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Tate hates Vietnam Vets like the War Protestors Did
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Author Topic: Mad Galah vitriol  (Read 25032 times)
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« Reply #9 on: Monday02May2011 »

I wonder where these Mad Galah idiots hold their annual convention?
Most likely a telephone booth.
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« Reply #8 on: Monday02May2011 »

The hysterical drama queen and mad galah mailman Allen Petersen is spewing forth his gossip and silly nonsense again. This time he has published some information from proven fraud and wannabe Harry Kirkman  Kirkman was well and truly outed as a fake on the ANZMI website some time ago.

Not to be outdone these two have colluded to try to bring down Barry Billing. Barry Billing is a very ill man and has been for some time. Attacking innocent and ill War Veterans has never been beyond the galahs, and Petersen, being true to himself as a gossipy old woman has posted Kirkman's rubbish around the internet.

The rubbish from Kirkman is contained in the attachment at the end of this email.

However there is just one problem with fraud Kirkman's information. The LCDR who Kirkman refers to is a purveyor of misinformation and innuendo and is well known in DVA and AAT circles for his inaccuracies and misrepresentations.

See here

Lt Comd Atkins is a Conspiracy theorist in the style of the Mad Galahs. See here what the AAT said about him: 

See here more about his gripes:

The bloke is a nutter, however because he was a LT Comd the Galahs are putting him forward as an example of a person who knows that the DVA system is all conspiracy, dishonesty and fraud.

And this is what that gossipy girl Petersen published, with the attachment below

From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Cc: Cyberone
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2011 12:52 AM
Subject: Barry James Billing
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2011 3:09 PM
Subject: FW: Barry James Billing
Remember him? A former high-flyer in the VVAA?
He's a mate of Arthur Clive Mitchell-Taylor's!
See the attachment....


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« Reply #7 on: Monday28June2010 »

Shadow – My apologies, I forgot that according to Barry Corse in an email to the Prime Minister of Australia on the 21 Sep 2007 Briggs had conspired with the CO of 5RAR to murder an Australian Army Officer whilst they were on Clandestine Ops in Cambodia.

For those who haven’t read Briggs’s "war record", below is a direct quote from what Barry Corse's told the Prime Minister.

“Briggsy has discovered that his first tour as a grunt with Colin Khan, 5 RAR, just got deleted, perhaps because like some of the 5 RAR lads who went of to Cambodia to kill charlie. Minor problem here, "no aussies served in Cambodia, it was not permitted. Maybe the ASIO way in the Fraser era was to simply seize and destroy ALL military records that were not palatable. Colin Khan helped Briggsy volunteer for a RAE change of corp and back to Vietnam as a tunnel rat, Colin may have been concerned that Briggsy may have disposed of an incompetent officer, hence the mutual agreement send him back to the controlled killing fields. Briggsy proceeded to screw up, was awarded a yank Silver Star and got reprimanded by his aussie commander for winning a bloody gong when he was where he wasn't supposed to be.”

Jeeeeeezz no wonder Briggs writes such funny stuff and does such silly things, the poor bugger has the Cambodian flux.


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« Reply #6 on: Monday28June2010 »

Well how could Briggs be spared for Army service when he was so badly needed by ASIO for all the clandestine stuff.Anyway the poor chap was probably so spun out and PTSDd out from the secret Cambodian Ops any further Army service was impossible.

Why don't cretins like Briggs just go away and crawl back under their rocks. If those affected by the DFRDB debate and I am one of them don't choose to sign a petition then it is their business and none of his. It has nothing to do with him whatsoever.

I'm not sure it was PTSD he was spun out on. More likely LSD which has addled his tiny mind.
« Reply #5 on: Monday28June2010 »

Well how could Briggs be spared for Army service when he was so badly needed by ASIO for all the clandestine stuff.Anyway the poor chap was probably so spun out and PTSDd out from the secret Cambodian Ops any further Army service was impossible.
Ric T
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« Reply #4 on: Monday28June2010 »

Fergus, I agree with your last  post entirely.

As a National Serviceman myself, I saw many others who, (for reasons known only to themselves), made every effort to disrupt the orderly day to day operations of our unit.

A number of these persons did not even have the commitment to complete their Service obligations, and I know of others, like the afor mentioned MG Briggs, who tried to enlist in the ARA but were considered as unsuited to further Military Service.

Those individuals aside, I can say without fear of contradiction, I found the "Nasho's" with whom I personally served, men of honour and integrity.

It is unfortunate that there are always a few 'rotten apples' in the barrell.
« Reply #3 on: Monday28June2010 »

Savage1 my choice of words was most satisfactory. You are pedantic and over sensitive. The inference in the heading was that Briggs was refused enlistment into the Australian Regular Army because of his failure to cope as a Private soldier, not because he was a National Serviceman. The term "National Serviceman" was used in the heading to illustrate that Briggs's military experience was limited to two years service.

Because of the Army Training System, by the end of the two year committment National Servicemen were no different from Regular soldiers. 

The debate is about Briggs's behaviour and the Mad Galahs, not National Servicemen.




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« Reply #2 on: Monday28June2010 »

Fergus the manner in which you used "National Serviceman" I find unnecessary and insulting to National Servicemen who served this country.  A better choice of wording would, to my mind, be more appropriate.
« Reply #1 on: Sunday27June2010 »

Mad Galah Briggs who spent two years as a National Serviceman in the Army and was rejected for enlistment into the Australian Regular Army wrote the email below.

His bitter words suggest that the wider veteran community is apathetic to the problem of indexation of DFRDB and according to him this was illustrated by the paucity of signatures that appeared on an internet petition doing the rounds.

We suggest, the problem is not apathy but the fact that the Mad Galah and ANZAC Alliance Party drone Bernie McGurgan has been associated with the issue and other Mad Galahs like Corse, Briggs and Wiltshire were urging veterans to sign the petition.

The problem is that as soon as decent veterans see the Mad Galahs and ANZAC Alliance Party are involved they "dry retch" and turn their backs.

The Mad Galahs, despite their very popular Brigadier supporters and the advice from their pseudo Psychologist “Neil Gunter” are poison to the veteran community and are seen as ridiculous naïve dills by real centres of influence in the ex Services community.

Put the name Mad Galah or ANZAC Alliance Party on any aspect of Veterans’ business and it is doomed to failure.

What a mob of drongos.



From:   Briggsy  Date: 26/06/2010 4:08:44 PM

To: undisclosed-recipients

Subject: Fw: Military Super - Game Over ?

This is an appalling result, given the amount of time and effort put in by a lot of hard working people to make this happen. The continued advertising and posting of this petition on this network and others and the numerous discussions, one certainly expected a better response

The only explanation for this poor response is the laziness of those that always expect that "some c..." will always be there to take care of business. The truth is that in these matters the some c.... You rely upon is you, and this lazy attitude may well amount to the status quo prevailing

Out of the 14000 that signed the petition, many like myself are not effected by the super issue, but we felt strongly enough to try for equity for our young ANZACs. The message this response sends, is that our current super recipients are not concerned enough over the issue, to simply stand up and be counted

Should this issue get a second chance then I urge all to have the courage of your convictions and stand up and be counted, even if it is for our young and future ANZACs, because I am certain they need it if you don't     

Regards Briggsy

ANZAC Alliance Rule of law:

« Last Edit: Sunday27June2010 by Fergus » Logged
« on: Thursday24June2010 »

This week Keith Tennent has re-entered the Veterans' political fray with some erudite comments about matters political in relation to the Veteran community.

I have never spoken to, or met Keith Tennent, however I do know that he has been distracted as a pundit for the veteran community because he was mercilessly attacked by the Mad Galah mob.

The attack started when three drunken Mad Galah yobbos disrupted a church service that involved Keith Tennent. One of the people involved in the church incident was Charlie Bartkus, the church would not identify the other two  Rockhampton men. The actions of this trio started a disgraceful campaign against Tennent.

This trio of intemperate miscreants had been given personal and confidential MEDICAL information from a DVA claim file that was in the hands of Keith Joyce another Rockhampton Mad Galah . The documents were then passed to the leaders of the Mad Galah group and in particular Corse, Briggs and Wiltshire and Tate.  The reason that Joyce was an enemy of Tennent was because Joyce had destroyed the Rockhampton RSL and there is a clear record of dishonest and corrupt dealings by Joyce.  The State RSL in its lack of wisdom chose to keep the matter in house, rather than make formal reports to law enforcement. Joyce was subsequently banned for life from the RSL.

Because Tennent was opposing Joyce’s criminality, Joyce spitefully passed confidential DVA MEDICAL information to his Mad Galah mates who then extrapolated the "Mole hill" of  information into a mountain. The Mad Galah people – Corse, Briggs, Wiltshire, Tate, Westerway, Krikke, Holder, Bell (non veteran) and others then set about Tennent in a manner never before seen in the Veteran community.

Tennent was only part of the Mad Galah target. They systematically made scurrilous allegations against other respected and decorated Veterans, the Veteran community and the Defence Force in general.Their attack included ex Warrant Officer First Class Bob Buick MM,  the then Governor General, Major General Michael Jeffery, AC, CVO, MC (Retd), General Peter John Cosgrove AC MC, ex Captain Class One Ron King OAM [ Military Division ] the Australian War Memorial  and others.  It is unfortunate that the Mad Galahs were given encouragement from other ex Senior Army Officers who cannot proffer the excuse of naivety, their support was intemperate and unforgivable.

The quality of Tennent’s comment about Veteran politics is amply displayed in the almost daily emails distributed to centres of influence throughout Australia. The Veteran community is poorer for the diversion suffered by Tennent at the hands of the Mad Galahs.

There is no doubt that the Mad Galahs are the most divisive, dishonest unprincipled group of unstable malcontents ever to appear in the Veteran community.

They are now a spent force and decent Veterans should never allow the likes of such a rude corrupt group to exert influence on the Veteran community ever again.

Keith Tennent has emerged from the Mad Galah madness as strong and intelligent as he ever was and we look forward to his leadership in the Veteran community.



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