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Title: TATE, still dumb and no brains.
Post by: CD on Tuesday23September2014
Now why is the Little Tater Boy still so dumb?
He has regaled us in the past as to his education qualifications and teaching abilities but he is still showing his lack of knowledge and education to us "uneducated" one's by sending a message to the "Galah Postman" for distribution asking a simple question that anyone could solve in approx' 15 seconds by logging on to Wikipedia.

Read below and also note the spelling.

Answer provided next week Don.

From: Donald Tate []
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 6:45 AM
To: Allen Petersen
Subject: RE General Steve Gower


URGENT...Can anyone enlighten me as to Gower's true role in Vietnam and actual war experince?


Don Tate

Author of Anzacs Betrayed

(available from the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Port Phillip)

Title: Re: TATE, still dumb and no brains.
Post by: CD on Monday29September2014
Here you go little boy;

Then Capt. Steve Gower was a Forward Observer for 101 Bty attached to A Coy 5 RAR during 1966-67.

All you had to do was push a couple of buttons and you'd have had the answer but no, your brilliant education overcame your common sense again.
I remember some years ago a post on here from another member that you had the same trouble with DVA over a travel claim. No common sense again. It makes me wonder just how you passed the entrance test to join the ARA. Oh well, maybe you'll improve but I won't hold my breath.