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Author Topic: Maryann Martinek - Fergus Hunter  (Read 11609 times)
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« Reply #5 on: Wednesday07October2009 »

I notice there was no mention in Maryann's wiki profile about her false sexual harrassment allegations against Derryn Hinch. Maybe she's got a memory problem?
Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #4 on: Friday02October2009 »

I see the wiki page states the following

Since the mid 1980's Maryann Martinek has undertaken welfare related activities for injured military personnel. Those continuing welfare interests are currently carried out under the banner of the Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) which she joined in 1998.

Does this mean the Defence Force Welfare Association supports the mad galahs?

« Reply #3 on: Friday02October2009 »

Jeeez I dunno. My mind boggles at the constant rubbish which emanates from the mad galahs. Old Jim Wiltshire is the arch hypocrite.

Curt Ainsworth, who states clearly he [Ainsworth ] was a former CPMH/ANZMI operative, has told us publicly that Wiltshire was a keen and irresponsible wannabe and fraud hunter with the old CPMH and that he was sacked because he was incompetent.Ainsworth said he can prove Wiltshires CPMH/ANZMI membership and challenged Jimbo to confirm or deny he was a CPMH member. I have seen NOTHING from Wiltshire on this subject.

Naturally Wiltshire has set himself up as the knight in shining armour of the mad galahs and chief ANZMI hater. The problem for Wiltshire is this.

If he confirms his membership of CPMH/ANZMI his mad galah followers will be left bereft poor dears and they will lose all faith in heroic clerk Wiltshire. If he denies his CPMH/ANZMI membership Ainsworth has said he can produce evidence of Wiltshires membership. Wiltshire then is between a rock and a hard place. Caught with his proverbial pants down. No room to move. So he says----NOTHING.

Come on Jimmy tell the truth for once.

Now dear Maryann can you see why you need to take Fergus' advice and be very carefull of the company you keep.

I have lost count of the number of times Corse and Briggs have been challenged to reply to the lies which Corse sent to PM Howard in 2007.

Every time I turn around I see lies, bullshit, viciousness, fantasy and stupidity from the mad galahs. I just cannot understand how these people ever served alongside me in Vietnam. I never realised just what idiots were there with me. It makes me sick and makes me embarrassed.
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« Reply #2 on: Thursday01October2009 »


If you want a good laugh, have a look at her obvious self penned history in Wikipedia.

« Reply #1 on: Thursday01October2009 »

Maryann has been doing a Public Relations (PR) job on herself and it comes over OK, she should stick to that kind of stuff rather than supporting idiots of the Mad Galah persuasion. Unfortunately she blotted her copy book in one PR email where she gives credence to fraud and liar Phillip Moon, the ex RAAF hero who sorted out an insurgency problem in Malaysia whilst on a holiday jaunt. Moon is listed separately on this AVM site at and also on the ANZMI site here 

It is handy to know that Phillip Moon also put in a claim for "heroically" helping at the Granville railway disaster in 1977 whilst serving in a nearby RAAF establishment. Moon happened to be working in the area at the time and whacked in a claim for PTSD just in case DVA were dozing, fortunately they were wide awake and gave Phillip a big raspberry instead of the TPI pension he so covets.  Wouldn’t you just know it; the damn RAAF had conspiratorially removed all the documents relating to his very stressful involvement in the Granville tragedy. The same thing had happened with details of his Malaysian campaign.

Unfortunately another of Maryann’s nice PR emails was spoiled by the King of Spoil Jim Wiltshire of the Mad Galahs

Ferret fanciers are delighted with what Jim Wiltshire said in the email, he suggested that a ferret’s countenance was similar to that of Fergus and of course if that were true, ferrets would indeed be modestly handsome animals.

Jim has taken it upon himself to be advocate for Maryann Martinek, who from the tenor of her email is quite capable of looking after herself. Any reasonable person who values their reputation would not go near Jim Wiltshire for anything, ever, his record speaks for itself.

Wiltshire’s addendum to Maryann’s email said:

“I am not as forgiving as Ms Martinek. Nor are a lot of other people.  You will also note the reference to 'Judgements'. Plural.  Some slime-balls thought that all we do is 'pee into the wind'..  We sure as hell were peeing all over some slime-balls though..You're a ferret faced fairy fool, 'fergus', along with your supporters,  And the rest of the idiots who never bother doing any of their own research.

Jim Wiltshire
107 Phillips St Wodonga 3690”

Jim doing research is one thing we are very good at and everything we say is thoroughly researched. This research includes reporting your constant harping at the organization known as CPMH/ANZMI that weeds out Wannabes from the veteran community – like Phillip Moon - you and your Mad Galah mates refer to them, among other things, as “Criminal star chamber thugs and maggots”.

Jim we have pointed out on numerous occasions that you were once a full and proud member of CPMH/ANZMI.  We know this to be true, however, we have requested that you confirm or deny this research, and of course as far as this issue is concerned you are hiding behind the shelter shed probably with wet pants.

Wiltshire has been caught out as a hypocrite in just the same way as his Mad Galah mates Barry Corse and David Briggs were caught out telling lies to the Prime Minister of Australia in and email on the 27 Sep 2007. In that email Barry Corse told the Prime Minister, that Briggs had been involved in heroic clandestine service in Cambodia and that his service records had been “removed”. (Probably by the same bloke who filched them from Moon). Those two mates of Wiltshire have been asked time after time to confirm or deny sending that email. They too have been caught out as hopeless lying hypocrites.

A final note for Maryann.  Allowing dills like Wiltshire to vouch for you will plunge you further into the abyss of disrepute, disparagement and irrelevancy.   

We suggest, and recommend, that you continue your personal PR campaign but under no circumstances mention or associate with loco cacatua roseicapillas

One of Maryann’s PR emails is appended below.



From: maryann martinek
To: Jim Wiltshire ; 'Briggsy' ; Allen Petersen
Sent: Wednesday, 30 September 2009 9:51 PM
Subject: Mary-Ann the Koala says ARMY AT FINGERTIP? "I don't see why not".
1995 Mary-ann Martinek walked Kokoda with Murray Jones who now runs Kokoda Treks himself. In 1998, after 13 years
 of thinking about it she devised a chocolate slouch hat and trademarked SLOUCH HAT. mary-ann is a chocolate soldier, and a koala too. She has been ridiculed, bagged and treated as a leper for standing up to do what's right by not turning any blind eye to mistreatment of her chocolate ARes soldiers in 1998 and later for reporting 180 false names maintained on her regimental roll books too. In fact Mary-ann keeps both eyes wide open and is always on the late night parade square tapping notes, surfing for news to inform ill veterans about and keeping up the a vigil by helping those who might harm themselves. That is how she met Phil Moon in fact. Hi Phil :-)
So she is making a koala chocolate and Thinking outside the square again?, yes! and why the hell not.  m2
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« on: Thursday24September2009 »

Have known of Maryann Martinek aka M2 ever since her dalliance, some years ago, with media man Derryn Hinch. During this time her behaviour has been consistently strange. Now she has come up with a very peculiar hypothesis regarding Fergus.

She alludes to Fergus being an evil Troll sitting in an Ivory Tower and discharging people for his own gratification.  She is of course referring to her own situation where she believes the reasons for her discharge were trumped up and were not at all based on her odd behaviour or the advice of the specialist medicos.

Maryann being a superb conspiracy theorist is well placed squatting on the Mad Galah tree. She now connects Fergus to Julian Knight, of the Hoddle Street massacre. She believes Fergus must have been the one who discharged Julian Knight from RMC causing him the stress that resulted in his murderous rampage. Then of course Fergus conspiratorially removed damning “paperwork”.

She says “This is a fact and it happened”.  Yes Maryann, suggest you sit down and have a nice cup of tea.

Fair Dinkum this Sheila has a weird imagination.



From: maryann martinek

To: Allen Petersen

Sent: Thursday, 24 September 2009 8:05 AM


My suggestion is that the man behind the title was more likely involved in the process of unfairly medically discharging someone or alot of someone's. He understands the false documentation theory very well - it is how Julian Knight was discharged in 1987, it is also how Julian Knight came to shoot innocent people in Hoddle Street. Knight was accepted back into the Army Reserve but a Fergus39-type ensured his paperwork was removed. This is fact and it happened  - it's serving personnel like Fergus39 who ought be ashamed of their methods because people like anonymous Fergus39's employed inside the Australian Army / ADF cause moments in history to occur that no name can be put to.

Fergus39 is one of those types, the kind who helps nail others unfairly without showing their face or being made to explain.

Fergus39 is in my view someone who caused the unfair medical or administrative discharges of many he disliked for reasons only he knows, he cannot tell us his name because its likely his military victim/s went on to make something of themselves when he did not, he served on making a mockery of the military justice systems in place. Now he languishes in his leather deck chair retired but without a moral compass.

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