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Don Tate Fraud Liar Wannabe Closet Paedophile and Closet Gay
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Author Topic: A challenge to Brian McKenzie  (Read 14582 times)
« Reply #6 on: Wednesday25November2009 »

From Petersen's letter:
I understood the term Mad Galahs was a self-appellation. No?

Kerrect. The name springs from the book of the same name by Brig George Mansford of Cairns. The founders of the mad galah movement, self admitted, were Barry Corse and Dave Briggs. On the one hand this mob have said there is an organization when they think they look good, and on the other hand when things get tough they say there is no such organization. The "rules" as stated by Corse and Briggs have wafted between their statements " you are a mad galah if you say so " and " all ANZACS are by default mad galahs".

So yes nobody BUT THEM have used to appellation mad galahs and nobody apart from the mad galahs names themselves mad galahs. Petersen operates the mad galah communications.

Stuff me. My head is spinning just thinking this through Smiley
« Reply #5 on: Wednesday25November2009 »

From Petersen's letter:
You will note that the creatures of habit at AVM have immediately leaped into attack and defensive mode by deceitfully attempting to link us with individuals they defame, especially those they categorize and label as the ‘Mad Galahs’.

I understood the term Mad Galahs was a self-appellation. No?
Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday25November2009 »

This is the latest rubbish and lies from McKenzie.

From: Allen Petersen
Date: 25/11/2009 2:28:17 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:,
Subject: VCCTU Document


Thank you to all those on Allen Petersen’s email list who have expressed an interest in the Veterans for Care, Compassion, tolerance and Understanding.

We are in the early stages of our formation, and our initial email was too gauge if such a ‘movement’ would appeal to those who are fed up with the poor behaviour and destructive agenda of our compatriots at the Australian Veteran Matters (AVM) website

A website that displays the worst attributes of a few sour individuals who construct, contribute, stage manage or feed off the many toxic scripts at the site.   

You will note that the creatures of habit at AVM have immediately leaped into attack and defensive mode by deceitfully attempting to link us with individuals they defame, especially those they categorize and label as the ‘Mad Galahs’.

Despite these attempts to associate us, we are not and have never been ‘Mad Galahs’.

Given the recent degradation, and our appraisal of the site we will be delivering a running commentary of its activities with more exposures into the future.

We will get back to you once we have determined or established some administrative practices and ground rules.

Please feel free to continue to pass on any ideas, opinions and information through Allen.

Our name reflects our charter   

On behalf of:

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« Reply #3 on: Monday23November2009 »

AVM has never received a reply from this master grovelor and sniveler. He did say in an email which was sent to us by "somebody" that he was not going to respond. Figures. Another galah aka yellow budgie who is big on rumours, gossip, guesses and lies. Oh well never mind at least macka has shown again he is full of it as all the galahs are. Nothing has changed with this professional ESO leader who uses ESOs as a career extension. Thanks for all the fun we had anyway macka. Your uneducated guesses were a good laugh while they lasted. 

Oh heard on the grapevine this morning that "somebody" has made a formal AFP complaint about an email Bernie McGurgan sent around last Saturday. News is the complainant is working with the AFP and will continue to do so.

« Reply #2 on: Tuesday10November2009 »

Fergus is now the official “Wanker” maker and has been given that commission from the highest authority to bestow the order of “Wanker” on those deserving of the award.  The award is prestigious and will not be handed out “Willy Nilly”
Today Fergus has the honour of bestowing the award on a very deserving recipient, in fact a fellow Scot.

Brian McKenzie is now officially a “Wanker”.  Because he is a Scot he may us the term "McWanker” should he so choose.

“Brian McKenzie is well known and disrespected throughout the Veteran Community, as an obnoxious little twerp. In recent times he has taken on the onerous task of being the Mad Galah’s official scrutinizer of AVM, his job is to daily scrute the pages of AVM and make silly little twerp comments about the robust and relevant entries on this learned web site.

He is awarded the McWanker award for his devotion to the job and his complete disregard to his proper duties to the general Veteran Community. With alacrity and good spirit he has abandoned his job, as a Government appointed Veteran Representative to scrute the words and nuance written by Fergus and other erudite contributors to AVM”.

Those in the know, realize that McKenzie couldn’t give a Tinkers damn about the Mad Galahs, he has another agenda based on his propensity to hate groups of veterans and some individual veterans with a vengeance.

The government could not have picked a better bloke to make sure that the Veteran community remains splintered.

Congratulations Macka, keep up the good work and you may get a bar to your "McWanker".

See Macka’s latest shown below

Aaaaaaaaaaaah McKenzie you’ve done it again.




 From: Brian McKenzie

To: Allen Petersen

Sent: Monday, 9 November 2009 3:29 PM



It is quite apparent that the "real" Fergus has gone to ground. Recent postings by Fergus to the AVM are not written in the same style and flair as Fergus and “lack eloquence.  “

Following a recent posting on AVM from an alleged imposter claiming to be Fergus, the "real" Fergus was quick to defend his title by saying “I did not write those words, they are not eloquent enough for me!”  Whilst he protested loudly, it would appear this dubious Fergus is still acting for him when called upon.

Recent postings reveal a very different Fergus. This fine fellow uses “bully boy tactics” to get his message across, making wild accusations and is unashamedly vulgar in his delivery.

A good example of this appeared on 5th November, posted by Fergus at 6.10 p.m. when Fergus responded to comments made by 80’s who was “outed”   from the AVM for speaking out and was publicly admonished for doing so. (Seems to be quite a few members who have suffered the same fate in recent times)

80’s original comments appeared briefly in the Forum on the Saturday morning before being erased soon after, followed by a quick retort from Fergus.

Fergus retaliated by saying:

“80’s it is confirmed you are officially a wanker. Your perception that Grunts were lowly is indicative of your “victim” attitude.  My point of view is that all Veterans are equal until they bring disrepute to the Veteran Community and you being a wanker, is from that point of view, not the point of view that you were – as you describe – “a lowly grunt.” (This is appalling English, and is certainly not the eloquent Fergus!)

“You are one of those annoying dills who never provide evidence only assertions, innuendo and poor guesses. Go and find somewhere else to play, at the AVM we are serious.”  (Now how hypocritical is that!)”

“And by the way- Don’t call us we will call you – not”.   

Clearly, this was not written by Fergus, unless of course, Fergus is starting to feel the pressure…maybe? Fergus does not use slang, such as "wanker" or "dill" and his English and grammar were always precise.

It must be hard work for some deciding which non deplume to activate on a daily basis.  Just remember, it takes more than a different non deplume to hide who the real author is!  One gentleman (?) in particular in the AVM camp must be must be suffering severely from writer’s cramp!

Regards, Brian

Brian McKenzie

T:  03 62451717

« Last Edit: Tuesday10November2009 by Spartakus » Logged
« Reply #1 on: Sunday08November2009 »

Another Mad Galah who now devotes his life to outing AVM contributors is Brian McKenzie. Mackenzie, we believe is only a Mad Galah by convenience and he is using them as a vehicle to settle a long time feud against someone he believes to be involved with AVM.
McKenzie purports to represent all veterans as a member of the Tasmanian Veterans Advisory Council, see here 
How such a controversial person got onto the council beggars belief. He is not of a conciliatory nature and has very firm affiliations that view other sectors of the veteran community as bitter enemies. For instance: 
There is no peace or liaison between McKenzie’s Vietnam Veterans Association Australia (VAA) and The Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association (APPVA) or Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Federation, or the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia.  When McKenzie hates he hates with passion and vengeance, his hatred of people like Blue Ryan, Keith Tennent and others is legendary.
McKenzie, now a Mad Galah of convenience has joined in the efforts to “out” AVM contributors and we at AVM are proud of that diversion of the Mad Galahs and their mate of convenience McKenzie, although, we thought his role was to bring peace to all the veteran community. We suggest his best course of action would be to completely disappear from the veteran community to allow some conciliation between warring factions, that are warring because of the influence of McKenzie.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah McKenzie you’ve done it again.
“From: Brian McKenzie
To: Fergus Mutation - void of any Persona ; Hamish also viod of any persona or credibility ; AVM
Cc: Allen Petersen
Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 7:16 PM
Some of you would have seen the latest defensive sprays (with references) from Keith Tennent at Neil Weekes and I, using emotive and colourful language in order to deceive and manipulate readers into giving him support in what is disgraceful behaviour causing great harm to the image of the veteran community.
He does this by providing websites and forums to manipulate and encourage vulnerable veterans to defame each other. The AVM website appeared after Keith was taken to task by a veteran who obtained a favorable judgment that restricted his activities.   
Keith chooses anonymity to encourage, influence, direct and to do harm, hiding behind nicknames, Cassius, Casper, Spartakus and Zion as does a few of his AVM supporters. His latest effort suggest that his military and private life has been attacked publicly is no more than an attempt to gain sympathy and support.
The information he refers to has been common knowledge around the internet since he chose to adopt his unethical practices years ago. Its time he took responsibility for the negative as well the positive aspects of his life, as we all do.
Whilst there has been some dialog or interaction between him and Neil Weekes by private email, Keith himself chose to defend his poor behaviour by publicly broadcasting that interaction himself, so to suggest others are involved and responsible iare false.
For quite some time now, Keith Tennent has been providing the facilities to cause mayhem in the veteran community, causing bitterness on the internet, when challenged he cries foul when taken to task using his rules and at his own game. He appears to purposely create such scenarios and then gleefully feeds off the mayhem. 
Now any one who reads the material posted has to feel depressed. Given that many veterans push that envelope a little in their daily lives, it’s incomprehensible that anyone would want to cause harm to a colleague or a family member by operating and conducting such a hideous website.
The revelations by Terry Westerway who is a constant target are a living testimony of the affects that this website is having on the wider veteran family.
You will note that for seven days Tennent has “parked” a thread on the top of AVM forum tempting his more volatile colleagues to savage me as a sign of colleague’s support. None have done so. There is a clear message in that for Mr Tennent.
I have no intention of taking up any challenge whatsoever by such an unscrupulous individual creating harm in the veteran community. A number of anonymous scribes operating on the AVM website have already been exposed and there are more to come.
None of us involved in this project are going anywhere soon, until the job is done.My apologies to those who have to endure this, but it’s very important.
« Last Edit: Sunday08November2009 by Spartakus » Logged
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« on: Saturday31October2009 »

Let's have a little look at this little man with little mans syndrome before AVM challenges him. You know the type. The little bloke who spends his life trying to make up for that by acting big, acting being the operative word. Of course not all short blokes are like Gods gift McKenzie. AVM in no way is throwing muck at all shorties.

Old McKenzie is a sorry sad sack, forever trying to prove his penis is bigger than anybody elses. A former ARES officer after his national service he thinks that makes him part of the old boy Officer club. Sorry macka you didn't do Duntroon and didn't even do OCS Portsea so you have no hope of breaking into the lofty heights. Not to be deterred McKenzie will grovel to anybody to get himself accepted into what he sees as the elites. He loves mixing it with PMs, Ministers, senior Officers , being on Committees with all the tax payer funded lurks and perks and loved being VVAA national president. It's the social position you see. Career extension stuff. Rubbing shoulders, dropping names all to build up the persona. At present he is number one boy with DVA minister Griffin who has fallen for his man.

Oh Brian confirm or deny you and your wife often used nom de plumes in another forum some years ago and did this without being open about it.Why your wife later even boasted about this sneaky behaviour. Why did you skulk around trying to hide? So much for your " if we have something to say we should put our names to it"

In a nutshell John Laws has an apt desription for McKenzie " he can be a vicious old bitch". Oh and by the way Brian we have noted your infatuation with Keith Tennent but AVM is reliably informed he is spoken for. So sorry. Stay at home with mumma.

McKenzie said this in an email today “At this stage I request that you blank out my name until I am ready to have my name mentioned on your Forum”. This anonymous individual (and sad character) uses emotive language and cunning complaining about Neil’s behaviour, again casting aspersion on Neil’s character, making claims (by inference) that I know to be false.

So McKenzie and Weekes are in contact with each other that much is clear and it figures.

McKenzie has been boasting he knows who owns AVM and who some forum members are . He has given names even.


Brian McKenzie, send your evidence of who owns AVM and who members are to

Send your evidence to AVM which conclusively proves who owns AVM and who some of the members are and we will publish your evidence.

We will not accept rumour, rash opinion or guesses. Send us evidence which will stand in a Court.

Oh more. Gee you spend ages in here. Praps we should charge you parking fees.

Oh and there is more. Your email address is not on the AVM blacklist.
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