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Title: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Fergus on Saturday09May2009
I'm confused.  Is the confused Major lady, of recent SPSN fame, part of the AVM team?  The email below was sent to me third or fourth hand earlier today. She signs off "maryann martinek AVM Team".  She asserts in her email that an organisation is illegally accessing service and medical records, with the underlying inference that ADF staff are involved. Uh oh I smell another conspiracy theory on the go. This Sheila appears to be the new force of the Mad Galahs, I bet Corse and Wiltshire are coaching her with glee. Wiltshire should be a good coach because according to a retired ANZMI insider, Curt Ainsworth, Wiltshire was an enthusiastic ANZMI member before being sacked.
May 8, 2009 at 8:06 am

If you have never heard of them, a group of anonymous retired soldiers are stalking the ill and injured veteran community in South Australia. It’s an offshoot of a group called ANZMI which stands for Australian and New Zealand Military Imposters, and this group of self appointed vigilantes look for ill veterans to target who are believe have no right to claim for service or war caused injuries. ANZMI agents especially like to research all the AAT Hearings where names and background histories are part of the body of evidence in their claims for injury. Agents for ANZMI are able to access private medical records and private Service Records of our Diggers - ??? how is that so??? - we don’t know how they are doing it but, they have shown deliberate tenacity in being able to get around the Privacy Act legislation that is supposed to protect Aussie Diggers Service records. ANZMI began targetting military imposters who pretended to be soldiers about 30 years ago but these days they target genuine ex-Aussie Diggers who have served their country or the family of any deceased veteran who is seen wearing military medals on Anzac Day parades. These days their usual tactics include, personal abuse, cyber stalking and anonymous blogging. We are waiting for the outcome of the review into our Human Rights Charter and the Federal Privacy Act. We also hope that the latest news from the ADF to their staff that they SHAPE UP or SHIP OUT will put new processes in place to stop ANZMI illegally accessing our Aussie Diggers’ records these ’snoops’ have no legitimate right to view.

The maryann martinek  AUSTRALIAN VETERAN MATTERS (AVM) Team.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: dodger39 on Saturday09May2009

 maryann martinek AUSTRALIAN VETERAN MATTERS (AVM)  is the name of a site she has started.

My opinion is that she used the name of the site to confuse people or to get them thinking she is a part of the AVM group. It's also my opinion that it is part of the mad galah group.

Signing off on that email the way she has, just goes to show how devious she is.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Zion on Saturday09May2009
Hi Fergus and readers,

Nobody with the name Maryann Martinek is registered with AVM. No posts have ever been made by anybody with that name to this Forum, website or email list.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: krt1. on Saturday09May2009
This female must  have a knot in her tampon and it is getting her all excited.  There must be a male behind all of this.   There has to be a Bloody BIG mad gallah in her hen house some where. I base this fact on the point that her ramblings are almost literate.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Fergus on Saturday09May2009

One Mad Galah has been found in the hen house, he sent an email to the Prime Minister of Australia today about Maryann's coffee lurkers.

Kevin will be mortified as it is well known he enjoys a good brew, but is definately not fond on fruit cakes.

This is what Briggsy, the gritty Mad Galah and hero of Cambodia wrote today.

 From: Briggsy
To: undisclosed-recipients
Cc: MP ALP Alan Griffin(Minister VA) ; MP ALP Gary.Gray ; MP ALP Julia Gillard ; MP ALP Kevin.Rudd (PM) ; MP ALP Mike.Kelly ; MP Julie.Bishop. ; MP Louise.Markus
Sent: Saturday, May 09, 2009 4:03 PM
Subject: Fw: maryann martinek AUSTRALIAN VETERAN MATTERS (AVM): Subject: NEWS JUST IN

I like a number of others engaged in the fight for veteran rights have been singled out by these mindless and gutless maggots because they have nothing more productive to do with their waste of space lives
As stated they attack the weak and defenseless as well as anyone who dares stand up and expose them for the maggots they are. Their tactics favour the manipulation of inaccurate military files and despite them being proven over and over to be inaccurate and misleading, take no heed. Some of these inaccuracies have been acknowledged in our parliament only to have these gutless and nameless maggots call the parliamentarians liars.
If this doesn't alert you to the mentality of these morons I don't know what will. I refuse to publicly debate or challenge their so called facts, because they have no credibility in anyones eyes, except the anti ANZAC group they represent
There are various actions currently in play to eradicate these maggots from the ANZAC community, which I will not elude to at this point. However anyone suffering injustices and stress at the hands of these mindless morons should make an official complaint to either the DVA or the Minister direct
This minister and the DVA have a legal and moral responsibility to every veteran under their care to protect your future welfare and this is clearly part of that responsibility   
Regards Briggsy

The stupidity of this group knows no bounds, this whole episode is a storm in a coffee cup. Because like minded people find each other, it was inevitable that Maryann would find the Mad Galahs.



Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: cicero on Saturday09May2009
Well, she's not real bright.....and most ceratinly confused making her site AVM, similar to this.......means that readers will come to this AVM and read all about the FXXWITS she is teamed up with.

Unless your a member, you cant access her site....
Good one, MaryAnne.......having Briggs in your stable says a lot about the calibre of members.............

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Zion on Saturday09May2009
Dave Briggs is either completely delusional and psychotic or he is a pathological liar. Maybe he is a combination.

To read up about this Cambodian war hero and secret agent you can go here

We don't have to fabricate our information. The mad galahs more than provide all we need. Our information is taken from their own emails and from their official Service records.

We didn't write their Service history and we didn't write their emails.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: William on Saturday09May2009
The way I hear it told is that on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings the SPSN mob attend the Repat. Daw Park coffee shop after gym ect and on Wednesdays they hold their so-called corporate meetings. Mondays seem to be the days for airing their dirty laundry in public so if any info is getting out then once again it is of their own doing. If they wan't the world to stop listening in on their meetings then I suggest to them to conduct them at a different venue.

As for a T&PI Veteran being the eyes and ears of ANZMI I notice she offers no evidence as proof of fact. My mail is that a large group of T&PI Veterans as well as world war 2 Vets and assorted ex-service people, including Timor Veterans, at various stages gather at the same coffee shop on Tuesday & Thursday mornings after physio for a "bull Shit" session. Relieves anxiety! They do not gather there on the days SPSN members are there so that narrows down the spy list. What she is spruking is the same as writing a letter and not putting a name to it, not worth the paper it is written on!

I believe this is an attempt to cover up the alleged corruption within their organisation. If in fact George Craig and any other SPSN participant have been collecting charity (just ask anyone from the RAR Association about last Anzac Day and his tin rattling at the pub) on behalf of SPSN which is not a registered charity then they should be reported to the appropriate authorities, charged and then prosecuted. Maryann Martinek must realize it is a criminal offence to withhold evidence or conceal knowledge of a crimal nature. Maybe she should be reported! There is a charities audit form doing the rounds signed by their Vice-President (who apparently wasn't the VP at time of signing) that I and some legal minds believe it would be of interest to certain parties.


Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Fergus Fairfax on Sunday10May2009
I have seen today that the latest mad galah ratbag to join the mad Martinek push is Jim Wiltshire of Wodonga.

I read about him here  and have seen many many of his abusive, stupid emails over the last few years.

This Wiltshire has an answer for anything and everything. Just ask him.

I have found him a man of straw, full of bluff, bad manners, stupid emails and full of himself.

So he should fit in well with Martinek because he is one of the silliest conspiracy theorist I have even seen write anything.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Ethelred on Sunday10May2009
Shadow Wiltshire was heavily part of the Veterans political party, which was closely aligned with the Labor Party...they said this themselves.

There was a lot of money collected for this party and when Wiltshire was asked time after time where the money was going nobody could get a straight answer.

Maybe his influence has permeated into the SPSN and their money collecting activities, who knows.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Boots on Sunday10May2009
Did the police ever pursue or prosecute this "confused" lady for her false allegations about Darryn Hinch????

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: dodger39 on Sunday10May2009
No.,,23931045-5001021,00.html (,,23931045-5001021,00.html)

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Boots on Sunday10May2009
Recently printed in the Melbourne Age newspaper

SO WHAT is happening this Anzac Day with those controversial Slouch Hat chocolates? "We will not surrender," replied Maryann Martinek, the former army gal whom former choc-olate buddy Derryn Hinch has described as a "dangerous and mendacious tar baby". Says Ms Martinek: "We will be trying so so hard to give big smiles to all our diggers. The mad major is delivering again and the boxes have a best-by date which is correct. So he (Mr Hinch) can eat my hat!" The badge in front is the hard part.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Boots on Sunday10May2009
Thanks Dodger.

Seems she got away with causing all that shite for Hynch.

However, let's hope the chickens will eventually come home to roost.

If she tries something similar, one would have a good case to have her declared a vexatious litigant

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: PQ on Sunday10May2009
It probably wouldn't be a bad idea if Derryn Hinch was advised about all this shit that Martinek is tossing about in this forum.

The unsubstantiated rape allegations from the mid 80's at RMC are serious stuff. Serving senior officers are being tarred with these bullshit stories from a recognised ratbag in Martinek.

How much money did Hinch part with to successfully refute her claims that he sexually assaulted her?

Will the shit stick to the blanket and ruin some military careers?

This woman sounds like a paranoid ratbag who has totally lost the plot. If she is genuinely mentally ill, then I feel sorry for her, but she also has the capacity to do immense damage to our military, and needs to be reined in, quick smart.

Her ravings about undercover grey nomads lurking in coffee shops are the sort of stuff that belongs in loony bin stories. Why am I not surprised that Briggs, Wiltshire and the NLA have come out in support of this female froot loop?

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: William on Friday15May2009

In response to Maryann Martinek's latest article on her website entitled "SPSN South Australia - Don't Call Us" I have placed below three emails that were presented to me which do come from the "Horse's Mouths" with their permission to have them placed on this website to counteract and/or confirm what MM has stated.

The first was MM's position within SPSN. The second is the state of things within the SPSN at present. The third is the full blown version of MM's pink one with the x's filled in.

Maryann was only recently nominated for a position on the Committee but that was all. She has never “actually” been voted in to a position nor has she ever had any authority to act or speak on behalf of the SPSN.

 Many Regards


 Tel:  (08) 8277 2069

Yep! Those ANZMI blokes hide well! I haven’t seen any!

As you may (or may not) know Dave Gabel has resigned as President which left us unable to reach quorum. By Federal law, a Charity has to have a minimum of five and a maximum of nine Members. We have about seven (3 still serving) but quorum requires a President under our Constitution.

However, President or not, we have just over 40 clients who have been identified as “High Risk Suicidal”. These people HAVE to be looked after regardless of what ever the circumstances may be and they will be looked after until they are safe.

In the meantime, we’ve raised a “Caretaker Committee” until we can organise a General Meeting.

 It’s business as usual for us.

 P.S. I’ve asked Tony to talk to in reference to a particular fellow. I don’t know if Tony got the message across to you or not but one day we’ll have a chat about the issue.

 Many Regards


United we Stand

 Tel:  (08) 8277 2069

From: "Linda Dignon" <>

Date: 25 April 2009 1:54:09 PM

To: Subject: The Last Straw

We only got back from holidays late on Wednesday night and it's now Saturday morning and to say I am very very peeved off is an understatement!

In 2 days we have had SPSN business at our house for at least 2 hours, Paul then went out doing SPSN business for another over 4 hours, why any of you could not have dealt with this why we were away I don't know, oh yes I do !!! We have had at least 10 SPSN phone calls including one at 4.44am this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the last straw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are NOT everyone's taxi service, personnel counselors, my home is not a SPSN drop in centre and we are not_on call_24 hours a day!!!!


I am not Paul's secretary, you know he can't talk on the phone, yet you all continue to call and call and call, and from now on if anyone calls and he does not want to talk to you that is what you will be told, I don't care how urgent you think your problem might be!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't quit because "the going got tough" I quit because I AM SICK OF PUTTING UP WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE AND MORE, DAY IN DAY OUT FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT bother to send me anymore email's about_the SPSN.


Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: CD on Wednesday27May2009
I am led to believe that M M, good initials for MOTOR MOUTH, has recruited the only person who was wounded and wrote a book, our one and only liar and fraud into her fold. Yep, thats right, none other than Tate himself. How is that for sinking deeper into the shit pile.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Fergus on Wednesday10June2009
Maryann Martinek you are a bloody goose who is being led around by the nose by Corse, and Wiltshire. By embracing and supporting any  of Corse’s conspiracies, like the Lieutenant Convery (not Private Convery) murder you are embarrassing yourself; however as you seem to have a great capacity for that state of affairs please continue with your intriguing reports. Every word you write is further evidence of your gooseness and provides a self confessed insight of just why you were sidelined as a serving Army Officer.
The “Secret” document that was attached to your email and many other “Secret” Commanders Diaries are freely available from the Australian War Memorial. Simply ask “Google” about “Australian Commanders Diaries Vietnam” and “Secret” Diaries will appear in plentitude.

Also you are obviously referring to Lieutenant General Peter Cosgrove (Not Major General) in relation to the Convery murder. (Convery was a Lieutenant not a Private as you have stated)

Your crazy mate, Barry Corse who is working with you and Wiltshire, is like a jealous school boy because he reckons he should have got a gong, and those who did, didn’t earn them. For that reason, that idiotic failed Lieutenant Barry Corse attacks men of honour and achievement like Cosgrove and Jeffrey.

The evidence in the Convery murder is crystal clear; Convery was murdered by a soldier who set out to murder him. Corse believes that he has evidence to the contrary and only “goosey” Mad Galah sycophants  and mental dwarfs would give any credence to anything that emanates from the mind or pen of Barry Corse. Maryann your reputation is already in the gutter following your numerous misadventures.

You were sidelined and left the Army under a huge cloud.

You falsely accused a high profile media person of rape and had to publicly apologise.

You have made a mess of marketing your chocolate slouch hats.

You claimed ownership of the Service Persons Support Network and quickly destroyed it. 

You support the ultra conspiracy theorists known as the Mad Galahs.

You claim rape and criminal activity in the Royal Military College.

You support the assertion that Lt Gen Peter Cosgrove was the real target in the Convery murder tragedy

You distributed an illustration of Jesus Christ naked and with an engorged penis hanging upside down from a cross.

You support proven wannabes and malingerers exposed on the ANZMI website.
I am sure that Steve Gower of the AWM has more to do than answer stupid inaccurate conspiracy theories from your gander mates Jim Wiltshire and Barry Corse. For Christ sake, if you, Wiltshire or Corse have evidence to prove one of your conspiracy theories all that has to be done is photocopy or scan the evidence and put it on the internet for the world to see. All we ever hear from you, Wiltshire and Corse are hints and innuendo, both those blokes and yourself were once Army Officers – God help the veteran community if there are others out there like you three drongos.

Your behaviour is unacceptable to 99.9% of the veteran community.

Produce your evidence or shut up.


Now read Maryanne's silly words.

Have been advised that an issue involving ‘additional evidence’ is being ignored by the Head of the Australian War Memorial who has not yet responded to a letter-writer who seeks to include additional information “which ha(s) been discovered as a spin-off to the research into the existence of the 2nd D&E Platoon.” Information which features in the book ‘War Within’, Donald Tate.

We are advised that the Head of the Australian War Memorial, Mr Steve Gower, is not answering his mail. We have previously been alerted to the case of a retired officer being informed he is not permitted to write more than one letter per week, in fact this man has been given a “quota” limit and he is ignored if he overwrites or is enthusiastic about the archives of the AWM.

We received an email today from Mr Wiltshire, a retired Major living in NSW, with a message made-clear (by him) that we are to, “Please bring this email to the attention of Steve Gower. I make this request as it seems he refuses to read or respond to emails.”

OK, to assist both parties to reach some agreement as to how Mr Wiltshire’s request is to be handled, we will place Mr Wiltshire’s interesting letter onto our private forum wherein signed-in Guests and Members can examine the request and ask why the AWM staff is refusing to acknowledge such a request exists.

The request relates to “The Official History” of the awarding of a bravery medal to a retired Major General who served in Vietnam, and the murder of an Australian soldier (PTE Convery on 23 November 1969) by another soldier PTE Allen .

We’ll keep you posted as the information begins to unravel, fact by fact and letter by letter.

BUT! (apparently) … some missing documents, that look a little like this one, were left on a computer in a military men’s Club in Melbourne on a blueish coloured computer disk.  We are wondering if these official history records regularly “get lost” or regularly find new homes in strange-and-odd places.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: grunter on Wednesday17June2009


From: maryann martinek AUSTRALIAN VETERAN MATTERS \(AVM\)
Date: 06/16/09 16:46:51
June 16, 2009 at 1:33 am · Filed under DVA is On The Ball, Health Matters, Soldiering On with injuries ·
Since the media does not help spread the word to help ill Aussies Diggers know stuff, we at RawVeteranNews WILL! so we have heard that the Minister of Veteran Affairs is on-the-ball and he immediately responded to a direct question from David Briggs about the number of PMAC meetings so far. He has said there have been 4 meetings, 2 face to face, 1 phone hookup and 1 video conference.  There are meeting summaries for the first three meetings on the website.  The last one will go up once it has been approved as an accurate record at the next meeting.  The next meeting is in early July. Here is the direct hyperlink to PMAC:-
About the Council - As outlined in Labor’s Plan for Veterans’ Affairs 2007, the Rudd Government promised to give the ex-service community a greater voice at the highest level of government by establishing the Prime Ministerial Advisory Council on Ex-Service Matters (PMAC).
The Council has been established to consider and advise the Prime Minister and Government on strategic and complex matters impacting on the ex-service and defence communities.
The Prime Minister, the Hon Kevin Rudd, and the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Alan Griffin announced the membership of the Council on 6 September 2008.
The inaugural meeting of the Council was held on 9 and 10 October 2008 at Parliament House in Canberra.
The Council will have a high level strategic view and will not replace the day to day engagement of the Government with veterans or the legislative review options available to veterans such as, the Veterans’ Review Board (VRB), Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) or departmental review.
The Government will continue to engage widely with the ex-service and defence communities on issues and to ensure services are responsive to the communities’ needs.
Members were selected on the basis of individual merit, broad experience and understanding of the issues affecting the ex-service and defence communities.  The Council reflects and brings together the diverse groups in these communities.  Members are not appointed to the Council as representatives of any organisations.
    * Dr Allan Hawke
    * Mr Frank Benfield
    * Group Captain Dr Robert Black AM RFD
    * Hon Graham Edwards
    * Mrs June Healy OAM
    * Commodore Nick Helyer MBE RANR
    * Warrant Officer Peter Hind OAM
    * Mr Kenneth Kipping AM
    * Ms Gail MacDonell
    * Ms Anne Pahl
    * Mr Philip Pyke
    * Ms Donna Reggett
    * Brigadier Keith Rossi (Rtd) AM OBE RFD ED
    * Brigadier Neil Weekes (Rtd) AM MC
To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email." in your profile.
You can view the full announcement by following this link:
The maryann martinek  AUSTRALIAN VETERAN MATTERS (AVM) Team.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: krt1. on Saturday20June2009
I starting to think that this female really believes the things she dreams of. I bet she can see other peoples Fairy God Mothers and talks first hand to the rocks in her garden.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Fergus Fairfax on Sunday21June2009
I've been reading this sickos stuff for ages--not because I believe what she says but because I am fascinated and bemused. Her state of mind has to be seriously called into account.

This is the bitch who said Derryn Hinch raped her and then had to make a public apology because it was untrue. She has no credibility at all.

I reckon she hates men. Now if she is a lesbian that's no problem, plenty of nice women are lesbians but they don't behave like this weirdo. My advice is that no man go within miles of her because there is no doubt if she got the opportunity she would sue over sexual harrassment or something else just to vent her spleen against men and to make money.She is a dangerous loose canon. Be very very careful of her.

She was medically discharged from the Army before her engagement ended and little wonder. Just imagine the field day she would have with thousands of men as suckers and targets.

She is now the front for Corse and Briggs at least and she believes all they say and they all she says. Once again we see the characters and type of people who have always been attracted to the leadership of the mad galahs. Frauds, liars, wannabes and fakes. When Corse, Briggs, Wiltshire and others set up the mad galahs they immediately drew many fakes around the country into their fold like a moth to a flame.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: CD on Monday27July2009
Bob doesn't want to dance with the Mad Major and I don't blame him.

From: maryann martinek
Sent: Sunday, 26 July 2009 2:49 PM
Subject: Would Bob Buick loan me his medal? for a special ill aussie Veteran cause?

I have a public request which I would like the veteran community to send  by any means to Warrant Officer (rtd) Bob Buick, on my behalf.
He is one of (stated via his website this nation's most dedicated, notable and passionate of Australian Military Medals experts. He is also across the protocol of how medals are to be worn on ANZAC Day so I have a special and genuine request that needs to reach him.
He has previously emailed me before but his email system recently refused a second request containing my offer to place his name on my Dance Card for an ANZAC 2015 function I am planning in honour of men who have won the Duntroon's coveted  Sword of Honour over the past 100 years. I have located one Sword's recipient who has agreed to assist with my concept.
In 2015, I plan to have a Military Ball at Duntroon to honour the history of such ANZACs I invited Warrant Officer Buick to accompany me on the dance floor, but he declined citing our age difference.
I see age as no inhibitor to my request to a waltz between two retired military personnel, so I will formalize it more publicly, maybe he might be convinced to accept this time.
As Warrant Officer Buick well knows, I have been involved in supportive advice, research and commentary about the welfare and transitional needs  younger  ill aussie diggers. I began in 1986 when I served and set up a Project identified as Army Family Liaison Officers (FLOs) and Unit Welcome Packs which began in Victoria after my presentation of this concept to BRIG Davis HQ 3MD received his support.  Several years later COL Ahearn Comd 1RTB arranged for me to receive a letter of commendation from MAJGEN Phillips for the work I began for FLOs in the Army -  I have continued on with similar projects after I retired.
So, with all this firepower in my CV I would like Warrant Officer Bob Buick (who served at Duntroon on Staff) to loan his Medal of Military Courage, not physically at this point, but eventually he will be asked to provide it 'physically' for a display concept I have been working on.
As I have often read on a particular Diggers' website, you cannot eat your medals. That is true, yet they are useful to determine your worth to others so they are valuable. I do believe I have a solution regarding the wearing of medals on ANZAC Day, but it is a project concept that will take one military medal of courage to begin its roll out of ideas.
Since I began my interest in military history with the Battle of Long Tan having served for AirCDRE Bruce Lane - and having been a recipient of emails from Warrant Officer Buick I would like that medal to be supplied with his consent.
Please pass this message on to him as I am uncertain whether he will receive it at the email address I am sending it to (above).
many thanks, m2

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: dodger39 on Monday10August2009
Just seen on the news, MM wants to depict Sam the Koala on chocalate bars.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Ethelred on Tuesday11August2009
If you wanna read up on what a charming woman this creature is just whack her name in Google

Mary-Ann Martinek applies to make Sam the Koala chocolate
Article from: HERALD SUN
Amelia Harris

August 11, 2009

A FORMER army major may profit from Sam the Koala less than a week after the marsupial died.

Mary-Ann Martinek of Bendigo has applied for three trademarks of Sam the Koala.

She has applied to use the words Sam the Koala on chocolates and her image having a drink from firefighter David Tree's water bottle on chocolates. She also wants the right to use an image of Sam wearing a cork hat in a colouring book.

Mr Tree, who cried when the world famous koala died last week, slammed Ms Martinek.

"When I first heard about it I thought, 'Isn't that sort of typical, everybody is going to come out of the woodwork and just try and do something for themselves financially'," he said. "There's no way I am going to sit back and watch."

Ms Martinek, an ex-army major who was discharged from the military after being deemed psychologically unfit, alleged radio identity Derryn Hinch sexually assaulted her in March 2006 when the pair were business partners.

No charges were laid.

Nic Pullen from TressCox Lawyers, which has been acting pro bono for Sam and the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter in Rawson, was unaware of the applications.

"It would be totally inappropriate if it's done for commercial purposes where she's going to be profiting from it," he said. The Department of Sustainability and Environment owns and controls the use of the image, he said.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: CD on Wednesday09December2009
Here go'es the Mad Major again.  She is making statements without evidence. Who was the ex-digger who did away with himself because of statements made on ANZMI and/or AVM? Name this person MM. Detail the statements made that caused him to take his own life.  You can't?????  Well, golly gosh 'o gee. More lies. No wonder Hinch won his case against you.  Like the MG's your head is just full of bullshit.

From: maryann martinek
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Tuesday, 8 December 2009 6:22 PM

Dear All,
I wish to add, I have been attempting to draw some responsible attention to the website activities of, and the aussiedigger (in certain forums). One year ago a vietnam veteran took his life after he became investigated over an anonymous allegation made to DVA Fraud squad in Qld. He poured a can of petrol over himself and lit a match, his widow is now seeking help and answers under FOI.
I personally do not wish to observe another War veteran disintegrate mentally in front of me as I read all his emails.
I urge some assistance by DVA to make a responsible inquiry/ or a professional approach to Keith Tennent who is the local administrator of the Aussie Digger Forum- who is active in posting url links to and If
he were to reframe from using his popular Aussie Digger Forum to promote the activities of the other two websites that
will assist in curbing the harassment of War Veterans, or in part a responsible inquiry will act to reduce this practice. I
have approached the Capricornia RSL and sought to meet with Mr Keith Tennant to ask him to remove posts from his website that inaccurately mentions information about my ongoing efforts to run a Suicide Watch team which is unfunded, its my donation to a very worthy and unmet need in our ill veterans community.
Thank you for reading my opinion in this email,
maryann martinek

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Fergus Fairfax on Thursday10December2009
This woman is very very dangerous and very very sick---sick mentally and emotionally. Derryn Hinch and others can testify to her vileness and cunning. The simple truth is you can never believe a word she says. She accused Hinch of rape and then had to publicly apologise for lying. She sent out a picture of a naked Christ nailed upside down to a cross with an erect penis. What sort of mind produces this type of behaviour. A stuffed up mind for sure. Be very very wary of this woman if you are physically near her and never send her an email because if you do she will twist and turn all you say to suit her rotten purposes.

I happen to have known the Veteran who suicided and his suicide had NOTHING whatever to do with the ANZMI website or this website. I know the details of what happened here but I have no intention of displaying them in public out of respect for his family. Martinek is a full blown mad mad galah. The qualifications are the willingness to lie, distort, manipulate, threaten and harrass. When confronted they all without fail blame that mysterious "somebody else". They are well versed in never ever taking responsibility for their own words, actions and behaviour. Martinek fits in nicely.

Until the advent of this website and forum the galahs had free rein running around the place making life a misery for many, affecting the health and reputations of many and causing mayhem in a once reasonably stable Veteran community. They hate this website and forum with a passion because they have been outed for what they are. Liars, frauds, cheats, wannabes, trouble makers and arch moralists.

People in glass houses should never throw stones. This mob have much to hide at all levels of their miserable lives and their attempts to paint themselves as upright honest citizens have failed miserably. As ye sow so shall ye reap.

Title: Maryann's Drongo Party
Post by: Fergus on Sunday13December2009

A new political movement – The Drongo Party. (DP)

Look out, here is the next Mad Galah stratagem. Can you ever imagine having this loony mob of drongos representing you?  Maryann reckons she can do it.

The power brokers would be:

Barry Corse           (Minister for Education and not passing exams)
David Briggs          Backbencher only – lacks talent)
Jim Wiltshire          (Minister for Public Relations)     
Maryann Martinek  (Government Whip and media relationships)
Don Tate                (Minister for Defence)
Terry Westerway    (Attorney General and minister for funny legal writing)
Allen Petersen       (Minister for Communications and disseminating claptrap)

Maryann certainly got it right when she said “The media do not print our news and treat us as unreliable witnesses” The media laughs at, and ignores anything penned by the Mad Galahs especially the constant conspiracy claptrap distributed by their public relations man Jim Wiltshire. 

Maryann should not have trouble getting her 500 pledges, because Barry Corse, the Minister for Education and not passing exams, claims to represent at least one million veterans.

This proposed Anzac Community Political Party would be universally shunned because in reality it is the Mad Galah Party and before that was the Orange Movement.



From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 6:47 PM

From: maryann martinek
To: 'Jim Wiltshire' ; Allen Petersen
Sent: Sunday, 13 December 2009 4:21 PM
Subject: New announcement: Anzac Community Political Party - it is 'unnamed' as yet.

We need a combined 500 War Veterans, Peacekeepers, exService Personnel and friends families and loved one with voting power people to sign on to pledge their support as financial members.
Issues of importance to Military Superannuates is one platform we must fight with. The media do not print our news and treat us as unreliable witnesses to our own fates of living in poverty.
While our numbers are strong we are not connected by one purpose or goal in the political arena. If you have a vote, and you wish to prepare and assist, then pledge your support and find other supporters.
We will take the fight up over this long and overdue indexing issue direct to the Parliament house.
Additionally, making separate representations to the 'media' about our Right to PRIVACY MATTERS that affects ill War Veterans and the retired Military Service Personnel in relation to protection of their Service and Medical Records from disclosure to Third Parties. This concern affects health and well being of many, these concerns are being passed to federal agencies who know the extent of the cyber bullying, vilifying ill veterans as 'loony' and the combined effects of the AVM hate site on those they do target.
Note: The "name" of this new Political party is withheld until I get a list of 500 names. All I need to know is who will support it - KEEP the list of your names "to yourself", just give me the exact numbers UNTIL such time as I am ready. I do not want people to know who the names are - they are all entitled to Privacy, so we must keep their privacy safe.
To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email." in your profile. You can view the full announcement by following this link:
Regards, The maryann martinek AUSTRALIAN SERVICES AND PERSONNEL (mmASAP) Team.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Steel on Tuesday15December2009
the mad major is being sneaky again. this from her site. Where's the sneaky bit you may well ask. Click on the aussie digger link and see where it takes you. Not to the aussie digger site but to another forum on her site.

Dear xxx,

Thankyou for responding however you run a DVA funded ESO and it should be open to new ideas about treatment for younger veterans with PTSD especially if these ideas are encouraging a return to study regime. I would appreciate you making the time to voice your personal opinion but I do ask that you widen the message to your asn Peacekeepers who are AVM members, as well as yourself as this political platform is forming.

We also have a new Focus group for retired service personnel on TPI and Gold cards who may wish to study under DVA funded arrangements to manage their PTSD.

yours faithfully,

maryann martinek

Title: Re: Maryannes Drongo Party
Post by: Steel on Wednesday16December2009
Can they legaly use the word Anzac in the name of a political party? (protection of the word Anzac)

Australian ANZACS Alliance (AAA) is a Political Party being registered to protect Rights and Entitlements of the Australian ANZACS Community in Federal Elections.

You can follow our updates on Twitter

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Ethelred on Wednesday16December2009
Can they legaly use the word Anzac in the name of a political party? (protection of the word Anzac)

Australian ANZACS Alliance (AAA) is a Political Party being registered to protect Rights and Entitlements of the Australian ANZACS Community in Federal Elections.

You can follow our updates on Twitter

Protecting the word Anzac

Don't worry these clowns have as much chance of forming a political party as I have. The problem is their arrogance and intent.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: krt1. on Wednesday16December2009
I think I would rather go to one of my ex-wives Christmas Parties, at least they wouldn't lie to me there. They seem to speak their mind and would say just what they felt. But it would be more fun then being associated with those bunch of brain pickers, and lying cheating ground thieving inebriates.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Zion on Thursday17December2009

From: Nolan, Susan 
Sent: Thursday, 17 December 2009 7:06 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Hawkes, Sue; Rogers, James
Importance: High

Dear Mr Hawkes
Thank you for your e-mail of 16 December 2009 concerning the use of the word
Anzac in connection with a new political party. 

The Protection of Word 'Anzac' Regulations, (the Regulations) in force under
the War Precautions Act Repeal Act 1920, prevent the use of the word 'Anzac'
or any word resembling 'Anzac' in connection with any trade, business,
calling or profession without the permission of the Minister for Veterans'
Affairs.  The objective of the Regulations is to preserve the significance
of the word 'Anzac' as it relates to the bravery and sacrifice of the first
Anzacs and to the special place Anzac has in Australia's heritage.

The Anzacsalliance has not sought permission to use the word Anzac in
connection with the Party name.  The Department will contact them and advise
them of the Regulations.

If you have any further queries on this matter please contact me on xxxxxx
Susan Nolan

From: xxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 12:33 PM
To: DVA General Enquiries
Subject: Protection "ANZAC" [TO BE CLASSIFIED]
Importance: High

 Dear Sir,

I am a retired Vietnam Veteran and TPI recipient  and my details are as


I have just come off the Australian Veterans Webb Site
( and found a thread that has the following listed as
a new political party.

The name listed is ANZACSALLIANCE (AAA) Political Party.

It can also be found at a Header on the following web site:

I am under the impression that the word  ANZAC and what it stands for is
protected under law.   I feel we might have a breach of that law here.

For your advice and action as required.


Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Steel on Thursday17December2009
She has also done the same with the aussiedigger site as I pointed out in a previous post.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Zion on Friday18December2009
From: Shawn O'Brien
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 4:36 PM
Subject: FW: Registering a Political Party. [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]


Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The provisions in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 prohibiting some political party names are found in s129 (copy attached).  The prohibitions are essentially:

            more than 6 words


            the same as the name/abbreviation of a registered political party

            so similar to the name/abbreviation of a registered political party as likely to be confused with or mistaken for

            that a reasonable person would think suggests a non-existent connection or relationship with a registered party

            contains the word “Independent” in certain circumstances

The AEC is not aware of any other legislation which would necessarily prevent a name being registered, either because of similarity to an established trade-marked name or to a name heritage-protected by its own legislation.   

There appear to be regulations governing the use of “Anzac” under the War Precautions Act Repeal Act 1920.  The regulations are titled the “‘Protection of Word ‘Anzac’ Regulations” and can be viewed through the following link  It is not clear that these regulations would prevent the use of Anzac as part of a political party name for the purposes of federal party registration for use of the party name on ballot papers for elections for the House of Representatives and/or Senate.  Were an objection to be lodged with the AEC against the use of the word “Anzac” in the name of a particular political party applying for registration, the AEC might need to seek legal advice as to the particular circumstances of the application for registration and the objection against it.   

The AEC receives a number of requests to make a decision on a proposed party name in advance of an application for registration, but is unable to agree to that process.  When an application is received from a political party, it is processed at that time against all the requirements of the Electoral Act as .  The AEC does not consider other Acts, such as the War Precautions Act Repeal Act 1920, for which it has no responsibility.  The party application is then put to a senior executive of the AEC (as a delegate of the AEC Commissioners) to determine whether the application appears to satisfy the requirements of the Electoral Act.  If so, the application is advertised nationally and any objections received, together with comments on those objections from the applicants, are again put to a senior executive for final decision.   

If officers of the AEC are in doubt about the application of law to a particular party name, the AEC seeks legal advice on the basis of the application received, any problems perceived by the AEC and the details of any objections lodged.  It might be worth discussing your proposed name with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs as the War Precautions Act Repeal Act 1920 is administered by the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.  You might be able to ascertain whether the Department or any of its major clients are likely to have an objection to your use of “Anzac”.  Even if such objections could not overturn your application, you might wish to avoid any likely media comment against your party.   

You may choose to seek your own legal advice if you are concerned after reading the “Protection of Word ‘Anzac’ Regulations” and talking to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. 


Shawn O'Brien
Registrar of Political Parties

Assistant Director, Registration and Disclosure

Australian Electoral Commission

phone: 02 6271 4667

fax:        02 6271 4555

PO Box 6172,  Kingston ACT 2604


From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, 16 December 2009 1:05 PM
Subject: Registering a Political Party.


 Could you tell me if it is permitted to use the word ANZACS in the title of a proposed new Political Party.

The name that has been suggested for this party is Australian ANZACS Alliance Party.

The reason I ask is because I was under the impression that the word Anzac or other similar names was a protected word and could not be used without express written permission.



Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Steel on Monday11January2010
Censorship, Martinek style.

ONEEYE - message for you.

We do accept boatloads of AVM immigrants providing you do swap your citizenship from MaggotTown to a more respectable address, we are happy to have you but we must ask that you register with bonefide emails and do not call yourself the ONEEYE, it reflects badly on us that you are seen to be an active and current member of AVM.


Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Ethelred on Thursday14January2010
The following has been taken from forum

Maryann Martinek published a website a few months ago. She has used the long time popularity of The Aussie Digger to trick the Veteran community and to ride on the coat tails of the Aussie Digger.
Her site has nothing whatever to do with Her site is Notice the difference between the urls. The petition which she and the mad galahs are peddling has nothing whatever to do with my website.

I have taken this link from the AVM website. It may interest you regarding Martinek.
Keith Tennent.
Australian Veterans Matter - The Fair Go Campaign 
  Published by maryann martinek on Dec 21, 2009
Category: Employment
Region: Australia
Target: DVA
Web site:
Background (Preamble):

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: bralig on Thursday14January2010
In letter from Shawn O'Brien posted by Spartakus:
so similar to the name/abbreviation of a registered political party as likely to be confused with or mistaken for

Pity this law doesn't apply to websites and forums!!!

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: Ruger357 on Thursday18March2010
I see the Major, using the name AVM under her own mantle, has an ONLINE petition running for equity in Pensions......seems she wants to be the vanguard of veterans issues !!!!

You can see the Petition at

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: bralig on Sunday21March2010
The words in the name have been changed ever so slightly and that gives the name an entirely different meaning. Of course, the similarity is not an accident. The name lacks originality and MM evidently lacks imagination.

Title: Re: The Major is confused - I'm confused
Post by: fergus2 on Wednesday30June2010
Maryann employs "The enforcer"

Mad Galahess, Maryann Martinek has enlisted the help of Mad Galah enforcer Jim Wiltshire to collect a private business debt and plaster the details to the Mad Galah network.

Maryann has actively worked with the Mad Galahs in the past, she also copied the Australian Veterans Matters (AVM) web site to try and distract the general public from this, the original AVM.

Over many years Maryann has exhibited strange behaviour including;

As an Army Major, being sidelined and then "frog" marched out of Victoria Barracks.

Attempting to extort money from Derryn Hinch by accusing him of rape, resulting in a very public apology to Hinch. See the two references below:   

Maryann is a hard core Galahess who is far from ordinary. She brings wrath upon herself with every move.

Appointing Wiltshire as her debt collector is another peccadillo for Maryann.



-- Original Message -----
From: Jim Wiltshire
To: undisclosed-recipients
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 7:43 PM
Subject: Fw: DSNSG owe Mary-Ann Martinek $5012 for chocolates not paid for since 2004.

Dear Margaret Fisk,
Defence Special Needs Support Group (DSNSG)
an open letter.
I am now going to ask the veterans to ensure you pay your bills. You owe me $5012 for chocolates you sold (that I arranged with Defcredit) and did not pay for them. You also took full advantage of the national news that claimed I was"mentally ill" and claimed to other veterans in the networks that I had lied. I did not lie, you owe me $5012 dollars and any legal court will
agree with all the documented proof I have that I DONATED THE FREIGHT only or close to $900.00  and that you failed to pay for product you sold on Defcredit Counters and made more than $15,000 from the product I provided in profits.
That money outstanding  is required to be paid. So far you have failed to provide an Official Thankyou or any form of Donation Certificate, if as you say, I donated 20,000 chocolates to you. I have also claimed I did not and now that the public record is cleared and I am not going to be publicly slandered in the National media as being mentally ill, I now formally demand you and DSNSG  repay this money owed so I can use it for the proper purpose intended to help fund more product to help my
cause for PTSD.
I am not defaming you because this is substantially the truth, I am simply placing this matter on the record as a Demand For Payment because you have so far resisted every other approach.
yours faithfully,
mary-ann martinek