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Don Tate Fraud Liar Wannabe Closet Paedophile and Closet Gay
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Author Topic: Muller Has A Say.  (Read 6341 times)
« Reply #2 on: Thursday27May2010 »

Mad Galah Noel (Molly) P Muller is a tenacious liar. Everyone inlcuding DVA know he is a cheat a fraud and a bully.  His atrocious behaviour has been broadcast to the world, and still he clings to his revolting falsified Navy History, where he has elevated his very ordinary service to heroic proportions.  He says "I was a Navy Diver in the Far East who confronted death on many occasions"  In fact, he was a junior sailor, visual communicator, who was found to be colour blind and chose to be sacked rather than change his job.

Muller is just one of the many "Wannabes" in the Mad Galah fraternity, others are Kirkman, Patterson, Moon and Eather-Evans


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Oh damn. I will never sleep tonight. I am in tears. Such a tragic, tragic story of such a ruined life from such an heroic War hero. I just can't believe that DVA and the VVCS could be so heartless.

Having read all about this poor, hard done by War Veteran I just cannot understand the lack of empathy and support offered to this poor bugger.

Read up on his tragic, heartfelt case like I have done and then please, email him, offer him support and do a sit in outside DVA in your capital city.

You can find him here
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« on: Thursday27May2010 »

From the Advertiser comments section 9 Feb 2010

Posted by Noel P Muller  SA  Posted at 12:14 PM February 09, 2010
Kara DVA Assessor, "Saluting their service" says your departments motto. I have suffered from PTSD since very early 1960's and the Malaya Crisis. I have been to VVCS and my FULLY TRAINED COUNSELLOR went to sleep while I was discussing my problem with him. I did not go back again. I have FOUR Psychiatrists Reports all clearly independent and conducted over the 50 years I have suffered PTSD, submitted in a claim TO YOUR DEPARTMENT, they were rejected by your Assessor. They stated that my PTSD was Service Caused by each of THE FOUR PSYCHIATRISTS. Your assessor ruled against my THREE CLAIMS stating that in HIS OPINION, MY PTSD WAS NOT CAUSED BY MY MILITARY SERVICE. I was a Naval Diver in the Far East and confronted DEATH on many occasions. Your VVCS is a CROCK, PTSD will never be healed once contracted, it can only be managed by Drugs and proper Psychiatric Counselling. THAT I MANAGED, I am 67 years old and do not know how much longer I must live wih this curse of war. VVCS indeed, they are a waste of Tax Payers Money.

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