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Don Tate Fraud Liar Wannabe Closet Paedophile and Closet Gay
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| | |-+  Sob boy tate confronted with the truth by Bob Buick and supporters
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Author Topic: Sob boy tate confronted with the truth by Bob Buick and supporters  (Read 47211 times)
« Reply #7 on: Tuesday07May2013 »

Bob is correct. Kelly knows nothing about the Vietnam war apart from what he has read and yes he was told he was to shut his mouth and that his statement was incorrect. It is the AWM which decides the war history of Australia, not little politicians from nowhere.

Kelly will be told to ignore this latest Tate bully boy email in all probability.

Why doesn't Tate try this matter on with the Libs? Why? Because they would laugh at him. Maybe he thinks being a Labor supporter entitles him to special treatment by the Labor party.

The man is a nut case and is fighting a losing battle all on his own. Has anybody seen anything for the last two years in support of the Tate lies and flights of fancy?
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« Reply #6 on: Tuesday07May2013 »

OMG, and that doesn't stand for Owen Machine Gun, the boy just can't help himself. Here he goes again and he still can't get his facts correct.
Did Bob Buick wear the LS&GCM for "years" as Little Tater Boy claims, "illegal wearing of the LS&GC Medal for many years that he had no right to," no he didn't.  That matter has been settled and put to bed but anyway, read on..............

From: Donald Tate
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2013 8:48 AM
Subject: Matters Concerning your Validation of the 2nd D&E Platoon
Letter sent to the Hon Mike Kelly MP last night.

Don Tate,
Vietnam veteran '68/'69;

134 Princes Highway
Albion Park Rail 2527
Ph: 02 42562658
6th May 2013
The Hon Mike Kelly MP
Minister for Defence Material
Dear Sir
You will recall that on the 29th May 2008, you called me and a number of others to Parliament House, Canberra where you announced that after careful evaluation of the evidence presented, you officially recognised the existence of, and activities of, the 2nd D&E Platoon.
One of those present at that meeting was Brig Neil Weekes AM MC (Rtd.) who attended as a representative of the PMAC on veteran matters, and as a witness to what was being said.
As you also know, despite your announcement that not only would the platoon be recognised but be 'forever enshrined in the histories of the war' (your words) the AWM refused to accept the decision.
Since then, we have been dogged by stooges within the veteran community who have continued a campaign of vitriol about the matter.
Most recently, I received an email from Bob Buick (yes, the 'hero' of Long Tan who actually ran for his life during the battle and left wounded mates behind) who sent it across the veteran network, and said (sic):
'Mike Kelly believed Jenny George, who is Don's favourite Labor MP, who was lied to by Private Tate because she knows nothing of the military and a soft touch. Also my information is that Kelly was not authorised to make a press release or comment on Tate's claim on the 2nd DE Pl and was told never to do that again. Tate's use of a peripheral ex-Military officer MP, who was post-Vietnam, and a lawyer, to comment on matters military in which he was never trained demonstrate how desperate Tae was to find a yes man.......'
Disregarding Buick's poor grasp of language and syntax, there are a couple of points from that letter that need to be responded to.
As you might also be aware, Bob Buick has powerful friends, or friends in high places- and they have been able to protect him for many years. The protection has extended from stifling investigations into his admitted (and evidenced) murder of an unarmed, wounded, enemy soldier on the battlefield the day after Long Tan, to the  (evidenced) illegal wearing of the LS&GC Medal for many years that he had no right to, to (evidenced) clear breaches of the Telecommunications Offences by virtue of his administration of the AVM web site.
So when he states that it is 'my information that Kelly was not authorised to make a press release or comment on Tate's claim on the 2nd DE Platoon and was told never to do that again', I'd ask you straight- is that correct? Were you 'not authorised' to do so? And were you 'instructed never to make a press release again'?
There are many veterans interested to know whether Buick does indeed have the ear of insiders, or whether he is nothing more than a lying buffoon who continues to dine out on the bullshit still spinning from Long Tan.
Yours Sincerely
Don Tate
PS Whoever is responsible for your web site needs to spell 'material' correctly! It's not a good look.

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« Reply #5 on: Sunday05May2013 »


Did you read the intelligence report put out by Tate from a super sleuth Tate mate which exposes once and for all time just who owns and operates not just the AVM website but also ANZMI!!!! HO HO

It makes fascinating reading and even we learned about people who are part of our systems whom we didn't know about.

So now AVM sits here trembling in our boots as we await the doors to be knocked down by God knows whom to haul us off to prison for a very long time. Dear of dear, we did say we should get our personal affairs in order one day.

This super sleuth is a nut case and probably some ex Sig radio operator who thinks he should have been hired by ASIO.

The sleuth's email is all drivel and huff and puff by somebody who has become excited because they think they have discovered ARIN WHOIS. Tens of millions around the world use ARIN every day to trace IPs and domain names. This little mind has stumbled on what he thinks is an important piece of information and then ran off to ARIN to get the result he wanted and expected.
His method and his conclusions are rubbish and prove nothing.
Anyway, the ultra intelligent thug is all tip and no iceberg and we are trembling to our toes as we await the arrival of the police.
The police have no interest in shit fights in the Veteran community and many of them would support any attempts to out wannabes.
If the police allowed anybody to broadcast the evidence they hold of any suspected crime to the world via the internet that evidence immediately becomes inadmissible in a Court.
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« Reply #4 on: Friday26April2013 »

Out of the blue the foul mouthed Tater Boy strikes again. One minute he is telling all that his book was selling like hot cakes and the next he is attempting to garner support from a library or two in an effort to sell his far from the truthful book.   
Then the next we know is with no forewarning, no public gibes, no lead-in emails just straight out verbal diarrhoea from his fetid mouth he continues his rabid attack on decent and genuine veterans who have never said a bad word against any other decent and genuine veteran.  Read what the rabbit has to say below:

From: Donald Tate
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7:32 PM
Subject: Re Buick

Got the letter below from someone who seems to have some knowedge of various things to do with Buick.....
Don Tate,
 Hi Don
I have attached a couple of documents that can be disseminated, with the following thoughts;

I have been sitting in the background watching the behaviour of some individuals twho have bought, nothing but utter disgrace to the Veteran Commuinity - and I have identified those culprits who have done this, and I am ashamed to call myself a veteran.

Mr Buick - you think you are so clever, but you are not; I am a direct decendant of the person who nominated you for your MM and I can tell you you have bought pure DISGRACE to this Honour, and as it is said around our dinner table in hind sight now, knowing what you are like as a person today - YOU would never have been nominated you for that award back then.
"How do you feel"Huh - (This was another Veteran recently returned from Afghanistan, a Cpl - not me)
I agree with Allen Peterson - stop this childish behaviour - no - wait - wait - wait out - to late you have gone to far with the websites and the illegal Anti Social behaviour - you have been handed over to the National Secuirity Agency - for breeches of National Secuirity. Thats right you are going to Jail, and the D.A.R.T. is coming for you and your associates and I can't wait to see the end of you, and your dispicable Associates. I hop you wallow in the idea that it is a commonwealth crime that you have committed - and this carries a 25 year Jail sentence (mandatory) and anyone who is associated with this or even has knowledge of this, and fails to report this crime -  automatically; it carries a 17 year sentence - without paroleI

So, I ask you to how does it feel to be a hunted criminal; who has bought disgrace to our great Nation and it's history of Men and Women who served it with the ultimate sacrifice; Or was it the same reason why you fled  South Africa in 1954??? I might have to contact the United Nations and see, what do you think Bobby Boy!!!

You do what you think (Mr Cmphrept1 from ANZMI & Spartacus (AVM)), I have provided lengthy statements with alot of It evidence about your websites and have shared these thoughts with the majority of my colleagues currently serving our Nation (along with the names associated with the 2 websites) - and as a result it has become apparent that this behaviour is totally unacceptable and as a result it has directly impacted on the young veterans that have returned from Afghanistan, Iraq & other Operations, who now have been affected by these childish draconnius rants on the 2 websites.

The soldiers of today are being removed from the festivities as a result of these websites - Shame on you - as Allen Peterson said " Stop this garbage and let the past go - the Veit Nam war was 40 years ago. I agree take the Negative that you have endured and help all veterans move on and guide them to a better future as a Sergeant should!!!

I have been thinking about these interesting comments and have seen a lot of pain and suffering on the individuals who have fallen victim to the ANZMI / AVM personnel and in particular the pain and anguish coming from those who are enjoying these taunts.

I have often wondered why there are people who show themselves in this way and, I can simple say that in our life travels we experience some good things and some not so good, we learn from the Bad and be humble in the Good things. We can use the good things to show humility and remember things as we enjoy our later years in life to reflex our input into society.

Those who have become entrenched in the past and have to re - live the past times over and over again and Reflect on the Bad acts that they have committed  - shows these less then mentally rounded people lack the capacity to show humility; but use lay means to attack others who are having a tough time of re - adjusting after the bad things they have endured, this in it's self shows the poor feeble mindedness of the extreme lonely people who will go too, to make themselves look and feel better. One would gather that it isn't working as they are still doing these weak minded attacks on people via e - mail or the ANZMI / AVM website. How they must be weak men, not able to be humble and spend their later years in life with their families, and enjoy their company.... or do they hate their families as well!

What was the old saying:

May No Soldier Go Unloved
May No Soldier Walk Alone
May No Soldier be Forgotten
Until They Come Home

Which was further endorsed in the song by Redgum "I was Only 19""- " You wouldn't let your mates down til they had you dusted off".

As we all went through basic training and the training was to look after yourself to look after your mates - well it appears this hasn't happened with you and ANZMI / AVM Investigators, you must have been at the Medical Centre getting your noses and Tushies wiped for the period they were at basic training and missed the fundamentals of Soldiering  -   I ask did they come home or did we leave them behind or should we have left them behind. As the Greatest Trait of a Australian Soldier is Humility - which he passes onto his sub ordinates or Reio's / Jubes to make these soldiers into the equievillant or better then oneself - as this is one of the main reasons why Australians Soldiers today are recognised as a fighting force; we have become so renouned throughout the World - Learning from our peers, Learning the Laws of Humanity, Learning the Laws of Armed Conflict - Completing Missions without fault or creating a International Incident -  can you Men show humility - if you can't show humility what have you done that is so, so very wrong that you and your associates have to keep deflecting away from yourselves - A true Champion is able to reflex upon them self and there actions -  these childish games attacking our own, shows the lesser trait of person who could never be taken as a person of virtue or be considered as honourable; as the traits that they have been displaying is one of someone who has done something so very wrong in Life's past and won't except that their actions of old are recognised as bad behaviour today and is socially unaccepted - a bit like the current dictator of North Korea or Adolf Hitler - and Just queitly no one liked them either.

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« Reply #3 on: Sunday21April2013 »

Congratulations To Bob Buick for fronting this maggot and Wantta bee during his presentation of his Fairy Tale and Mickey Mouse Movies. I would have loved to have been there.

Donnie Boy is a gutless coward as most liars are.  God knows the police must do their job, and protect that pile of dung against the accusations of Vietnam Veterans who are fully aware and know the truth and had "stayed the course". Also I can understand the apprehension of the chief Librarian not wanting a free for all or any other sort of disturbance in her library. She excepted that Squirts story about his heroics, and how he won the war stories even though the Military Chiefs  tried to hinder him.
She had to protect the council property, it was her responsibility.

It is blokes like this Donnie Boy who damage the credibility of the Honest and Brave Veterans. When people start to distrust the Wantta Bee's because they see and read the truth, it damage's the reputation of those who don't go about embellishing their history, or making up their involvement's in actions.
Donnie boy will not stop and  he will go down in history as the Greatest Lyre that the Vietnam War produced. It is a pity that he never wrote the truth because heaven knows that war does need truthful clarification and decent people to put it all together with out the Fairy Tales and chest beatings of drongoes like Tate.
« Reply #2 on: Saturday20April2013 »

After AVM published the news from Bob Buick to the world about fake tate, we received nonsensical emails from some usual ferals and fakes.

Two were from Noel Molly Muller and Terry Westerway.

As usual they made all sorts of claims and told the usual lies. Among the claims were again who owns and operates the AVM systems. As usual claims were made without any proof at all, which as we know has been the habit of the mad galahs over the years since 2006. Apart from the stupidity of these people they are far wide of the mark when making guesses about the ownership of AVM. Keep trying boys and one day you may " stumble" on the truth. No legal admissable evidence has ever been produced by these clowns who think if they tell lies often enough people will believe them

Westerway is here

Muller is mentioned all over the web

Happy hunting to the galah kiddies. They seek them here, they seek them there, they seek them everywhere.
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« Reply #1 on: Friday19April2013 »

What I would like to know is how much skullduggery went on behind the scenes between Tate and the SCRC.
Who ordered the presence of the gendarmerie?
Tate after he had filled the SCRC ears with all things  bad about that big "bully-boy" Buick or that he was going to be out numbered by "real" Vietnam Veterans?
Or was it the SCRC afraid that genuine Veterans might just raise their collective voices in disgust at a genuine wanker?
These and more questions are yet to be answered by "boltless" Little Donny Boy.
« on: Friday19April2013 »

From: =========
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 8:52 AM
Subject: Tate- Kawana Library - Media report

Today Don Tate had a promotional presentation of his book and film at the Kawana library on the Sunshine Coast at 1000 hours, there are others at 1400 hours at Nambour and 1830 hours at Caloundra libraries. I advise the Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC) that I, and other VVs will be attending to listen and ask Tate questions and will be attending the Kawana library at 1000 hours. I also advised the SCRC of Tate’s history and included the press clip from when Tate assaulted a wheelchair navy veteran and that he was charged with assault and received a 2 years good behaviour bond from the magistrate, there were three police and two units at the library, I suppose in case Tate went ballistic due to his criminal assault form.


I was told in no uncertain way that I must observe protocol, allow Tate to do his thing without interruption or comment. I and the other dozen or so VVs followed this protocol but I was gagged by the SCRC Manager of libraries when I stood up to introduce myself and explain why I was there and told to sit down, this was before Tate started his thing, the tone was set.


Tate’s presentation was as expected, a self-promotion bleeding-heart story about himself and how the army, and the world has treated him so badly. It lasted for forty minutes with his film for another thirty minutes, the film was too long and like his presentation followed the same sympathy plea.


I wrote out two questions, ensuring I did not blow it and followed the protocol they were, firstly about his book and film: Tate on three occasions refused to accept my question until other veterans present support me against the Manager of the Kawana library who intervene on Tate’s behalf – my first question was.


“Congratulations of your book. Is your presentation and book a plea for sympathy from those who do not know you because your attitude and aggressive abuse towards other veterans using the internet and especially bloke like me and senior officers including MajGen Steve Gower then the Director of the AWM is well known by some here today?”


Tate immediately attacked me for having to read my question and went on to abuse me about my service and book, claiming that he has spoken to many veterans on his tours and they all hated me and agreed with him. This of course heated the room to simmering and when I went to ask my second question I was totally gagged by the SCRC representative, my second question that I was not allowed to ask was,


“You know it is a fact that there never ever was a 2nd D&E Platoon and you were posted to HQ 1ATF (D&E PL). You harangued Jenny George your local federal MP to took your case to Mike Kelly MP who released a press release that there was a 2nd D&E Pl and that was your agenda?”


Other veterans then asked questions about his book and his writings, all were put down by the SCRC manager. The room temperature raised to boiling after three other veterans asked Tate about his lies and misrepresentations, one walked our when told to sit down and the veterans started to demonstrate their gagging by the SCRC people. Tate left the room under the protection of the library manger calling us cowards etc, and the veterans copped flak from a handful of civilians who know nothing about Tate (except he is an author) and less about the military. The meeting closed and the VV were herded from the room so I expect Tate would have re-entered to continue his falsehoods, bile and self-promotion.


I thank the VV who attended numbering about a dozen. Some will get this email and I encourage them to write to AVM about their experiences and recollection of this event. In discussion after we were outed had a common thread, Tate is a wanker, self-centred and is still abusive because of the aggressiveness toward those asking questions. There three police officers and two unit in attendance, their instructions I was told was to quell any disturbance, the only one I know who has a criminal conviction for criminal assault is Don Tate himself.


Thanks to all for your support today and in the past, for me today was a must, to face off with one who in his own words “hates me with a rage”.


Tate is a nobody!


His life as a childhood and adolescent years was no different experienced by many of our generation who served proudly in our respective services, some with multiple tours. His self-generated sympathy agenda with his book and film has conned many including Paul Ham who he speaks highly of. However those who disagree with him have become Tate’s are sworn enemies. For me having faced off with this is misguided bloke who had done nothing extraordinary will never get my sympathy that he sadly seeks daily with his promotions and use of the internet to abuse, harass and cause concern to so many who proudly worn our nation’s uniform.

* sob_boy_tate.jpg (130.03 KB, 861x768 - viewed 1941 times.)
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