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Author Topic: Curt Ainsworth ex CPMH/ANZMI operative exposes TJ Wiltshire  (Read 7151 times)
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Some old info for those who may have recently joined and might like to read more about the madman TJ Wiltshire and his dangerous Mad Galah cronies. The emails are as were written (verbatim) but I've tidied them up a little for easier reading. Some comments added in brackets.


Wiltshire Exposed (Jan 05 2009 posted on a well known vets forum by Fergus Fairfax)
Recently we saw where Brigadier George Mansford supported the wannabe chasers ANZMI, this was in relation to a newspaper exposure of a wannabe in his area of North Queensland.  Before a name change ANZMI were known as CPMH. 
Mentioned in the newspaper was a person named "Curt Ainsworth". Terry Westerway, the eagle eyed NLA "forensic" legal adviser, unqualified, (and all round interfering idiot) sent out a message on 3 Jan 09 seeking knowledge of "Curt Ainsworth". 
"From: Terry Westerway
To: Harry Kirkman ; Allen Petersen
Sent: Saturday, 3 January 2009 7:01 PM
Subject: Looking for Curt Ainsworth
In the Cairns Post article kindly sent along by Fergus Fairfax, the newspaper identifies a "Curt Ainsworth" as an "investigator for ANZMI".

It is the first time I have seen anything identifying anyone connected with ANZMI - trouble is the name "Curt Ainsworth" does not appear on the Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll - so exactly who is he?
And what qualifies him as an "investigator"?

I would like to talk to Mr Ainsworth - does anyone out there know who he might be? And how to contact him?
Presumably he lives somewhere around North Queensland.
Terry Westerway"
"Curt Ainsworth" has come forward from his North Queensland aerie with some startling information.  Well it certainly startled me.  Before going into that, see what Jim Wiltshire says about CPMH/ANZMI.
"28th Dec 08
"The purpose of these inquiries comes from the attempts by some 'anonymous' criminal 'Star Chamber' maggots to discredit many Veterans
"29th Dec 08
Some of these gutless criminals have terrorized fellow Veterans and their families physically and emotionally for years and may have been directly responsible for several suicides and other deaths, including the husband of Jenny Bell mentioned above"
"30th Dec 08
So to the few anzmi criminal, NOW international terrorist maggots aka "bulls With tits", thank you for your appreciated assistance in legally, formally Individually initiating the legal basis for nailing all of you by those who Do have the capacity to trace you"
I have to confess that some years ago I had dealings with a Mr Curt Ainsworth of ANZMI in relation to a wannabe in my home state of NSW, as have hundreds of other veterans nationwide who have contributed information to the CPMH/ANZMI watchdog.
Apparently Curt comes forward because he sees the hypocrisy of Jim Wiltshire of Wodonga. 
How so?  Did Jim Wiltshire pass information to CPMH/ANZMI watchdog? 
No he did not, because he was actually a fully fledged member of the organization.
Now read what "Curt Ainsworth" has had to say:

Curt Ainsworth 5th Jan 09 
"Someone asked where Curt Ainsworth is. I'm still here and appalled by the actions of Jim Wiltshire. He has gone too far with his stupidity and needs to be pulled up.  The main thing in my view is that he has broken an agreement he had with CPMH and fellow veteran members of the time. He has turned like the black snake he is. I won't play the stupid games Corse, Briggs and Wiltshire play by asking sly questions and planting seeds in veteran's minds instead of making clear statements of fact.
What will veterans say when they find out Wiltshire is having a go at Buick for being a part of a wannabe busting group when he was a member of one himself the sly prick? The old CPMH to be exact.
Wiltshire will remember me from CPMH. I was Jack "Bumper" Farrell back then and he was TJ  TJ - Trevor James. See the connection to a clerk in the email address. I knew his real name before he even joined in serious CPMH business.
He might also remember a CPMH internal suggestion of supplying free information to DVA and asking for the website fees to be paid and some donated computer equipment. He came up with a long list of computer gear that should be asked for. It looked like he was showing off his IT knowledge and trying to impress but he was very keen on it. He was obviously very fond of the idea of busting lying vets for DVA. The DVA project never went further than an internal CPMH discussion by the way. CPMH did actually assist DVA in their investigation of a veteran, we helped clear the vet of any suspicion by providing a photo from a battalion book. We also cleared the names and reputations of many veterans wrongly reported to us.
Wiltshire had a few mental problems and went to hospital for a while. He was disconnected from CPMH and never allowed back because he did nothing but show he was an idiot.
I haven't been with ANZMI for years now but Wiltshire should drop off sniping at veterans by claiming they are ANZMI members. Bob Buick was never part of CPMH or ANZMI. He started a wannabe site and was threatened to be sued by Brian Day so he dropped it.
Wiltshire can deny that he was with CPMH later to be known as ANZMI. That won't wash. He most definitely was a member so he should think about the wannabes who were exposed by CPMH around the time he was there. There's no way he can claim to have been an infiltrator now. He enjoyed himself too much; you can see that in his stupid emails denigrating many veterans. He seemed to revel in the misfortune caused to wannabes while the rest of us looked at it as a self imposed duty with some satisfaction when a successful case was published.
Those wannabes would all love to have the name and address of one of the vets who helped put their names up in lights including Owen Eather-Evans who is a mate of Barry Corse.
Wiltshire should throw out some more names of vets he thinks work with ANZMI.  It will be a long list because he believes anyone who disagrees with him and his idiot mates do.

Curt Ainsworth (ANZMI)
aka Curtains (CPMH & ANZMI)
aka Jack "Bumper" Farrell (CPMH)
PS.  Some ANZMI supporters and wannabe filth will recognise my names. I know Barry Wright will, he was featured in the newspaper that Brigadier Mansford commented about.. He dug a deeper hole for himself in our email correspondence.

(Fergus writes)

Wiltshire was actually part of CPMH who outed Corse's mate Eather-Evans, he would well know the full details of that case from contacting other CPMH members and asking for info he may have not been privy to. He full well knows that no family members of Eather-Evans were terrorised, yet he has the temerity to pretend outrage against people he knows full well had no part in the Eather-Evans exposure.

(Wiltshire now conspires with ex-Ralway Hotel barmaid Jenny Bell in claiming veterans caused the death of her elderly war veteran husband. A..It's believed she snagged him out of an aged care facility while working as a nurse, she is under retirement age.  B..He was not a veteran.  C..Bell has never denied Wiltshire's foul claim)
Ainsworth states that Wiltshire left CPMH because of admission to hospital for mental problems and was not allowed to return. Wiltshire can hardly claim he was not enthralled by his membership, or that he was working under cover, otherwise he would have been spruiking that all over the place months ago.
Curt Ainsworth was asked the obvious question.
"Did Wiltshire infiltrate CPMH to get the goods on the operators for Corse's mate Eather-Evans?"
Ainsworth replied
"It's very doubtful. He thoroughly enjoyed his time there and looked on it as fun and a chance to show off his computer skills while we all thought it was business and didn't get any real enjoyment out of it. Naturally there was a sense of satisfaction when a case was concluded and published. That was what we were all about"
"It wasn't a matter of him infiltrating to gain inside information and then when he couldn't he left. People who knew him were quizzed as to the hospitalisation and confirmed that was the real reason for his absence and subsequent disconnection"
"Wiltshire had agreed to certain terms and conditions of membership and as I wrote before, he's a turncoat"
"When I saw that Kill Billson poster I knew straight away that it was Wiltshire and his skills that created it"

Wiltshire is what he appears to be, a disturbed individual who has a lot to hide from his friends and his adversaries.

Please go here  to read who ANZMI are and what they do.

Post script by C. A.
This maniac, TJ Wiltshire, is a blight that should be forcefully and legally removed from all internet connections. It’s alright to be a ratbag vet but this man is dangerous and will cause the early deaths of a veteran or two, all the while crying like a big girl and claiming that’s what happening to him and his evil cronies. He’s a liar and one of the foulest, immoral, individuals I have ever had the misfortune to run across.

Jim Wiltshire Exposed as Former ANZMI Member

Message from Fergus (Fairfax) Jan 30 2009

Early yesterday was Salmon fishing in the Loch, when my Ghillie advised that another mysterious email had arrived via satellite from the antipodes. The email from Curt Ainsworth is shown further below.

Curt Ainsworth was named in a newspaper as being connected to CPMH/ANZMI. Apparently he is still very interested in veteran matters and especially in those disruptive morons who denigrate our community.  He has recently come forward because of the lies and hypocrisy of the National Lunatic Association and in particular the Mad Galahs.

He previously stated and provided evidence that Wiltshire had been a full "card carrying" member of CPMH/ANZMI, his code name was "TJ".  During his membership Wiltshire was hospitalised for mental problems and was then never allowed back into the wannabe chasing organization. After becoming a spokesman for the Sea of Orange mob in 2006, Wiltshire then became part of the National Lunatic Association (NLA) and to be considered "one of the boys" followed Barry Corse's lead of viciously bagging CPMH/ANZMI with names of "Cockroaches", "Maggots" and "Criminal Star Chamber Thugs". Curt Ainsworth was appalled at the hypocrisy of Wiltshire and thus spoke out.

Since that exposure Wiltshire has never confirmed or denied his involvement with CPMH/ANZMI however his hypocrisy continues and Curt Ainsworth has forwarded more information in an email dated 28 Jan 2009, he has included extracts from emails recently written by Barry Corse another NLA "nutter".

From: Curt Ainsworth
Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 10:07 PM
Subject: TJ-Corse

To: Fergus

Dear Fergus.
Many thanks for all the emails you forwarded. Most interesting reading.

That horrible little man Wiltshire has overstepped every boundary a decent human being would never dream of overstepping.  Of course my main problem with him is the way he turned on his fellow veterans at CPMH and I understand that as of this date he still hasn't admitted his membership.

What this overblown ego does in his pursuit of the Long Tan business is up to others to sort out of course but I feel he's gone a "discarded rifle" too far. The forces that drive him, Corse and Briggs, remain in the shadows and they'll hang their little mate out to dry when all this comes to a head. The information you sent me about his teen years was interesting, it confirms his disdain of laws and morality. 

He and his wannabe mate Corse keep talking about CPMH/ANZMI paper trails. I say let's see them, trot them out for everyone to have a read. TJ never learned that if you haven't got undeniable hard evidence, you don't make a move, something that was a CPMH SOP. All the allusion to documents, papers, emails, in their possession is really stupid and childish. These tiresome wankers should shit or get off the pot.

Corse wrote on the  8/1/09.

"The paper trail of names and secret emails and passwords goes back to 1998 and the evidence suggests that these criminal maggots of then and now, were successfully penetrated"

(These wankers love using terms like "paper trail" and "primary evidentiary source" CA)

I can guarantee you that the only “paper trail” available is a list of all former CPMH members and ANZMI members with true names and addresses and that it resides not on my computer but in my desk drawer.  "Secret emails"? Difficult to operate without them. "Secret passwords"?  Numbnuts should try opening a Hotmail account without one.  "Penetrated"  This is TJ's lie to Corse's mate, Eather-Evans, whose exposure on the ANZMI site is the source of Corse's displeasure with ANZMI.

Corse also rabbited on about,

"an ex RAAF ANZAC was the wrong person for these maggots to try and intimidate"

There was one ex RAAF type with CPMH. Now that Corse has all but named him outright, he'll be in Tasmania or as far away from his former address as he can manage to get. A big hello to the RAAF rat, wherever you are. If you want to play with these people, go right ahead but be aware of what happens to rats.

Corse further said

"There appears to be some concern of back then, re the imminent publication of an all revealing book, that if the author was exposed as a "criminal", those associated were concerned at their potential perceived criminal connection"

This would be the book I'm writing. There's no need for any decent former CPMH or ANZMI members to be concerned. Their code names were known to people they dealt with in the processes of busting wannabes, no huge secrets there and only those names are used in my book. Their real names are only known to me and will remain so.

One last item from Corse's email.
"This is how I see the beginning of the solution for the ANZAC Community peace" 
By this he means getting rid of ANZMI because they busted his wannabe mate, Eather.

I'm afraid I can only see peace after he and his fellow maniacs are driven off the net and into total obscurity. Keep up the fine work Fergus and this will happen, without a doubt.

Duty First.

Curt Ainsworth.
(Fergus again)

Corse and Wiltshire claim to have the "goods" on ANZMI, but Ainsworth says they are full of wind, Wiltshire should know something about their modus operandi, after all he probably helped bag some wannabes during his time.  If he and Corse have some real revelations about the mysterious CPMH/ANZMI the quicker they publish to all and sundry the happier we will all be. So come on the pair of you put up or shut up, you have five working days, we are agog with anticipation.

From my point of view CPMH/ANZMI do a mighty job in keeping duds out of our community, which is something that major ESOs are not capable of achieving as many of those shown on the ANZMI web site have held high positions in a range of ESOs.

Like a snot nosed child Wiltshire follows Corse's example in derogatory remarks about ANZMI, it is beyond belief that Corse should continue associating with Wiltshire, full well knowing he was proudly a member of CPMH/ANZMI. In any case Corse's only "beef" with ANZMI is that his good mate and ex Army Officer Owen Eather-Evans is featured on ANZMI for the world to laugh at.  See here     

Corse and Wiltshire prefer to defend a bare faced ex Officer wannabe than the integrity of the Veteran community. So be it, and may ANZMI and the new AVM website continue with their great work.

Wiltshire has no conscience, thank you Curt Ainsworth for coming forward and providing the truth about Wiltshire, his dishonesty and his hypocrisy.


Fergus Fairfax

TJ, Corse and Briggs, where are you?  Where's your "paper trail" and your runt of a RAAF rat informer now?  You've got even less than that mongrel now nicknamed "Dog" Tate and he's got nothing more than a single A4 page from a foolish politician to wipe his arse on. 

I've never seen a more full of shit bunch than you galahs and Sabre Farce wannabes. What vomitous examples of veterans you all are while you dream you represent decent men.  You're all nothing but twisted versions of war service and outright lies. Stick your rotten heads up again and see how quickly they get lopped off.  Now go and cry to some fool who'll listen to you about being to driven to suicide.  No more running your weak mouths about it you pack of fairies, do it.

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