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Don Tate Fraud Liar Wannabe Closet Paedophile and Closet Gay
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Author Topic: Patterson's Curse  (Read 24991 times)
« Reply #15 on: Saturday05June2010 »

As Patterson says, the word 'veteran' can be used in all kinds of context. However, to my knowledge, in a military context it always refers to someone who has experienced war service in the nation's armed forces for a specified minimum period of time. Military usage ('jargon' if you like) of this kind is well known by the wider community. I can't imagine that Patterson could seriously claim that he didn't know that!

Zunt, have a look at some other forums. Many statements are almost indecipherable -- more like mobile phone SMS code!
« Reply #14 on: Friday04June2010 »


The purpose of this web site is to respond to the disgraceful behaviour of the Mad Galahs. Patterson and Westerway are Mad Galahs. Patterson opened the bowling and AVM responded.

Regarding "Spellcheck" some people have very wise words to say, but are not Rhodes scholars, as long as what they say is understood, spelling errors are of no concern.

Also words in red bold print are not necessary.



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« Reply #13 on: Friday04June2010 »

May I suggest gents that we employ a spell checker prior to posting our messages on this site....We've happily bagged this would be vet, Patterson, for his poor spelling and grammatical expression but have continued to murder the Queen's English in the process ourselves...Why bother with this obvious fraud? Delete him from your conversations & keep your collective blood pressures down.....zunt
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« Reply #12 on: Friday04June2010 »

The issue of someone saying or promoting themselves as a veteran is a serious issue. This is something that needs to be dealt with on a national level in the form of a federal law that can be enforced by any law agency in Australia. Being a veteran is to have served our country in the most noble of ways, that of serving in our military forces. There are many veterans who were conscripted and may not feel that their service was as good or valued as those who joined, but all veterans are equally valued and are to be respected. A person who misrepresents themselves for any reason devalues all veterans because that person causes other veterans to have a cloud of doubt over them. We who are veterans should question all who claim veteran status and have them bear the burden of proof. There are those who claim a ribbon or medal that they were never awarded or earned. These people whether veterans or not, need to be brought to the forefront and be made to atone for their lies and misrepresentations. This truly is a crime that hurts all of us that are honourable veterans no matter when or where we served. We are vets and have the honour and pride that we deserve. The people who misrepresent themselves are dishonourable and need to be dealt with and the sooner the better.
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« Reply #11 on: Friday04June2010 »


You are a proven liar, fraud and wannabe.
Shut up, and stop digging yourself deeper in the hole you have already made for yourself.

Your pathetic attempts to include yourself in the ranks of veterans demean you and will only bring further well deserved scorn and ridicule your way.

Go away. Have you no shame, you grandstanding fool?
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« Reply #10 on: Friday04June2010 »

Hay Patto, you have displayed your total ignorance in you ramblings and quotes from the Books of Words. There are a few things I would like to address before I go on.
1) I thank those who read what I had written and grasped the meaning of what was wrote.

2) It is  comforting to know (KNOW) that there are those beside you who do not       need false kudos or delusional grandeur to support your argument when you present it. With out the need or request to do so.

3) A REAL VERTERAN can be picked by a REAL VETERAN a mile away through heavy monsoon rain and dense scrub.  As many of my unidentified colleges and those colleges I know would unequivocally give recognition to even the enemy of the day as a devoted VETERAN. They went into the breach (as did our own), they fought with skill, tenacity, cunning, and a true desire to win. Most of our VERTERAN opponents in Vietnam were long serving VETERANS from the French/Indo campaign, Japanese campaigns 2WW, (Supported and trained by the C.I.A.) Again The French Campaign, followed by the American War, which lead into the Vietnam War with S.E.A.T.O. involvement. I admired their skills, training, and tenacity. I often reflected if I would stand too and be counted when faced with the amount of resistance they faced. There failure was in the command and battle strategy's which were out dated in many ways. Mass assaults went out with the Zulu's at York's Ridge.

4)  Yes I am a VETERAN as was my Father, and his father, and his Father. Our Family can trace its origins back to the New Zealand Wars when my relative was called upon to go and quell those blasted natives Then before coming to Australia we have a long history of being Loyal to the Crown and Defenders of it.  My own father held the distinction of being the oldest serving member in Field Force in Vietnam. He had served from  the 2nd W.W. through to his retirement.

5) So you see Patto, When you try to make out you are an EX SERVICE PERSON with war experience it becomes a mill stone around your neck, if it is a lie. To wear the honers and awards that others have won when you are not entitled to is displaying your self as a fraud and a person of low courage. WHY, low courage?? That is my last quote to you.

6) If you had have been man enough and brave enough you could have always volunteered at any time to fight the good fight in Vietnam, Borneo, or even Malaya. Every man  and woman who went to Vietnam DID VOLENTIRE to do so with the Australian Armed Forces. If you chose not to go you put your name on the back of your embarkation notice and signed it, then gave it to the Adjutant of your unit. You were then transferred out to a non combat unit. But you chose to hide and be deceitful by letting others do it and then you try to join their ranks as one of them.
No Patto, you are a fraud and a lier. You are Sir, a TOTAL COWARD of the worst quarter.
The only badge you can ever wear with any sort of pride is the badge of cowardice.

 A White Feather for you Sir!

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« Reply #9 on: Thursday03June2010 »


Your the parasite mate, you lying low life wannabe.

You can use what ever dictionary you like, you can quote the definition of veteran out of the VEA, you can turn and twist your lies which ever way you want; HOWEVER, you cannot hide the fact that you did not serve in Vietnam, you were caught wearing Vietnam medals that you are not entitled to and you are a wanker.

When are you Galahs going to get it into your thick heads that the purpose of AVM is to bring out the truth and get dickheads like you out of our VETERAN, EX-SERVICE community.  You do not belong here so go and pretend to be a doctor or a nurse or something, but don't pretend you are a war veteran.

« Reply #8 on: Thursday03June2010 »

See below the latest from the liar and wannabe James Patterson.  There are two simple questions for Patterson to answer with a yes or no.

1     Did you ever serve in any capacity in the Vietnam war with the Australian Defence Force?
2.    Have you ever worn four medals indicating that you served in Vietnam?

Irrespective of your answers it has been decided to formerly report your abhorrent  behaviour to the NSW State Police, who may prosecute you under The Defence Act 1903, Section Vll Parts 80A and 80B.



Cc: ; ;
Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 7:47 PM
Subject: right of reply

Are you fair dinkum,cant you read?
First off I don't use derogatory language to you but you use it against fulfill your visions of granduer
You don't know me,you only know from what lies Ernest  Christopher Brandon Cramer whom was conscripted in 1969  thought he knew,and what National Archives  SENT YOU BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT ENTITLED TO GIVE YOU MY FULL FILE.Ask them? write to them, and CARO( I have written proof of what your entitled and what your not entitled and it is'nt secret files etc as you will say,nothing of the sort,I didn't do clandestine operations I didn't do anything heroic,just did what I was told ) .
But let us not dwell on the dead because they cant defend themselves.I will write in English because you would not understand the gaelic,because you are a person non gratis because you stole another persons identity to fulfill your ideals of grandour.
!st I have never denied I served in the CMF never,so get your facts straight and work out when I joined and the laws of the land at the time of joining.The legal age was not 18 in 1962 not in 1969.I was 17 not 20/21   
2ns I haven't taken the name of another,you are not Fergus Fairfax and your not Scottish so stop de framing the Scottish community,your a joke within that community,just ask ill give you names and addresses of Scottish chieftains in Australia  whom would love to hear from you.
3rd The terminology of vet'eran under the Dept of Veteran Affairs portfolio states and I will use your FORUM and POLICY on VETRAN MATTERS and EX SERVICE MATTERS advised by Spartakus (Administration Sr.Member)
From the VEA 1986
Definition of a Vet'er'an
Ve'teran under the act .........VETERAN UNDER THE ACT?
"veteran" means:
(a )person
(i)who is,because of section 7,
http://www.austi\ 1986261/s7.html
taken to have rendered eligible war service;or
(ii) in respect of whom a pension 1986261/s12.html#pension\is paybale under subsection 13 (6);or
(iii) who satisfies subsection 37(3);or
 b) a member of the forces:
http:/ act/vea 1986261/s68.html#member or
(c) a member of a Peacekeeping Force.
.This is the Policy of the Dept of Veteran Affairs.a government body whom uses the terminolgy to define persons whom make or have claims for pensions under the VEA Act 1986.
Your own AVM words not mine?
Now I wrote on what a member of your forum KRT1 wrote about
When these Mad Galahs stop their attacks on Innocent and Highest OrderWorthy Brothers who are Veterans of the Highest Order,"
Now I explained the definition of vet'eran using the World Book dictionary,the Collins dictionary,and I explained the use of the word vet'eran according to the rights of others whom are veterans ,be they ex service,Police,fire fighters. ambulance officers etc are they not entitled under the  laws of this land to use that title.?You say no because your a veteran or are you?
Now since I wrote this email in good faith and you in your wisdom decided to answer,you want to degrade me,well Fergus,I still belong to organizations that think your forum is a joke and  advised to take no notice of you lot,and I still have telephone calls even just 1 minute ago from person whom served in the same unit as I and congratulated me for being forthright.
I liked you little smileys,shows your intelligence .childish? thought you a person of intelligence
Your forum stated the above,your forum does understand what persons write because it isnt WHAT you want or WHAT you tell everyone they should do,and lastly in your own Forum words
These are your Forums words not mine,
yet world wide and used by others is defined in dictionary's and therefore I say again
Police Officers/Fire Fighters/Ambulance Officer or whom ever can use the term VET' ERAN and those certain persons whom distinguished themselves with bravery awards should not be beguiled by you or others stating that you are "WORTHY BROTHERS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER",How dare you hold yourself up to being in there same class of person as those persons your a hypocrite and a stealer of another's name and respect
By the way your original blog dated 16th April until the 2nd June 2010 had 197 visitors with no replies,so what I wrote then must of been correct,now on the 3rd June 2010 you have had 531 visitors up until 5.50pm and only 7 replies ,which of those 7 are regular writers in your forum/website.What does that say about your forum
Oh and everything I have said can be proved anyone can ask me as long as they put there correct name on the email and not anonymous like your forum.and I don't hold grudges and I don't lie about things others have said like Brian Fisher,Mowgli (Brandon Cramer) and of course yourself ,because none of you know me but you say you do ?
And I don't receive any pensions from the Dept of Veterans Affairs (funny have written confirmation from them)So where am I ripping of the system ,can you say that about others ,so that is why they have an investigation branch in ACT,and look forward to you taking me to court (I relish it)so you will be brought out in the open 
SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME Fergus ?sorry your a parasite?
that's me
Jim Patterson
Craeg n Tueric
"Clan Maclaren

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« Reply #7 on: Thursday03June2010 »

Information about Patterson and Westerway has been disseminated to hundreds of ESOs throughout Australia and to thousands of individual Veterans and ex Servicemen.

If they think their pithy verbal jousting will in anyway endear them to the ex Service community they are sadly mistaken. The only place they are welcome is in the ranks of the Mad Galahs who give succour to wannabes, liars and cheats.  Among their ranks are Patterson, Kirkman, Moon, Muller and Eather-Evans.

For thirty years Patterson mixed amongst Vietnam Veterans, wearing medals and pretending to be one of them. Let there be no doubt, Patterson was a CMF Corporal who never left Australian shores

Westerway was a private soldier who served in Vietnam, but was sacked from the Army on return home.

You have seen a photograph of Patterson wearing Vietnam Medals in a previous post, and therefore Patterson has committed an offence under the Defence Act 1903 Part VII section 80B which says;

[b]Improper use of service decorations [/b]

             (1)  A person is guilty of an offence if:
                     (a)  the person wears a service decoration; and
                     (b)  the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.
Penalty:  30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both

Patterson is an unrepentant liar, fraud and wannabe and Westerway and the Mad Galahs in general are wannabe apologists.

Should you desire to advise your feelings towards them their email addresses are: 



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« Reply #6 on: Thursday03June2010 »

Whoa, hang about a minute here,,,,,,,,

"Admittedly there are
other ssuch as WO2 xxxxx whose name does not appear - because he was
only in country 2-3 days and sent home in disgrace after a public
homosexual  act with a RAEME digger. "

You will find it was the Digger who committed the act, not the WO2. The WO2 was completely cleared of any misdoing at his appeal.

If you are going to put your fingers on the k/board don't be like Little Donny Boy, get your facts straight first!
« Reply #5 on: Thursday03June2010 »

Westerway take first prize for dil of the month and liar of the year. Your utterences betray a scheming liar who has no brains. No wonder you were chucked out of the Army. I'll bet they had a party at North Head the day you marched out.

Oh  and such moralising from a man who reneged on providing financial support for his own kids. This stated from his own daughter. I have always found in life that those who moralise the most have the most to hide, the biggest skeletons in the cupboard.

From: Terry Westerway
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Allen Petersen
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2010 6:30 PM
Subject: FW: Are you or are you not...

I rather think that Mr Patterson has a point.
Exactly who are you to be asking the question - and what is your interest?
Why would you not sign your own name? Are you ashamed of your name?
Or are you afraid that you might be exposed as something unpalatable?
Terry Westerway

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, 2 June 2010 7:33 PM
Subject: Re: Are you or are you not...

and whom are you unsigned emails are not answered
thank you for you interest
In a message dated 2/06/2010 6:32:33 P.M. AUS Eastern Standard Time, grc writes:

....the simple answer is that your name does not appear on the
"official" Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans. Admittedly there are
other ssuch as WO2 xxxxx whose name does not appear - because he was
only in country 2-3 days and sent home in disgrace after a public
homosexual  act with a RAEME digger. There are others.What's your
story? I'd suggest that you clear it up once and for all Mr Patterson
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« Reply #4 on: Wednesday02June2010 »

I played baseball for a long time, that makes me a veteran of baseball.
I fished for trout all my life, that makes me a veteran of trout fishing.
I served on operations overseas, that makes me a veteran.
You wear medals your not entitled to, that makes you a wannabe, a fraud, a liar and stupid.

Did they target pacific persons  or  did they target specific persons.  You say your educated !!

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« Reply #3 on: Wednesday02June2010 »

How is that his name does not appear under any of the services as a real veteran who served this country in the Vietnam War.

* JAMES_PATTERSON.pdf (146.23 KB - downloaded 585 times.)
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« Reply #2 on: Wednesday02June2010 »

Oh Mr Patterson, oh how you twist definitions to bolster your case and importance.......

Patterson, you are not a VETERAN, you did not serve this nation on active, or war service...or even special service .     You are not a veteran, and  you are not entitled to wear a single campaign medal.......your only entitlement to medals is perhaps your service medals, well at least the AD Medal..............we all understand what a Veteran is......

You are another wanabee............a fraud and crap artist.....

Who gives a rats if you have a Police Commissioners Commendation....we are pissed that you claim to be a war veteran entitled to wear medals........produce your proof of your entitlement you wanker  and make us all here at AVM eat our words..........just a copy of your Certificate of Service will suffice  Angry

« Reply #1 on: Wednesday02June2010 »

Mad Galah Jim Patterson of Sydney is a low life piece of gutter faeces who has been comprehensively exposed as a liar a fraud and a wannabe, both on AVM and on the Wannabe web site:   

Patterson claims to have served in Vietnam and he did not. Patterson has been photographed wearing Vietnam medals that he did not earn.

Patterson is a liar a fraud a wannabe and a persistent pest to the Veteran Community. Decent Veterans should email Patterson at his infamous email address and tell him to shut up and crawl from the gutter into the sewer where he belongs.

This loathsome, dishonourable "man" has "bobbed" up again with another shameful excuse as to why he is a Veteran and not a wannabe. See his email below.

Another Mad Galah Terry Westerway has leapt to the defence of Patterson. He sent an email that said "FYI you Malodorous Maggots", just shows you how people made of the same sticky substance stick together.



Cc: ;
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2010 11:13 AM
Subject: AVM website(Use of the word Vet'eran)

Sorry cannot and will not answer direct to this AVM site ?please print thru your website so others may  :-read and be informed :-
I quote on an email KRT1 sent via the AVM website/forum:-
""When these Mad Galahs stop their attacks on Innocent and Worthy Brothers who are Veterans of the Highest Order,"
Seems there is a difference of the wording of veteran,according to others and KRT1:-
The Collins Australian Gem English Dictionary states and I quote:-Page 562 of the book
VET'ERAN (N) One whom has served a long time. (esp) in fighting services-(a)  long serving.

The World Book Dictionary states and I quote page  2312 of that book
VET'ERAN:- A person who has much experience in some position or occupation
i.e. "He is a veteran of the printing trade"
So I could be wrong but a person whom serves in a government body of any description i e Local,State Federal constitution can lay claim to be a Vet'eran. i.e. Police Department is one that comes to mind ,Fire Fighter is another,Ambulance Officer is another,the list goes on and on.Do they not put their lives on the line day in day out also.Did they not swear an oath also ?
Whom has the right to Say to others that they are veterans of the HIGHEST ORDER ?
I know of Police /Ambulance and Fire Fighters whom have received the Star of Courage for their service from the government of this country,are they not entitled to the VET''ERANS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER,did they not put their lives on the line in the course of their duty. Isn't the Star of Courage the  equivalent of the Victoria Cross.?
Gentlemen ( used loosely) you only have had to serve to be a vet'eran in what ever capacity  that you want in life,stop degrading others whom have shown courage in the face of adversity,You disrespect those that deserve the title "HIGHEST ORDER"
Now AVM start another blog and say the same old sayings (which are getting very repetitive) that I have no right to answer anything,but see under the terminology I am a vet'eran according to law and have a right  under the constitution of this country..You don't have to had a military life to be a vet'eran,that is a terminology that the Dept of Veteran Affairs uses in determing and processing a claim
Oh and by the way no one questioned me on Anzac day nor approached me about the medals nor snapped my photograph ,funny one of them included a commendation from the Police Commissioner for my service,others from the Government of this country for my service,but I enjoyed the company of many and enjoyed their friendship..Funny I have paperwork from the various government bodies as to my entitlement and can prove my eligibility,but you not getting a copy until you  make a complaint to the Federal police and I have my day in court as the defendant and you as the complaintant  with your rightfully chosen name and not your anonymous non de plume.
Personally I feel sorry for the group of persons whom read the AVM web site/forum because this  site has one aim in life to discredit the organization known as the "Mad Galah" which is non existant, when they AVM could be helping right the wrongs ,but they target  pacific persons whom they degrade because these persons are trying to rectify mistakes. The readers like me have  never  met  each other  ,and ASSUME (make a ASS out of U and ME) that what is written  by anonymous persons in correct and factual  in all counts .  Are they  afraid of repercussions that could occur if so warranted?.so the  use of  anonymous names? the answer is Yes because it is true.
An example of this is the email from "Neil James Gunter" whom Fergus/Spartacus replied to that this persons was an non identity because he was  not on the register of Psychologists!  by reading the blog "SUNRAY" stated he wasn't a vet'eran but was doing a thesis and what right does this website/forum  have to check up on someone without their permission of the individual concerned  Shows the lack of manners/respect/and to be the "B" all the world for someone whom is supposedly so diverse in matters of law ,Oh and a true scot ? NOT that they cannot give their real name ?SHAME SHAME SHAME
Bored you enough ,,looking forward to the AVM response which i know will be forthcoming and repeated writings of "old" news,which no one is interested in anyway,as proved.(check blog PATTERSIN'S CURSE 197 readings 16th April Until 02/06/2010) NO REPLIES by anyone on the AVM website/forum( I have a copy downloaded at this time so you cant alter the facts like you normally do signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace )
ps, I do not nor imply that I have been awarded the Star of COURAGE,but I do hold a Police Commendation for other matters,so check that one out ?  ,so how would I get a Police Commissioners commendation steal it?,Buy it.?,can only be given personally to you.
Jim Patterson
Craeg n Tueric.
A proud Maclaren

« Last Edit: Thursday03June2010 by Spartakus » Logged
« on: Friday16April2010 »

Have no doubt James Edward Patterson is a mongrel wannabe

Every now and then James Edward Patterson aka “Aussisoljer” bobs his scurrilous head up.

Patterson has been comprehensively exposed as a “Wannabe” he features on the ANZMI website here:   Patterson is shown wearing Vietnam Medals when he was a CMF soldier who never left Sydney.

Patterson has never apologized for his lies and deceit. He is part of the Mad Galah, ANZAC Alliance fraternity and is in good company. Other Mad Galahs who are also disgusting wannabes are:


Patterson is a persona non grata in the ex Service community and only a motley crew like the Mad Galahs could love them.

Some free advice for Patterson – Make a public apology and stay out of ex service and Veterans matters. Patterson says in his email dated 15 April 2010 "Have a great ANZAC Day". It is suggested that NSW Veterans keep an eye out for this Turkey on the 25th April 2010. 



Cc: ;
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 3:34 PM
Subject: Austrtalian Veteran Matters

It is of note and interesting reading, when a person writes to another and expresses an opinion,which doesn't congeal with others, then the "others" in their forum, which is sent to me unsolicited to read, use the same old spiel of check out sites or repeats wordings of yesterday repeatedly, without any new supportive information. Does that make me a member of this club getting unsolicited emails from AVM?
An email to hand is about Jenny Bell who wrote to Terry Westerway- and then the non de plume of "Fergus" had to have his say, as did Spartacus, BUT they use the same old sayings from previous posts, nothing new just the same old same old sayings BORING???
At least the ladies and gentlemen of other sites including Allen's have information that is useful to others, and even if we disagree with each other we remain loyal to each other in the common cause,not what I read from the AVM forum they don't have an opinion there just unfortunately, sorry old persons with nothing better to do than scorn others and never praise as they don't have an expertise of trying to help and assist others in any way, just scorn them.They are the eyes and ears of the ex-service community in their own minds.
I have met Terry Westaway and a nice person he is, jovial and likes a joke,I've had nothing but good reports on him from others who served with him in the army and are not biased in their advice to me.
I also have met Don Tate and I also found him cordial, although I must admit never bought his book nor read it but its selling so must be alright if the AWM is selling it.
I just wanted to say that AVM agenda is not what they have written in their spiel but to degrade others because of their points of view and if AVM check the Australian Constitution they will note that freedom of speech to every citizen of this country is a God given right, and not for them the "b" to end all of the ex service community and the persons whom they are supposably representing.

Have a great ANZAC day to one and all.

Jim Patterson
Craeg an Tueric
and relative of the lady who brought the Riverina Bluebell into Australia so that one also backfired on you also trying to upset persons about Paterson's curse lol.
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