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Author Topic: A Bit of Info  (Read 6154 times)
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« Reply #1 on: Monday14September2009 »

The article below was written by Mike O'Conner from the Courier Mail today Mon 14/09/09.

Having suffered the same fate as Alan Kessing albeit on a smaller scale all courtesy of  VVAA Qld I could well understand how he might be feeling!!... In the end I think I came out on top?? But the price I paid. Abuse vilification, intimidation & the breakdown of a relationship was a pretty hefty price to pay for  passing on a small piece of information... Just begs the question, would I do it all again??? Short answer... Yes, I'll never! take a backwards step to the bullying scum bag types that try to crush people for telling the truth.


IT'S the curious case of the lion that failed to roar - of one who, when presented with incontrovertible evidence of a threat to national security, uttered not even a squeak

It also points to what happens to people who attempt to engage in that mythological national sport of "doing the right thing" and to how Kevin Rudd, like John Howard before him, is considering a scheme to prosecute those who would venture on to such high moral ground.

When Customs officer Allan Kessing became aware of a report detailing massive deficiencies in security at Australian airports, one which had been suppressed by Customs for two years, he decided to do the right thing.

In 2005 he walked into the office of then senior Federal Labor Opposition member and now Transport Minister Anthony Albanese and revealed everything he knew.

This, you would think, would be a gift from above to an Opposition frontbencher – explosive, documented revelations which could be targeted on the Howard government with devastating effect.

In May, the contents of the report were published in a newspaper and the merde hit the fan. Howard was eventually forced to spend $200 million trying to fix the security problems.

Kessing was subsequently convicted of leaking the report to the newspaper, a charge he vehemently denies, but throughout his trial he did not mention he had shown the material to Albanese.

So why, a month after Kessing had shown the report to Albanese, that fearless, desk-thumping Labor Party frontbencher charged with taking the fight to the Liberal-National Party enemy, was it still front page news?

Because Albanese did nothing.

Given the opportunity to rip holes in Howard's credibility on national security issues, he looked the other way.

As further testament to his courage under fire, when Kessing was being prosecuted he maintained his silence. A person turns to a leading member of federal parliament to expose a threat to the wellbeing of his fellow Australians and, for his trouble, he is hung out to dry.

Incredibly, now that he has revealed that he showed the documents to Albanese, Kessing could face further prosecution by the Australian Federal Police who, you could reasonably suggest, might have better things to do.

Kessing then suffered the fate that awaits whistleblowers in this country.

Publicly, politicians hail them as heroes but privately they detest them because they expose the shabby world behind the political facade.

The Rudd Government is currently reviewing whistleblower protection laws and Special Minister of State Joe Ludwig is considering proposed changes.

Does this mean that people like Kessing will be protected? You're kidding, aren't you?

If the recommendations of the committee chaired by Labor backbencher Mark Dreyfus are adopted, and there is every chance that they will be, then people who expose public service corruption and ministerial incompetence will only be protected if they complain to the public service agency in question, an office such as the Ombudsman or, in a wonderful twist, federal members of parliament – like Anthony Albanese.

If they uncover evidence of wrongdoing and pass this information to the media, they will be liable to prosecution and up to two years' imprisonment, which would seem like the sort of protection that your average whistleblower could well do without.

What the Rudd Government is likely to embrace is a system whereby people wanting to "do the right thing" are prohibited from taking their concerns to the media but directed to a federal member of parliament who might very well sit back in his or her well-padded, taxpayer-funded chair and do bugger all about it.

Albanese's shameful behaviour aside, the Dreyfus recommendations are an attempt to scare whistleblowers into silence and are aimed at impressing upon anyone considering "doing the right thing" that their selfless actions will in no way result in them being given "a fair go".

Why is the Government so fearful of any shortcomings being aired publicly through the media?

Mr Rudd's office is known for its manic desire to micro-control every element of the political process. There's a difference, however, between attempting to control the agenda and crushing legitimate criticism by frightening people into silence by making them fearful of speaking to the media.

"Trust us, we're politicians" seems to be the message. Kessing did just that and has paid, and continues to pay, a huge price.


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« on: Monday14September2009 »

Hello members and visitors.

We want to make it clear we have no favourites anywhere. None among ESOs, none in any political party and none among individual Veterans. None. Zilch. Nader. None in the media either, or anywhere else you may think of.

We will expose corruption, incompetence, stupidity, cronyism, elitism---oh well you get the picture----wherever we find it.

Our website  is a whistle blowing website and this Forum is designed as a whistle blowing forum. Our opinion appears on the website and your opinion appears here---and sometimes our opinion appears in here.
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