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Author Topic: Mad Galah Jenny Rings The AFP Bell  (Read 9232 times)
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« Reply #2 on: Wednesday14April2010 »

Jenny Bell has never worn the uniform of the Australian Miltary Forces in her life. Her husband, who passed away not so long ago, was not a War Veteran. Her son in law has served in the Australian Army but he is not a War Veteran.

Bell nailed her flag to the mad galah mast ages ago and is never backward in coming forward in offering advice to people who made the Military their life and she is never behind the wall when it comes to making stupid supportive comments about mad galah Veterans who all plainly know are frauds, wannabes and liars. People such as Tate, Corse, Wiltshire, Briggs et al. Now she has come out in support of the senile, silly email Jim Riddle posted to God knows who.

Bell has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. She knows nothing about Military Service and nothing about real unselfish service to Veterans via ex Service Organisations or through private work.

You will notice she has engaged in chatter with another fraud and wannabe Terry Westerway in the email exchange we have pasted below.

In this email she states she can easily disaprove the facts we have stated about the service life and public life of Jim Riddle.

Great. We'd love to hear her proof, and while she is at it we'd love to see Westerways proof too.

So here we go. Bell send your proof to which shows clearly with sources that what we posted about Jim Riddle is untrue. When you do this with facts, sources, and witnesses we will publish your email for the world to see.

This is the latest waffle from mother hen Bell and would be competent Soldier Westerway.

From: Jenny Bell
To: Allen Petersen ; Terry Westerway
Cc: Richard Riley (VS) ; spiritus; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; AVM ; Ken T
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 12:05 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Riddle, like Tate, has a much distorted view of Military History
Terry , they are the absolute scum of this earth mate , and their "facts" are in their own mind & easily disproven ...!
Yes , you are right , they never let the "facts" get in the way of a good story, especially in what they wrote about was so easily disputed , that it was a laugh !! !!!

...I dont worry about them anymore , and I just forward ALL of their messages to my inbox , straight on to the Australian Federal Police & back to them as well  !

Stay well mate ..
Jenny Bell

-------Original Message-------

From: Terry Westerway
Date: 13/04/2010 10:02:15 AM
To: Allen Petersen
Cc: Richard Riley \(VS\);  spiritus;;;;;;;;;;;  AVM;  Ken T
Subject: FW: Riddle, like Tate, has a much distorted view of Military History

                                                                FOR DISTRIBUTION

I notice the celebrated "Lover of the Five Fingered Widow" - Fartagus (that doyen of the Malodourous Maggots) - has had another brainstorm. Well, at the rate Fartagus has brainstorms with the Five Fingered Widow he will have to buy some new pants, the old ones must be far too stained by his brainstorms to be able to be cleaned - even by professionals.

Fartagus is - in fact - nothing more than a wannabe imposter who has no knowledge of what he is brainstorming about. Certainly not the person to comment upon the service or actions of others.

Of course, Fartagus hides behind a pseudonym on the Malodourous Maggots website because he knows full well that if he revealed his identity, he could (and probably would) be sued for defamation. Fartagus also knows that if he were sued for defamation, HE would actually have to PROVE that what he rabbits on about are factual.

But, of course, Fartagus knows that what he brainstorms about are born of his own personal spite, not of any genuine concern for facts. He continues to adhere to the old rule "never let the facts get in the way of a good story".

Terry Westerway
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« Reply #1 on: Tuesday02March2010 »

Oh Jenny. I do apologise for thinking that your husband was a Veteran, but then again your fetish to indulge in verbal intercourse with the Mad Galahs about veterans’ matters is most misleading and indeed fecund ground for psychological assessment. 

Please keep the emails flowing to the AFP as they love to sift through your writings during their lunch breaks to gain experience in handling dills, especially those driven by fetish.



From: Jenny Bell
To: Allen J Petersen
Cc: ; spiritus@
Sent: Monday, 1 March 2010 10:03 PM
Subject:  Mad Galah Jenny Rings The AFP Bell
 To FERGUS ....(Featherbrain)
 Not only do you & AVM handle the truth carelessly, in every case ...
.You & they , cannot even get their facts straight , when all the information
 is available under FOI , !!! (if they cared to look ..or gave a damn about the TRUTH!!)
Now I do  know you are nuts Fergus!!!..For your  information, featherbrain!!!..
My husband was born in 1934.....He died at the age of 73 , 21 months ago !!!
 He was NEVER in Vietnam , nor was he as fanciful as obviously you are ,
 and " imagine"  himself at the Battle of Long Tan ..where in the hell did that come from ??
Your over fertile brain ....if  you DO actually have one Huh?
You are a ludicrous figure Fergus , ludicrous & ridiculous , seems whatever pops
into your head , is automatically imagined as gospel,  for your equally ridiculous,
 AVM flock , of featherbrains.
And for as long as AVM chooses to keep invading my in box on email, against my wishes ,
I will continue,  to forward ALL communications from them,  to the AFP !
As with past "revelations"  , written about me on the AVM site, you didn't do your
 homework did you ? Why print something so easily disproved Huh
If you crave to be a relevant  force  mate, ...check your facts !!...
I defy you to prove ANY of what you posted on AVM  about me ...
you know NOTHING about me , you moron!!
Now bugger off , & go eat a razor blade sandwich , or something equally lethal , and  stay the
hell out of my way !!
Jenny Bell
« Last Edit: Tuesday02March2010 by Spartakus » Logged
« on: Monday01March2010 »

Jenny Bell is a Mad Galah from South Australia who has never served in the Defence Force. She was once married to a bloke who thought he had fought at Long Tan, but to say the least he was mistaken.

She is also related to the President of the South Australian mob called Service Persons Support Network (SPSN).  Don’t know whether it is still going but it was embroiled in a scandal last year when the SPSN members were rattling collection tins all over Adelaide and then personally pocketing a hefty percentage of the take. In addition a pseudo Priest named George was blessing his flock and at the same time is reported to have been working a scam on the internet.

At the moment she is annoying the Australian Federal Police with silly reports about AVM.  She believes it is an offence to criticize Neil Weekes, simply because he is on the PMAC.  If that sort of logic prevailed just about everybody who wrote letters to editors would be collected by men in suits and sent to gulags.

And by the way Jenny:

Did you send all the recent disparaging Mad Galah words said about Minister Griffin to the Federal Police, am sure they are interested, if not, send them to the Prime Minister.

Did you report your SPSN President relative to the Feds in relation to the shifty actions of the SPSN.

Keep up the good work Jenny you are a genuine asset to AVM.



From: Jenny Bell
To: Aust Federal Police
Cc: ; Keith Tennent
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2010 8:19 PM
Subject: Fw: Neil Weekes arch hypocrite and moaning apologist

Now more some diatribe from AVM ,...this time  about Neil Weekes , who is a member of the Prime Minister's Advisory Council ....!!!
Or must the Prime Minister's Office be notified ??
Jenny Bell
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