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Author Topic: Corse Attacks PMs Advisory Council  (Read 6342 times)
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« Reply #2 on: Monday03August2009 »

Sorry PQ, can't help you there as I haven't been 'corseified'. Grin
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« Reply #1 on: Monday03August2009 »

Jeez, I thought I could speak and read English fairly well.
Obviously not the same English that ratbag Corse speaks/writes.

Anybody got any idea what he is on about?
Fergus Fairfax
« on: Sunday02August2009 »

I remember receiving many many emails in which Corse and the mad galahs took credit for the setting up the PMs Advisory Council. Now they are attacking it. They attack anybody and anything who doesn't agree with them.

From: Barry Corse
To: PMCouncil ; senator.faulkneru ; Greg.Combet. ; Mike.Kelly.MP ; senator.johnston ; Louise.Markus.
Cc: 'Bernie McGurgan' ; 'Allen Petersen' ; ; 'Jim Wiltshire' ; 'Briggsy' ; 'Bubbles' ; 'Kevin Bovill' ; 'maryann martinek'
Sent: Sunday, 2 August 2009 10:32 AM
Subject: Rudd's Perpetual Political Prostitution of ANZACs (Rudd's Disloyalty and Disservice "the Great ANZAC Hoax")

Allan Hawke (Rudd appointed Chairperson PMAC) - do you really believe ALL that you “orated” in 2000?


If you are the said narrator, if you do believe all that you said, then I suggest that you resign immediately from the PMAC and its chair, because you have absolutely no idea and or comprehension as to what a REAL ANZAC is about. To put ANZAC Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Honner and Brigadier Arnold Potts, on the same page as that perceived un ANZAC non respected figjam blamey, imputes that you do not have any real understanding either why some ANZACS were indifferent to that other delusional figjam, king george 5, when they declined the opportunity to give him 3 rousing cheers just because Monash suggested they do so.


If you really want to try and comprehend the level of the insult you have imputed to every ANZAC ever, past, present and future, then I suggest that you ask Tim Fischer or John Howard or Kevin Rudd for a copy of the unpublished ADF and Conservative high command collated treason papers. Yes there is a copy in the AWM but its not on public display. Not even the US Ambassador to Australia, like the aforementioned, have dared to dispute that edited out piece of ANZAC history. (to sensitive to sanitize, just edit it out)


Allan Hawke, you may have the best of intentions but after reading your “oration”, you may be the least qualified person in Australia to represent the majority non aligned ANZAC Community to the executive government of Australia. As one of the promoters of this ANZAC Advisory Council on behalf of the real majority ANZAC Community, your appointment by Rudd is a full on INSULT to ANZACs. Even that disgraceful sidelined elitist unrepresentative eso, the “titsonabull” rsl executive, is more qualified to comment on and for the ANZAC community, than you. Your arguable “patronizing aggrandisement” of some “quota ex red hat hero’s” is astonishing, in that you appear to believe they actually personally won their decorations and in attempting to parallel as equals to real gunfodder ANZAC hero’s, is at best delusional fatcatism or pocket pissing fantasy akin to your perceived degradation of ANZAC Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Honner and Brigadier Arnold Potts by equating them with that disgraceful show pony blamey? After you read the unpublished collated treason papers, I hope you have the decency and integrity to formally apologize to the ANZAC Community for your ill advised commentary? Before embalming blamey into ANZAC sainthood, look closely at the selective truth re that political criminal charlatan who anointed him in 1939 and again in 1950. Have you considered suggesting to your political mates that blamey square should be renamed “KOKODA PLACE” and the existing statue be melted down and replaced with a relevant statue entitled “Kokoda Digger”?


Put succinctly Allan Hawke, you are neither qualified or a relevant competent combatant to command and or adjudicate this critical ANZAC Community Council. GET OUT NOW. To Rudd and company, NOW that we understand the contemptuous HOAX you have played on every ANZAC ever, this confirms that YOU are even worse than those other ANZAC HATER’s, Whitlam and Latham.

Kevin Rudd, take a bow, you are definitely the perceived personification of ANZAC POLITICAL EVIL.


On election day in the marginal’s, we will remember what you have done and not done.


Extract - Later (9 November 1942), Blamey addressed the men of the 21st Infantry Brigade on a parade ground. Maroubra Force expected congratulations for their efforts in holding back the Japanese. However, instead of praising them, Blamey told the brigade that they had been "beaten" by inferior forces, and that "no soldier should be afraid to die". "Remember," Blamey was reported as saying, "it's the rabbit who runs who gets shot, not the man holding the gun." There was a wave of murmurs and restlessness among the soldiers. Officers and senior NCOs managed to quiet the soldiers and many later said that Blamey was lucky to escape with his life. Later that day, during a march-past parade, many disobeyed the "eyes right" order. In a later letter to his wife, an enraged Brigadier Potts swore to "fry his [Blamey's] soul in the afterlife" over this incident. According to witnesses, when Blamey subsequently visited Australian wounded in the camp hospital, inmates nibbled lettuce, while wrinkling their noses and whispering "run, rabbit, run" (the chorus of a popular song during the war). Thereafter, "he was almost invariably" referred to as "That bastard Blamey"


From: Jim Duffield
Sent: Tuesday, 28 July 2009 11:33 PM
To:; V Barry Corse; V Jim Wiltshire. Subject: The Blamey Oration by Allan Hawke

Dr Allan Hawke (ACT) Dr Allan Hawke’s extensive career in public administration at senior levels includes past appointments as Secretary of the Departments of Veterans’ Affairs, Transport and Regional Services and Defence.  He completed his public service to Australia as High Commissioner to New Zealand. Dr Hawke was appointed a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Public Administration in 1998 and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management in 1999 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to public service.  In 2001 he became a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  The Australian Financial Review’s “Boss” Magazine, named him as one of Australia’s top 30 true leaders in its inaugural listing 2001. Dr Hawke was appointed as Chancellor of the ANU on 4 February 2006 for a three year term.

would any reasonable ANZAC trust this figjam with their grandchildren or their dog?

The 5 Demands

1. TPI and DVA associated benefits be increased by the current minimum shortfall of catch-up shortfall per fortnight est. $150

2. the immediate application of adjustment to male average weekly earnings. Deafening silence “ANZAC EQUITY”

3. the redefinition of what constitutes war service, ignored to the detriment of serving and future ANZACs, = any ANZAC deployed anywhere armed to intercede on behalf of the executive government WILL be gazetted as “warlike service” (and all warlike service WILL be tax free)

4. the redefinition of the clinical determination as to service caused mental trauma. Ignored = any ANZAC who suffers any form of mental illness as a result of defence service will be accepted for whole of life liability until proven otherwise. (damaged in the service to the nation is the nations liability)

5. The creation of "The Prime Ministers Veteran Advisory Council". Claytons Council of agreeables = the first ANZAC council was not expected to be any more than a prime ministerial front with a controlled agenda. Ok the apprenticeship is over, so now the ANZAC criteria applies, “get publicly relevant on behalf of the people who imposed the council, the non aligned ANZAC community, or piss off”.

To the Nations Pollies

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