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Author Topic: Mixed Alliances  (Read 5459 times)
« on: Thursday20May2010 »

 Wiltshire and the Mad Galahs are as cunning as outhouse rats.

 The Mad Galahs are pushing the forming of a Veterans Political Party known as the ANZAC Alliance Party (AAP). They have advertised their ANZAC Alliance Party to Veterans all over Australia and threatened and insulted just about everybody who do not support and even those that ignore them.

In a recent email, Wiltshire stated in big blue letters.

“Some of the respected and proven ALLIANCE Leadership are Neil Weekes, David Jamison, Ted Chitham, Frank Maloney”

Below his statement he distributed an email that was about an Alliance of Service and Ex-Service Organisations not related to the Mad Galah ANZAC Alliance Party.

Wiltshire's involvement with both Alliances, has blurred the boundaries between the two entities.

Politicians of all persuasions have been systematically insulted by the Mad Galah ANZAC Alliance Party and any connection between the two entities would be damaging to the genuine indexation cause of the Alliance of Service and Ex Service Organisations.

See below what Wiltshire sent out.  Then below Wiltshire’s email is an example of ANZAC Alliance Party politicking Mad Galah style. The original had huge fonts and lots of red and blue colour

From: Jim Wiltshire


Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 12:05 PM

Subject: ALL ANZACS of and for the Alliance of ANZACs Will YOU PLEASE support OUR Serving ANZACS

Some of the respected and proven ALLIANCE Leadership are Neil Weekes, David Jamison, Ted Chitham, Frank Maloney


All we want is a fair go!

The RAR Association as a major partner in the Alliance of Service and Ex-Service Organisations1 is appealing to everyone in the whole Defence community of serving and

former service men and women, and their families, to support our campaign for superannuation pension justice. We want the Government to remedy the unfair and discriminatory features of our military superannuation schemes, especially the grossly unfair indexation formula, and have the Opposition and other parties support us in their election policy platforms. We want the same indexation formula as the Age/Service pension so that our superannuation pension purchasing power is protected over time.


Members of our DFRDB and MSBS military superannuation schemes are unfairly treated when compared with all other Australians. We paid a higher compulsory percentage of our pay than public servants. We receive a lower average super pension than public servants.Our super pensions are taxed until the day we die. The vast majority of Australians pay no tax on their super pensions after age 60.Our surviving spouses receive 62.5% of their loved one’s DFRDB pension when the latter dies. Surviving spouses of pre-2004 Federal MPs receive 83%. Our super pensions are indexed using an outdated formula that erodes our pension purchasing power. The decade-old Age and Service pension indexation formula, rightly, protects the purchasing power of those pensions.


Our indexation formula, based solely on CPI, no longer meets the original intention of retaining pension purchasing power. Military super pensions do not keep up with the cost of living. Even the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) says that “CPI is not a purchasing power or cost of living measure.” The Government recognised this fact in 1997 and abandoned the Age/Service Pension CPI indexation formula alone. The formula now includes a wages based measure (Male Total Average Weekly Earnings (MTAWE)) and more recently included the Pensioner & Beneficiary Living Cost Index (PBLCI) in the formula to in effect adjust these pensions by whichever is the greater. The Commonwealth superannuation scheme for pre-2004 Federal MPs uses a wage based indexation formula that is more generous than MTAWE  A comparison of these three different indexation formulae over the last 20 years clearly shows the obvious unfairness of CPI, which does not protect pension purchasing power.

After 20 years using CPI to index a $20,000 commencing pension, the recipient receives $7,000 per annum less than they would have received had their pension been indexed in the same way as the Age & Service pensions The continued use of the CPI indexation formula for military superannuation pensions is blatant discrimination against servicemen and women, their families, and those they leave behind. And ask yourself: If the Government can afford fair indexation for 3.3 million welfare pensioners, and very generous indexation for its own MPs, why can it not afford fair indexation for 64 thousand military superannuation pensioners?


You can help in three ways, by:

 1. Donating to our Campaign. We need to fund the campaign (estimated at $80,000) from donations and other revenue raising means. All donations will be receipted,(unfortunately they are not tax deductible) and only acknowledged publicly on our web site by the donor if requested. Unused funds at the campaign’s end will be donated to a facility that cares for veterans and veterans’ families Donations can be made by:

• Cheque or Money Order to: The RAR Association National. Enoggera Mail Centre Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera, Qld 4051

• or Bank transfer to The RAR Association National Account BSB: 064 140 Account Number: 10138062 Reference: Fair Go

2. Volunteering to assist our Task Groups to be established within your electorate. Details will follow. Please let me know at  if you can help.

3. Spreading the word to your warrior mates and friends, encouraging all of them to submit their email address to  so that we can keep them

informed of progress. “The spirit, which grows up …… is a comradeship almost spiritual in its strength and intensity. It springs from hardships shared equally, risks run by all in common and its power exceeds most of the emotions that an ordinary man will ever know. The care of soldiers for one another, their sure and calm dependence on each other, are hard tounderstand by anyone who has not known it.” Osmar White, a war correspondent, an extract from his book, Green Armour, about our fighting men on the Kokoda Track .

 IT’S TIME! It’s time to rekindle that spirit and support our ‘Fair Go’ Campaign.

Ted Chitham

 RARA Campaign Director

Note 1: The Alliance comprises DFWA, ANA, RAAFA, and RARA, along with the Australian Special Air Service  Association (ASASA) and the Australian Army Apprentices Association This is resent in word format because many ANZACS and Middle Ground recipients will not open attachments and or will not be permitted by their government ISP to receive attachments J


Politicking Mad Galah style

From: Barry Corse

To: Bernie McGurgan

Cc: 'Jim Wiltshire' ; 'Allen Petersen' ; 'Briggsy' ; 'Harry Kirkman' ; 'Kevin Bovill' ; 'Bob Bak' ; 'Greg Russell'

Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2010 10:06 AM

Subject: Pollies LIE while ANZACs DIE


CONFIRMATION by LIBERAL Secretary for Defence Stuart Robert MP Federal Member for Fadden

 ANZAC EQUITY MUST WAIT for richer times BUT the Aussie Taxpayer WILL continue to support, criminal home invading parasites AND give away billions of Taxpayers Dollars for freeloading international beggars whose OWN governments spend more on self corruption and defence than stupid RICH Australians.


Why? Because the conservatives like the alp and greenies INSIST on the convenient cowardice of being politically correct.

“Pollies LIE while ANZACs DIE”
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