gone, when did we loose sight of the fact we stood together against an enemy and those of us that came home need to remember who we owe our friendship to, who deserves to be protected, picked up when they fall.

Stop attacking us, stop calling us liars.  Do not turn your back on those that had yours.

Before replying, take a moment, read the above again, see I attacked no one yet I am feeling the pain and I'm trying to express it the best way I can. I am no ones enemy and begrudge no one anything they deserve.  Stop attacking each other. If you are not personally under fire, why return it?

I offered Australia my life, now, I wish they had taken it. As you all know, physically I am in distress, but mentally, I am surprised daily to find it can worsen as I listen and read the ongoing negativity, the battle with no quarter given, the combatants my friends.

Jim R, UK

Title: Re: Don Tate Rides the Jim Riddle Saga Again
Post by: CD on Monday12April2010
Spot on Fergus. I read Riddles email (via the 'postman') earlier today and was simply flabbergasted and astounded that he could make such "comic' statements.
The other email by Little Donny Boy also shows that none of them are singing from the same song sheet.  What a mob of losers.