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Author Topic: Don Tate again  (Read 10813 times)
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« Reply #4 on: Saturday30April2016 »

Well, the King of Sleeze has done it again. Indicating that he would like to see harm come to those he reportedly says has done harm to him. Is this inciting physical harm? Well I ask, what harm have they done to Little Donny Boy?
Taking about things physical, didn’t Little Donny Boy get a TPI pension while he was playing cricket and bowling a medium/fast ball? How did this come about? A fast bowler on a TPI pension? I believe a DVA investigator should have a look into this arrangement.
What do you think?

From: Don Tate []
Sent: Friday, 29 April 2016 8:18 AM
To: Allen Petersen
Subject: Re: Re Face Book Anzacs Betraying Anzac...
Importance: High

It wasn’t removed….
Buick is delusional. It comes with playing with his dick too often.
He thought he could vilify and defame me for years and I wasn’t going to respond?
I’ve got news for him. Everything on the AVM, Facebook, and Aussie Digger sites written about me by Buick and his maggot mates is now collated and being reviewed by Shine Lawyers.
They are very interested (as are certain journalists about his relationships with Gary Sloane, Michal Peteleczyk and Keith Tennant.
He’s done me and a number of others a great deal of harm- but he needs to be aware that some of those he’s damaged are far fitter and healthier than I am and would like to accidentally meet him some time.
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« Reply #3 on: Thursday31December2015 »

Tate is a very jealous bastard. He has to attack anybody and anything which interferes with his desire to be THE war hero, the veteran who did more and suffered more than any other veteran. Battles like Long Tan, Coral and others he knows nothing of such as the battle of Chau Pha just have to be attacked by him, as do those who fought in them. Don't forget Tate had it tougher than anybody else during the Vietnam war and has suffered more than any veteran since. He is the sickest and most mentally ill prick to ever push his way into the Australian veteran community.

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« Reply #2 on: Monday28December2015 »

Well, here we go again. Big sick mouth little donny boy Tate has sent one of his foul missives to everybody but the people he puts the shit on. What a gutless piece of crap he is, still, he probably couldn't lay straight in his coffin when he finally dies, he should've died back in 1969. Anyway, have a read of his latest.....................................


From: Donald Tate []
Sent: Saturday, 26 December 2015 6:11 AM
To: Allen Petersen
Cc: Michael Von Berg; George Mansford; Neil Weekes; BOB ELWORTHY; Jim Wiltshire; Garry Heskett; Brian McKenzie; Terry Westerway; Neville Bryant; Michael Mummery; John Robert (Jack) Babbage; Kevin Bovill; Les Hankin; Terry & Margaret Dinneen; Bill Dobell; Ben Morris; Mick and Jan Dench; Andrew Ochiltree; Harry Kirkman; David Morris; Doug McGrath; Laurens Wildeboer; Arthur Ventham; Kev Lloyd-thomas; Terry & Margaret Perkins; Anthony Pahl; BILL MURRAY; Paul Kinney; Keith Poole; Brian O'neill; Ted Chitham; Bodey L. & R.; Bevin Bailey; Noel P. Muller; Barry Heffernan; David Sumner
Subject: A medal upgrade for Bob Buick and Adrian Roberts?Huh??


Can this be true?

Apparently, Harry Smith has a letter in the QLD RSL News (6th Edition/ 2015) stating that the MID awarded to that turkey in the ACT, Adrian Roberts will have his MID upgraded to the Medal for Gallantry in the next Honours Tribunal Hearing.

Roberts is the same dill who advised the delicate flowers in the ACT TPI Association not to read 'The War Within' lest they have a PTSD turn.

The poor dears.

Please don't tell me that Smith  Bob 'Bolter' Buick's MM is also being upgraded at the same time- that would be the final insult to every genuine infantryman who fought ij that war and didn't run for their lives when the heat was turned up.

But....knowing Harry Smith and the way the military establishment works, I fear it will be true.

What next?

A VC for Harry Smith for competent leadership while wonderful young soldiers were being slaughtered?


Hopefully the Honours Tribunal will get a bag of letters from REAL men who'll beg to differ that any of them even deserved a medal in the first place.



Don Tate

ex-4RAR; ex-2nd D&E Platoon; ex-9RAR;

ex-1MIL Hospital
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« Reply #1 on: Tuesday12May2015 »

This is another one from the Tate rampage. It seems that Carol has neglected to keep up with her carers duties and has failed to administer his daily dose of medications and this has let his mind run wild again. It could be that Carol is suffering from PTSD by living in the same household as Little Donny Boy.
Anyway, enough of that, we all know that LDB has his head held on by one and a half threads of a rusty screw. Here is his latest rant..........................

On 11 May 2015 at 21:48, Don Tate <> wrote:

Just after arrival in Vietnam as a reinforcement in 1968, I was handed a very poorly produced booklet titled, ‘1 Aust Rft Unit Soldier’s Aide Memoire’.
It looked like it had been compiled by schoolboys, but was probably compiled by the Army Intelligence unit.
It contained a lot of information we might need when we got to the war like: weapons, booby traps, how to fire at moving targets, how to avoid venereal disease, some Vietnamese words (completely useless without knowing the rules of inflection) and rules of engagement etc etc.
Our ID was placed inside the front cover.
Now……on p. 8 of that booklet, sub-titled ’Section 6 PW INSTRUCTION CARD’ we are ordered to adhere to the Geneva Prisoner of War Conventions of 1949.
This is that page:

I note these particular points we were ordered to observe when dealing with a prisoner:
- that ‘mistreatment of a prisoner was a criminal offence’
- that we were ‘personally responsible’ for that enemy soldier
- that the enemy soldier was not to be subjected to ‘violence’ or ‘reprisal’
- that the enemy soldier must not be refused medical treatment ‘if required and available'

But in 1966, the day after Long Tan, Cpl Bob Buick (temporarily a sergeant) has admitted in writing and in a television interview on ‘4 Corners’ that he was faced with this situation.
With plenty of men behind him to back him up, Buick came across a severely wounded Viet Cong soldier sitting up against a tree, and decided to act contrary to the instructions issued by the Army.
Buick ascertained that the enemy soldier no longer posed a threat to him, and despite an Australian casevac being on the way to pick up the wounded soldiers Buick had left behind when he bolted from the battle the previous night, promptly put two bullets through the wounded soldier’s heart.

When Buick ‘wrote’ his autobiography - ‘All Guts and No Glory’ - he boasted of this ‘mercy killing’.

(Note: The co-author of that book, Gary McKay MC visited me in 2007 and said he had been tasked with getting the book ‘across the line’ because it was basically incoherent. He also told me he had done his damndest to encourage Buick to delete the reference to the mercy killing because of the likelihood of it causing damage to the reputation of 6RAR and all Australian infantrymen. But Buick insisted on retaining it because he felt it made him look tougher than he really was, and was still smarting at having been revealed as a medal-cheat. To compound it, Buick also had little regard for the officers of 6RAR regarding them as ’incompetent shits’, so the anecdote stayed in his memoir.)

Make no mistake, Buick’s Company Commander, Major Harry Smith was well aware of what happened that day, and to his eternal disgrace, did nothing about it.

In a personal email to me in defence of Buick, Harry Smith inadvertantly acknowledged that he was aware of Buick murdering that enemy soldier, and compounded the invidious position he had put himself in when he dobbed in aniother soldier from 6RAR who had done similar…(Anecdotal evidence suggests that as many as 17 enemy soldiers were executed that day!)

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Harry Smith <>
Sent: Tuesday, 12 February 2013 5:06 PM

Dear Mr Tate
As you are so vindictive and often incorrect in your defamatory statements about Bob Buick, I trust that you are also fair, and that you will take the same action with Alpha Company 6RAR soldier Private Dave Harwood and his Section Commander Corporal Stephens who, as described on Page 196 of Charles Mollison’s 2005/2006 book “Long Tan and Beyond”, after crticising Bob Buick's action in putting  mortally wounded enemy soldier to rest, out of pain, also shot a badly wounded enemy soldier, and quote Stephens "I have lived with this decision for 30 years but am convinced it was the right decison at the time".
Harry Smith

Buick commited murder and contravened the conventions of the Geneva Convention. There is no question about that.

But the real question here is- what did Major Harry Smith do when confronted with the fact that one of his men had broken military and international law? Did he refer the matter to his battalion CO? Was it referred to the Army Legal Unit?

I don’t think so.

James Fergusson Thomson was a staff officer of that Legal Unit in Vietnam in 1966 and is now a barrister. In 2000, he made his feelings clear about what Buick did in a stunning letter to The Weekend Australian:

This raises three questions:
- why didn’t the Inspector-General’s Dept inquire into this murder?
- and what action did James Fergusson Thomson take after writing his letter to the Australian (he having certain responsibilities as an officer of the Court)?

Don Tate
PS And why have the files pertaining to these matters ‘disappeared’ from the Australian war Memorial’s collections?

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« on: Wednesday29April2015 »

Taken from the 3 Cav Forum.

I watched Q&A last night on ABC and beside the main topic of the soon to be execution of the 2 drug smugglers Don Tate shows up in the audience and is allowed to ask the panel a couple of question. His normal rant about the so called 2nd D&E platoon and the cleansing of documents by the Army, DVA and the Australian War Memorial. He was bitching because the AWM refuses to change history to suit him. Senator Arthur Senodinus was on the panel and he said he would take up the matter on Don's behalf with the current curator. He sounded off about how the TPI and it's indexation was a National disgrace etc people in the audience were applauding him like he was a spokesman for all veterans.
Just another case of just ignoring him and hoping he will go away will work, I'm afraid not.
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