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Tate hates Vietnam Vets like the War Protestors Did
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Author Topic: Tate aka "The Black Snake"  (Read 10637 times)
« Reply #5 on: Tuesday20April2010 »

still trying to flog his first truckload of first prints..........what a first class drongo and FWIT this clown of literary fame is.

Nothing more need be said about this first class prick......and one day he will cross swords with someone who will sit him on his arse.......!!!!!

have a great time on Anzac day fellas
[/b]....greetings from the new age PRC, where Anzac Day is unknown of.....I will have a private reflection with some mates who are Vietvets who work or live here in Beijing and toast you all
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« Reply #4 on: Monday19April2010 »

From: xxxxx
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 11:30 AM
Subject: Tate's travel log


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« Reply #3 on: Sunday18April2010 »

AVM long ago raised the matter of whether Don Tate fails the VEA 1986 Work Test. We say Tate fails the work test however it is not for us to decide and we naturally have no power to Review his Special Rate [ TPI ]. We have received the following email which includes a letter sent by the former DVA Minister Bruce Billson regarding voluntary work.
Tate is not engaging in voluntary work for an organisation. Tate is working for himself and Murdoch Books. There is a marked difference. Tate also receives income from his work which involves thousands of kilometres of travel and public talks. No doubt he uses the DVA provided motor vehicle for his travel. We also are aware that to write a book takes many many hours of research, writing and editing.
Don Tate has lost part of his Service Pension because of the income he receives from his work activities and we say the Commission [DVA ] should seriously consider reviewing Tates TPI under the VEA 1986 work test.
Sent: Saturday, April 17, 2010 3:11 PM

Thanks for the reply.
Further to Tate's Service Pension, he should be subject to a fully disclosed "audit", with the Commission compelled to act under Section: 24A to review his continuing eligibility for a Special Rate pension, because "THE SNAKE"  is obviously conducting a fulltime business, attracting ongoing remuneration.
THE SNAKE, is now writing a second book in the series, referred to as the WAR WITHOUT.   More fictional fantasy.
How many hours a week does he allow himself for writing and other requirements with Murdoch Press, in preparing for the publication of a second book?
I guarantee this book writing undertaking amongst other business related responsibilities alone accounts for more than 8 hours a week.
How many book tour library sessions has he attended?
How many MORE will he continue to conduct with not only the WAR WITHIN, but the WAR WITHOUT?
How many books has he sold at these venues, collecting $13.00 a copy?
Would this activity be considered a fulltime business enterprise. Of course it is, and someone should be doing the maths.
Please note paragraph 3 of Billson's letter, with THE SNAKE'S employment capacity definitely in contravention of the Veterans' Entitlement Act [Cth] 1986.
I know a person that would visibly and most proactively be out there demonstrating against this demonstrably unfair  "exception to the rule" if not for the APVO designed to silence him.
----- Original Message -----

From: Donald Tate


Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 12:59 PM

Subject: Fw: Tate...and allegations of tampering with photographs.... something about this.

Don Tate

author of the best-seller, "The War Within" (Murdoch Books)

and author of the up-coming, "The War Without"


 On Mon, 12/4/10, Jim Wiltshire wrote:

From: Jim Wiltshire
Subject: Tate...and allegations of tampering with photographs....
Received: Monday, 12 April, 2010, 12:41 PM

(Yes, the cretins are still at it). Anyone with any sense would have given up long ago. JimW


From: Donald Tate

To: Allen Petersen

Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2010 10:49 AM

Subject: Tate...and allegations of tampering with photographs....


I have received word that the faggot, "Fergus Fairfax" is playing with himself again and saying something about my changing captions on photographs at the AWM.


I'm heartily sick of shit like this from maggots.


I defy that faggot (and any other maggot) to put his real name to any such statement- and I reiterate that Barney Bigwood was solely responsible for captioning photographs (he's cc'd to this email, and might even have the balls to validate that.)


Oh...and the tour is going great....sales of "The War Within" are ballistic!

Thank you to those gutless, BOY-BOTHERING maggots at the AVM...your assistance in promoting the book is terrific.


Don Tate

author of the best-seller, "The War Within" (Murdoch Books)

and author of the up-coming, "The War Without"

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« Reply #2 on: Thursday15April2010 »

Well said everyone.

If someone sees TATE on ANZAC DAY.........please flog the FXXX out of him for me  (I am in China on business at the moment and cant get back for 25 April to do it myself) ..........when will this useless prick stop!!!!!

Oh, he made discreet inquiries about Mr ALLEN? .....  Well TATE, seeing you read this website, Mr Allen is a well respected lawyer and gentleman........much more than you will ever aspire to.......

TATE, get a, better still go back to Vietnam and finish your unfinished grubby turd of a man

Oh, it would be nice to actually view Tate  teaching teach in NSW post 72 you needed B Ed, Dip Ed or Teaching least formal recognised quals........otherwise you would teach at TAFE as a trade teacher.

« Reply #1 on: Thursday15April2010 »

What goes around comes around.
 Would like to see what they said at AAT. This was also going to happped he couldnt keep his gob shut.
« Last Edit: Thursday15April2010 by Nuidat68 » Logged
« on: Wednesday14April2010 »

The Black Snake

Donald Tate is a living definition of a perverse and tainted personality.  We currently hold a lot of emails detailing how much Tate hates his fellows from his dreamed up “2nd D&E Platoon”, because they won’t support his lies about the Thua Tich ambush.   If appropriate we may release some of that hate mail.

In the mean time, Tate is so stupid, he still believes that Fergus Fairfax is an ex Legal Officer from the Vietnam era who is now a Sydney Barrister. Read Tate’s email shown below. What a sorry husk of a man he is.

At least the “Dapper fellow” got it right when he thought he was looking at a “black snake”.

We are pleased to see DVA bring Tate to account for gaining earnings from his book, with an adjustment to his Service Pension. Tate claims to have fronted the "ADT Tribunal" we tend to think it was the Australian Appeals Tribunal (AAT) if that is so, we will publish a full report of the proceedings in due course.



--- Original Message -----
From: Donald Tate
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:23 AM
Subject: Re Capt Mason David Allen...former Legal....Vietnam 1969

How's this for chance......?
Yesterday morning, I attended the ADT Tribunal in Sydney concerning the reduction in my Service Pension created by the publication of "The War Within".
As I'm going up the lift- a dapper fellow hops in. He's wearing the RAS badge.
I said, "I see you've served overseas."
He looks at me like I was a black snake.
"Wherabouts," I said. "Korea?"
He looks at me sternly. "No, Vietnam."
"Oh, me too," says I, chirpily. "What years?"
'Same as me. Who did you serve with?"
He gives me an odd look. "Headquarters. I was in the Legal unit."
"Legal? I don't suppose you know a Fergus Thomson then? He's the barrister who reckoned he'd have court-martialled Bob Buick if he'd known about Buick's boast that he murdered wounded enemy soldiers. Some of us suspect he's also 'Fergus Fairfax'."
"I know Fergus."
"I suppose you'd be aware of all the crap on the net, then, concerning 'Fergus'?"
"Yes," he says. "Fergus has too much to say."
Then, he gets out of the lift without any further comment on a different floor to me.
I get to the Hearing room.
A little while later, in he comes. He's the Presiding Senior Member!
Needless to say, I lost my case.
His name...............?

When I got back to Wollongong, I made a couple of discreet enquiries.
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