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Tate hates Vietnam Vets like the War Protestors Did
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| | |-+  The Veteran Community needs strong, reliable, intelligent leadership not drongos
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Author Topic: The Veteran Community needs strong, reliable, intelligent leadership not drongos  (Read 6168 times)
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« Reply #2 on: Thursday27August2009 »

Neil James and the ADA wield a lot more influence in the corridors of power in Canberra than any two bob Senator elected on a single issue platform.

I respect Neil James' opinion on most matters, he is articulate, well informed and argues a case well. He is a also the "go to" man whenever a controversial Defence issue is raised in the media. He would be well and truly wasted in Parliament House. That is not to say that a Senator in the back pocket would not be handy thing to have, but Mr James is a lot more valuable and effective where he is at the helm of the ADA.

Great to see some reasoned thoughts on the DFRDB issue, as distinct from the hysterical ranting and threats of the Loony Tunes Crew.
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Perhaps Neil should seriously consider running for a Senate seat in Canberra. Although I have never met the man I am certainly impressed with his level of intellect and thinking.
With a concerted effort from all the ADF and PS surely he can succeed.
« on: Thursday27August2009 »

The veteran community needs inspirational leadership from people of integrity and intelligence (pardon the pun Neil). Below is an example of what we need, in the form of a private letter from Neil James to the editor of the Canberra times.
The Mad Galahs have “shot gunned” their way into being idiotic self elected spokespersons for the veteran community in relation to the DFRDB issue. 
Bernie McGurgan, a high profile Galah has pinpointed the inequity of the DFRDB system of indexation, but because of his association with the Mad Galahs, his mutterings are discounted by decent veterans, politicians and the general public.
Mansford the main man from the Mad Galahs proposes protest in the streets, trade union style and of course, Corse, Briggs, Wiltshire, Westerway and the other loony Mad Galahs support Mansford’s theories of political action.
Corse, a person who constantly offends decent veterans even suggests the implementation of rule 303 which can only be construed as meaning to take physical action against politicians.
There must be hundreds of DFRDB recipients who can contribute to convincing government to implement a better system of indexation for DFRDB.  Allowing the discredited Mad Galahs to be seen as representing us is a strategy doomed for failure.
Neil James has stuck his head up and if we had more of his caliber success would be more likely.
 PS. Apologies to Neil for mentioning him on the same page as these drongos.

From: The Australia Defence Association
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 12:48 PM
Subject: Squeezing the Jugular of the Arrogant
Importance: High
Various correspondents have rightly criticised the inequity and hypocrisy of the Government retaining the CPI as the only index for Public Service and ADF superannuants, despite MPs and even welfare recipients long having much better indexation arrangements.
Both sides of politics continue to discriminate against Commonwealth superannuants because they do not fear an electoral backlash nationally (and can always whip up anti-APS feelings if they need to).
Reforming the indexation inequity now means redirecting efforts employing the principle of war concerning concentration of force.
Retired and serving public servants and ADF personnel, and their families, are much stronger in the ACT.
The ACT's two Senate seats always split 50/50 between the two machine parties and both seats are contested at every half-Senate election.
The Superannuated Commonwealth Officers Association (SCOA) and the Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) should run two endorsed candidates in the ACT at the next Senate election - with the sole platform of getting the discrimination removed and with every voter advised to award their second preference to who they normally support..
Candidates should also be run in the two lower house seats to increase the Senate vote.
Even if the SCOA/DFWA candidates did not win even second place in the Senate primary vote, the overall protest vote would be a good basis to repeat the process every three years time until reform occurred.
With sufficient effort and a disciplined and suitably non-partisan stance otherwise, such candidates would stand a reasonable chance of rolling the incumbent Liberal senator on preferences by winning a higher primary vote (for the Libs would be likely to preference such a candidate ahead of Labor and the Greens) . Same for Labor the other way and perhaps also the Greens. The aim would be to at least beat the Green vote and hopefully the Liberals.
However, an even better move strategically would be to challenge the complacency of Labor just assuming the public servant vote will always go to them (no matter how they behave) and directly seeking to take the Labor Senate seat as well.
Just the threat of SCOA/DFWA senators occupying a swing position in evenly balanced Senates would be a good incentive for Labor to end the discrimination before the following Senate election.
After the contempt shown for former and serving ADF and APS personnel by both major parties, surely the time has come to place our foot on the pollies’ jugular and begin to squeeze.
Neil James"
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