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Author Topic: ZION replies to James Gunter aka "neil"  (Read 18435 times)
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« Reply #9 on: Thursday03June2010 »

By this time you have all read of the mysterious Neil James Gunter aka Gunter aka Sunray aka neil who has lied by claiming he is a psychologist.
We can give you some definite information on Neil James Gunter
Each computer has an IP [ internet protocol ]. This is just like your street address and an IP identifies every computer on the open internet.
The IP for Gunter today was

See the following

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1  Firewall (  5.859 ms  5.859 ms  5.859 ms 2  Opus-GW
(  5.859 ms  5.859 ms  5.859 ms 3 (  4.883 ms  3.906 ms  3.906 ms 4
(  13.671 ms  13.671 ms  13.671 ms 5 (  21.483 ms  21.483 ms  21.483 ms 6 (  23.436 ms  23.436 ms  30.271 ms 7 (  24.412 ms  24.412 ms 
24.412 ms 8 (  24.412 ms  24.412 ms  24.412 ms 9
(  206.058 ms  206.058 ms  206.058 ms10 (  211.917 ms  212.894 ms 
212.894 ms11 (  207.035 ms  208.011 ms  207.035 ms12 (  223.636 ms  223.636 ms  224.612 ms13
(  224.612 ms  224.612 ms  224.612 ms14 (  218.753 ms  218.753 ms  218.753 ms
We know his IP because we sent Gunter an email and when he opened the email we lifted his IP.
Don't worry. We have no need to do this with our communications with decent people.
We also did a trace on this IP and we can tell you with absolute certainty that Gunter lives in Queensland and he has a Queensland Bigpond account. We can also tell you that Gunter uses Firefox as his internet browser. We can also tell you he uses Windows NT operating system.
Now none of this would matter a tinkers bell to us under usual circumstances. However it matters a great deal to all of us who have been lied to and duped by Gunter.
Neil Weekes also lives in Queensland and he uses a Qld Bigpond email address. This is part of the header of one of Weekes emails and you can see how similar the IPs are.
Received: from ([])
          by with ESMTP
          id <>;
          Sun, 1 Nov 2009 03:36:40 +0000
Received: from neilPC ([]) by
          with ESMTP
          id <>;
          Sun, 1 Nov 2009 03:36:38 +0000
Message-ID: <53F90E66A7A947F78499EF1D0999BB10@neilPC>
From: "Neil Weekes" <>
We cannot say that the Gunter emails were composed on the Weekes computer. What we can say is both Weekes and Gunter live in Qld and  both have Qld Bigpond accounts.
We are attaching some technical information which will be of interest to all you boffins and tech nerds out there, and maybe others.

* GunterIP.jpg (43.93 KB, 1099x259 - viewed 991 times.)

* GunterIP_Visual.jpg (102.92 KB, 908x690 - viewed 1003 times.)
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« Reply #8 on: Wednesday02June2010 »

Well chase my little black duck. How many Mothers and Fathers did this bloke have??? Does he even know what, if any, family he is from? Maybe he is an orphan, and was adopted by Donnie Boy Tater, and has been led astray! Haaaa, well back to the footy.
« Reply #7 on: Tuesday01June2010 »

Is Neil Weekes “Neil James Gunter”? – You be the judge

A person using the name “Sunray” was removed from the AVM website for being an apologist for the Mad Galahs.

“Sunray” then identified himself as”James Gunter” who was interested in the welfare of the Veteran Community.  “James Gunter” left the source name “Neil” on a document that he distributed through the Mad Galah Petersen network.

When this was pointed out “James Gunter” became “Neil James Gunter” - phew – but it gets worse. “Neil James Gunter” then confessed to being a Psychologist who works part time in a practice that regularly meets with War Veterans. See his email shown below:

In a previous email “Gunter” showed an in depth knowledge of the trials and tribulations of Neil Weekes and of friends of Neil Weekes.

From: Neil James Gunter
Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2010 11:38 AM

 Dear Allen,

Just to put the record straight, SUNRAY is a Psychologist.

I am preparing a thesis towards my PhD (Psychology). As I work part time in a practice that regularly meets with War Veterans,

I became increasingly aware of the internecine correspondence within the Veteran community - cyber bullying, harassment, false allegations, etc. etc.

As a consequence, I elected to choose this subject for my thesis.  The proposed title is "Cyber Bullying and Harassment within the ADF Veteran Community." I am also an avid military historian, so this subject will allow me to combine both interests in my thesis.

I do not wish to become involved personally with any individual, as this could jaundice my thesis.  My intention is to show how the internet can be abused by individuals, causing enormous psychological damage to other Veterans, their families and their wider circle of friends.

I have no intention of communicating with individuals, however, it would be appreciated if you could advise Mr. Tate accordingly and thank him for his interest.  Would you also put this message out on your net, so that I will not be hounded by other people.

It is unfortunate that others have been implicated by my actions.  Hopefully, by declaring myself, this will put an end to any further nonsense regarding my identity.

Thank you for your assistance in posting my correspondence through your distribution network.

I hope when completed, my thesis will go some way to convincing politicians that there is a real need to introduce legislation to stop cyber bullying.

Best wishes,

SUNRAY  (aka James Gunter)

Now here is the truth of the matter:

Neil Weekes has form in that he previously used the pseudonym “Viper” in an attempt to deceive and discredit AVM.

"James Gunter" left the name “Neil” in the computer Properties section of a letter that he signed.   When this was pointed out by AVM, “James Gunter” changed his name to “Neil James Gunter”

In the above email “Neil James Gunter” claims to be a practicing Psychologist.

According to State authorities there is no “Neil James Gunter” or “James Gunter” in any State or Territory of Australia registered as a practicing Psychologist. If he is working part time with Veterans then he is liable to prosecution, and every State and Territory in Australia is now on the look out for the suspected “phony” Psychologist “Neil James Gunter”.

There is no “Neil James Gunter” registered as residing in any State or Territory of Australia on the Australian Electoral Roll. If “Neil James Gunter” is more than Eighteen years old he should be on the Australian Electoral Roll, not being registered on that roll is also an offence.

“Neil James Gunter” has an in depth knowledge of Neil Weekes the Mad Galahs and their friends and associates.

We know Neil Weekes was “Viper”, and he is suspected of being, “Sunray”, “James Gunter” and “Neil James Gunter”.

If “Sunray” “James Gunter” then “Neil James Gunter” is a real person then he is a liar and a fraud. If he is not a liar then he will be prosecuted for working as a Psychologist when not registered to do so.

The Occam’s razor (or Ockham's) principle has been used as a truism since it was first put forward in the 14th century.  One of the Occam’s razor principles is that "entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” and the conclusion thereof, that the simplest solution is usually the correct one.

In applying Occam’s razor, it is easy to conclude that “Sunray” aka “James Gunter” aka “Neil James Gunter” is not a real person and is either Neil Weekes or someone very close to Neil Weekes.

Unless “Neil James Gunter” pops up and says “My name really is “Neil James Gunter” and I lied about being a Psychologist, Neil Weeks will remain firmly under the spotlight and there is still more evidence to be disclosed.

By necessity, we at AVM use pseudonyms, but we do not “blather” on with lies and nonsense in the manner that “Neil James Gunter” has.

« Reply #6 on: Sunday30May2010 »

Gunter aka "neil" has sent a reply to my latest post in here.

This is AVMs response to him.


Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2010 6:07 PM
Subject: What is your ISP email address

Dear Neil James Gunter,
We have received your response to Zion through the usual indirect route via Allen Petersen.
We note you have issued your final word. It might be wise of you to counsel the mad galahs to issue their final words on all matters.
We have no intention of allowing ourselves to become side tracked by engaging in a tit for tat with you.
Simply put, you "Gunter", even if you are the professional psychologist you claim to be, are game playing and have lied.
Let it be noted that no professional psychologist, bound by his professional code of behaviour and applied medical treatments, would take public sides in matters. No psychologist would take sides even between two members in an intimate relationship.
The medical role of all psychologists is to treat impartially and not make moral or ethical judgments.
We correct you. Zion did not categorically say "neil" is Neil Weekes. He said he may be and who knows who the real neil is.
You have made it clear in your SECOND Petersen response that certain members of the mad galah splinter group knew how to contact you before you sent your initial Petersen publication. Why therefore did you hide your email address from all others?

And why would a professional psychologist use a nom de plume to join the AVM forum?

How infantile for a genuine psychologist to be using the email list of the mad galahs to make public pronouncement and to use nom de plumes in an online forum.
Zion says he wouldn't use you as a psychologist under any circumstances because of your bias and immaturity.
Gunter aka neil, we are a group of mature, world wise and street wise men who have been up many dry gullies and along many hard ridges in life. We don't swallow the sort of inane, immature drivel you have published of late.
Oh and Gunter. Anybody can dream up any gmail address they like. Why even the worlds largest search engine allows anonymity. Why use gmail? What makes you scared of using your ISP email address?
« Reply #5 on: Thursday27May2010 »


Not much to understand. This is not a Veterans entitlements forum the objective of the site is to oppose the rhetoric and embarrassment of the Mad Galahs.  If you want to do that, stay with us, otherwise depart. 

As suggested by Spartakus do your homework then decide.


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« Reply #4 on: Thursday27May2010 »

Kuttabul we suggest you read our website if you have not done so already. The website lists who the leading mad galahs are and displays the official service records of the main mouths.

There is a page on the website which explains just who the mad galahs are

The mad galahs began operations in late 2006 and rampaged around the internet without correction or revelations about who they really are until AVM published the website early last year. Some time later we then added this forum to provide a space for any others who stood against the behaviour of the galahs.

We have not manufactured their service histories, their utterances and we have not manufactured their abuse, defamation, coarse language and stupidity.

We have provided the evidence. We stay silent until the galahs open their mouths and then we expose their lies and nonsense.

Neil Weekes has consistently shown by his words, behaviour and actions that he supports the mad galahs as at least an apologist.

You are free to digest the information on the website and the postings in here and make up your own mind.

We are not motivated by hatred or malice. We are motivated by exposing the mad galahs and those who give them succour.

Almost irreparable damage has been visited on the Veteran communtiy by these fakes and we refuse to sit idly by while the good name, reputation and good character of the Veteran community, the ADF and many fine people are trashed.

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« Reply #3 on: Thursday27May2010 »

I have observed the too-ing and fro-ing of this lot for some time.  In my job I am in receipt of advice/progress reports from persons such as those who are members of the PMAC, including Mr Weekes.   These reports are not specific but rather general in nature  -  the last being a recommendation regarding the proposed pharmaceutical coverage for war caused injuries (note:  there was no mention of defence caused inuries) and how it would affect the veteran community.

Am I to believe that this person on the PMAC, namely Mr N. Weekes, is held in such low esteem by some that I should take his advice with the proverbial "pinch of salt" or is all of this stuff regarding those what call themselves the "Mad Galahs" tainting all sorts of common sense and/or advice  -  both for and/or against  -  just that  -  other persons opinions!!!???

It seems to me that there is a hell of a lot of energy being spent by a lot of people on stuff that even more people, just don't give a sh**t about.

We are all aware of the OBE awards   - "other bastards efforts" -  that have been awarded to those who served above us!! 

I am over it people!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not taking any sides  -  I am just trying to understand and/or appreciate the vehemence and hatred involved.



« Reply #2 on: Wednesday26May2010 »

There is sufficient prima facie evidence for any reasonable person to believe that Neil Weekes was involved in the writing of the “James Gunter” non addressed email, distributed through the Petersen network.

It must be distressing for a member of PMAC to be suspected of pulling such a stunt. Particularly considering that he has previous form in relation to the “Viper” affair.

Even before the “thumb print” was found on the attached document, specialists had advised that the most likely author of the “James Gunter” email was Neil Weekes.

It is believed that the email was penned in response to the “Phantom D&E Pl” Lobbyist photo appearing on AVM.  The author of the email claims that Weekes was proclaimed guilty by association in relation to appearing in the photo. It is believed that Weekes traveled to Canberra specifically to be involved in the Tate/Kelly disclosure.  “James Gunter” knows all there is to know about Neil Weekes so perhaps, “James” could enlighten us as to how Weekes got into the photo if it was not to support Tate’s hypothesis?


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« Reply #1 on: Wednesday26May2010 »

Some relevant comments regarding this statement:

"""Now I have left Donald Tate until last.  Much has been written about this man and his book. You either love or loathe the man, but surely if all the accusations that have been made against Tate are true, then why hasn’t someone taken him to Court? GIVE PEOPLE TIME. ANYWAY MUCH LEGAL OPINION HAS BEEN SOUGHT ON ALL GALAH BEHAVIOUR AND MOST ADVICE FROM SENIOR BARRISTERS IS IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME BECAUSE THE COSTS INVOLVED ARE HUGE AND THE GALAHS PROBABLY HAVE NO ASSETS. TALKING ABOUT BIG BIG MONEY HERE NEIL. I guess the answer to that is simple, you have no proof of your accusations and therefore the case would be thrown out of Court! I rest my case. We live in a democracy and Tate is free to express his views and opinions, whether they be right or wrong.  I have never met Tate and have no intention of meeting him. YOU CAN TELL A PERSON BY THE COMPANY THEY KEEP.""""

Tate in his gutless wisdom, sought from the courts in NSW, an order to prevent a veteran from making comments about him on the internet.  An order was granted, therefore the veteran was no longer able to defend the criminal defamation Tate and others of the Mad Galah ilk were levelling at him.

Just to illustrate the costs of taking an action for defamation:  I am not a lawyer but have sought advice on a defamation of myself several years ago....and this is what I experienced and is a guide ...

1.     Firstly the aggrieved party has to formalise a detailed statement illustrating all the facts and supporting evidence which constitutes the defamatory words.  (such as emails, letters etc) it yourself rather than pay a lawyer to draft a statement...the statemt is then formailised into an affidavit...and with witness Affidavits as well...
2.     The party then goes to a lawyer and seek advices as to prospects of success and costs to himself, armed with all his documents etc.  Usually the lawyer seeks the advices of a barrister or QC (SC) as to prospects of success and whether the statements and emails uttered do constitute defamation.

3.   Depending on these advices, formal plaints are issued and the parties prepare their cases on paper .....

Several matters are important when taking an action like defamation.....the costs of a trial, witnesses and their expenses...costs of lawyers and Counsel.....and the possibility that the action could fail and be left with your own costs and the costs of the opponents.

And does the Defendant (the one who made the defamatory comments) have sufficient assets to meet any judgment and damages.......and then consider the possibility of an Appeal.

To take on Tate, in the first instance you need funds.........estimated at $50K before you get to court........

I guess that is why many who have been defamed by the likes of Tate and the Galahs (Briggs and Wilthire and Corse who have uttered filthy allegations at veterans...) do not see taking action would justify the costs.

So this means that Tate and his ilk can continue to defame veterans, unless one veteran considers spending money to just make an example of these ARSEHOLES....

« on: Wednesday26May2010 »

Zion has received the following email sent out through the post via mad galah postman Allen Petersen. Zion particularly notes that no email address has been provided for the alleged "James Gunter". I find this interesting. We are forever hearing how much people such as "Gunter" dislike the anonymity of the AVM forum, yet here we have "Gunter" hiding his email address. He has obviously given instructions to Petersen to do this.

Now "Gunter" has circulated a word document [ attached ] via Petersen in which he rambles on, and on and on. Zion has inserted various comments in upper case in this rambling diatribe from "Gunter". You can see my comments below.

If you look at the attachments you will see that this document, allegedly compiled by " James Gunter" was actually compiled by somebody named "neil" A company is also named and that company is Hewlett-Packard Company.

So " James Gunter" aka Sunray is in fact somebody whose first name is "neil". The only neil we know who doesn't like us very much is Neil Weekes. Maybe tis him, maybe tis not. Who knows?

Oh and Fergus and Spartakus, the tactics worked wonderfully again. Another fake has been sprung. They always give themselves away when we lay the bait.

See Zion's comments in UPPER CASE in "Gunters" document below.

From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 1:31 PM
Subject: SUNRAY's Response to ZION

From: To: 'Allen Petersen'
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 7:34 PM
Subject: SUNRAY's Response to ZION

SUNRAY’S  (aka James Gunter) Response to Zion….NOTE NO EMAIL ADDRESS


It is ironic that although SUNRAY was ousted from the AVM, the AVM could not wait to respond to my posting to Allen Petersen about Fergus Fairfax on their website!

Zion, in response to your claim that James Gunter (SUNRAY) is NOT a Vietnam Veteran, you are absolutely correct and are hereby awarded ten points for diligence. However, it is apparent that you are suffering severely from retentive memory loss, as this was stated in my very first posting to the AVM.


And I quote   “I am not a veteran, nor am I affiliated with any association mentioned in the postings, but I do have a genuine interest in the Veteran community and their families due to the type of work I do within the healthcare industry.”

What you fail to accept is that I have no interest in the so called Mad Galahs or the AVM as identities, OH IS THAT SO? WELL WHY THEN DID YOU JOIN THE AVM FORUM AND WHY THIS VERY LONG DOCUMENT? I THINK YOU HAVE GREAT INTEREST IN MATTERS GALAH. but part of my portfolio includes counselling Veterans. There are numerous issues that are of concern to the Veterans, hence my interest as well.  I was directed to this site (AVM) by several Veterans who are appalled by the conduct displayed by both contributors and full members.WELL WHILE YOU ARE COUNSELLING THOSE POOR MAD GALAHS OR WHOEVER YOU MIGHT SET ASIDE SOME TIME FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ABUSED, THREATENED, DEFAMED AND INTIMIDATED BY THE MAD GALAHS. OR DON'T THEY COUNT AND IS YOUR "COUNSELLING" SELECTIVE? IT SEEMS IT IS OK BY A "PROFESSIONAL" LIKE YOU TO SEE THE MAD GALAHS MAKE LIFE A MISERY FOR OTHERS?

Until I entered your forum, I had never heard of the Mad Galahs and still do not know any of these people today. YES? AND I HAVE A BRIDGE I WILL SELL YOU.

Let me say clearly that SUNRAY applauds the AVM for trying to expose those who fraudulently obtain money from the Government through false claims. GUNTER OUR AIM IS CLEAR. TO SHUT DOWN THE MAD GALAHS. WE HAVE NO OTHER CHARTER, NO OTHER AIM.

SUNRAY also applauds the AVM for trying to expose those “wannabees” who illegally wear official medals on their left side.   However, my understanding is that there is no present legislation to preclude people (veterans or normal civilians) from wearing unofficial or unauthorized ‘medals’ on their left. These unofficial ‘medals’ have not been approved by the Queen or by the Governor General.GUNTER OUR AIM IS CLEAR. TO SHUT DOWN THE MAD GALAHS. WE HAVE NO OTHER CHARTER, NO OTHER AIM. WE SUPPORT ANZMI AND ALWAYS PUBLISH THEIR UPDATES ON WANNABES AND FRAUDS.

Perhaps the AVM could expend some of its energies and influence to have the Defence Act 1903 amended to make this practice illegal! FOR A NON VETERAN YOU SEEM TO UNDERSTAND VETERAN LEGISLATION.   

However,there is no doubt the AVM has lost its way and contributors have become immersed in their own invincibility and infallibility.  The AVM has become a Star Chamber. If contributors do not follow the so called party line, they are ousted quicker than they can blink and automatically labelled “a Mad Galah.”  For the most part, we all know this is nonsense, but somehow it makes AVM members feel they have prevented another catastrophe of epic proportions. I have not been able to find an association that is operated by the so called Mad Galahs.GUNTER OUR AIM IS CLEAR. TO SHUT DOWN THE MAD GALAHS. WE HAVE NO OTHER CHARTER, NO OTHER AIM. WE STATE PUBLICLY THAT NO MAD GALAH OR MAD GALAH SUPPORTER OR SYMPATHISER WILL BE ALLOWED MEMBERSHIP. TOO BAD IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT.

Zion, perhaps you should get your facts straight before you make further accusations, after all you clearly have issues with memory retention!  It may pay to have it checked out soon.

It’s not that long ago that the AVM stated that SUNRAY’s identity was in fact Bob Elworthy….seriously wrong, YES THAT TACTIC WORKED GREAT  I had never even heard of this gentleman. Now Zion is having a further dig suggesting “Weeks and Gunter” (to quote) "have common aims and objectives”. OH DEAR GUNTER. WHO SAYS ZION SAID THAT? ZION POSTED IT. BUT WHO SAYS HE COMPOSED IT?  All hearsay and all irrelevant, but if it makes you feel good going to print with this rubbish, who cares.  It’s all nonsense and you know it is. SUNRAY (James Gunter) has never met Weeks.MAYBE NOT. BUT YOU DO SHARE THE SAME FIRST NAMES. However, it is obvious that ZION hates Weeks with a passion. NAH HATE IS A NEGATIVE EMOTION. I wonder why….is it because Weeks was a National Service Officer and was promoted to a higher rank than ZION, or did Weeks kick ZION’S backside for being inept? Who knows and quite frankly, who cares?  ZION has made some rather scathing comments about Weeks being a National Service Officer and not having a complete understanding of the military ethos. It certainly would be enlightening to know what your qualifications are, ZION. AH THAT'S FOR ME TO KNOW AND YOU TO FIND OUT.

Smoke and screens, cloaks and daggers, what else do you need to demonstrate your great powers to your contributors?                                               

Zion, you have no authority to demand anything from me.SOUNDS LIKE THE ATTITUDE OF A FORMER BRIGADIER.  Anything offered is provided by my own free will and certainly not because you have called me to account. After all, you belong to a group of people who are anonymous YES OF COURSE WE ARE ANONYMOUS. OR DIDN'T YOU NOTICE? and therefore lack all credibility. The AVM do not respond when asked to provide proof when they make accusations, so why expect others to respond to your demands? GUNTER YOU ARE RESPONDING. In fact the AVM takes no responsibility for anything, particularly its full members.  So I repeat, what makes you think you have any authority to mess with other people’s lives? GOLLY GEE YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT THE OPERATION OF AVM THAN WE DO.

Love your work Zion… "list these astounding statements and accusations one by one…by dot points say 1 to x”.  I did laugh when I saw this – the only thing you are in control of is your own lunch box, so shut up and eat your lunch!

Anyway back to business….

I was ousted for daring to ask some simple questions, now I have some further comments to make. YOU WERE THROWN OUT BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAD GALAH SUPPORTER AND SYMPATHISER. END OF STORY.

Terry Westerway.  Who cares if Terry Westerway was a “failed soldier” and father?  What has this got to do with him being a “Mad Galah and what business is it of yours in the first place. It is appalling that such personal details about individuals are posted onto the AVM.IT WAS WESTERWAYS OWN DAUGHTER WHO MADE THE STATEMENTS ABOUT HIS FAILURE AS A FATHER. AVM HAS POSTED HIS PUBLICLY AVAILABLE SERVICE RECORD.  What gives you the right to judge this man?  There is no justification for this. Now that being said, go ahead and accuse me of being a Mad Galah, that’s how ridiculous you all are. I don’t give a damn about Terry Westerway, OH REALLY but I do care that you hide behind your pseudonyms and attack people when it is none of your business. GIVE US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS  By the way I have never met this man nor do I have any desire to. YOU KEEP SAYING YOU HAVE NEVER MET SO AND SO AND YOU ARE NOT A MAD GALAH OR SUPPORTER. TOO MUCH PROTEST AND APOLOGY GUNTER.

This is what I mean when I say the AVM has lost its way….it’s now a bunch of vindictive “old” men who have no integrity or honour, otherwise they would limit their postings to facts and not gossip that is both detrimental and demoralising to those who fall victim to the AVM. WE HAVE POSTED OFFICIAL SERVICE RECORDS AND WE NEVER MAKE OTHER COMMENT UNTIL THE MAD GALAHS SEND OUT INFORMATION. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SAY. IF THE GALAHS SHUT THEIR MOUTHS WE WILL SHUT OURS.

Whilst you sit and judge the likes of Terry Westerway, Don Tate and others, from the security of your Star Chamber, OH SO DRAMATIC GUNTER you are viewed as a bunch of gutless wonders, attacking innocent people, such as George Mansford for instance, UM WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GEORGE MANSFORD. IF YOU DIDN'T SERVE YOU WOULD KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS MANS SERVICE AND RECORD? a man of great integrity and an outstanding soldier. REALLY. AND HOW DO YOU KNOW? It is shameful that George Mansford’s character should be under attack by the likes of Fergus, again without any proof. These accusations are indeed demoralizing and hurtful to members of his family, who know that this accusation is a lie. GEORGE IS MAN ENOUGH TO DEFEND HIMSELF.

Thanks to an extensive collection of postings saved from the net, particularly around the time Brigadier Weeks and Fergus were engaged in some interesting dialogue, I quote from an extract from an email sent by Fergus to Brigadier Weeks regarding George Mansford.

Statements can well be contradictory if there is a time gap between. One statement can describe a person at one particular time and another statement can describe the same person at another time. I stand by my original statement about George and I also stand by what was said recently. What he did was most irregular. He set about inciting excitable veterans to take physical political action of an intemperate nature.

Fergus has never come forward with any proof of this accusation. It’s easy to be a hero, when you can hide from view. 

Then Fergus set about targeting Brigadier Weeks, all without proof. Evidence of this can be found in various postings made on the AVM, Allen Petersen’s mail list and Maryann Martinek’s site.  He was found guilty because he was photographed with Don Tate.  Guilty by association – another Star Chamber analogy.SO DRAMATIC GUNTER, SO DRAMATIC. WEEKES CAN HAVE HIS PIC TAKEN WHEREVER HE WISHES BUT IF HE IS GOING TO SHOW HIS PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR THE MOST VILE, VICIOUS TROUBLE MAKER EVER SEEN IN THE VETERAN COMMUNITY [ TATE ] THEN HE MUST BEAR THAT RESPONSIBILITY. The above statement (highlighted) clearly demonstrates how Fergus operates. Again, I state that James Gunter has never met Weeks – sorry to ruin your day again, ZION.

According to records published,Fergus later apologised privately to Weeks but never publicly apologised. After barking like a mongrel dog, making false accusations that apparently caused Weekes, and his family, enormous grief, Fergus went underground for a while, WE NEVER GO UNDERGROUND. WE TAKE OUR TIME, DELIBERATE AND SAY NOTHING WHEN THE GALAHS SAY NOTHING nothing demonstrating once again that his actions are not that of an honourable man, but of a well heeled coward! OH DEARIE ME NEIL...TEMPER TEMPER. SUCH AN OUTBURST.  The AVM believe they are the authority to set the record straight.NAH WE JUST SPEAK THE TRUTH. WE JUST DON'T LET THE GALAHS GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. SIMPLE. As self proclaimed judge and jury (in their own words) they do not care who gets hurt in the process.WELL THE GALAHS KNOW ALL ABOUT HURTING PEOPLE EH? OR DON'T NON GALAHS COUNT IN THE HURT STAKES?  Well done fellows, you can hardly be called men of honour or integrity - over bloated cowards and bullies would be more apt. TUT TUT

The AVM Administrators keep telling us they are not responsible for the material posted to the AVM website WRONG AGAIN. WE MAKE OUR FACTS AND OPINION KNOWN ON THE WEBSITE. WHAT MEMBERS POST TO THE FORUM IS THEIR BUSINESS. OR DON'T YOU LIKE THE IDEA OF MEMBERS HAVING THEIR SAY. THERE IS A TECHNICAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE WEBSITE AND FORUM. by their contributors. However, most of the obnoxious postings are made by the “full members” and the “administrators” themselves.  The AVM never offer an opinion on these postings, so it must be assumed that they support everything that is posted!!! WE BELIEVE IN LETTING MEMBERS HAVE THEIR SAY. WE DON'T ALLOW ANY SUPPORT OF THE GALAHS. WE MAKE THIS CLEAR.

Furthermore, you keep forgetting, that you have no authority whatsoever

                                       to call upon Veterans or anyone else for that matter, to account.                                                           


Now I have left Donald Tate until last.  Much has been written about this man and his book. You either love or loathe the man, but surely if all the accusations that have been made against Tate are true, then why hasn’t someone taken him to Court? GIVE PEOPLE TIME. ANYWAY MUCH LEGAL OPINION HAS BEEN SOUGHT ON ALL GALAH BEHAVIOUR AND MOST ADVICE FROM SENIOR BARRISTERS IS IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME BECAUSE THE COSTS INVOLVED ARE HUGE AND THE GALAHS PROBABLY HAVE NO ASSETS. TALKING ABOUT BIG BIG MONEY HERE NEIL. I guess the answer to that is simple, you have no proof of your accusations and therefore the case would be thrown out of Court! I rest my case. We live in a democracy and Tate is free to express his views and opinions, whether they be right or wrong.  I have never met Tate and have no intention of meeting him. YOU CAN TELL A PERSON BY THE COMPANY THEY KEEP.

On a final note Zion, seeing you are hell bent on calling me to explain my rationale, I would like to ask you to explain this for me. A recent posting on the AVM by SPARTAKUS states “Fergus Fairfax was invited to become the AVM Global Moderator and Fergus accepted.”  How noble of him!

I recollect that Brigadier Weeks challenged Fergus about this very subject some time ago.

 This is what Fergus had to say….

“Firstly, I am not involved in the administration of the AVM, just a contributor”

On another occasion…

“I don’t have any ownership or control over the AVM whatsoever.”

And in October 2009….

Fergus again stated “ I don’t own or control the AVM, I only contribute to it, like everyone else.The  appointment of “Moderator” was not my doing and I don’t do any moderating.  What others say on the AVM is their business. (Whatever, Fergus?)  As far as I can remember, I only respond to actions of others, mostly Mad Galahs.   In your case it was the unfortunate photograph you had taken at the AWM giving visual evidence of your support of Tate, his phantom Platoon and therefore support of Tate’s contention that

Military generally and particularly officers at HQ1ATF were corrupt in relation to the D & E Pl  issue.There are also lots of emails around where you are included as an addressee with Mad Galah main players. (There are lots of emails around that include politicians as well as declared “Mad Galahs”.  Does this mean that all these politicians are also “Mad Galahs”?)


When did it become law that the AVM had the right to challenge anyone about their associations with other Veterans and vilify them publicly? It seems there is a real problem here.

Seeing the AVM is quick to make assumptions, even about the identity of James Gunter, SUNRAY would like to make his own assumptions about the Global Moderator. OH THAT APPOINTMENT TITLE "SUNRAY" IS A SURE GIVE AWAY. ONLY SOMEBODY WITH MILITARY EXPERIENCE WOULD UNDERSTAND IT'S SIGNIFICANCE AND USE. SUNRAY MEANS COMMANDER. HOW APT FOR YOUR NEIL.

There is no doubt that Fergus is a well educated man who writes with great knowledge and authority. Fergus can be charming and yet quite arrogant. Those who know Fergus agree that he can display both qualities at the same time.  He is secretive by nature and his character description fits that of Jekyll and Hyde. Oh, and he hates,.being challenged. His blood pressure rises quickly. Fergus has the cunning and know how of a well oiled snake. Fergus’s style and content of writing reveals he has extensive knowledge of the law and quite possibly he has been in legal practice. He also seems to have immediate access to personal documents, because as soon as someone makes a contradictory statement to AVM policy, Fergus posts every minute detail about that person’s military history. To do this he must have immediate access to the NAA or to Defence records!! GEEEZ  THIS SOUNDS LIKE THE NEIL WEEKES ASSESSMENT OF FERGUS WHICH HE PUBLISHED ALL OVER THE PLACE. GIVE UP BOYS. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHO FERGUS IS, GUARANTEED. GOODNESS THE DINNER AT YARRALUMLA LAST NIGHT WAS DECLCIIOUS.

So Zion, why are you so confident that the true identity of Fergus will remain a mystery?  Strange that you would feel that way.

Finally Zion, (and this is where I almost doubled up on the floor, or did I throw up can’t remember?),I must be getting your symptoms…  ZION insists that SUNRAY is a Mad Galah, WELL MAD GALAH, MAD GALAH SUPPORTER, MAD GALAH APOLOGIST, ALL THE SAME. again without proof. SUNRAY isn’t a Mad Galah nor does he wish to be….but  Zion isn’t  listening.. oh well, we will humour ZION and print his dramatic finish to his posting.

As quoted by Zion:

"Goodness what hypocrites you galah lot are. It was the galahs who appeared in late 2006, abusing, lying, threatening, denigrating and intimidating all and sundry.  We published the AVM website in January 2009.  Up until that time you lot had free rein.  Nobody confronted you and showed you up for the vile fakes, wannabes, sickos and liars you are.  That’s why you detest the AVM and that’s why you want us to go away.  We won’t be going away Gunter."

Now, that is unfortunate, ZION.

"We will hound you around every corner, along every ridge and up every valley as long as you keep opening your mouths and spewing forth lies, fakery and abuse."   (Loud applause for Zion!)

Is this a quote from “Gone with the Wind” perhaps? or maybe from “The War Within”, whatever it is, it adds such drama to the occasion. Then again ZION could be trying to emulate Winston Churchill’s ALWAYS WAS A CHURCHILL ADMIRER. famous quote:  “We will fight them on the beaches, etc. etc.”

Is it possible Zion has missed his calling? DAMN. NOW JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK MY EMPLOYMENT AND PROFESSION WERE AND ARE? Perhaps he should concentrate on script writing for a drama production and vent his feelings that way.  Who knows, it may be the beginning of a whole new career for him.  None too soon!

However, perhaps there is a more sinister plot afoot.  Is it possible that the AVM is racist or far worse, a bunch of mad men trying to convince themselves that are the super race for all mankind?  Heaven help us all! DESEPRATE TACTICS NEIL.

According to the AVM, there is only the AVM, and everyone else is a Mad Galah. NAH, JUST THE REAL MAD GALAHS. WE NAME THEM PUBLICLY AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM AND MAKE EXCUSES FOR THEM. Now this does sound like a Conspiracy, doesn’t it? “   

 Whatever happened to equal opportunities?  Is there a case for discrimination against the Mad Galahs?

After an exhaustive evening and a few laughs, there are no words left to pen that are deemed suitable for print.

I have asked  Allen Petersen to distribute this WHERE'S YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS? via his net as I have been ousted from the AVM so I cannot reply directly to ZION.  However, knowing how quickly the AVM moles posted my last message, I know that they will get this to ZION, as I would hate to give him the impression that I would not respond to his pathetic claims.

James Gunter (aka SUNRAY)





There ya go neil aka James Gunter. Cherry pick that all you like and make another long winded response full of apologia, double speak and Freudian slips. In the meantime I will get on with my daily life.


* Sunray_doc.bmp (3566.42 KB, 1558x781 - viewed 1058 times.)

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* SUNRAYs_Response_to_ZION.doc (50 KB - downloaded 535 times.)
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