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Don Tate Fraud Liar Wannabe Closet Paedophile and Closet Gay
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Author Topic: Tate Rambles on about nothing in particular & everything in General.  (Read 7543 times)
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« Reply #3 on: Saturday24September2011 »

Just had a fleeting thought.  Little Donny Boy reckons he is so good/great that he wrote a book about himself. My thought was if LDB was so good/great how come no one has written a book about him or been mentioned in any one else's book?
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« Reply #2 on: Sunday04September2011 »

I think Tate is off his meds again.  Boy does he talk a whole lot of crap.
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« Reply #1 on: Friday02September2011 »

Ho ho ho. Goodness me. Whatever you do NEVER NEVER EVER employ Tate or Weekes as Private Eyes. You will just throw good money after bad, end up with a dossier of useless information and have any Court case you might be relying on thrown out.......slap bang wallop. How embarrassingly psychotic and paranoic are these people, Tate in particular? It is just embarrassing. The truth, as usual, is much much simpler. We are not going away no matter how many lies Tate and the galahs tell, no matter how many threats they make and no matter what boasts they make.

Oh and Donnie boy, try your hardest to tie AVM in with physical bashings etc all you like. We have never ever employed anybody to bash anybody up and never encouraged anybody to do any bashing. You bash yourself up enough without anybody else wasting their time on you.

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« on: Friday02September2011 »

One must remember whilst reading this delusional  persons ramblings, that not all veterans of the Vietnam War are as affected by their lac of courage as this infidel is. Tate carries an extremely vile grudge against all service personnel who completed their tour of duty, some thing he failed to do as a result of war wounds and a failure of senior staff not recognising his exceptional bravery. Tate suffers from an acute case of Delusional Grandeur, aggravated by a Sense of Self Importance which is not being treated and only growing worse each day. He realy does need help.

Read on.

From: Donald Tate <>
Date: September 1, 2011 6:16:48 AM EDT
To: "" <>, anita <>, Allan Roach <>, Ann Lewis <>, Matheson Family <>, andrew hetherington <>
Cc: "" <>
Reply-To: Donald Tate <>

Feel free to distribute this at your whim............

An article by
Don Tate
(1900 words)
When Vietnam veterans marched a fortnight ago, they purported to celebrate those who fell in the war at the battle of Long Tan and elsewhere in the war. They expected their fellow Australians to accept the notion that they are on par with veterans from other wars- especially in regards to those proud Anzac traditions the nation holds so dear.
But among the ranks of those veteran marchers is a hypocritical element – vile men who trash those traditions in the most ugly, and secretive of ways. It is in stark contrast to the image they want the world to think of them.
These are the organisers and contributors to one of the most cowardly and un-Australian of web sites- Australian Veteran Matters (AVM).
Ostensibly a web site designed to present various forums on veteran matters, it is, in fact, nothing of the sort. In truth, it is the buffer between a beleaguered, self-serving hierarchy of former military officers hell bent on silencing any man who discredits senior officers, or military history.
By claiming to expose ‘wannabees’ and ‘frauds’ within the veteran community, it takes advantage of flawed army administration, and by judicious use of obfuscation and character assassination, shoots the messenger stone cold dead.
All the while, it is accountable to no one. Its contributors may defame and slander at will – and despite many of its contributors being well-known criminals (including a self-confessed murderer, and fraudster or two) no one dares call it to account. No politician. No media commentator. No Police Commissioners.
An impotent Australian Federal Police force simply refuses to enforce the legislation clearly set out in the Telecommunications Act (Section 474: 17).
Thus, the cowards and thugs proliferate.
Like vipers, it attacks all those who dare voice an opinion outside the consensus, and attempts to drag down any man who dares to rise higher than the mob. But it saves its most savage and dirtiest work for those who dare expose corruption or incompetence within the military, those who don’t maintain the notion of “espirit de corps”.
Men like me.
Despite being seriously wounded in action in the war as an infantryman, being the only one to run to the aid of a whole section of men already dead or wounded, risking my own life to save others, spending the next two years and more in hospitals afterwards, and remaining permanently physically disabled as a consequence of those wounds, my contribution counts for nothing in their eyes. I was not even given an M.I.D. for my bravery, the maggots awarded those who did nothing over my self sacrifice and bravery.
I am regarded as a pariah by a section of my fellow veterans. I have been issued with death threats on more than one occasion and threats of physical violence by many others.
On January 11th this year, those threats were realised after I provided nine members of the Federal Parliament with documents outlining the corruption of our military records- and then let the veteran community know I’d done so.
As a consequence, it now forms the basis of a major complaint currently being undertaken by the international law firm- DLA Piper. At last, here is an organisation that cannot be influenced or corrupted by outside forces.
But by doing that, and advertising the fact, I may as well have put a bulls-eye on my forehead.
I was bashed not far from my home on the Princes Highway , in Shellharbour. As bashings go, it wasn’t the worst I’ve had- a few stitches, black eyes, severe bruising, umbilical hernia, disabled left elbow. It could have been a damn sight worse.
But it was enough to send me a clear message- that the military ‘establishment’ meant business, and it wasn’t going to allow an upstart ex-private to upset the status quo.
What’s more, the bashing was delivered with utter contempt for the law. “This is from the AVM”, I was told. It was followed up by a vicious blow to the stomach, and the words, “And this is from ‘Fergus’”.
“Fergus” is short for “Fergus Faifax” – the “global moderator” of the AVM web site. Although not formally identified, “Fergus” gave away aspects of his identity, by accident – as have others on the web site. He is a senior-ex-officer who loves orchids, and was once posted to New Guinea for a term. Those pursuing him believe he is a coward who never saw combat or hardship of any sort – evidenced by the fact that he must hide behind a pseudonym to do his dirty work.
His accomplice, “Spartacus”, is known to be a former sergeant of artillery, known to have once raped a young boy, and drummed out of the army as a consequence.
Strange bedfellows- and they have attracted a like-minded band of followers.
They know that state and federal police have little interest in identifying them, and chasing down their web site. “Jurisdictional problems”, or “a lack of resources” are invariably trotted out as reasons why not.
The AVM boasts of it.
In one posting on the AVM web site, “SPARATCUS” (the administrator) states: “Without giving away the nature of our security measures, sleep easy at night. The AVM systems are completely secure. The only way individuals may be identified is if they themselves tell others that they contribute to AVM and also tell others what their handles are. The only other way individuals may be identified is if they themselves, when making posts, somehow expose their identity. Even if individuals do these things the authorities have to prove that it was that individual at a given time who was sitting at his/her computer who made a particular posting.”
Very cocky. Perhaps misplaced though, given recent activities by politicians, and enquiries currently under way.
So why the special attention given to me?
My crime has been to write a memoir in which my recollections of the war accurately reflect my experiences, observations, and opinions of the Vietnam War, and my fellow veterans. It is told as a young, naïve soldier saw it. It also detailed a unique, military scandal still unfolding, which the most senior ex-army officers have been at great pains to cover-up for almost four decades.
I refer to the 2nd D&E Platoon matter, and my memoir, “The War Within”.
Although others have also been targets of these perverted madmen (including a couple of our most celebrated of military men- Brigadier George Mansford AO, and Brigadier Neil Weekes MC AO) I have become the most recent target of a relentless campaign. They have attempted to sabotage my book, destroy my service history, and muddy my character.
The AVM reserved its most venomous and most sustained attack against me because I proved a military cover-up had taken place after events of May 30th 1969 in Vietnam , exposing senior officers as liars and frauds in the process, and for exposing the fraudulent awarding of gallantry officers.
And because I didn’t lie down and take it.
While other targets didn’t have the heart for a fight, or preferred to turn the other cheek, I have fought the AVM maggots, tooth and nail. I never did run from bullies.
Their campaign against me caused me some angst. No doubt about that. But over time, my fellow soldiers validated my infantry service across all three units; my peers and intellectuals have lauded my book; and while not perfect, my contributions to my community over thirty years are well regarded, documented, and rewarded with national honours.
What it did though, was increase sales of “The War Within” as readers wanted to learn more about the controversies and corruptions surrounding the infamous 2nd D&E Platoon, about the reality of what war does to a man in general, and how the Vietnam War did so much damage to the psyche of those who fought it, in particular.
Still, mud tends to stick. That’s the worst of it. It’s difficult to shake off.
But at a time when we celebrate the Anzac traditions with new-found enthusiasm, the fact that this is a new ‘war’ being waged by the lowliest and most foul of Vietnam veterans, is significant.
Forget mateship and honour and all that guff.
Sure, there are those who will argue that this is to be expected from a troubled minority group like the Vietnam veterans. It is, after all, a fragmented, disaffected minority group like no other, inhabited by men with a seething anger at losing a war, who lost their youth and their health in a futile enterprise, and who still alienated to a great extent from the greater body of man by the prolonged media exposure that turned so many minds against the warrior. These are men not only fuelled by rampant PTSD, but by the knowledge that within most lies a toxic time bomb, ticking away which may impact generations to come.
In reality, it is a community of men still at war. Not just with the society which still finds reason to revile them despite the decades of platitudes poured upon us since the Welcome Home march, but within its own ranks. 
It is a community of malcontents that sees injustice at every level, be it from those previous leaders who were prepared to use soldiers as expendable pawns in the pursuit of ‘gallantry medals’, to the politicians and governments of the day in respect of devalued pensions and superannuation, and from the courts where the impact of war service on the psyche is rarely understood or made allowance for.
Then again, there are also those who always had criminal predilections and inherent character flaws who use their service in the war (as little as it was in many cases) as an excuse for abominable social misbehaviour.
Mischievous, idle hands abound. A manifest madness exists.
And the AVM web site utilises such talents.
But when next these men march with medals glistening in the morning sun, one needs to ask these question of such men – while they will pretend some overt display of Anzac pride, can there a greater expression of true cowardice than those who choose to hide in such shadowlands? What does it say about any man that he would prefer such an existence? What is it about themselves or their own service that they are hiding or running from? Or have they no true understanding of what being a man is really all about?
Make no mistake, without exception, you can be assured that these rock throwers are insufficient ‘men’, as men go. Physically deficient. Socially inept. Failures at work or play. Men without wives most likely. Talentless and tainted men. Men whose sense of manhood left long ago, hand in hand with any notion of decency, honour and integrity.
Some have already been exposed and shamed. Some are yet to be outed, though there are individual legal actions already in place in an effort to do so.
The greater tragedy is that criminals who are so devoid of substance and moral fibre that they must hide behind pseudonyms and inhabit a dung pile like the AVM like rats in a sewer, will march alongside men of true grit and honour on Long Tan Day and Anzac Days and have a beer or two afterwards – and no one will notice the difference between the two.
Only when the beast goes home and looks in the mirror, is the true identity realised.
Roll on, the DLA Piper investigation!

Don Tate, Vietnam veteran '68/'69
ex-4RAR; ex-2nd D&E Platoon; ex-9RAR; ex- 1Mil Hospital
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