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| | |-+  The galahs are now going anonymous.
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Author Topic: The galahs are now going anonymous.  (Read 18561 times)
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« Reply #6 on: Monday07December2009 »

Our old poetic author Dirty Harry has made a silly response to the latest Fergus post which we have deleted as being non relevant to this topic. Gee whiz how many times do we have to tell people just what this forum is for Harry? Let us state again Harry for the umteenth time, this website and forum were published to shut down the mad galahs....end of story. Our objective has been much more successful than we imagined it would be, much of course to the chagrin, embarrassment and anger of people like your good self Harold. It's funny how people like old Harry never ever publicly call the galahs to task for their appalling behaviour which has included lambasting and viley attacking his beloved Defence Force, including RMC Duntroon most viciously and some of its graduates who have gone on to high rank and distinction. Then again I suppose not all Officers can rely on Kim Beazley pushing them into promotion in the ARES [ old CMF ]. Keep it to topic Harry or just go and post your immaturity on the Petersen list.
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« Reply #5 on: Saturday05December2009 »

Mr X who writes like Barry Corse has treason on his mind.

The beautiful prose shown in the email below was recently distributed by Allen Petersen.  Such beauty in the words like “”maggot action pussie” – brings tears to ones eyes.

Fergus is now a “treasonous maggot”.  Well I’ll be damned, here is the law relating to treason:

“Section 80.1 of the Criminal Code, contained in the schedule of the Criminal Code Act 1995, defines treason as follows:
"A person commits an offence, called treason, if the person:
(a) causes the death of the Sovereign, the heir apparent of the Sovereign, the consort of the Sovereign, the Governor-General or the Prime Minister; or
(b) causes harm to the Sovereign, the Governor-General or the Prime Minister resulting in the death of the Sovereign, the Governor-General or the Prime Minister; or
(c) causes harm to the Sovereign, the Governor-General or the Prime Minister, or imprisons or restrains the Sovereign, the Governor-General or the Prime Minister; or
(d) levies war, or does any act preparatory to levying war, against the Commonwealth; or
(e) engages in conduct that assists by any means whatever, with intent to assist, an enemy:
(i) at war with the Commonwealth, whether or not the existence of a state of war has been declared; and
(ii) specified by Proclamation made for the purpose of this paragraph to be an enemy at war with the Commonwealth; or
(f) engages in conduct that assists by any means whatever, with intent to assist:
(i) another country; or
(ii) an organisation;
that is engaged in armed hostilities against the Australian Defence Force; or
(g) instigates a person who is not an Australian citizen to make an armed invasion of the Commonwealth or a Territory of the Commonwealth; or
(h) forms an intention to do any act referred to in a preceding paragraph and manifests that intention by an overt act."
A person is not guilty of treason under paragraphs (e), (f) or (h) if their assistance or intended assistance is purely humanitarian in nature.
The maximum penalty for treason is life imprisonment.

Now although the unsigned email below looks a wee bit like what Barry Corse may write I am not saying it was written by Barry Corse. Last time I identified a writer from  initials I was wrong, however both blokes I know with the initials JW are equally disreputable dills so it didn’t matter
Anyway enjoy what the bloke that writes like Barry Corse has to say with such powerful words, such assertiveness, such passion, such crap. 

I wish these damn Mad Galahs would start signing their work; they are becoming more like AVM contributors every day.



From: Allen Petersen
Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2009 11:37 AM

To: '' Allen Petersen '' ;
Sent: Friday, 4 December 2009 9:48 PM

A message for the avm maggot action pussie = criminals regardless of former "eso protection" are STILL on the barbecue AND if i am correctly advised, they along with some other related criminal maggots including the real life mAggott FF are NOW  the subject of CURRENT AFP criminal inquiries a special unmerry xmas for criminal and treasonous maggots.

I quite obviously damaged xxxxxx (aka action and other aliases yet to be determined) ego
I am also not amenable to taking a bait!

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« Reply #4 on: Friday27November2009 »

Bradley the galahs really have no problem with anonymity. They use their false objections to anonymity to cover up their embarrassment and anger at being caught out. The anonymity bit is just a smokescreen. What they really hate is the truth being told. I reckon if the galahs stop their rotten behaviour we would not be members in here and would have nothing to opine about and we would all ride off happy and content doing the things we really want to do in life. But while this mob is around I will do all I can in whatever little way to expose them.

Oh and by the way you don't have to have grey and pink feathers to be a galah.
« Reply #3 on: Thursday26November2009 »

Anyone who has a problem with anonymous articles, opinions and forum submissions had better steer clear of Internet forums. Anonymity in Internet forums is common, acceptable practice.

Don't like it? Go and read something else.

 Roll Eyes
« Reply #2 on: Thursday26November2009 »

On Tuesday 24 Nov 09 Brian McKenzie , previously disgraced  VVAA nat president, wrote the following in a long missive which was founded on lies, scheming and mind games. For the uninitiated McKenzie is a pathological liar who congratulates himself in thinking he fools people by engaging in half truths, lies, misinformation and distortion to try and influence the way people digest information. He has been doing this for years.
This is what he said in part

Recent AVM defectors and loose cannons revealed they operate hidden behind multiple nicknames hoping to remain undetected or to make discovery more difficult.

Ok maka as an avid avm reader and avm supporter I have one question for you and this is it.

Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday25November2009 »

I've been engaging in some interesting research and lo and behold the galahs decry avm for being an anon site yet some of the galahs have used nom de plumes and as you have seen Petersen is putting stuff out from others under his name.

This is what I have found so far and if you have other examples I am interested as I suppose are all readers.

I have discovered proof of the following useage of fake names.

Wiltshire. Used James Royals. TJ ( when he was in ANZMI)

Brian McKenzie. Used many nom de plumes on a very well known forum. The main fake name he used was Aggie.

Neil Weekes. Recently used the fake name Viper.

McKenzie has recently been writing stuff for the Petersen list and Petersen has been putting it out under his name.

Petersen has also been sending emails from Tate and removing Tates name.

If anybody wants examples just say so. I have them here but want to keep this brief.

I suppose there are more names of fakers but that's just an example. So here we have the galahs screaming like banshees from the rooftops about avm being anonymous yet they do the same thing themselves. When I joined this forum I understood before I signed up it was anonymous. With the galahs they are only anonymous when it pleases them and they wish to hide somebody.

Just thort I'd list known wannabes and frauds who are mad galah members

Jim Patterson

Phillip Moon

Noel Muller

Harry Kirkman

Keith Joyce

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« Reply #60 on: Monday23November »   

Poor old Bernie is losing it?
Mad Galah ex Major Bernie McGurgan has been a campaigner for DFRDB for quite some time and for that he has earned some respect from the veteran community. 
Somewhere along the line Bernie must have got disoriented or disgruntled because he chose to join with the Mad Galahs, and counts Don Tate, Barry Corse, Jim Wiltshire and Keith “Yorky” Joyce amongst his very good veteran mates.
In recent times Bernie has started sending emails to the Australian Federal Police and then forgetting what he has done.  Ah well it could happen to any of us.
I could wax lyrical about McGurgan’s mates Tate, Corse and Wiltshire but on this occasion will concentrate on the subject of a personal reference McGurgan has issued for Keith “Yorky” Joyce. This is what GcGurgan said about Joyce on the 21 Nov 2009

“From: Bernie McGurgan
Date: 21/11/2009 7:43:09 AM
To: Recipient list suppressed:,
I know Yorky Joyce quite well! He and I served on the AATTV during 1970/71 and prior to that did our many AATTV courses together in 1969!
He is an honest and professional soldier whom I would vouch for any time!
The less said about his detractor the better and he should return to his rock pile and disappear ASAP!
PS Gidday Don hope you are well old mate?”

Looks like Bernie’s judgment as well as his memory is fading.  Joyce was a professional soldier, for only a very short time, mostly he was in the CMF and school Cadets and spent only just over three years on full time service in the Regular Army .  He chose to be discharged from the Army  before the expiration of his enlistment period when it was proposed he be reduced to a rank commensurate with his experience and seniority and posted to 6 RAR, an Infantry Battalion. Besides his inexperience and lack of seniority he had been involved in a drunken skirmish with one of his subordinates and it was decided he was no longer suitable to remain in  this CMF Unit as part of the ARA Cadre.
After leaving the Defence Force without any DFRDB, Joyce worked his way into the RSL and became President of the Rockhampton RSL Sub Branch. After taking  control, he started arranging things to set himself up with a nice superannuation fund. He set up a company named Lone Pine Ltd, transferred all RSL monies and assets into this shelf company, and started spending RSL money. He, as managing director and President of Lone Pine Ltd was on a nice "wicket" with illegal use of a  car a lucrative superannuation fund and wages.
Joyce destroyed the whole thing and bankrupted Lone Pine Ltd and thus Rockhampton RSL.  Many say that it was only the RSL’s desire to avoid bad publicity that kept Joyce out of jail for his activities. Before Joyce took over, the RSL had cash and assets to the value of 1.1 Million dollars. Joyce was subsequently banned for life from the RSL.
All that Joyce did to the Rockhampton RSL through Lone Pine Ltd is a matter of public record.  The RSL legal advisers said in a letter to Joyce dated 14 Dec 2006:

Paragraph 8 (In a letter to Joyce from RSL Solicitors)
Your repeated assertions of corruption, bigotry and treachery on the part of our clients are not supported by any evidence at all and are nothing more than an attempt on your part to divert attention from the real facts which, amongst others, include:
a.        your part in the failure and ultimate demise of the Rockhampton Sub-Branch of the League, which at one time owned property (unencumbered) to the value of
          ($900,000) and had cash reserves of in excess of $200,000.
b.        Your part in the failure and demise of Lone Pine Ltd (which at the end of the day acquired the assets of the Rockhampton Sub-Branch of the league for
           nothing); and
c.        The majority of the members of the League in Rockhampton not wanting anything to do with you or any organization in which you are involved the result
           being that they formed the Capricornia Sub-Branch so as to disassociate from you.

Whilst Joyce was destroying the Rockhampton RSL he was a Pensions Officer and level 4 Advocate and during that era he chose to scurrilously pass highly confidential personal documents to his Mad Galah mates, thus cementing his reputation for dishonesty, lack of integrity and being a disgusting and disgraced person.
Bernie old boy, vouching for this morally bankrupt person who has earned the ire of the veteran community is indicative of your general lack of judgment or inability to write an honest reference for any person, it is therefore easy to understand why you support the Mad Galahs.
In other words Bernie your judgment is not worth a Tinkers damn.

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Fergus Fairfax
« on: Tuesday24November2009 »

Bugger me. I thort the mad galahs didn't believe in anonymity? Well they have spruiked that all over the place but it seems they have changed their little minds.

McKenzie and Tate for just two have been sending emails to Petersen, Petersen has taken their names off and then posted under his name. What happened to their transparency and honesty? AVM has stated right from the time I joined that this is an anonymous website and forum. Nothing hidden there. I see the galahs now reckon we all know other members in here and who has left etc. Well that's news to me I have no idea who other members are and can't access the membership list. If they publish their names of course I know. Apart from that I wouldn't have a clue and don't want to know.

This is McKenzies latest put out by Petersen.

From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 2:55 PM


We are a small group of Veterans practicing Care, Compassion, Tolerance and Understanding toward our fellow veterans. This includes the registered but less volatile membership of the Australian Veterans Matters (AVM) Website.

We oppose the shameful and corrupt activities of anonymous and volatile individuals at AVM, who humiliate and manipulating the veteran community, accessing and using documents obtained from an individuals personal military files, to disrupt the lives of now sick veterans, and those like us who defend them.

In addition the offenders at AVM manipulate other members of the veteran community by encouraging participation in a stage managed forum labelling those they persecute and those that defend them as “Mad Galahs”. 

This is an attempt to directly associate the defenders with the victims of AVM’s persecution to affect the credibility of any defensive efforts. The recent slanderous postings directed at former Officers who publicly condemned the charter of AVM and provide ongoing support, moderation and advice the victims of abuse is testimony enough. 

Unfortunately AVM perpetrators do this under the pretence of being revolutionaries for goodness, and the need to protect the good name of the Veteran community while demonstrating to the general community a ruthless passion to damage the health and standing of sick compatriots.

A number of those already exposed at AVM have a long history of ant-social behaviour; desperately seeking notoriety and acceptance by their peers, are now demonstrating their frustration at remaining anonymous.

Our job is to indentify those who hide behind anonymity, to escape detection, responsibility and accountability for their actions.

Our recent successes at exposing several of the more volatile offenders has certainly moderated and restricted activities where they now swap nicknames and mutate under other names, some even deserting the sinking ship or simply have gone to ground.

Recent AVM defectors and loose cannons revealed they operate hidden behind multiple nicknames hoping to remain undetected or to make discovery more difficult.

One individual now expelled from AVM even revealed the identity of Fergus, now substituted by a poor mutant. Don’t let the membership numbers at AVM fool you, because being inside tells us its well below the numbers displayed.

Our team consists of several high profile advisers managing and keeping our team focused on the job at hand and we are seeking your support.

On behalf of:

Veterans for Care, Compassion, Tolerance and Understanding
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