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Author Topic: Vietnam SAS Member Says Tate Was NOT at the Thua Tich Ambush  (Read 15685 times)
Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #8 on: Sunday22November2009 »


Since early 2007 various former members of 4 RAR in Vietnam who were posted to HQ 1 ATF in 1969 have been trying to rewrite Australia's Military history and cement a place for themselves as heroes, unsung heroes, of what they claim was an elite special Forces Platoon.

These wannabes claim they did a job the SASR were unsuited for and afraid to do. They claim they were involved in one of the biggest Battles of the Vietnam War. They claim to have alone confronted what amounted to an enemy Army [ their words]. They claim this “elite” Platoon killed more enemy than any other Australian Infantry Platoon during the Vietnam war. They claim various of their members should have been decorated for Heroism and that instead undeserving cowards and favourites received their Decorations. They claim there has been a huge corruption of Australia's War history which has been engineered by many Senior Officers, Politicians and others. They claim War crimes were committed by Australian Soldiers, yet have failed to provide conclusive evidence to prove this slur on all Australian Vietnam Veterans.They claim the official records of Australia's Vietnam involvement were deliberately altered to write out the existence of their alleged 2nd D&E Platoon. In effect they are claiming any Johnny come lately can appear out of the blue, produce spurious evidence, which they refuse to release in full for all Veterans to digest, and though it disagrees with War history as verified by War diaries, After Action Reports and other official documents,that their version of our Military history should replace the verified history. If this is the way War history is to be written then all War history must be regarded as a farce.

We publicly challenge those names as follows

Don Tate to swear an Affidavit before a Judge that he was at Thua Tich on the night ambush of 29 May 1969.

Richard "Rick"  Bigwood to swear an Affidavit before a Judge that he was at Thua Tich on the night ambush of 29 May 1969.

Kevin Lloyd Thomas to swear an Affidavit before a Judge that he was at Thua Tich on the night ambush of 29 May 1969.

All three to swear individual Affidavits before a Judge that Australian Soldiers committed War Crimes near Thua Tich around 30 May 1969.

All three to swear individual Affidavits before a Judge that one or all witnessed Australian Soldiers sling between 3 and 5 enemy bodies up to the back of an APC and that those bodies were transported in that fashion, and not bound securely to the top of the Cavalry vehicle, to Xuyen Moc village and displayed to local villagers and that one or more of those bodies was headless.

No changing subjects, attacking the characters of others, debates or any other obfuscations will be accepted.

Failure to produce the complete evidence which this group says exists of its daring escapades, and failure to produce sworn Affidavits will be taken as a sure sign that the Australian Veteran community, the AWM. The Australian Military History Unit, Politicians, the Defence Department, the media, Murdoch books and others have been lied to.

The above mentioned may send their Affidavits and complete evidence to 


Tate's educational qualifications.

Tate's teacher's ticket wasn't worth a cracker until he got a job teaching. How did he get a teacher's position? He told us all not long ago.  He finally bullied his way into a position by claiming discrimination against him for being a wounded (what else) war veteran while women and minorities (maybe even "ethnic minorities", I could stand corrected on that) were handed positions without question.

He bullied and barged around the place until someone gave in just to get him out the door a la Mike Kelly...He got his job and looked what happened.  He stiffed the school tuckshop, how and why? Wounded heroes don't pay for pies with extra sauce. Especially handsome devils like him who had a way with the Mums working there.

His ability as a teacher or maybe his over-friendliness with students cause revolt in the parent ranks. Not a common occurrence, was it?

Who wrote the final draft of his book?  It wasn't him, that's for sure.

Watch his videos for an idea of his grasp on English. Also note a lisp. In that one minor speech impediment Don Tate reminds me of Mike Tyson. A kid who was bullied for being different and turned nasty in his teen years. The comparison ends right there.

Mike can fight like a thrashing machine while this dog runs to hide behind his wife's skirt and girly AVOs.

« Reply #7 on: Saturday15August2009 »

For Cricket Huh
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« Reply #6 on: Friday14August2009 »

From: xxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 7:26 PM
Subject: Don Tate

If this bloke is such a war hero, then perhaps I'd better not mention the time myself and four others were surrounded by an estimated force of 700 North Vietnamese regulars at Thua Tich back in June 1967? I also believe this clown is wearing an Australian Sports Medal amongst his awards!!! Little wonder the community think us Vietnam Veterans are such a fxxxed up lot.


es SAS 1963 - 1976

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« Reply #5 on: Friday14August2009 »

Only one problem with that Spartakus.  He would have to get someone to show him where deserted village of Thua Tich was. Grin
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« Reply #4 on: Thursday13August2009 »

From: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 5:00 PM
Subject: Tate's tours to the war crimes scene

I suppose the next Tate presentation travel program will have him hosting a veterans’ tour to the Thua Tich ambush area, describe in detail, the ambush and heroic battle of a hand full of Australians lead by Cpl Riddle against five hundred well armed and superbly trained enemy.

Then the group will be taken to the war crimes site where he will describe in the most vivid detail the war crimes perpetrated by the Australians.

Finally he will give a presentation on the cover-up by commanders, the Australian War Memorial and subsequent governments.


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« Reply #3 on: Tuesday11August2009 »

What I like is the predictabilty of Don Tate. When he writes a rebuttal he says;
1. You are a dickhead.
2. You weren't a real soldier like me.
3. You were a dixiebasher/clerk/etc.
4. You haven't written a book like I have.
5. You were never wounded. You must have cut yourself shaving.
6. I was there so I know what happened.
7. I've got mates.

« Reply #2 on: Monday10August2009 »

 Grin, Aw Comm,on Guys, you are dealing with a Hero in it's own mind, when in reality he/she/her/it is a waste of oxygenl and just before he/she/her/it is beaten to death by he/she/her/it's ego the "Soldiers" that were there and did the hard yards ie "Walked the Walk and now can "Talk The Talk".
Ok. I never went where you guys ventured, however, I still believe that anyone that has the Gall to tell the balatent (shit I can't spell for Quids) "Big Fibs". that denigrate the work that the normal "Soldier" did, is looking to have his boderly parts removed from this world and sent into the sewer, that is where they belong.  Take care dudes and long live the truth..

Nitch Nitch Nitch
« Reply #1 on: Monday10August2009 »

 Cant remember if you werent there can you. He talks it up but didnt do the WALK.
Nui Dat 68.
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« on: Monday10August2009 »

We have received an email from a former member of the 1ATF SAS Sqn who states that Tate was NOT at the Thua Tich ambush on the night of the ambush. We have believed this since Mowgli composed his exposition [ see website updates here ]

Anyway, Tate himself has used the usual tactics of liars by stating he can't remember if he was in the ambush at Thua Tich. If somebody lies about one thing they lie about other matters.

Don't worry your little head trying to remember Don, you were NOT there.

Read what this SAS member has to say.

From: xxxx
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 4:12 PM

From: xxxxxxxxx
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 3:10 PM

            I am aware of Thua Tich and I can state quite catergorically that Tate did NOT get there until the day after the battle.  As usual his stories are shit.  Stay Well and Take Care...xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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