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Title: Personal Files Are Available
Post by: Peter Gregory on Friday24April2009
Just a quick note.  I don't know if everyone's aware that the personal files of people who's service, medals etc are a bit dodgy can be obtained from the National Archives.  If you've got names and dates of birth there is an online form which can be used to abtain the files.  It cost $25 but if memory serves correct, they will put the files on line for $16:50 as long as they've been out of the military for more than 30 years.  Thought I'd pass that on for those who were not aware f it.



Title: Re: Personal Files Are Available
Post by: forgotten1 on Monday23April2012
Great advice, Peter, but just thought I'd add a safety tip: just occasionally, you can access the archived Army service records of your own family members in a perfectly legal fashion as you described and then they go and have what can only be described as a spastic fit because apparently you aren't entitled to know the truth and threaten to sue you and the National Archives. Just sayin'.