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Title: Picky, picky Tate.
Post by: CD on Friday07February2014
Its a well known fact that over the years LDB [(Little Donny Boy)-emphasis on the 'little and 'boy] has had a bad habit of picking on genuine diggers for little or no reason.
Well, its happened again.
He has picked on an innocent storeman who served with 2AOD.  You know, the people who supplied us with all the stores and equipment we needed to do our assigned jobs and without looking to be hero's or looking for medals.
The bloke LDB has picked on this time is Ern Marshall.  Back in the 90's Ern put together a web site entitled "The Australian Involvement", its a ripper and can be found at...
Also Ern together with a number of other Vets have been responsible for the building of schools and orphanages in the old Phuoc Tuy Province a very worthy undertaking for which these blokes get basically no recognition. For this LDB has classed Ern as a 'peado'. Now just how low can one go?
Ern has answered LDB's messages from time to time on "postman" Petersens list which never get published because I believe LDB is so far up the kid from Palestine's bum.
LDB put a short clip on his facebook that reads,
"Take Ern Marshall for example. This fool parades around the internet masquerading as an 'Anzac' and a defender of the faith if you like- then(sic) you examine his service history and learn he spent 12 months folding blankets in the safety of a Q-store in Vung Tau. He never dirtied a rifle, let alone experience any of the hardships of guerrilla war. Trouble is, he has a lot of like-minded mates who bray like donkeys..."

Hey! How many Q store blokes in the Bn's fit this description? and LDB reckons that Infantry was the only Corps.

Now Ern has at least done something to improve someone elses life, what has LDB done???  Sweet Fuck All.