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Author Topic: The Military History of David Briggs  (Read 17286 times)
« Reply #9 on: Monday09November2009 »

Spartacus exhibits Brigg’s latest effort in the preceding post, so I won’t attach it here, but will simply refer to it.

It has been said many times by Mad Galah supporters that there is no such organization, yet here we have David Briggs owning up to being the co-founder.  We can assume that the other “founder” is Barry Corse.  Both these rat bags are from Perth, Western Australia.

According to co-founder Corse, David Briggs served heroically in Cambodia as an Infantry soldier, but due to an upper echelon conspiracy had his records expunged.  In September 2007 Corse even told this story to the Prime Minister of Australia. Neither Corse nor Briggs will respond to questions about these wannabe lies.

Briggs says in his 9 November 2009 email;

“This message will not get to the ESO's directly because they choose to block messages from any MG, this is their choice but I suggest if you agree with the content, you forward it directly to your own ESO”.

It is a simple fact that the Mad Galahs and all of those who support them are on the nose. It’s not only ESOs who have blocked their emails, Politicians and Veterans organizations all over Australia have done the same. The only way they can get their mail out is through their discredited Western Australian mailman Allen Petersen and the impetuous imbecile and ex CPMH/ANZMI investigator from  Wodonga, Victoria, Jim Wiltshire.  Both these drongos also have limited ability to distribute emails because of systematic blocking.

Briggs further says:

“I have stated many times before, the Mad galahs are not an ESO, but it has become the platform for those veterans that need a platform from which to be heard. The only reason the MG's have become so strong is they are prepared to send forward all relevant issues”

The man is deluded, on one hand he says they have been muzzled and incommunicado then on the other he says they have become strong. The only thing strong about them is the stench that emanates from their disgraceful manners, lies and attacks on veterans who don’t agree with their distorted conspiratorial views.

Briggs declared war:

“Months ago I, in the name of the MG's declared war on the rudd government for its complete neglect of the ANZAC community. I as stated do not claim to speak for any individual, however my declaration must have been relevant because I have only received overwhelming support for what I have said and done”

Wow Briggsy, where is the evidence of the war that you declared on the Rudd government. Is the DVA Minister directing the government defence, or is he having tea and scones in the Parliamentary Café blissfully unaware of your declaration. Even a mate of yours, a retired ex senior officer made the same declaration. He said on the 23rd August 2009.

“It’s War!
Fellows, in regards the most recent betrayal by the current government it seems to me that we must penetrate their armour not simply dent it.”

Obviously no one was listening to him either.

Just like any nasty disease, Mad Galah fever has passed. The electronic immune systems of Veterans, Politicians, and others who in the early days of the fever were bombarded with Mad Galah bytes have obviously developed anti bodies and safely blocked out the Mad Galah byte blight.

The Mad Galahs, once an embarrassment to the Veteran community are now moribund.

Good riddance


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« Reply #8 on: Monday09November2009 »

David Briggs aka Briggsy aka Dave Briggs

Confirm the statements by your bosom buddy Barry Corse that you===

Were involved in secret Operations in Cambodia during the Vietnam War

Murdered an Australian Officer during the Vietnam War with the knowledge of a very well known Infantry Battalion Commander

Served two tours of Vietnam

Were a tunnel rat in Vietnam

Served in Vietnam as an Infantryman

Worked for ASIO while holding the Army rank of Major

Now  read the latest from the self annointed mad galah co-founder. If I was Briggs I would not boast about being associated with the mad galahs in any form or to any degree. The reason most in the ex service media and political communities wish to ignore and debunk the mad galahs is not hard to fathom. Ye shall know them by their words and deeds and nobody with any integrity and brains wants to associate with habitual liars, abusers, wannabes and frauds. The mad galahs have achieved a big fat zero for ex service members across the country. Liars and wannabes like Briggs and his mates Corse and Wiltshire continually boast about what they have achieved yet they never tell us just what that is and apart from them nobody else seems to know. Oh on the last count from Corse they have 1 million in their membership  Cheesy Show us their names then if you can count them you must have names.

Here is the latest fantastical fantasy from ASIO agent Briggs.

From: Briggsy
To: undisclosed-recipients
Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 1:40 PM
The WA TPI meeting had the balls to stand up and tell the rudd government through its minister that we were sick to death of the political smoke and mirrors that amounted to ANZAC neglect and breach of election promises
The time has come where the so called leading ESO's did the same and stand up to the governments neglect of those that gave the most to make Australia
The ESO's are more concerned about loosing government money and their chance of another gong, than standing up for their core business in looking after veterans entitlements and needs
Ask yourselves why the ESO memberships continue to fall off and why our young veterans are so disappointed by their plight, the answer is crystal clear, the ESO's continue to sit on their hands doing absolutely nothing, except count their government money and continue to look to the honours list for their names. Membership fees continue it rise but the service they are paid to produce continues to fade
I have stated many times before, the Mad galahs are not an ESO, but it has become the platform for those veterans that need a platform from which to be heard. The only reason the MG's have become so strong is they are prepared to send forward all relevant issues
The MG's make no claim about representing anyone as do the ESO's but yet they have a greater relevant "membership" than all the ESO's combined. A lot of those are also members of individual ESO's where they have become disillusioned with their lack of action for many many years
For those that claim the MG" are the lunatic fringe of the ANZAC community I say, maybe we are if you count standing up and fighting against the corruption of those that choose to use the ANZAC simply for their own convenience, then ignore them until next time they need them
As the co founder of the MG's I could imagine nothing better than the demise of it, because that would mean the ESO's were fulfilling their claimed roles in standing up openly and only for the betterment of the ANZAC community past, present and future and above all the veteran community would be united as one, akin to when we are in combat as our nations military force, not forces
This message will not get to the ESO's directly because they choose to block messages from any MG, this is their choice but I suggest if you agree with the content, you forward it directly to your own ESO. They all claim this is what they want but none of them will take the necessary steps to make it happen
Getting back onto the government side, we do not need another mob that chooses to keep the ANZAC community divided upon itself (mushroom farm mentality) so as not to have too produce the promised goods
We have fought long and hard to get off the mushroom farm and will not be going back regardless of who we have to take on to ensure it. Regardless of having to change governments or see the demise of out ESO system as we know it, doesn't matter because the future ANZAC's need our help and they need it today not when it is too late and they too become mushrooms
I reiterate that the VA minister is too far down the food chain to make any difference on the ground. Griffin may be the best and most approachable minister we have seen for many a long year, if his masters ignore him then they are ignoring us. They are showing the entire nation the contempt they hold for the veterans of Australia
The time has also come to have the VA minister elevated or have VA incorporated into defence to show that government takes us seriously and not something they need address at election time
Months ago I, in the name of the MG's declared war on the rudd government for its complete neglect of the ANZAC community. I as stated do not claim to speak for any individual, however my declaration must have been relevant because I have only received overwhelming support for what I have said and done
The Mad Galahs are getting sick of being the only group prepared to stand up to the government and take the fight directly to them, where are the ESO's on this issue. Most of them are being accused of being government stooges to keep the ANZAC's in line, akin to the mushroom farm
Maybe its time for the membership to take the lead from within and start directing their ESO's in the direction they want it to go and stop being followers of bad policy decisions
A vote of no confidence in griffin by WA TPI was a first step and needs to be followed up by all ESO's with balls. The second step needs the same motion in the entire rudd team
This however will not happen as long as the ESO's continue along their current thinking patten, thus it will need the input of the rank and file membership to put them on your mindset, after all is this not what you are paying your membership for? ? ? ?
Regards Briggsy
1. Increase TPI & DVA compensation & associate benefits
2. Adjust indexation to male total average weekly earnings
3. Redefine war service
4. Redefine clinical determination of service caused trauma
5. Create the PMVC
These are the Veteran 5 Demands originally agreedes to
by the government. some have been partially implemented and
some have been completly ignored. Judge for yourself with your vote

-------Original Message-------
From: Allen Petersen
Date: 7/11/2009 6:47:22 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:,
Cc: Martin McGlashan
From: Bodey L & R
To: ; fjoneill
Cc: v Allen Petersen
Sent: Saturday, 7 November 2009 4:14 PM
Subject: Re:

Fortunately there is a limit to how far bluster, SPIN and old-fashioned bullshit can take any Minister.
In other words bullshit may baffle brains - but not forever.
Disabled veterans are quickly waking up to the fact that this Minister has exceeded his limit.
Cheers. LB 

Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #7 on: Monday02November2009 »

David Briggs aka Briggsy aka Dave Briggs

Confirm the statements by your bosom buddy Barry Corse that you===

Were involved in secret Operations in Cambodia during the Vietnam War

Murdered an Australian Officer during the Vietnam War with the knowledge of a very well known Infantry Battalion Commander

Served two tours of Vietnam

Were a tunnel rat in Vietnam

Served in Vietnam as an Infantryman

Worked for ASIO while holding the Army rank of Major

Now for the latest hypocrisy and babble from Briggs an ex WA copper who threatened the life of former DVA Minister Bruce Billson.

I'll let readers make up their mind about your latest waffle. All I say is you Briggs have been one of the most ruinous and marginalising Veterans in our community who has never resiled from attacking anybody you wish to score points for yourself. Um you were involved in the downfall of the Veterans political party too old chap. Or don't you wanna talk about that. Quite a history of activity for a Soldier who was refused re-engagement by the Army because they said you were "unsuitable for military service".

From: Jim Wiltshire
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:
Cc: Alan Griffin.MP The Hon Minister for Veterans Aff ; John FaulknerALPSEN NSW ; Bob Baldwin.MPLib Shadow Min Def Science & Pers ; Louise MarkusMP ; Sophie Mirabella.MP ; Mike Kelly AM MP ALP The Hon. Dr Parliamentary Se ; Greg Combet ALPMP Charlton ;
Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 2:36 PM
Subject: Fw: Re: New Announcement Re: APPVA PRESIDENT - VIGILANTES IN THE VETERAN COMMUNITY (ask 'gotchafella')

Corrected nco
On 01/11/2009, at 2:39 PM, Briggsy wrote:
 Firstly the person charged was a serving NCO and not an officer as
 reported below. I only make this distinction to avoid misunderstanding
 deepen the mistrust many hold for "officers"
 The situation of these rock spiders are everywhere and we must always
 be vigilant of our children however we must be careful not to be
 paranoid and to not categorise them. There are many genuine people out
 there that help our children and families for unselfish reasons and
 defiantly do not need the unwarranted tag because of the odd maggot
 within our midst
 With regard to the person who wore a medal he was not entitled too for
 many years, in previous emails he was named and the matter raised at
 the highest level. This medal was taken off him and a lesser
 substituted and this action is supposedly being investigated. I was
 instrumental in bringing this issue to light and believe its
 resurrection at this point in time is unnecessary
 This week we have seen an email trilogy from Neil Weeks, with the
 support of George Mansford. These emails amongst other things should
 be relaying to us all that we must seriously be considering ways in
 which to put an end to this division within the ANZAC community
 This reminds me of the days after training and awaiting to use the
 skills given us, heading off on leave and engaging in bar fights with
 the RAAF or RAN and if they were under siege we joined them because we
 were all ANZACs first. We were trained to fight and needed to fight.
 Has this instilled instinct remained with us in our old age, to a
 point we need to fight each other just to fulfil this instinct, its
 called PTSD
 We need to do today what we needed to do back then, concentrate on our
 true enemies and unite to win the war. The future of our current and
 future ANZACs depends upon it. Are we going to deny them our support
 as the RSL did to us returning from Vietnam, well I for one am not
 There are many maggots out there that believe that the only person in
 the world is them and maybe those that think along the same lines as
 they do. I am not differentiating between one "side" or another in
 this ANZAC war, because there are right and wrongs on both sides
 I also remind you that the Mad Galahs is not an ESO, it is a
 collection of ANZACs with relevant views and an open forum to allow
 ANZACs to openly put their point of view without fear of any reprisals
 Let me remind you that decent ANZACs that are taking the veteran fight
 to those that need to hear it are a dying breed (having just lost John
 Graham) that are not being replenished because of this infighting. The
 young and future ANZACs are the losers here and we must be leading
 them and training their future advocates or the ANZAC spirit dies
 right here and they will become puppets of government and ADF rule
 without the support they deserve for protecting Australia
 Can you honestly live with knowing your greed and ego killed the ANZAC
 legend, I know I cant
 Regards Briggsy
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« Reply #6 on: Sunday05July2009 »

Mad Galahs beware.  Common sense is breaking out in the movement; although the common sense is only coming from periphery Galahs at least it’s a start.

Francis Edwards the Harmonic Galah and Bill Murray the Righteous Galah have both suggested that if the Mad Galahs were to tone down their rhetoric, someone may deign to listen to their squawking. Now that makes sense.

That is the good news.

The bad news is the big bad Mad Galahs, the nefarious “King Cockies”, Corse, Briggs and Wiltshire have ducked for cover again and failed to answer the questions put to them in my post of the 29th June 2009.

Not addressing the issues suggests they have all been caught out as liars and cheats and are perhaps devoid of integrity.

Surely some of the “One million” Galah disciples (numbers as stated by “Chief Cocky” Corse) would want their leaders to “please explain” about Fergus’s revelations. After all a man’s word is his bond and Officers are gentlemen and gentlemen never lie.

Come on, Oh Great leaders of the Mad Galahs, give us a sign:

Did Briggs tell lies to Corse about his Cambodia Service and his ASIO involvement as an Army Major? Was Briggs really a decorated Infantry hero? Did he plot the murder of an Australian Army Officer?

Did Corse tell atrocious lies about Briggs to the Australian Prime Minister in an email of the 21st  September 2007, or is he a simpleton who believed a Briggs’s Wannabe story?  Either one or the other, or both of them must be liars, or they are all telling the truth and Briggs is a decorated Infantry soldier who served clandestinely in Cambodia and has had his records expunged.

Was Wiltshire ever a paid up and active member of CPMH/ANZMI the organization that Wiltshire, Corse and Briggs now refer to as a Criminal Star Chamber, Maggots and Cockroaches. Surely Wiltshire can come clean and tell us about his life as a “Maggot” before he became the ”Big Blowfly” in the Mad Galahs

Come on Harmonic Francis Edwards and Righteous Bill Murray exert some democracy in the Mad Galahs, ask some questions of your leaders, ask them about integrity, ask them to clear the air.


« Reply #5 on: Monday29June2009 »

Samsung you have reminded me that for Briggs to be a political commentator he needs to have integrity.

He and the other two leading lights of the Mad Galah movement – Corse and Wiltshire all suffer from a huge integrity deficit.

The three of them have had the skeletons in their closets exposed and none of them have ever made statements denying the terrible stink from their “bones”.

Until they either confirm or deny their “peccadilloes” they should be, at the very least treated as suspected liars, wannabes and disgraceful hypocrites.

Let’s look at the evidence.

Corse wrote to the Prime Minister of Australia on the 21st September 2007 stating that Briggs was an heroic decorated Infantry soldier who served secretly in Cambodia during the Vietnam war and that all details have been expunged from his Service Record. He also said that Briggs was an undercover Major working for ASIO.

Did Briggs tell this story to Corse or did Corse dream it up? Corse must have believed it to be true to have sent the information to the Office of the Prime Minister.

This all means that either Corse or Briggs or both of them are liars, they have been repeatedly challenged as individuals and as members of the Mad Galahs to explain why the Prime Minister of Australia was lied to.

Now we have Wiltshire.

Wiltshire together with Corse and Briggs have repeatedly abused and berated the organization known as ANZMI, their contention is that ANZMI and the preceding organization CPMH are/were Cockroaches, Maggots who operate a Criminal Star Chamber. Although the words are a bit over the top, in a democratic society such abuse is tolerated even though it diminishes the author of the words.  The catch here is that Wiltshire, before he became a Mad Galah was a fully paid up member of the organization called CPMH and gleefully participated in chasing wannabe suspects.  This information has been promulgated by another ex member of CPMH/ANZMI who had personal knowledge of Wiltshire’s membership. In fact Wiltshire was probably a member of CPMH when Corse’s good mate Owen Eather was entered on the ANZMI site as a wannabe, which is the reason for Corse’s chagrin about ANZMI.

Wiltshire has never confirmed or denied his membership of the so called “Criminal Star Chamber” because if he admits it, he is seen to be a huge hypocrite to his Mad Galah mates and if he denies it ANZMI will surely produce damning evidence.

Briggs, Corse and Wiltshire are all between a rock and a hard place. They condemn and berate other Veterans, Politicians and anyone who gets in their way, however they are without integrity having been caught out as liars and hypocrites.

Briggs is well aware that if he denies any knowledge of his Cambodia story it makes his mate Corse a huge liar.

Corse is well aware that if he states that Briggs told him of his “Cambodia” service his mate Briggs is a huge liar.

Wiltshire knows that if he denies CPMH membership, further evidence will come to light and make him a huge liar, and if he admits previous membership he is a huge liar and hypocrite to his Mad Galah mates.

In the history of the Australian Veteran movement never have three more unscrupulous villains  put themselves forward as leaders. To support this trio is to support evil buffoons.   

Before the Mad Galah movement can been seen to have any integrity at all, these three buffoons need to address these questions or disappear into repentant retirement.


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« Reply #4 on: Monday29June2009 »

Old wannabe Briggs has livened up of late and seems to have a second wind. This would be right, I always knew he was full of urine and wind.

Anyway he sent the following to many yesterday. I suggest you disregard the drivel Wiltshire has written because what does it all have to do with our entitlements and health care? Look at the addresses boring Briggs has sent the email to. It reads like a who's who in the mad galahs.

From: Briggsy

To: VV John R Howard ; VV Keith Joyce(Yorky) ; VV Michael Ryan(RAE) ; Paul Briggs ; Peter Briggs ; V Maryann Matinek RAE ; VV Jim Duffield RAE ; VV Terry Westerway ; V Dave Gabel ; V John & Wendy Knight ; V BARRY GILBERT(RAN) ; VV Bruce(Sig) ; VV Barry Sharman ; VV Bill Adamson ; VV Bill Laurie ; VV Bob Elworthy ; VV Brian McKenzie ; VV Clive Mitchell-Taylor ; VV David Cockram (3RAR) ; VV Donald Tate ; VV Geoffrey Doak ; VV George Craig ; VV Glen Mylne ; VV Graeme Winter(RAN) ; VV Graham Parks ; VV Jeff Howlett ; VV John Cassidy ; VV John Tick (RAE) ; VV John Wright ; VV Laurie Bodey ; VV Mick Newton RAR ; VV Pam and Greg ; VV Peter Denver ; VV Barry Buckley(RAE) ; V Wal Robinson RAE ; VV Rob de Haas ; VV Ted Colmer ; VV Terry Tolhurst ; VV Tim McCombs ; V Wes Bennett RAAF ; VV Rick Bigwood ; VV Ray Payne ; VV Peter.Mccann' ; VV Noel Webb ; VV Kerry Ross ; VV John Pritchard (RAE) ; VV John Marek ; VV GEORGE CRAIG ; VV Dave Howe ; VV Daktari ; VV Bob Elworthy ; VV Bill Dobell ; VV Ann & Frank Lindsay ; V Alan Wheatley ; VV Tony ; Jenny Bell ; VV Vic Adams ; VV Tony white ; 'VV Steve Cartner' ; VV Ron Stanton 8RAR ; VV Rodger Eyles ; VV Paul Martino ; VV Nelson Sander ; VV Kiwi ; VV John Genovese 1RAR ; VV Jimbo Kent ; VV James Peat (Jimbob) 7RAR ; VV Grahame Wheeler (Wheels) ; VV Gordon Kratzmann ; VV Garry Royd Bu rgoyne ; VV Frank Maloney ; VV Francis Edwards ; VV Doug Steley ; VV Chris Rampant(RAAF) ; VV Chris O'neil 7RAR ; VV 'charlie howe' ; VV Bruce Cameron(RAN) ; VV Bob Sands 6RAR ; VV Bob Gibson ; VV Bob de Haas ; VV Barry Kelly 1Fld RAE ; V ; V V Don MacKenzie ; V Steven Lund ; V Les Woods 5/7 RAR ; V Karen Hall ; V Frank Hopper (RAN) ; V David Christie (RAN) ; V Danielle Garland ; V COL ; V Bill Murray ; uwe janssen ; MP WA ALP Paul.Papalia ; VV Jim Wiltshire ; V Robert May RAN ; VV Barry Corse ; VV Len Smith ; VV Harry Kirkman (Hassa)

Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 3:28 PM
Subject: Fw: This is Australia?? Joke, but no laughs
Regards Briggsy

-------Original Message-------
From: Jim Wiltshire
Date: 28/06/2009 8:37:58 AM
Subject: This is Australia?? Joke, but no laughs
So who's the liar? And who should resign - or be sacked? See below
Joke, but no laughs
Article from: Sunday Herald Sun,21985,25699372-5000117,00.html
Eddie McGuire
June 28, 2009 12:00am
SPEAKER: "The Honorable Leader of the Opposition." Malcolm Turnbull:
"Thank you Mr Speaker.
"I have before you an allegation, and I repeat it is an allegation, of
significant national importance.
''The source of which is of such standing, and I have personally seen
the original documentation, that it leads me to believe it would mean
the end of Mr Rudd's tenure as Prime Minister of Australia."
The Prime Minister looks on bemused, pen poised to take notes. The
Treasurer sits, arms and legs crossed defensively.
Turnbull, with a flourish: "Mr Speaker, I have in my hand a copy of
documentary evidence of impropriety of the highest order. If proven
correct, the Prime Minister's office has used its position to push for
financial gain for a car dealer friend and benefactor of the Prime
Minister through the $2 billion OzCar scheme.
"If proven, that alone may be bad enough, a gross misuse of power, but
that the car dealer is Mr John Grant who, Mr Speaker, was a campaign
donor during the lead-up to the last federal election, when he provided
a ute for the use of the then Opposition leader to regale the good
people of Queensland.
"The allegations that have been put to me through this reliable source
are the contents of this email and are of the most serious nature.
However, given it strikes at the integrity of the office of the Prime
Minister, I won't use this exercise to score cheap political points.
"There is far too much at stake for that. That the car dealer, Mr John
Grant, also has dealings with the Treasurer, Mr Swan, shows just how
serious an allegation this is to the good standing of our nation."
Speaker: "Order, order."
Turnbull: "Mr Speaker, it is well known that countries around the globe
look at the relatively strong Australian economy in awe, but also with
an air of suspicion.
"And suspicion and nervousness is the enemy of the stockmarket and the
economy. Many on the international scene ask 'is it all smoke and
mirrors' or 'has the Lucky Country lived up to its name because of the
strength and skill of the Howard coalition government and the legacy it
"Has the luck of being one of the most resource rich countries in the
world coupled with conservative economic policy served us greatly while
the rest of the world has drowned in debt?
"Mr Speaker, these are the most damaging of allegations and as such I
am reluctant to go beyond what we have as circumstantial evidence, as
strong as it is, without the the Australian Federal Police being called
in to verify this material.
"For if it is not true, that is, if it has not emanated from the office
of the Prime Minister, then it is in fact an act of near treason on our
country, for it must then have originated from the Treasury Department.
''For that to happen, we would have to conclude that in this time of a
delicate balancing act to maintain economic credibility around the
world, that a senior public servant has attempted to embarrass and
denigrate the Prime Minister and the Treasurer of Australia.
"Mr Speaker, if this email has emanated from the office of the Prime
Minister, then he must resign his position immediately.
''If, and I leave it to the authorities to make the fullest of
inquiries, it has been concocted in a craven attempt at political
opportunism, then I will stand with the Prime Minister in defence of
his office and offer this side of the House's full support in attacking
those who would play with the position of the Prime Minister in such a
cynical and disrespectful way.
"Mr Speaker, Prime Minister, I hand up this copy of the email in good
faith. As I assume, in good faith, you will hand in your commission if
there is any impropriety by you or that of the office of Prime Minister
or that of the Treasurer.
"In such times as these, integrity is everything - especially above
personal and party ambition. The credibility and sustainability of our
nation stands on it. This House and all who serve in it must always be
conscious that we are here for the good of all Australians.
''No one knows for sure if this, as Churchill said, is 'the beginning
of the end or the end of the beginning' of the economic tempest that
has hit the world, but we cannot afford to give even a hint that
Australia, its economy and those charged with maintaining its
prosperity are anything other than people of the highest standing and
Uproar ensues. The Prime Minister steps to his feet to reply, but with
the air of a man who knows he is innocent yet will have to work hard
against the allegations. Where have they come from?
Is there a bomb somewhere in his office or being held by those on his
side about to go off? He must defend himself while doing so in the
knowledge that his magnanimous opponent has stolen the moral high
ground and left no fingerprints on the evidence . . .
Of course, that is what might have happened if the information that had
been made available had been first forensically investigated by
Turnbull's team rather than passed around like an edition of Black
Label Penthouse in a boy's school.
Federal Parliament was a joke during the week - one that no one has
found funny. The media coverage was as bad.
Debating whether the Prime Minister would sacrifice the staffer, the
alleged issuer of the now bogus email, Dr Andrew Charlton, or whether
the otherwise unknown up-and-comer would rat out the PM because of his
higher ambitions before anyone even knew if the email was real.
At no stage has anyone really stood back and thought that all this
nonsense could have undermined the economic reputation of our nation at
the worst possible time, that the lives of hard-working Australians
were placed in jeopardy by this foolhardy bloodlust.
Has ambition blinded everyone in Canberra? Have those in the court
become so enamored by the "game" of politics that everyone has
forgotten what the actual job demands?
What offends me most is that those involved are the best and brightest
we have. They do have a great feeling of public service.
But what has obviously been lost in the rarified air of Federal
Parliament is that most Australians are still desperately worried by
the state of the world economy and wonder when the aftershock will hit
We aren't excited by political upheaval as they are in Canberra - quite
the opposite. We want it boring and predictable for the moment.
And far from having Turnbull behaving like Insp Clouseau, we want him
to be the brilliant leader he could be by showing us the alternative
way with policy.
Instead, a brilliant man has put in a performance that would have had
him sacked as a cadet reporter on the school newspaper.
And as for the PM, why would he borrow a ute from a car salesman?
VV   Veterans Vote.
With thanks to Eddie McGire and the Sunday Herald Sun. And M2.
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Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #3 on: Friday26June2009 »

Hi there,
Briggs sent this around today. He's a real winging whining prick who is full of bullshit and bad manners. He fails to tell the recipients below he tried to enlist in the regular Army and they said piss off, we don't want your type. This was said at a time when they were taking all they could get.

Rave on Briggs nobody listens to your crap.

From: Briggsy
To: undisclosed-recipients
Cc: ; ; MP ALP Alan Griffin(Minister VA) ; MP ALP Gary.Gray ; MP ALP Julia Gillard ; MP ALP Mike.Kelly ; MP ALP Sen Faulkner ; MP Julie.Bishop. ; MP Louise.Markus ; MP ; MP PM feedback ; Defence Angus Houston ; Defence Col. Fergus. McLachlan ; Defence David Hurley ; Defence Ken. Gillespie ; Defence Andrew.Nikolic ; Defence Belinda Cole
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This has to be the circus of the century. Tens of thousands of Defence dollars wasted to welcome half a dozen recruits into the navy. Is this going to become the norm every time some poor misguided fool decides to sign up in defence of this nation
I was recruited into the Army some years back with a letter of demand. Attend or go to gaol, how times have changed
Had we been made so welcome maybe more would have stayed. However when the truth emerges that once you have signed up the care dries up as well, we may find we may have to resort back to the club over the head method of naval recruitment
The message below shows the problems we are having with recruitment, when they put on such a show for 6 recruits and boast that this group is part of a total 100
I would call upon Defence and/or the minister to inform the nation how many have/will leave the Navy while these 100 are preparing for service and how many will not complete their training and drop out. 100 is not even a small ships compliment
Maybe I have it all wrong, maybe these 6 are being given this welcome because they are being recruited as apprentice admirals
In reality, maybe if the pollies looked at improving conditions and after service conditions them  they could save on these circuses 
Regards Briggsy
Fergus Fairfax
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From: Briggsy
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Subject: RE: Bob Buick and his ramblings

Don, mate you have achieved not only for yourself and the rest of 2nd D&E but for all diggers that have been overlooked or deliberately pushed out of the picture instead of into it. These are the everyday Australian Digger who forged the ANZAC and Kokoda traditions, those that did the job and only consideration was their mates wellbeing

The show ponies that need medals and unearned respect may be soldiers but are not Diggers, they may be soldiers but mate simply remember their respectability is only for the medals they wear and not for the person wearing them.

You and the lad of 2nd D&E will be remembered for ever more as a very big part of the Australian Digger family because of the dedication you hold for yourselves as well as the traditions it stands for. Don you have shown that you are a man amongst men and will be remembered for that by putting your mates first even though you may not have a shiny medal, you have the gratification of veteran mates and that as you know can only be earned and awarded by those who really count

The respect you wear is true and sincere and not the product of narcotism, so my friend hold your head up and ignore those that choose to knock because you are a true blue Mad galah

Regards Briggsy

PS: Don I am told the best medicine for narcotism is to completely ignore the sufferer


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Subject: Bob Buick and his ramblings


 As Below. And as I have previously stated, many of you have had ample time to have made none of this necessary. The longer you take no action and/or do a 'Pontius Pilate' against the vicious lying cowardly foul-mouths of whom you already know, the further afield these 'MadGalahs' will fly. Don't Look Up.

Jim Wiltshire,

107 Phillips St Wodonga 3690.

02 6024 1079. Or: 0412 161047

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Date: 3/06/2008 10:23:03 PM

To:Subject: Fwd: Re: Bob Buick


The fact that one veteran- Bob Buick continually debunks the 2nd D&E Platoon matter, aggravates me no end. He has attacked me twice since the Press Release by Mike Kelly MP, and forces me to respond. So I forward this small letter on because it is the opinion of one of the most respected (if not the most-respected) senior officers of the Vietnam War- Brigadier George Mansford AM, and HIS opinion counts in the greater scheme of things.

George Mansford does not slink around in the shadows, nor hide behind aliases or false web sites. THIS man never shot a wounded, defenceless enemy soldier after a battle; he never bolted for safety during one; and he never left half his platoon behind not knowing whether or not they were dead or alive. Nor did he ever claim a medal falsely and wear it until he got sprung and was forced to hand it back.

I say again- I really do not wish to be engaged in a continuous, public, verbal exchange with a moron- but it seems I have no choice.


Don Tate

Note: forwarded message attached.(below). JW

From: George Mansford

Date: 3/06/2008 1:47:21 PM

To:Subject: Re: Bob Buick

Don, good to hear from you. I anticipated you would not take flak from any source including old opponents. In truth, the fact there were other points of view from other Vets has perhaps even highlighted the confusion and dense fog that blanketed your identity and deeds and thus isolated and subsequently denied the platoon from existence and its deserved recognition.

I thought I had communicated congrats but very busy of late and it must have slipped my mind. I was of course delighted to hear of the results. It continues to reinforce the belief that the system best not stuff around with Aussie diggers. I do hope that unlike many lessons from yesterday the system never forgets this terrible flaw, nor indeed the injustice of it all.  It is true to say that because of your moral courage and determination to see justice for you and your mates there is much that can be prevented to ensure young diggers of today and tomorrow are not exposed to the same humiliation and mental torment. You have every reason to be proud of your fight and the subsequent victory. I do hope that you can now put it all behind you and catch up on life with your wife and family and share there warmth and cameraderie with all who wore the uniform. Given your ability at writing perhaps you may even pursue another book.  I have asked a mate by the name of John Blake to attend your lunch and am awaiting a reply. He too is ex army and was very much a rebel as a Lt/Capt before he said enough is enough. Apart from the odd haemorhhaging of my eye (because I am not following the rules) I am quite OK and am about to fly out to Canberra to speak with the next graduating class from RMC about soldiering and their  responsibilities for those they will command. l will of course be alert for any potential young granny that just might walk into my killing ground. Have a memorable book launch and try and ignore any shells going overhead. I will be thinking of you and all the other young blokes, regulars and nashos who made our country proud with their service in Vietnam, and for old b...s such as me who were also very honoured to have served alongside them. .  Take care   

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From:To: George Mansford

Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 9:29 AM

Subject: Bob Buick


G'day George

Mate, I'm sorry if I let you down with my outbursts against Buick- but that man really does press my buttons! Trust you are well- and what about that victory last week, he? It's what happens when good men like yourself have a quiet word in the channels of power, I reckon.
Kind Regards, Don Tate
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Quote from: Cassius on Yesterday at 06:22 AM
We notice Briggs has sent your email far and wide. Gee Bill, you are desperate. Fancy needing another wannabe and fraud to peddle your support of Tate. Briggs is a clear wannabe who has never denied the lies posted out by wannabe Corse that Briggs served on secret ops in Cambodia, that he murdered an Australian officer, that he served in an Infantry Battalion in Vietnam, that he completed two tours of Vietnam and that he held the ADF rank of Major while secretly working with ASIO.

"From: Barry Corse
Date: 21/09/2007 2:45:19 PM
To: 'Jenny Bell';  Tony.Nutt;  Philip.Connole
Subject: ADA versus the veteran real world
(Removed for brevity)

PS. On a good day Briggsy looks like shit, got out of his "creeping cancer and angina bed" he doesn't talk about, because there are so many veterans worse than him, to respond to Mr. James. Briggsy has discovered that his first tour as a grunt with Colin Khan, 5 RAR, just got deleted, perhaps because like some of the 5 RAR lads who went of to Cambodia to kill charlie. Minor problem here, "no aussies served in Cambodia, it was not permitted. Maybe the ASIO way in the Fraser era was to simply seize and destroy ALL military records that were not palatable. Colin Khan helped Briggsy volunteer for a RAE change of corp and back to Vietnam as a tunnel rat, Colin may have been concerned that Briggsy may have disposed of an incompetent officer, hence the mutual agreement send him back to the controlled killing fields. Briggsy proceeded to screw up, was awarded a yank Silver Star and got reprimanded by his aussie commander for winning a bloody gong when he was where he wasn't supposed to be.

After the war military intelligence "borrowed Briggsy from the cops" converted an emergency reserve corporal into an undercover major to track down some treasonous senior officers under the guidance of an aussie "president oval office"  representative. When it was all over and fraser was in charge of the laundry it was all expunged and Briggsy being the good obedient loyal grunt cop, went back to catching good criminals. So Jenny when I see this non combat pissant denigrate Briggsy it's the same as that Howard cockroach who deliberately pissed on Veteran Mike Kelly and the ADA condemnation was as deafening as Howard's silence when his parliamentary mates applauded that ANZAC denigration.
PPS if any one who reads this and is in contact with Colin Khan, please enlighten him that some of his combat diggers need their combat boss to stand up for them and say in writing "he was there with me and he is one of my diggers who earned my gong for me". Briggsy still respects his boss but would not presume to ask for help because others need it more than him. Where was Jeffry's when Jim Riddle needed a former battalion officer to stand up for him? (bill crews said "no one told me about this bloody riddle" )Where was Cosgrove when Paul Dignon needed a general to publicly stand up for him, its nice that Sandy Pearson has finally stood up for HIS 2nd D&E platoon which Billson and his DVA and ADF and AWM said, "we have checked and checked and we cannot find ANY evidence and we cant find any officers who ever heard of them. Maybe ALL the bloody generalissimo's need to attend one of George Mansford's annual leadership chats at duntroon."

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Readers please click here

and read up on the "career" of this foul mouthed,warped, abusive fraud and wannabe.
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