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Don Tate Fraud Liar Wannabe Closet Paedophile and Closet Gay
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Author Topic: Allen Petersen---Has one rule for galahs and another for others  (Read 6363 times)
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« on: Sunday22November2009 »

To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 2:14 PM

Hi Allen,
How ya going mate, been hot at your end. Dam near reached 46 out here.  Some thing that realy confuses me mate. I know you do your best as best as you can but, When I look at the email you sent me the otherd day, 19 November 2009 to be procise, it came from you. Now correct me if I am wrong but your email address is  in the from position, and there is no other address there. So of course it came from you. If not it would have had some one elsers email address on it.  Allen old mate pal and cobber, (Think who else ever called you that,) You may be the postman, but not even the post man is alowed to remove the name of the original senders. So it must be assumed that you are the person who authored the email.

Sorry I only can assume these things, and I am unable to verify them. So I make that assumption and I gues I just have to go with my assumptions.

Any thank you for the jokes you sent through. The guys realy like them and send them on to all their contacts and colleges. Admin is even getting them and enjoys them when they have time. I also forward any mail regarding any of these matters to AVM, as they hold a file for us. Great mob that, you should join them the retirment sceam they have is out of this world.
God Bless you and yours,
Regards You old mate,

PS, If my english is a bit wrong in the spelling, I appologise. English is my third langurage. Now there is a clue.

----- Original Message -----
From: Allen Petersen
To: xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Saturday, November 21, 2009 12:14 AM

Mate you should know by now I'm only the 'postman' for others. Example below. If you want to reply to the missive I've circulated, do so under your own name and address. As this is an open forum the 'rule' is- use own name and no pseudonyms. cheers, Allen

From: xxxxxx
To: Allen Petersen

Sent: Saturday, 21 November 2009 6:24 AM



Allen My Dear friend.

I have never tried to hide behind any form of camouflage. Regardless of what you may say about me it doesn't diminish the fact that One Don Tate has my email address, and rightly knows I do not approve of sections of garbage that he has printed in his novel. You are right, I do not have a high opinion of any one who attempts to diminish the service history of any other serviceman/woman. I did service with 3 C.A.V as a crew commander and must say truly enjoyed my self as such. I worked with some of the bravest and best men I have ever known, as well as being some of the most professional. It was one of the periods of my life that I can reflect back on and feel pride that I had some input into doing a job that others cowered from.

As for your exposing me, my dearest friend, already to many people know me and my life style. I am a man of very little requirements and very little needs. One could say a Happy Chappy.

Any way God Bless You and your family for the year ahead. May you receive all that you want and wish for. Keep the jokes coming, I enjoy them, they are one of those little things during the lonely days which I look  forward to. If you ever need to fill in a few hours one day and want some thing light hearted to do, I can suggest reading a page or two of Don Tates Comic Book. It may lift your sprits some what.


Your Best Mate, Friend, Pal, and Buddy,


PS, I still smile when I think back about those days in camp when you................ well may be next time we can discuss that.


----- Original Message -----

From: Allen Petersen

To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2009 6:36 PM




We see the dogs are barking at the AVM website with a flurry of activity with individuals reincarnated and mutations reappearing with new nicknames

Its amazing to examine the standards and variations to the rules established at the website. One set of rules for the anonymous AVM members and another for the victims of their ongoing persecution. 

The rules don’t apply to Spartakus (aka Keith Tennent) though, especially when he needs to vent his spleen about Keith ‘Yorky’ Joyce MM. Out of desperation he uses gaudy language to demonstrate his dislike for Yorky, by referring to him as scum - charming isn’t it!

We know there are many in our community that have a similar opinion of Keith, but a sense of decency, compassion and fair play stops them from expressing such language in public.

Keith often utters and imposes his thoughts and opinions on what others might think of him.  He often rants that anyone who opposes him is solely motivated by abhorrence, rather then common decency and fair play.

Keith has become more of a play thing now, a subject of study, given his peculiar hobbies, habits and our need to understand his dreadful nature.

 Our mission includes care, compassion, tolerance and understanding for all veterans regardless of their disposition, so how could we loathe anyone?

Now we don’t know Yorky, and some say he isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s an undeniable fact that he has helped an enormous number of veterans and their families up Rockhampton way, including Keith Tennent. Now wouldn’t you think Keith would be a little more tolerant towards Yorky; not Keith, his need to inject bitterness and misery into the veteran community seems to be his priority?

Below are abstracts from his writings used to describe fellow veterans, many of whom challenge him because of his eagerness to dose up our community daily, with toxic script.

Cowardly liars  Deranged misinformers      Deliberate defamers      Chronic conspiracy theorists

Feral fools           Scum                                           Cretins                 Frauds

(This is just a small sample, but we’re sure you’ll get our drift)

Then there is that personal festering anger emanating from Keith service in the Army being prematurely terminated.

When considering his erratic and poor behaviour and the circumstances of his discharge it’s not too difficult to determine that jealousy, his poor temperament towards high achievers in the veteran community are the genesis of his ongoing anguish and anti-social behaviour. It also explains why he also indentifies and promotes organisations isolated from the main stream ESO’s who use his website and offer support by rewarding him for such behaviour.

He often discredits and demeans others military service by inferring they are ignorant and lack life as a professional soldier with regimental experience, but fails to mention his own deficiencies and lack of professionalism leading to his service being abruptly terminated.

Our team continues to expose AVM contributors like Keith and others who chose anonymity to persecute and torment fellow veterans.

Today we have for special mention, Kenneth Ronald Taylor (aka Krt1), who is a ex 3 Cav Vietnam veteran who doesn’t have a high opinion of Don Tate.

Kenneth Taylor likes to remain hidden as Krt1 at AVM, so he can snipe as a contributor without being held accountable for his actions. Think again Kenneth!

Now that Krt1 has been exposed his postings will be monitored and collated and passed to those he defames for appraisal. His libelous missive about Don Tate yesterday is sure to bring him some warranted attention, despite whatever measures he takes to slink into obscurity; he is now a marked man just like Keith and joins a few other individuals previously exposed at AVM.

Go for it Kenneth, change you nickname, but your script is now easily identified.

On behalf of:

Veterans for Care, Compassion, Tolerance and Understanding.

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