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Title: Loss of a member
Post by: Cavalry on Sunday05July2009
This is Keith Tennant's tribute to Bud; Very fitting I feel. Buds user name was BC on this forum.

Dear fellow Veterans,
It's with deep sadness and a great sense of loss that I need to inform you that Bud Cramer has passed away in Saigon. Bud was a TPI.
Bud married his Vietnamese wife in Saigon in 1995. He had lived in Vietnam from the early 1990s.
Bud saw Active Service in South Vietnam 1970-71 with 8 RAR and D&E Platoon HQ 1 ATF. He was a National Serviceman.
Bud was one of the most honest, principled and intelligent men I have ever known. He was a stickler for accuracy and decency,two characteristics which are rare commodities in the ESO and Veteran communities. When Bud was sure he was right, when he had checked and rechecked what he stated as true, he could not be moved. He never arrived at his conclusions quickly or emotionally.Bud did not suffer fools easily. If one values characteristics such as loyalty, decency, common sense, fair play, even handedness, straight shooting, plain talk and the willingness to confront without fear or favour Bud was a man you needed to know.
I have often stated I have never yet been to the funeral of a bad person. All seem to be Saints when eulogies are delivered. Bud said himself he had faults and weaknesses and like all of us this was and is true. Yet in my mind Buds good characteristics far outweighed his faults.
I had known Bud for quite some years. A small group of us knew Bud had been diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year and he deteriorated markedly about a month or so ago.He had taken his wife for a long weekend to Vung Tau and after that time he was never the same. It may be that was his final thank you to his wife who he loved dearly.
Bud did much good work in the Veteran community, in particular working with NAMBUS, the mobile outreach bus used to connect with distant Vietnam Veterans in Australia. He never craved recognition and went about his work quietly and with dedication.
We cannot contact his wife because she doesn't speak fluent English but we may be able to obtain the funeral details from the expatriate community in Vietnam. Bud by the way was fluent in Vietnamese.
Bud we will miss you terribly and think of you often. We will never forget the example you laid out for us and the truth you were never afraid to speak.

Title: Re: Loss of a member
Post by: CD on Sunday05July2009
Rest in peace now Bud, you deserve it. :'(

Title: Re: Loss of a member
Post by: Brutus on Sunday05July2009
I spoke to Bud on Tuesday and again on Wednesday after he came out of his second stint in hospital. 

He had previously been in for radiation treatment and released  then after a week had a turn which was initially attributed to a bout of Dengue and ended back in hospital for about 10 days..

He telephoned me on Tuesday afternoon to let me know he was out and was back at home again and we spoke again on Wednesday when he was very upbeat and positive since the oncologist had told him the treatment had stopped the most threatening tumor on his lung.  He was happy because he was eating well again and was looking forward to exercising and regaining some strength... the only thing he had left to deal with for the moment was a thrombosis in the neck.

It was with a great deal of sadness that I received a phone call from a mutual American friend on Friday morning to tell me that Bud had just died, collapsed at home and went into cardiac arrest in hospital from which there was no return..  according to his wife he did not suffer and had passed away very quickly.

He will be cremated in Saigon tomorrow (Monday) morning at 6.30 am.

A good friend gone, may he rest in peace.

Title: Re: Loss of a member
Post by: krt1. on Tuesday07July2009
It is sad to see those that fought the fight pass on. I didn't know this man personally but have great respect for his wisdom, courage, and intelligence. May he rest in peace and may his family be treated by the Australian Government as if they are their own family members.