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Title: Is this Tates Video?
Post by: grunter on Thursday16July2009

A overseas mate sent me this link it has  Australian Forces Vietnam War footage.

If we Patrolled in this manner we would have had our arses kicked.
Sleeves rolled up, no hat, open shirt, i even spotted a sling on one weapon?

 Who are these blokes?



Title: Re: Is this Tates Video?
Post by: CD on Friday17July2009
I don't think so Grunter. I'd say that it was shot long before Dog even enlisted.

Title: Re: Is this Tates Video?
Post by: Zion on Friday17July2009
These are the videos Tate has on his website.

There was a Utube video titled Sabre Force on Utube which Tate has removed. It was removed after we began speaking the truth about Tate and his alleged 2nd D&E Pl. Corse gave Tates Platoon the nickname Sabre Force and Tate ran with it for a while when it made him look good.

We have the audio of the Utube Sabre Force vid which is a large 7.8 MB file.

Anyway these are from Tates website