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Author Topic: Barry Corse, hero of Coral, outed by former 2 RAR member.  (Read 8584 times)
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« on: Sunday05May2013 »

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Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2013 8:04 PM
Subject: Barry Corse

    I stumbled across your website by accident whilst doing some research on Don Tate who featured in a very old repeated episode of the TV program RPA when he presented himself to have a hip replacement carried out due to his being wounded during his Vietnam Service.
    One name on your web site touched a memory chord that being Barry Corse 9 Platoon Commander C Company 2 RAR 1967/68 tour, after reading the file notes I would make the following comments:
    I don’t disagree with the general opinions of Barry Corse as expressed on your site, as a private soldier in C Company during the first tour he left me cold as to his soldiering abilities & man management approach, as to his perceived exploits during the 26th January 1968 & I quote his views on the matter:
“The AWM have the detailed exploits of 9 Platoon Charlie company making the first major combat assault on the 26 January 1968, we kicked a NVA company plus out of their defensive position, they got angry and after 7 counter attacks and 16 hours they wandered of to Saigon. I asked for 5 decorations and got 1 DCM “we have used up our quota” 
    My views are as follows:
        9 Platoon were detached from the Company & “encountered” the bunker complex, the platoon called for help & were immediately reinforced by the Company, at this stage I spoke with Graham Norley from 9 platoon whilst he was having a minor wound dressed. Shortly after that the VC put in a number of attacks during which Graham was killed, we stayed the night (no choice really), they attacked several times next morning & Jock Davidson an attached medic was killed whilst trying to help a bloke called Chris who had just had his nose shot off, the fighting was over by about 1100 hours that day & we left the camp. Two things that immediately struck me that we were bloody lucky not to be over run & that it was the only time we never buried their dead, just left the bodies piled up in the camp plus one bloke who was killed in a bunker after refusing to give up.
    As regards the DCM that was awarded to the COMPANY CSM  a bloke called Reg Jones an extremely brave soldier who took charge & in my opinion saved the day & the next day as well, his DCM write up speaks for itself, Barry Corse as platoon commander would have had little to do with this award other than agreeing his arse along with ours was saved by Reg Jones
    I have enclosed a photo taken 1/6/68 as we were being trucked to Vung Tau to catch the boat home, Barry Corse had found time from his “exploits” at Coral & other places to come & put shit on us for going home, the photo does complete justice to the individual, not many of us looked as good as he did on that day. note pressed greens, name tag, turned down hat plus side arm & the way he wears his watch.
    As the years have passed I have progressively become extremely agitated as to the “ numbers of Veterans who claim that their files detailing their EXPLOITS have been lost or destroyed” as a consequence I have (and for a very long time) had nothing to do with the whole Veterans community, associated agendas & claims to fame, however the claims of Barry Corse has left me cold.
    At a personal level & despite being a TPI since 2004 I have requested that my name be removed from the DVA rolls as regards service in Vietnam I can be found in the book published by 2 RAR following their first tour plus I hold no membership in any Veteran's groups or association. I live with the shit most days I don’t want other people reliving or telling me about their exploits.
    As per your web site please respect my privacy & whilst you can quote my above opinion as regards the “exploits” of Barry Corse keep my name out of it. For further confirmation I can be contacted on …………..
PS The battalion log of 2 RAR for 26/1/68 covers the above matter very well & doesn’t mention Barry Corse ONCE just the reality of a very big shit fight


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