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Tate hates Vietnam Vets like the War Protestors Did
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| | |-+  Amateur spook group wants to expose who owns AVM
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Author Topic: Amateur spook group wants to expose who owns AVM  (Read 10116 times)
« Reply #1 on: Saturday28November2009 »

In depth comment from Fergus

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho bloody ho.


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« on: Saturday28November2009 »


Sent: Saturday, November 28, 2009 5:49 PM
Subject: A challenge to Brian McKenzie and all mad galahs

Let's have a little look at this little man McKenzie with little mans syndrome before AVM challenges him. You know the type. The little bloke who spends his life trying to make up for that by acting big, acting being the operative word. Of course not all short blokes are like Gods gift McKenzie. AVM in no way is throwing muck at all shorties.

Old McKenzie is a sorry sad sack, forever trying to prove his penis is bigger than anybody elses. A former ARES officer after his national service he thinks that makes him part of the old boy Officer club. Sorry macka you didn't do Duntroon and didn't even do OCS Portsea so you have no hope of breaking into the lofty heights of General Officers. Not to be deterred McKenzie will grovel to anybody to get himself accepted into what he sees as the elites. He loves mixing it with PMs, Ministers, senior Officers , being on Committees with all the tax payer funded lurks and perks and loved being VVAA national president. It's the social position you see. Career extension stuff. Rubbing shoulders, dropping names all to build up the persona.

Oh Brian confirm or deny you and your wife often used nom de plume Aggie and others in another forum some years ago and did this without being open about it.Why your wife later even boasted about this sneaky behaviour. Why did you skulk around trying to hide? So much for your " if we have something to say we should put our names to it"

In a nutshell John Laws has an apt desription for McKenzie " he can be a vicious old bitch". Oh and by the way Brian we have noted your infatuation with Keith Tennent but AVM is reliably informed he is spoken for. So sorry. Stay at home with mumma.

McKenzie said this in an email recently

At this stage I request that you blank out my name until I am ready to have my name mentioned on your Forum. This anonymous individual (and sad character) uses emotive language and cunning complaining about Neils behaviour, again casting aspersion on Neils character, making claims (by inference) that I know to be false."

McKenzie has been boasting he knows who owns AVM and who some forum members are . He has given names even.

A new"group" self named VETERANS FOR CARE, COMPASSION, TOLERANCE AND UNDERSTANDING  has appeared and we believe there is very good bases for believing McKenzie is at least part of this moral guardian of the Vet community. One of their stated pet projects is to ID AVM owners and forum members. Sorry boys no hope but have fun trying. Now we made the challenge below ages ago and Brian McKenzie publicly said he would not respond. Geeez it all gets confusing eh. Anyway we repeat this challenge to this new er "group"? Or it it just one or two grumpy and angry old men who should be explaining mad galah behaviour and not calling in the self appointed spooks to id AVM owners. We will not accept guesses or opinions as we state here.


Brian McKenzie and all at VETERANS FOR CARE, COMPASSION, TOLERANCE AND UNDERSTANDING , send your evidence of who owns AVM and who members are to

Send your evidence to AVM which conclusively proves who owns AVM and who some of the members are and we will publish your evidence.

We will not accept rumour, rash opinion or guesses. Send us evidence which will stand in a Court.

Seeing as you have supplied no names we don't know if your email address/es are on our blacklist.

This is the latest we have seen from this spook group.

From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Saturday, November 28, 2009 5:01 PM

Our reasons for remaining anonymous should be quite obvious given the nature, pattern of intimidation and viciousness of some postings and emails received from those identified at AVM. 


Thank you to all those on Allen Petersen’s email list and current and former members of the Australian Veterans Matters Website who have expressed an interest in the Veterans for Care, Compassion, Tolerance and Understanding. 

After considering your responses we have decided to up the anti by providing (as needed) a commentary on events at the AVM Website.

We thank Allen for allowing us the privilege of being part of his extensive email network. We are happy to abide by his rules and conditions based on our prime purpose. 

In our commentary our prime purpose will be to dispute any material we know to be false through an editorial or bulletin. 

We have noted the rampant use of hearsay evidence to build a story and mislead other AVM contributors. In particular we may contact anyone who is mentioned in the material to check on the veracity of the claims. 

We are happy to respond on behalf others if requested or the need arises.   

If the real name of the AVM member responsible is known, we will identify them. We recognise that some AVM contributors use multiple nicknames or become mutants for those already identified. 

We are not associated with the Mad Galah entity imposed on everything and everybody by those at AVM, to hoodwink the Veteran community.

Our reasons for remaining anonymous should be quite obvious given the nature, pattern of intimidation and viciousness of some postings and emails received from those identified at AVM.

We have no intentions of stooping to the level of depravity practiced by those at AVM.

 Please feel free to continue to pass on any ideas and information through Allen.

All information passed to us about the identities of the AVM defamers will be treated in the strictest of confidence

On behalf of:


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