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Title: "Molly" Muller finds a Mate
Post by: fergus2 on Saturday03April2010
Edward James Watson aka R62465 Edwin Michel Payne

In perusing the latest Australian Appeals Tribunal (AAT), we have found a good mate for Noel ”Molly” Muller and can name what supposedly afflicts Muller and this new found mate. According to the AAT it is called pseudologia fantastica also known as the Walter Mitty syndrome.

The AAT got it wrong, Muller and his new mate are not afflicted with pseudologia fantistica they are just liars “trying it on” with DVA.

During the process of submitting applications to DVA there are declarations signed, the declarations form the basis for their claims.  Liars and cheats like Muller and his new mate should be followed up and charged with submitting false declarations for the purpose of gaining benefit.

You can read all about “Molly” Muller’s new mate here:

Muller’s mates Current name, is Edward James Watson.  He served in the RAN between August 1963 and June 1972 he was then known as R62465 Edwin Michel Payne. 

One of his disgusting lies is that he was on HMAS Voyager when it collided with HMAS Melbourne.

Like Muller, Watson/Payne’s claim was rejected.

It’s a long but worthwhile read



Title: Re: "Molly" Muller finds a Mate
Post by: krt1. on Sunday04April2010
What a load of BULL SHIT this is.
No wonder blokes with real war injury claims have trouble getting their claims met.
If I was on the tribunal I would also be demanding documented prof from the claimants of their war related injuries. It is the likes of these scam merchants who make the Real Veterans of War look bad.
 Finding; Gaol for 2 years minimum. For knowingly submitting a false legal declaration, should be the order of the day.

Title: Re: "Molly" Muller finds a Mate
Post by: Ric T on Sunday04April2010
Well said krt1.

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

People like these should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It is one thing to have 'hazy recollections' or 'diminished memories' of some incidents. 

But blatantly lying about being a survivor of the collision between the Melbourne and Voyager deserves nothing more than contempt and condemnation.

Title: Re: "Molly" Muller finds a Mate
Post by: CD on Sunday04April2010
Ho ho ho.....another LIAR, sorry, that should read PUSSER, caught out with blatant lies that could have been found out by the twerps at the AAT in minutes. What is wrong with these people at the AAT? Surely they must do a little bit of background checking before they hear the case.
The finding should be as "krt1" said then maybe, just maybe, things might change and we will not have to read dribble like this again.
As Ted Bullpitt said,"You should shoot the lot of them".

Title: Re: "Molly" Muller finds a Mate
Post by: fergus2 on Sunday04April2010

Australian Appeals Tribunal is a judicial body not an investigator. It is entirely independent from any investigative organization like DVA.  It hears evidence from an Applicant and from Federal Government Departments, and then assesses the evidence, as it applies to the relevant legislation.

The Tribunal would have a blank sheet at the start of the hearing and makes decisions based solely on the evidence presented.

It hears cases relating to all Federal Government Departments, including Taxation, Immigration and Citizenship, Freedom of Information, Social Security and many more. Veterans Affairs matters make up a small percentage of their cases.

In my opinion, in most cases they get it right, however if there is doubt they will err on the side of the Applicant, which is a good thing.

Results of all AAT cases, from all Government Departments are posted on the internet every Wednesday.

AAT Decisions both archival and recent Decisions are listed here   

Cases like that, from this lying pusser should never reach the AAT as an honest advocate would tell the applicant to find another sucker to present the case.



Title: Re: "Molly" Muller finds a Mate
Post by: CD on Tuesday06April2010
And the follow up from 'hero' Muller, is this little ripper.

From: Noel P Muller
To: 'Allen Petersen' ;
Sent: Monday, April 05, 2010 1:31 PM
Subject: A very rare response to the Bottom Feeders of avm

Hi Allen


            It is obvious to me that in spite of lies from Fergus in the past, he still reads your issues as a matter of desired course. In point of fact it is patently obvious that he lies there awaiting the arrival of the next one along with his minions whom bottom feed behind him feeding off his “droppings”. I cannot in honesty recall how long it has been since I have decided to respond to these creatures, it matters not as in truth, they neither deserve the recognition of an answer not even a passing comment. It was suggested that it must be a “quiet time over at avm” and that would just about sum up the context of the latest epistle that landed in my “JUNK MAIL FOLDER” over night. I simply deleted it as I always do without even reading it. They cannot compose a decent sentence, let alone an email – certainly nothing I would waste my time reading. You have forwarded this one on to me Peter and as I respect you, I decided to at least read what it was about – “MULLER FINDS ANOTHER MATE” – I can only guess from the jumbled content that I must share a common background with my new MATE of having served in HER MAJESTIES ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY. It matters little that over the generations so have thousands and thousands of others. I have no other idea of whom it is that is supposed to be my mate.


            Fergus fumbled for words and fell upon the AAT and had he been a little more careful in his perusal of my emails previously, he would be aware that “I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE AAT”. The simple reason being that the eve of my “Hearing” my Solicitor received a letter supposedly written by my ex CO stating that “THE SHIP HAD NEVER BEEN IN THE AREA I CLAIMED WHEN I MADE MY CLAIM TO VRB”. I asked my Solicitor what the hell that was all about and he advised me not to go to the AAT lest that FORGED LETTER ruin my case and mean future visits would be at my own cost. PERIOD – END OF STORY. I later spoke with my CO per “telecon” and he stated that HE HAD NEVER WRITTEN ANY LETTER TO THAT EFFECT AND THAT IT WAS A TOTAL FABRICATION BY SOME PERSON OR PERSONS UNKNOWN BUT CERTAINLY NOT BY HIM.


            I asked my ex Skipper if he would be able to write me a letter stating all of the above and include his views of all that transpired during the period when I claimed my “STRESSOR”. He is now in his Nineties and he did not hide the fact that he had memories of my deed but regretted that if he put it on paper and was called as a witness, he may become “befuddled” and end up doing me harm instead of assistance in my claim. I was initially upset but then I respected him so much that I could, in all honesty, not possibly ask him for something that would probably cause him distress. That was the time when I decided that regardless to the previous 46 years of constant efforts for justice that the fact was; it did not deserve any more of my time and I made the decision to forego any future claims and simple lay down my sword for the rest of all time and simply getting on with what the Good Lord has left for me.


            Fairfax can take my statement above (he will anyway) and make anything he likes out of it to his hearts content. I have discovered clear and sure the type of person whom reads his TRASH and can name one of them – EX MAJOR JOHN SWENSON whom wrote a load of diatribe about me and had it added under my name upon the avm site. Would you like to hear the story of JOHN SWENSON once again?


            I needed a utility computer to compose the “VETERANS POST” for the VVAA(SA) and as ANGLICARE (WESTWORKS) were donated ex corporate computers which they refurbished. They were $250 and $350 respectively. I purchased one of the $350 from SWENSON (MANAGER – WESTWORKS). If you read the letter at avm under my name you will see that SWENSON accuses me of scaring the crap out of his staff by talking about killing people and they would not call upon my home alone. He states he kept the fact that he was ex army from me and later revealed it to “SPRING A TRAP UPON ME”. Very broadly, that is the content of SWENSON’S letter. A total figment of DEAR JOHN’S IMAGINATION.


            I contacted Lyn Arnold (one time Premier of SA) and CEO of ANGLICARE. I informed him of the disgusting carry on of this SWENSON – (TWO COMPUTERS BROKE DOWN BEFORE I COULD EVEN BOOT THEM UP) and SWENSON blamed me for their break downs and said that I would have to pay for the damages. Enter Lyn Arnold. He took over and had a “MICKEY MOUSE COMPUTER” delivered to me post haste and SWENSON WAS FIRED FOR HIS TROUBLE. That; friends is why SWENSON has a dagger at my back, not because I threatened his or anyone else’s lives.


            So now, you have a better insight into the type of person whom subscribes to FAIRFAX and his cohorts, you will no doubt value the NEWS they issue on a daily basis with that much more scepticism for it is nothing more, nor less that utter diatribe. If they were even part human, I could possibly feel some pity for them all as they would warrant it but due to the sheer bile that they live and breathe, they do not even deserve the “light of day”.


            Personally, I do not care two hoots what crap you choose to keep adding to my entry upon your site any more. I admit that I once did but then I realised that they type of person to whom you are preaching is SWENSON AND PARTY and then I realised that they are life’s rejects and as such, prove no real threat to society – I can imagine YOU (FAIRFAX) and they sitting in your dimly lit rooms and by the light of your Computer Screens having sex with 5 fingered Fanny – so sad, you may have even made better men if you had allowed yourself the opportunity. Maybe you did and society rejected you, who cares, not I. 


Best regards, Noel


Noel P "Molly" Muller

Tel/Fax +61 08 7289 1220





Title: Re: "Molly" Muller finds a Mate
Post by: fergus2 on Tuesday06April2010
Regarding the Muller letter entered by CD. There is a comprehensive exposure of Muller on the ANZMI website at   

Most of the evidence is in the form of information supplied by Muller himself.  Muller’s self proclaimed tales of heroic Navy service are outrageous and an insult to the Navy and to decent Navy Veterans.

Any reasonable person reading the ANZMI entry will conclude that Muller is a fool a liar a fraud a bully and a wannabe.