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Don Tate Fraud Liar Wannabe Closet Paedophile and Closet Gay
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Author Topic: Its official the Princess of Weird, ex Major Maryann Martinek is not loony  (Read 10334 times)
« Reply #1 on: Thursday26November2009 »

This bird, mad and bad as she is, has sent out an email trying to paint herself as somebody who is honest, ethical, concerned and decent. In this email she has made a lunge to try and worm her way into ESOS and veterans clubs to spread her Gospel. The Gospel of untruth rubbish and spite. Her main message is younger disabled TPI war vets should get back to work and not seek compensation!

Derryn Hinch will tell you how decent this creep is. She did after all make false accusations of rape against him for which she later had to publicly apologise.

So if she ends up in your neck of the woods all I can say is  buyer beware and never let her in your ESO door. All men should never ever ever allow themselves to be alone with this duplicitious trickster.
« on: Thursday19November2009 »

The well known Mad Galah, Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Weird, Major Maryann Martinek is at it again, her Mad Galah mentor Trevor James Wiltshire yesterday published to the veteran community, details of an email from Radio Station 3AW Melbourne, where 3AW apologises for saying she was bonkers. 

One would think that Maryann would instruct Jimmy Wiltshire to just shut up about he checkered history with 3AW and Derryn Hinch.

It all started when Maryann accused Hinch of sexual assault and tried to extort $50,000 from Hinch.  It was a matter of he pays up, or she goes public.  Hinch reported it all to the police and sued her for defamation. It ended with a public apology from Martinek where she said:

"I Maryann Martinek, unreservedly apologise for the allegations I have made against Derryn Hinch in letters and emails, in particular that he sexually assaulted me.”

Derryn Hinch and many others are of the opinion that the police should have pursued her for her attempted extortion.

Details of the sordid affair were published in newspapers all over Australia.  See an example here:   

Maryann is an outspoken Mad Galah and a study of her past indicates that she is very well psychologically suited for membership to that bizarre group. If you read previous posts about this ex Major you may come to the conclusion that she often has matters sexual on her mind. There was the RMC rape allegations and then her caricature of Jesus Christ nailed upside down on a cross with and grossly exaggerated and engorged penis.

Below is the latest email written by Maryann and being distributed by Wiltshire:

From: Jim Wiltshire []
Sent: Wednesday, 18 November 2009 17:59
Subject: Fw: a final update on seeking justice and THE-TRUTH IN BROADCASTING (Martinek v 3AW DRIVE)

Subject: a final update on seeking justice and THE-TRUTH IN BROADCASTING (Martinek v 3AW DRIVE)

RADIO 3AW -  broadcasts made by Derryn Hinch on 11 August 2009 and 3 April 2006 claiming On both dates Derryn Hinch broadcast (EDITORIAL 3 April 2006) and (READING AMELIA HARRIS HWT article 11 August 2009)  information he  had created and had published on his  that I was "medically discharged after deemed psychologically unfit" . He broadcast this inaccurate fact in breach of Sub Clause 2.2(a) in a manner that breach the additional Sub Clause 1.3(e). I pointed this out to 3AW on 9Sep 09 and have received their legal response today and 3AW have agreed to remove the information from their website.

Derryn Hinch's statement and fact was wrong on both occasions and 3AW management accepted that I have a genuine complaint. It has taken me three years to get this inaccuracy fixed and along the way  I have been  obstructed and ignored, but I will now enjoy a Merry Christmas.

The mistake Derryn made was to rerub the SALT back into old wounds and to attempt to vilify me a second time on the basis of a "mental disability" real or rumored. I advise that he has failed in his recent attempt.

Thank you to all who read these emails from me.

 maryann martinek




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