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| | |-+  Vietnam Vets Museum supports personal attacks on Vietnam Veterans
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Author Topic: Vietnam Vets Museum supports personal attacks on Vietnam Veterans  (Read 26587 times)
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« Reply #9 on: Tuesday27August2013 »

You are so right Zion. 
I was attached to an American unit for some time but there is no reference in my records to that effect, all I have is what I wrote in my letters home.
I also spent 3 weeks in the US 3d Fd Hosp but there was no entry in my medical records however I did get the required information about 10 years after.
So, Little Tater Boy, don't worry yourself, you're not the only pebble on the beach but you don't hear me yelling about how my records were falsified.
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« Reply #8 on: Tuesday27August2013 »

Lying liar tate may be in breach of FOI and Privacy Law

Open the attachment

As an aside, we know of many Vietnam Veterans whose Vietnam War records are incomplete through clerical error. We know of one case where the VV has no medical records for the war, however this Veteran has received all his Lawful entitlements and has no complaints against the system or how he has been administered by Defence or DVA.


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« Reply #7 on: Tuesday27August2013 »

Lying liar tate confronted again over his lying lies

Open the attachment below to read the liars latest lies

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« Reply #6 on: Saturday24August2013 »

I always thought the museum was on Phillip Island.
Correct CD. These are the contact details.

57 Phillip Island Road,
Phillip Island 3925,
  (03) 5956 6400

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« Reply #5 on: Saturday24August2013 »

I always thought the museum was on Phillip Island.
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« Reply #4 on: Saturday24August2013 »

In the last week AVM has published emails from Gary Moseley in which he logically and rationally challenges the behaviour and words of Don Tate. During this time we [ NOT MOSELEY AS TATE LIES ] have called for a boycott of the Vietnam Veterans museum at PHILLIP iSLAND, not because it is selling a book for profit, but because it is selling a book which attacks the legacy of all Australian Vietnam Veterans, in particular the legacy of the dead 509 Australians who died as a result of this country’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

For any Veteran museum to take money from a book which viciously and falsely attacks any Veteran of any War in such a self congratulatory and deceitful way is tantamount to treachery. Australia has seen various objective, factual and well written books which examine the wars this country has been engaged in and there has been some logical, valid and reasoned criticism of our involvement as a Nation in some cases in these wars. Never ever has a book been sold by any War Veterans museum which engages in vile and untrue personal attacks on War Veterans based on hatred and a desire to inflate the author’s opinion of his own service and his consequent life after war. This is vile behaviour and we condemn it unreservedly.

Consequently to this boycott call Terry Westerway and Kevin Bovill sent out emails in support of this sick behaviour which has been embarked upon by Tate and the museum at Phillip Island.

People are sick to the teeth of the trendy do-gooders in society who make all the excuses under the sun for criminal and vile societal behaviour around the country and across society. We see it day after day. Somebody will engage in the most despicable crime or anti social behaviour and there they are, the trendy, mindless do-gooders, making excuses for the perpetrators and condemning anybody who stands up for the victims. The current trend is to punish the innocent and excuse the guilty in many areas of life. We see it day after day, even in our Courts, where some in the Judiciary let criminals, thugs, vandals and psychopaths off with a virtual slap on the wrist. It takes people of courage to say that something is wrong and then to stand against it publicly. Westerway and Bovill fail this societal test and have shown that firstly they are shit scared of bringing the wrath of Tate down on them by speaking out for what is right and secondly by gutlessly supporting vile attacks on their fellow Vietnam Veterans. Their behaviour is a disgrace.Westerway and Bovill have made a decision to stand with the vile attacks on the personal and military lives of their fellow Vietnam Veterans. History will not forget their behaviour. Tate’s latest book is not a history book, it is a hate book, and no wonder no other outlet around the country will sell it apart from the Vietnam Veterans museum at Phillip Island. Decent book outlets know what this book really is and they want nothing to do with it. That is called standing on principle and acting with ethics.

Let's take a closer look at Westerway and Bovill. Westerway is a failed Soldier who was thrown out of the Army before his enlistment was concluded as being unsuitable for military service. He is also a failed father. Some years ago a female became a member of the AVM forum and we had no idea who she was until she emailed us identifying herself as Westerway’s daughter. She sent us several emails and we asked her if she wanted to publish her information in the public forum. She said yes. We told her we would draught a posting and send it to her for her approval, which we did. She agreed to the posting in which she describes, among other things, how Westerway deserted her mother, herself and her brother for another woman and then never provided any financial or moral support to them as children

You can read more about this wannabe Artillery expert and fake here
His Military history

Bovill is a former SAS Warrant Officer Class Two at retirement. If you want to know the reputation of Bovill in the SAS somebody from his SAS era might be kind enough to contact you like they did us and give you an insight into how he performed his duties of rank. Bovill apparently was a big shot with a big mouth who always had plenty to say, but was never much good at follow through. In recent years he has tried to set himself up as the moral guardian of the Australian Defence Force and the ex Service community by sitting on the sideline, watching everything doing the rounds, doing nothing for the welfare and benefits of the Veteran community and then, when he thinks we all need to be pulled into line, putting his fingers to the keyboard to act as the old wise one who has all the answers for everything in the community. He is all piss and wind and has a very large opinion of his own importance in the Veteran community.

We could say much more but this missive has developed into a far longer presentation than we had hoped.

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« Reply #3 on: Saturday24August2013 »

Tate runs as Moseley Confronts him with truth [ to read the latest see attachment below at the end of this post. Just click to open.]

From: Hamish Allan
Cc: All Maggots HQ ; ; Pablo Chavez ; ; ; Gibbo ; Aniqa Mannan ; ; James Bennett ; Sara Popper ; Keith Tennent ; Keith Harwood ; ; ; ; ; Terry Westerway ; Allen Petersen ; Harry Kirkman
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 8:38 PM
Subject: Re: FW: A very reasoned and logical response from Gary Moseley

Terry Westerway wrote: "I have sent emails to addresses that bounce?
News to me!! I dont bother sending to addresses that bounce. Curious
that none of the recipients have replied to say that they are not

I've been asking Terry since 2009 to stop sending me emails. For
several years now, my account has been deleting mails from him and
several others automatically; I only see the ones that are replied to
by someone who I haven't yet added to that kill list, such as Jim
Wiltshire (now added). I also received Gary Moseley's email recently,
which I think was the most balanced thing I've ever read on this
distribution list. I wish him all the best in his defamation case.

Westerway has been lying his way around the internet for many years. He is a pathological liar. Just ask his daughter who outed him in this forum several years ago. More on Westerway and his hijinks later.

* Tate_runs_as_Mosely_confronts_him_with_truth.doc (79.5 KB - downloaded 961 times.)
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« Reply #2 on: Tuesday20August2013 »

A very reasoned and logical response from Gary Moseley?? Gary's well reasoned response sure beats the hysterical lies, spin, warped values and stupidity from Westerway and Bovill. Then again reason and logic have never meant anything to Tate and the galahs.

You will note that Westerway has sent his emails to numerous email addresses, most of which do not exist. Try sending to them and see for yourself. He must get tired of the bounces because he has been sending to the same non existent email addresses for several years. Put simply he wants to get people to think he is important and is lining up so many of those AVM varmants, when in fact he is sending most of the emails to himself. After this latest is digested AVM will have a posting on the true Westerway and the true Bovill and other observations. The truth is Westerway et al hate AVM with a passion simply because of two things. One they have been shown to be the frauds and liars they really are by AVM and secondly they support Tate because they are terrified that if they call him out he will add them to his hit list.

AVM must be doing something people want to read. Our website visitors keep growing and more and more ask to be added to our email list.
More later, praps tomorrow night.

From: Gary Moseley
To: Kevin Bovill
Cc: Terry Westerway ; Allen Petersen ; Harry Kirkman ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 4:37 PM

To Terry Westerway and Kevin Bovill,
Tate is a wounded veteran who served in the same fashion as we all did. He deserves respect for that. It also is entitles him to have is version and recollection of events. However we are also entitled not to agree with him. What I object to and I may also politely suggest you should object to is his reaction when someone disagrees with him.

You are called a coward, a cunt, a cur or a paedophile etc. on NO evidence, he just makes up slanderous allegations as he goes along. He does this mostly behind people's back but now he is coming unstuck because over time he has attacked so many personally that there is a significant and growing number of Veterans that keep each other informed of his latest defamatory comments.

As recently as a few days ago he repeated that fellow members of his Platoon in 9 RAR were " cowards then and cowards now"

How gentlemen can you justify or excuse that.

Ask yourself why 99% of his former supporters for the recognition of the D&E Platoon now want nothing more to do with him. Maybe because they spent too much time with him and discovered the real Tate. By the way they are cowards now. Do not believe me? Go and ask them. I have.

Tate says frequently that so and so support him when they do not, a very large number now. Do not believe me ?  Go and ask those in 9 RAR and 4 RAR who he served with. I have.
This s the man who when he does not have an answer replies " 4 RAR saw and did nothing" clearly insinuating we had no right to make any comment about his writings.

Gentleman go and explain and justify that statement to the relatives of the 19 KIA or the scores who were wounded.

An example of truth and accuracy by Tate. He wrote that his first contact with the VC he was " by myself" and that Avery's book corroborated that fact. It did not. The next version was that it was his section that was in the contact and that members from 4RAR would support him. I did and guess what, they did not. What's he do then,  denigrates their character, his own nominated witnesses. He then has the hide to tell others that they still do support him.

He has also stated publicly as part of his conspiracy theory that the Army deliberately altered or destroyed his records, that the 4 RAR book left him off the Nominal Roll. I have a copy, he has a copy and again guess what, another lie.

I could go on forever but gentlemen I have his e mails, I have the e mails from those he claims that support him, I have a collection of his slander of just about every Military Unit in Australia he has posted on the Internet both here and in America. Politicians even are too polite to criticize their own country when overseas but not Tate.

That Gentleman why others object to Tate being supported by the Museum. I like you had respect for it and appreciated the job it was doing for the Veterans Community.

Tate can publish what he likes, speak at as many libraries as he likes but Tate by his own words has become a lightening rod in the Veterans Community and my fear was and is that the Association between Tate and the Museum is bound to damage their reputation.

The CEO has stated that they are neutral and do not endorse what he has written. I am sure Tate does not see it that way and will shout from the rooftops by launching his book they validate what's in it.


In regard to one of your recent defamatory remarks about me "being the most despised policeman by the NSW Police Force."As luck would have it the President of the NSW Police Union was in Vung Tau was told about me and asked to meet me. We had a lengthy breakfast meeting this morning. Good luck with that made up piece of slander when it gets to Court.


As Tate has been escalating his defamatory comments about me, I advised him I would be seeking legal advice in regard to Defamation. His response from this best selling Author.
" If you do I will shoot you on the Court House steps"  he will be visited by the NSW Police shortly to explain that one.

Think about it, that is always his reaction. Do not argue the merit of his position, just denigrate or threaten.

I would take a long hard look Gentlemen. Do not rely on Tate's selected and edited out of context version of what other people he alleges say. Ask him for the complete version. If he states so and so said that, check that they do, more often than not they do not and even more often he gets an inch and turns it into a mile. Ask him what Arnold recently told him.

Enjoy the day.
Gary Moseley
Regimental Number 2787510.

Sent from my iPad

On 20/08/2013, at 10:12 AM, "Kevin Bovill" <> wrote:
Yes Terry,
I have visited the NVWM on PI twice and on both occasions was impressed with what they had done and where they intended taking it to in the future. I very much gained the feeling that it was the spiritual home of ALL Vietnam Veterans.  Thus I am at a loss to understand the pretty vicious attack on them.  It has no justification in fact and as you point out is malicious and vindictive in nature.  For what purpose?
Obviously their association with Don Tate's book infuriates them beyond reason, which must say something about their mental state.
By my reckoning, Don Tate's gravest sin has been to pull scabs off old wounds and actually tell the truth as best he knew it.  He has readily acknowledged that from the perspective of a digger in a rifle section, he had no idea of the bigger picture and made some incorrect assumptions. (His concept of SAS being one of them.) However, the irrefutable fact is that the Army did lie about him, lie to him and failed in their responsibility and duty of care owed to him.  More likely out of ignorance than malice and then, as Tate's story emerged, with wilful intent to defraud history. Neither was this the AWM's finest hour.
Many of his critics seem to just want to denigrate the man without being able to produce the facts to rebut his assertions.
I believe that future generations ( and our own) deserve to know the TRUTH and Don Tate comes closer to it than much of the "official" version of it as the AWM would have us believe.  We also owe the truth to the 502 (not exact) of our comrades who fell in combat and all those who have passed on since.
I will be ordering my copy of Don's book from the NVWM and posting it to him to autograph.  IF any of his critics writes and publishes an authorative and authenticated book that tells their version of events, then I will also purchase it and give it all due consideration.  Until such an event occurs and I suspect that it never will, then by my best assessment based on the facts known to me, Don Tate's version of events stands regardless of whose reputations it may blacken and whoever it may give cause to bleat their outrage and indignation in denial and denigration.
At a time, more so than ever before, when the Vietnam Veteran community should be united in fighting government over many long standing injustices, abuses and grievances, we are seemingly on the path to self destruction simply because a few (mentally deranged?) of us, have an ego driven spite and hatred of one of their own. 
Kevin (Kiwi) Bovill

From: Terry Westerway
Sent: Tuesday, 20 August 2013 8:04 AM
To: Allen Petersen; Harry Kirkman

The anonymous wannabe Malicious Moronic Malodorous Maggots, lacking anything of importance to say about anything, have not only continued their campaign against Don Tate, they have now included the Vietnam Veterans Museum on Phillip Island, in their Hate Campaign.

This latest effort from the Malicious Moronic Malodorous Maggots follows in the footsteps of Gary Mosely – makes one wonder what the relationship is between Gary Mosely and the Malicious Moronic Malodorous Maggots. Perhaps he is one of their anonymous contributors?

My oh so clever Malicious Moronic Malodorous Maggots, you know what you have accomplished with your mass distributed diatribe? You have publicised the book to which you object. The most likely result of your fulminations (and Gary Mosely’s fulminations) is that people will want to buy the book to see what the furore is all about. You have aided the sale and dissemination of the book – just as I suspect your fulminations about Don Tate’s first book contributed to sales.

If any of you Malicious Moronic Malodorous Maggots (or Gary Mosely) feel that they have been untruthfully defamed, there are legal remedies to such defamation, rather than trying to bash a Third Party over the head for daring to make the book available. But then, to be able to resort to a legal remedy, you are going to have to buy a copy of the book and read it – aren’t you?.
But then, with all Gary Mosely’s fulminations, has HE even read the book about which he complains? Dare I suggest, NO?

Terry Westerway
Sent: Tuesday, 20 August 2013 9:32 AM
    So, if you can't get them to snub him or make them cancel his (Don Tate) speaking engagement, now you stoop to denouncing the museum itself?
    Are you filth so threatened by the words of one man that you will go to these types of tactics to denigrate and abuse any organisation or group that opens it's doors to allow a person to offer an opinion that differs to yours?
    AVM and ANZMI, the sooner you anonymous scum get sorted by the Federal authorities the better for the entire Veteran community.
    A.J. Krikke.
-------Original Message-------
Date: 19/08/2013 7:45:09 PM

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« Reply #1 on: Monday19August2013 »

Vietnam Veterans Museum
 supports attacks on Vietnam Veterans.

The Vietnam Veteran museum at Phillip Island has a shady past, and now even a shadier present. In the past this museum was riven with infighting and power struggles, and many questions regarding where it’s money was going. Fast forward to “ now” and this same mob will be taking money from the sale of a book which makes attacks on the military and personal lives of Vietnam Veterans, without any foundation in fact. This is one of the most shameful days in the long history of Australian Vietnam Veterans and no self respecting Vietnam Veteran who stands by his mates will ever again support this charade of a museum and obvious den of iniquity and fraud. They will take money from any source.

Some of those who are attacked in this museum book will grin and bear it, but there is little doubt some courageous Vietnam Veterans will not and AVM would be very surprised if Tate’s and the museum’s mailboxes do not receive writs of defamation. Not all Vietnam Vietnam Veterans are of limited means. Some have the money to pursue this matter in the Courts and take Tate and the museum for all they are worth.


Let this museum know your feelings by emailing them at

From: Gary Moseley
Date: 19 August 2013 12:58:45 AM GMT+07:00
To: Donald Tate <>

Cc: richard appleby <>, Guy Bagot <>, Barney Bigwood <>, Bodey L & R <>, Kevin Bovill <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, bill dobell <>, "" <>, greg Foley <>, "" <>, "" <>, garry heskett <>, brian holborow <>, "" <>, "" <>, kev lloyd-thomas <>, GMK Consulting <>, Ben Morris <>, Michael Mummery <>, "" <>, Andrew Ochiltree <>, anthony pahl <>, BarryParkin <>, Allen Petersen <>, "" <>, "" <>, Robert Secrett <>, "STEPHEN.JONES.MP@APH.GOV.AU" <STEPHEN.JONES.MP@APH.GOV.AU>, Fergus Thomson <>, "" <>, "" <>, tex weston <>, "" <>, George Mansford <>, "" <>, Vietnam Vets CEO <>
Subject: Re: Honourable and Dishonourable Mentions in Anzacs Betrayed
To the CEO Vietnam War Museum,
I cannot understand how you are supporting a man who denigrates fellow Veterans, well respected Historians etc. he is boasting already and using your name.
How dare he attack people like Harry Smith and other honorable members he served with.
You have made a deal with the devil and tragically your museum will pay the price.
You are seeking accreditation to be a recognized museum? Good luck with that. You are giving a soap box to a man who dares use Riddell, Bigwood and scores of other Veterans he has called cowards and has the absolute hide to say they support him when they have told him they do not. There are numerous others who want nothing to do with him and have told him so. it is all about Tate and his a futile attempt to inflate his role in Vietnam,
Are you blind have you not read his various blogs etc. on the Internet. I sent you some links but you clearly did not look at them or You have a view that Australian Soldiers committed War Crimes and 4 RAR and 9 RAR was comprised of a lot of cowards. Doctors and Nurses were incompetent and the RAAF sent him home on a "filthy dirty Hercules with 40 to 50 other wounded soldiers" and you think this man has credibility. You must be joking!
I am sure people like Anthony Elkins and scores of other Veterans will support your application. NOT LIKELY.
I suggest you brief a very good Senior Counsel because we certainly are.
And by the way did you not read that he was going to shoot me because I challenged him.
Sure you have a very reputable Author there.
Gary Moseley

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On 18/08/2013, at 1:21 PM, "Donald Tate" <> wrote:
The following individuals get a guernsey in Anzacs Betrayed. My apologies if I have post numerals or rank incorrect. In some cases, I used the rank in Vietnam, and for others, the achieved rank.
Adams, Lt Vic
Allen, Pte Peter
Appleby, Pte Richard
Arrowsmith MG, Capt Tom
Avery, Lt Col Brian
Bagot, Lt Guy
Barham, WO Peter
Bellis, Sgt Chris (photographer)
Barnett, Capt Eric
Bigwood, Pte Richard
Billing, Pte Barry (fraudster)
Billson MP, The Hon Bruce
Blazeley, Pte Des
Bodey, Pte Laurie
Borland, WO Ken
Bovill, L/Cpl Kevin (SAS)
Buick, 'Every man for himself!'
Bunn, Cpl Peter
Burrows MID, Lt John
Campbell, Major A.
Case, Dominic (film producer)
'Chainey', Sgt John
Chinn OBE, Lt Col David
Coleman, Lt Paul
Colmer, Pte Edward
Convery, Lt Bob
Cordell, Mike (journalist)
Corse, Lt Barry
Cosgrove OA MC, Gen Peter
Daly KBE CB DSO, Lt General Sir Thomas
Dann, Trooper 'Doc'
de Cure, Major Paul
De Haas, Lt Robert
Dobell, Pte Bill
Edmonds, Pte Dave
Ekins, Ashley (historian?)
Ellis, Pte Peter
Ellecombe, Pte Len
Ely, Karen (bureaucrat)
Enright, Pte Robert
Fitzgerald, Lt Colonel J.
Foley, Pte Greg
Forrester, Simon (historian)
Georges, Senator George
George MP, The Hon Jennie
Gibbons, Dennis (photographer)
Gibson, Bob 'Bomber' (shhhhhh, I'm an ASIO agent)
Gordon, Brigadier I.
Grady, Pte Frank
Graham, Major General Stuart
Graham, Pte Sam
Graham,  S/C Leanne
Grainger, Greg
Griffin MP, The Hon Allan
Gower, General Steve
Ham, Paul (author/journalist)
Hay, Maj General R.
Hayden, WO Ernest
Heskett, Pte Garry (above all- a man)
Holborow, Pte Bryan
Houston, Col Bill
Joshua, Major R.
Jackson, Brigadier David
Jeffrey, Pte Dave
Keys, Sir William
Kelly MP, The Hon Dr Mike
Killen, The Hon Jim
Capt David Lawrence
Lloyd-Thomas, Cpl Kevin
Lloyd-Thomas, Pte Nigel
Logan, Lt Col Lance
McDonald, Maj General A.
McKay MC, Lt Gary 
McKenzie, Major Ross
Mansford AM,  Brig George
Manski, Cpl Dennis
Margetts, Pte Peter
Marheine, Pte Greg (coward)
McKenzie, Pte Brian
Mitchell-Taylor, Arthur Clive
Morris, Major Ben
Morrison CDO, Colonel
Moseley, L/Cpl Garry ('I once did a text-book section-sweep. OOH AH')
Mummery, Lt Michael
Nau, To Thi (VC)
Negus, George (journalist)
Nelson, The Hon Dr Brendan
Nolan, Lt T. (SAS)
Ochiltree MM, Maj Andrew
O'Connor MP, The Hon Brendan
O'Halloran, Lt John
Osborne, Brigadier Brian
Pahl, Anthony
Parkin, Major Barry
Paterson, Pte Steve
Pearson MC, Major General C. M.
Peterson, Allen
Pound, Major Gordon
Pratt, Major George
Price, Cpl Alan (hairy-handed)
Rainford, Adam
Ramsey, Pte Joe
Riddle, Cpl Jim
Roach, Pte Allan
Rooks, Major Ron
Rowe, Major Rex
Rowe, Trooper Norman
Rudnicki, Antony (bureaucrat)
Salmon MM, Pte Greg
Secret, Pte Bob
Self, Bronwyn (bureaucrat)
Seymour, H.S. (CARO pencil-sharpener)
Shirley, Graham (film producer)
Smith MP, The Hon Stephen
Smith MG, Major Harry
Stanton, Trooper Allan
Tennent, Keith ('Where the boys are')
Thompson, General David
Thomson, James Fergusson ('Fergus')
Van Que, Major Lee
Walker, Pte John
Weekes AM MC, Brigadier Neil
Weir, Brian
Westerway, Gunner Terence
Weston, Pte Tex
White, Capt Anthony
Whitehead, Lisa (journalist)
Withnell, Helen (bureaucrat)
Woolan MC, Lt Ray
Zen-Avi, Trooper Ben
Anzacs Betrayed will only be available direct from the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Port Phillip.
For more details, contact:
57 Phillip Island Road,
Phillip Island 3925,
Phone     (03) 5956 6400
Don Tate

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« on: Monday05August2013 »

Vietnam Vets Museum Supports personal attacks on Vietnam Veterans and
then accepts money for so doing. What disgraceful behaviour by a
Vietnam War museum when it takes money for attacking the legacy of
dead Vietnam Veterans.

*From:* =========

*To:* <>

*Sent:* Sunday, August 04, 2013 8:33 PM


*Dear AVM*

* *


* *


*From:* Gary Moseley

*Date:* 3 August 2013 5:25:08 PM GMT+07:00

*To:* Vietnam Vets CEO

*Subject:* *Re: The book launch of Veterans Betrayed by Don Tate at
the NVVM*


Thanks for your prompt reply.

My and others position has always been that Tate can write what he
likes, he is entitlement like anyone to do his version of history. But
not to accuse all and sundry of war crimes, cover ups, destruction of
records etc. WITH NO EVIDENCE.

But what also should not be condoned is his viscous attacks,
unjustified attacks on fellow veterans.

You are letting a man who called men in his own Section cowards,
despite the fact that others were wounded and others received awards
from bravery, to use your venue for the promotion of Tate not other
veterans, units or the army in general, purely Tate. Make no mistake
about it Tate will use you as endorsement for his position on all
issues Vietnam.

If his book was an historical record no problem but it is not.

 You cannot honestly believe that anyone will see that your
institution is neutral in this. You are launching the book and taking
the profits. That my friend is an endorsement of his views.

You state in your reply that you are merely providing a venue, that is
naive. He will make sure there are photos of him with your logo behind

Beside you are taking the profits. You are taking money from the
profits and you want us to believ that you are neutral. I find that
offensive and insulting.

No publisher would touch this with a barge pole, the Australian War
Museum would not touch it either. And I seriously doubt that anyone
else will.

Books from authors such as Paul Hamm deserve a place in war Museums.
Books denigrating the military WITHOUT evidence do not.

You talk about dissent in the veterans community, there is no dissent,
who still supports the recognition of the 2nd D and E platoon, 2
people. Who supports that Australian Soldiers shot civilians going to
Xuyen Moc, no one. I could go on but it would be repetitive..

This is one mans vendetta in a vain attempt to get the recognition he
believes he deserves for being wounded in Vietnam.

Scholars are interested in seeking the truth and you expect us to
swallow that this book is going to be in your museum for that purpose,
fine stock it if you wish for the scholars but you have gone a lot
further than that.

Following your reasoning I suppose you would launch books by anti war

I agree that the Museum is there for all Veterans but what it should
not be there for use as a soap box for one mans grievances.

Make no mistake Tate will use the launch as vindication of and
endorsement of his position on all matters.

Whilst newspapers, TV stations etc. can get away with disclaimers,
museums being there to record history cannot.

By all means stock the book but promote it?

I would be surprised if it is within your charter to promote an
individuals book, because that is exactly what you are doing.

Maybe it is appropriate to refer this matter to your Board of
Management for further consideration.

Gary Moseley.

Sent from my iPad

On 03/08/2013, at 12:08 PM, "Vietnam Vets CEO" <>

Hi Gary. We have received a raft of emails on this subject and while
we are not surprised, it is reasonable to understand our view. The
National Vietnam Veterans Museum has agreed to provide a venue for the
launch of Don Tate's book. The Museum as an organisation does not take
a position or hold an opinion about the assertions made by Don Tate in
his book; these are entirely his to make. The Museum fully understands
that his views are controversial, and that he, and his views, has many

Nonetheless, it is up to the reader to draw their own conclusions -
and they will. The NVVM is a Museum for all veterans.

As a policy, Museum staff don't express personal opinions as we
present all forms of data and the visitor can draw their own opinions.
The fact that there may be dissent on any facet of our service
emanating from that era, is in fact history in and of itself. The
story will continue as it will in this instance. Over time there will
be final resolution – whether it be factual or legal. There are
legal implications that surround this book – from a range of
parties. If we maintain as much information in our library as we can,
in years to come scholars may still continue to sift through it or at
least follow through to final resolution.

Regards ...Gary Parker

*Gary B Parker*


*PH: (03) 5956 6400*



*/This Museum is the legacy of ALL Vietnam Veterans./*

* *



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