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| | |-+  Before ANZAC Day gets too far behind us
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Author Topic: Before ANZAC Day gets too far behind us  (Read 53823 times)
« Reply #19 on: Saturday05December2009 »

It has always been a bone of contention with me as to why the General Service Medal (Foreign Award) is mounted before the Vietnam Medal. The GSM is after all still a Service Medal, not a Campaign Medal!
If this is the accepted norm then this guy's Naval General Service Medal should also be mounted before the Vietnam Medal.

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« Reply #18 on: Saturday05December2009 »

UK Walter Mitty on Remembrance Day

Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 3:24 AM
Subject: Veterans vow to find 'Walter Mitty' Remembrance Day marcher - Telegraph

This bloke out does our Plastic Heros like they never read a training manual. Some of those Mad Galahs mob have been out done. XXXX

Veterans vow to find 'Walter Mitty' Remembrance Day marcher

War veterans have vowed to identify a "cowardly Walter Mitty" who marched in a Remembrance Day parade wearing an ''impossible'' array of medals.
Published: 10:06AM GMT 04 Dec 2009

The unnamed man who was confronted at an Armistice day parade in Bedford for wearing an 'impossible' array of medals Photo: MASONS

The man wore a beige SAS beret and 21 military medals and badges, including the Military Cross, as he walked alongside 600 genuine war heroes.

Thousands of well-wishers, including recently bereaved families of servicemen killed in Afghanistan, clapped and cheered as he marched past.

But organisers became suspicious when they noticed he had medals from campaigns including the Second World War, Korea, the Falklands, awards for both officers and privates and even a foreign medal.

Military experts have confirmed it would be impossible for one man to have been awarded all the decorations.

The man was confronted by Jim Nicholson, who helped organise the march in Bedworth, Warickshire, on November 11 and admitted being a fake before disappearing.

Members of the Bedworth Armistice Day Parade committee and servicemen have now launched an appeal to name and shame the man they call a ''cowardly Walter Mitty''.

Mr Nicholson, the 67-year-old committee secretary, who served as a private in the Parachute Regiment between 1961 and 1967, condemned him as ''shameful''.

The grandfather-of-six, who has service medals for Cyprus and Saudi Arabia, said: ''We have had idiots like this try to join in a few times and we tell them to get lost.

''It takes the mick and we get very annoyed that he will turn up wearing medals that genuine servicemen have earned. One of my ex-SAS pals challenged him about his decorations, and he admitted he was a Walter Mitty fake.''

The Bedworth Parade is the biggest in the country outside London and follows a three quarter of a mile route from All Saints Church in the centre to the Cenotaph.

This year the families of four Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers killed in Afghanistan attended to lay wreaths in memory of their loved ones.

Parade marshal Jesse Owen, 82, who served in the Royal Marines between 1945 and 1957, said he was ''disgusted'' on behalf of all the armed forces.

Mr Owen, who has a UN medal and Korean Veterans medal, said: ''There are men and women on that parade that went through hell.

''This year we had four families who came to remember their husbands and sons and the largest contingent of those wonderful ladies the war widows. A man like this brings disrespect and disgrace on the whole act of remembrance.''

The man wore the winged dagger of the SAS on his beret, poppy and tie-pin, as well as a veteran's badge on his lapel.

On his left breast he wore a rack of 17 medals starting with the Military Cross (MC), and the Distinguished Service Order (DSO).

On the MC he has a bar signifying the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service, while on the DSO there is a bar for Mentioned In Dispatches. Neither bar is ever worn with those medals.

Next comes a foreign cross, thought to be Polish, which should only be worn after all the British medals.

Then is the Queen's Commendation Medal, the Military Medal, the rank version of the Military Cross for privates, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Meritous Service Medal and the Campaign Service Medal.

On the row underneath he has a South Atlantic Medal for the Falklands, a Gulf Medal for the first Gulf War, and an Accumulated Service Medal - worn back to front.

Then comes the Saudi Arabian Medal for the liberation of Kuwait, the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal and four more unknown foreign medals.

Martin Harrison, a squadron leader for the Airforce Volunteer Reserve and medal expert, said the display was clearly not genuine.

''To start with you never wear two rows of medal, you wear one long row overlapping," he said. ''The real outrage is over the gallantry awards - if anyone was awarded this many they would have got the Victoria Cross.

''The Queen never gave permission for the Gulf war medals to be worn on uniform and the entire order is wrong.

''What he is doing is appalling. Swanning around with things he is not entitled to, especially under the present circumstances, is offensive.''

The man, who probably bought his collection online or from antique shops, is technically committing a criminal offence and in theory could be prosecuted.

* ukwaltermitty.jpg (33.02 KB, 460x288 - viewed 3283 times.)

« Reply #17 on: Saturday02May2009 »

What kind of Maggot would wear a VC like that. as I stated before only one relative shoudl wear a medal of a deceased veteran, he may just be somehow related to a VC winner and has wacked it on without the immediate families blessing. Tin F@#King hero.

« Reply #16 on: Saturday02May2009 »

Fair call mothball, however he is wearing the Cross Of Valour on his left breast i dont believe he has any entitlement to.

Dodgers reply was spot on.
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« Reply #15 on: Saturday02May2009 »

Agreed, the medal is probably a replica, and if I had an original it would be in a safe place and would be
wearing a replica as well.

The thing I find "suss" is that there are no campaign ribbons with it. One would have to be in amongst the
shot and shell to be awarded that medal, and would have the appropriate theatre service ribbons

The rest of the "stuff" on the left is just draped on and not what one would expect of a retired officer of
any of the services furthering the suspicions.

We've probably beaten this horse enough and hopefully the true facts will emerge, and if warranted, justice will prevail.
« Reply #14 on: Friday01May2009 »

Mothball, you are correct in that he was wearing the Victoria Cross, but he was wearing it on the right, which denotes he's wearing it as Next of Kin.(Although I doubt very much he is N.O.K.)  If, and I say IF he is N.O.K. then he is entitled to wear it on the right on Anzac Day.

I reckon the VC he is wearing is probably a replica.
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« Reply #13 on: Friday01May2009 »

Sorry Les, can't agree entirely.
The cross of Valour, as you rightly pointed out is a civilian award for bravery,and it is Australias highest,
while the Victoria Cross is a military award for valour and it was being worn on ANZAC
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« Reply #12 on: Friday01May2009 »

After receiving and e-mail from a friend in QLD it would seem that the ANZMI are already aware of this wannabee...its just a matter of chasing down his name.

It would be wonderful if clowns like the one in the photo had to answer to the full measure of the law for wearing medals they are not entitled to..  heavy fines and imprisonment are available as a punsihment if they are found guilty in a court.  Its about time that the courts start to get really tough and give the maximum available. 

Many regard them as nutters, and perhaps they are but the minute they pin those medals on their chest they are stealing the valour and sacrifice from all that really earned them.  Sadly they are on the increase, not fading away so the punishment needs to be applied fully, no half measures, hit them hard each and every time they dare to try and steal someone elses valour.

It would be interesting in a census if they included a question..  Did you serve in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.  I am sure the total who answered yes would be far more than those who actually did.  In the US, in a census / survey, a total of 9 million more claimed to have served in Vietnam than the total number of Americans who ever were sent there..  Wannabees everywhere.
« Reply #11 on: Friday01May2009 »

I will give it a shot.

In the meantime everyone can read all about the Cross of Valour and other awards on the Its an Honour website at

In my opinion i doubt very much that this wannabee has an entitlement to wear the award.
« Reply #10 on: Friday01May2009 »


Editorial and news inquiries:
Tel: (03) 9601 2250
Switch: +61 3 9601 2000
« Reply #9 on: Friday01May2009 »

How about sending those C of V names with appropriate references to The Age Melbourne and demand nicely they find that dickhead reporter's notebook or at least chase down any available TV news interview.  The paper printed the photo so are liable under law (maybe ??) to provide evidence, i.e. a name to what is a serious offence.  Mention AFP and see if they jump, that might work.
There are vets from Vic working on things now but this way might get some earlier action.  Politely mention the veteran network trashing the paper will cop if they don't want to recognise the seriousness of the situation and get that name.
Best I can come up with at the moment.

« Reply #8 on: Friday01May2009 »

In this case the VC is of little concern. The Main issue is the Cross Of Valour Australias highest civilian award for bravery that is nicely positioned on his left breast.

To date five have been awarded. If his name is not one of the following then i sugest he makes a reservation at a local prison.

Here are the names,

D J Tree ( saved a child from electrocution )

V A Boscoe ( apprehension of armed robbers )

A Sparkes ( rescuing a child from a flooded drain )

R T Jayes and T Britten ( Bali bombings )
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« Reply #7 on: Thursday30April2009 »

"Nutter Basket" not good enough.
If a person is found to be fraudulently wearing medals to which he has no entitlement
then there are prescribed penalties under the Defense Act 1903.

"Further, wearing medals that you are not entitled to is
an offence under the Defence Act 1903:
SECT 80B Improper use of service decorations
(4) A person shall not falsely represent himself
as being the person upon whom a service
decoration has been conferred.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment
for 6 months, or both."

All cases of fraudulent wearing MUST be pursued to the extent provided by LAW
otherwise WE are as guilty as the fraudulent wearers of debasing the value of the award
and the service of those legitimately entitled.

No more of this "Old Duffer " BS. They know what they do.!!
« Reply #6 on: Thursday30April2009 »

Yes, dumped into the "nutter basket" but kindly left the photo up.  I'll alert some Victorian vets to the TV interview aspect.

« Reply #5 on: Thursday30April2009 »

Response from the photographer

Hi xxxxxxx,


I’ve had a few requests regarding this but unfortunately I don’t have the details for this gentleman.  I did get them but unfortunately they were accidentally deleted off the voice recorder was using.  I can tell you that one of the TV stations (not sure which one) did an on camera interview with him so you might like to follow them up,



So there we have it. A "lost note book" and an "accidental " deletion from the voice recorder.

Maybe, as previously suggested, they put him in the nutter basket.

« Reply #4 on: Thursday30April2009 »

The word today on this fellow, who positioned himself highly and visibly on the Shrine steps, was that the reporter "lost his notebook" (oh really!) and the name is unknown at this time, not as reported yesterday.  

"lost his notebook" yet other photo's taken by the same photographer on the same day show the names of people in them. If the reporter lost his notebook, there would be no names for individuals in the other photo's.

I've sent an email direct to the photographer (Joseph Feils) to see if he can cast any light on who the original recipient of the VC was.
« Reply #3 on: Thursday30April2009 »

The word today on this fellow, who positioned himself highly and visibly on the Shrine steps, was that the reporter "lost his notebook" (oh really!) and the name is unknown at this time, not as reported yesterday.  I understand Victorian veterans are on the job to get a name and trace that VC back to it's original owner if not a purchased copy. The rest of the medal presentation has been since described as a "dog's breakfast". The man is either deranged or just another wannabe who thinks the rest of us are fools. I fear the latter.
The RSL-R&SL owns the acronym ANZAC, I believe, so I hold them responsible for any outwardly disrespectful act that occurs at any commemorative event based on "ANZAC"  The day is fading into farce at a rapid rate as we all realise. There are enough veteran "officials" and "organisers" including former high ranking Officers around when they're needed like a hole in the head. Where are they when they're needed to maintain the dignity of our very special day?

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« Reply #2 on: Thursday30April2009 »

If the "gentleman's' name is known, then surely it would be easy to ascertain to whom the VC was awarded, relative etc.
The fact that there are no campaign medals worn with it is suspicious. If it belongs to the WW2 rack then it should be
displayed in priority with them.
The other medals worn as though entitled, eg, left breast, are not swing mounted as a set.
The Korean/ UN medals appear as a single mount, as do the next three.
The remaining medals also appear as though they were "collected" as separate sets.
It would be interesting to know whose name, or names are engraved on all the medals.
This should be investigated further and the matter put to rest
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« Reply #1 on: Thursday30April2009 »

This peace of flotsam should have been frog marched to the boob. Why do those who know better let this type of deranged idiots get away with this type of thing???
« on: Wednesday29April2009 »

This is the kind of photo that used to turn up on my computer late every ANZAC Day. The man's name is known but there's little point in disclosing it.  He is ex-RAN and the photo taken at the Melbourne Shrine of Rememberance.

What I would be interested in knowing is who runs that march? The non-returned men of the RSL or the posers of the Nasho's Association? Someone with a little authority on the day should have had a word in that fellow's ear. Whose duty was it to approach the poser as he stood high on the steps in full view attracting attention?

The medals have been identified by a collector as;

Top right shoulder.

Victoria Cross.

Top row on his left.
1. Korea Medal
2. UN Korea
3. Cross of Valour - civil
4. ADM
5. WW2 Dutch War Cross for Pacific 1941-1945
Bottom row
1.  GSM - do not know the clasp, could be Malaya
2.  Vietnam medal
3.  Vietnam Star (Campaign)
4.  Naval GSM - do not know the clasp, could be Malaya
5.  Naval LS & GC Medal

NOK medal row on right not identified. Looks like standard WW11 issue to me.



* Medals_ANZAC_Day_Melb_09.jpg (173.94 KB, 1200x818 - viewed 1920 times.)
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