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Don Tate Fraud Liar Wannabe Closet Paedophile and Closet Gay
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| | |-+  Singing God Botherer and Mad Galah Francis Edwards Supports Tatey
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Author Topic: Singing God Botherer and Mad Galah Francis Edwards Supports Tatey  (Read 9141 times)
« Reply #4 on: Monday22June2009 »

Hi to all.

Even the mad galahs staunchest supporters like this bloke Edwards have had enough of the abuse, demands and vileness from Corse, Wiltshire and Briggs.

Edwards is a johhny come lately to the Veteran community who knows it all as usual. He knows nothing at all of the vicious history of Corse and his henchmen, like how they sent some of their members into a Church duing Mass while one of the people they hate was worshipping and accused him of being a paedophile.

The mad galahs represent NOBODY Francis but heir own sick selves......get that right. They certainly have no official representation on any Government committees and no presence in any ESO meetings.

So Francis, while you simply have no idea about the true history of these vile creatures at least you understand they use abuse, threats, intimidation and demands when contacting anybody they wish to cower. A policy which has never worked and will never work.

These are the latest pearls of wisdom from edwards.

From: Francis Edwards
To: Jim Wiltshire ; Bernie McGurgan ; Allen J Petersen
Sent: Sunday, 21 June 2009 5:21 PM
Subject: Re Rudd and Griffin why don't you apply this law for the protection of ANZACs?

Gentlemen, If I may say something in response to the recent posting by Barry Corse..
I do not know the man (Barry Corse) or any members of his entourage but it is clear to me that you all have a serious and solid case of requirements that, on our's, the veteran community's behalf, you ask our Government to fulfil on. Problem is that you don't ask at all - You make 'answer me now' demands like screeching, out of control and hungry Hyenas.
Can I ask why you choose to be so rude in your method of asking these simple questions?
Please think about it - I am on your (our) side here but the manner in which you address people leaves no wonder why you never get a decent response and the support of those you purport to represent..
How would you feel if you were being constantly abused and addressed as though you were someone less than human?
My guess is that you would do the same as anyone else and just say 'Screw You Loudmouth'
As a vet, can I also ask this. If you have elected yourself to be a voice of the community then please respect the members of the community that you have chosen to go to bat for? Not all of us feel that a major, disrespectful screamo will have any grunt. Perhaps most of us already know that such carry ons are a very harmful waste of good breath and also set everyone of us back many years.
Rejecting this idea may indicate to some that little less than a personal, ulterior need to just be heard somewhere saying something takes precedence over the claimed objective..
Can we please be a little more eloquent and show some respect for the office that these individuals were elected by the Australian people to hold and if this still doesn't work, then take the paper trail depicting your sensible eloquence to the media and let them Shake Rattle and Roll our Pollies into  'fix it quick' action.
Strong and justifiable demands ought not be tagged with vindictive ranting lest they find themselves down the dunny and worth less than the price of the paper and ink they took to print.
Advance Australia Fair.
Francis Edwards
Veteran Soul
The Vietnam Veterans' Community Choir
(02) 9660 2595
0458 993 268
From: Briggsy
To: ; 'Griffin Alan (MP)' ; 'Gray Gary (MP)' ; ; 'Johnston David (Senator)' ; ; Barry Corse
Cc: 'Jim Wiltshire' ; 'Harry Kirkman' ; 'Bernie McGurgan' ; 'Allen Petersen' ; 'Kevin Bovill'
Sent: Sunday, June 21, 2009 4:44 PM
Subject: Re: Rudd and Griffin why don't you apply this law for the protection of ANZACs?

Veteran existence is of no importance to pollies until election day and then only until the election is won
Veterans have been making formal complaints to governments and AFP for years with little or no practical support but as soon as the PM wants to use them for his personal/political gains, then its a completely new story
Maybe it is time that veterans began looking at new ways of ensuring that pollies work for the people of Australia and not themselves. This could be achieved by by swinging our vote completely from the big two and placing it with the individuals. It could be termed government by merit
Regards Briggsy

From: Barry Corse
Date: 20/06/2009 11:25:48 AM
To:;  'Griffin, Alan \(MP\)';  'Gray, Gary \(MP\)';;  'Johnston, David \(Senator\)';
 Subject: Rudd and Griffin why don't you apply this law for the protection of ANZACs?HuhHuh?
Rudd and Griffin
1.      Why have YOU failed to act on the evidence formally presented to YOU since you came to office to demand your “statute public officers the AFP” act in the matters of the criminal stalking of some ANZACs by publicly identified  others including some ex service executives that you are supporting?
2.      Is this the confirmation that the contempt of the ANZAC community as personified by Whitlam and Latham is shared as entrenched ALP policy and now reinforced by YOU? “don’t worry about them they are just stupid ignorant expendable mushroom gunfodder”
3.      Must ANZACS become reffo’s, criminal parasitic australians of convenience, unhappy ill mannered pushy indian students or dodgy car dealer mates to get your statute duty of care attention? Gillard has the balls to stand up to some executive union thugs, why cant YOU stand up to some “selective AFP executive cops”? a criminal act is a criminal act be it federal or state.
Authorities may be able to prosecute website under federal laws
Kelvin Healey and Stephen McMahon Herald Sun

June 20, 2009 12:00am

VICIOUS harassment of young victims on a vulgar website stepped up yesterday, even as it emerged the site's operator could face jail.The site, exposed by the Herald Sun, was condemned yesterday by both Premier John Brumby and police. But its creator, Melton web designer Andrew Pallant, remained defiant, insisting he was protecting free speech.

While Victoria Police has admitted it is powerless to act on the site, it emerged last night the Australian Federal Police was likely to step in. It is believed an AFP investigation may begin early next week and Mr Pallant may face prosecution under federal telecommunications laws.

In 2004, the Howard government toughened laws surrounding cyber crime to cover using the internet to "menace, harass or cause offence" - with a maximum penalty of 10 years' jail. A federal prosecution is seen as having a better chance of success. Mr Brumby said that the combined efforts of the AFP and Victoria Police would investigate the best way to close down the website and potentially charge Mr Pallant.

"This is an outrageous website - obscene, despicable and cowardly," the Premier said. Later, the State Government hinted any loopholes that might exist in the laws would be closed. Despite the political and public outcry, Mr Pallant's site, which has given cowardly internet users an avenue to make unsubstantiated claims about others, remained in action yesterday. Many of the victims are teenage girls who have had their names, photos and phone numbers put on the site along with invitations to bombard them with abusive phone calls and text messages, or ask them for sex.

New vulgar posts, including pornographic images, and threats against victims who had spoken out, were made yesterday.

Teenager Majella Sheppard, 18, of Warrnambool, who originally had to endure allegations that she didn't feed her 20-month-old son, suffered even more sinister abuse yesterday. A post at 10.54am threatened her and her family with death because she spoke out about the site to the Herald Sun. Ms Sheppard begged police to take action. "I really just want to see the police do something about it - I just want it shut down," an angry Ms Sheppard said last night


Jim Wiltshire 107 Phillips St Wodonga 3690  Phn:  02 6024 1079.   Mob: 0412 161 047.
Politicians and Media come and go. While ever there is Government, VETERANS ARE FOREVER
Except some of them. Tsk. Tsk.
Mass Distributed.
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« Reply #3 on: Friday01May2009 »

I moved this up from further down the page. See my ps.

Good post on Edwards.

Now might be the time to let you know that Francis has been dubbed with a nickname. Do you remember the old Donald O'Connor films that actually starred a horse-donkey cross?  That's right, he's known as "The Mule" A little unkind perhaps but not far off the mark.

He told me straight out on Petersen's forum that I have no right to comment on Aust veteran issues because I live here in VN. I basically told him to get f*****

I also told him to shove his insensitive jokes about how Arty got "Drop Shorts"  He never laid under any.

While I think he's a whacko and don't like the way he uses "Bro" to address Aussie vets, I finally wrote some nice things about him and his attempts (at) "brotherly love"  I then had my words thrown back in my face. What a lovely Mule it is!


More today.

Francis apologised for not reading my "nice" email to him.  He'd deleted it without reading because I'd had a few shots at him earlier about his Americanised ideas of "Bro love" and insensitive "jokes".

Francis should heed "Piss in, pills in, computer off"

« Last Edit: Friday01May2009 by Cassius » Logged
« Reply #2 on: Thursday30April2009 »

Good post on Edwards.
Now might be the time to let you know that Francis has been dubbed with a nickname. Do you remember the old Donald O'Connor films that actually starred a horse-donkey cross?  That's right, he's known as "The Mule" A little unkind perhaps but not far off the mark.
He told me straight out on Petersen's forum that I have no right to comment on Aust veteran issues because I live here in VN. I basically told him to get f*****
I also told him to shove his insensitive jokes about how Arty got "Drop Shorts"  He never laid under any.
While I think he's a whacko and don't like the way he uses "Bro" to address Aussie vets, I finally wrote some nice things about him and his attempts (at) "brotherly love"  I then had my words thrown back in my face. What a lovely Mule it is!


More today
Francis apologised for not reading my "nice" email to him.  He'd deleted it without reading because I'd had a few shots at him earlier about his Americanised ideas of "Bro love" and insensitive "jokes".

Francis should heed "Piss in, pills in, computer off"

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Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #1 on: Thursday30April2009 »

Francis Edwards, former short term RAA Gunner and fixer of all things in the Veteran community, has made a widely disseminated complaint about this thread. Well Francis we find it hard to believe you have only just realised this thread exists. It has been on public display for ages. Francis tells us below that his mad mate Maryann Martinek, the loony tune who is all over the Google search engine for notorious reasons if you care to look [ just punch her name in ], has told him to check this website and forum to see he has been mentioned.

Now we find that rather strange because Francis Edwards was one of the first members to voluntarily register his name for the AVM mailing list according to admin. His name has been taken off the list according to admin because he is a hypocrite.

So, while old Francis sings out loudly in the following email, all readers should understand he was more than willing to become a member of what is publicly advertised as an anonymous email list.

Come on Frank, make up your mind just where you stand and what your principles are.

Have a read of the latest from Franky. This email, like so many, was sent to us. Thank you to the sender.

From: Francis Edwards
Date: 2009/4/29
Subject: Fw: Veteran Soul Community Press Release Attached
To: raypayne, MP Alan Griffin , Louise Markus ,Jim Wiltshire, Jim Duffield, Jim Bourke , George Mansford, Bud Cramer , Blue Ryan , Bernie McGurgan, Barry Corse

I received a message from maryann somebody that told me I should look to the AVM Website in order to see what people are saying about 'Veteran Soul'.

I went to that site and found a copy of what I THOUGHT WAS A PRIVATE, INCOMING MESSAGE TO ME, ON FULL PUBLIC DISPLAY. Although it happens to be a nice message, it has been been reproduced and displayed on a website, without any authorization and such reproduction may therefore constitute a criminal act. Let me clarify this. I have no regard for people who choose anominity as a safeguard against reprisal commentry relating to anything at all and choose reckless, cavalier methods in attempting to con others into thinking that they have the support of those that they appear to promote.
TO THE PEOPLE OF AVM. I REPEAT. Until such time as you realize that your ill founded, no doubt well intentioned, theory relating to power in the silent, unidentified voice is seen by you all for what it is - nonesense! - you will ever be regarded as fools. I'm also sure that none of you are fools so please stop acting as though you are!
Whatever! - We love you anyway brothers but just wish you would wake up and stop this weird nonesense.
We can achieve so much if we stay united and as long as you continue this nonesense - you continue to damage the real lives of every single one of your fellow vets.
Yeah - I'M SURE! You just want to have your say and therefore feel important!
Youn are important anyway dickweed!
Did you not realize that such a 'say' is yours to have without sliding into this imagined place of an illconceived need for self preservation.
Let me outline the effective method associated with being recognized as being an important voice within this community
'Ya just make sure that you are counted among those who have the balls to stand up - say 'I am me' and state your case in a loud and clear identifiable voice'.
Please go in that direction and join us - we need smart people like you but also ask that you return to being real and honourable soldiers before you attempt to rejoin the fold and get with the power.
We may not always have the decent Minister we have at present and people who fall for the foolish, irrelevent and meaningless ego boost percieved to lie within the shimmering lure of 'community profile' always prove to eventually provide nothing more than absolute treachery. Such is the human condition - so please - get smart up front and read between the distorted lines in the writings of your own fear and imagination!
Have a good night.
Francis Edwards
Veteran Soul
The Vietnam Veterans' Community Choir
(02) 9660 2595
0458 993 268
Fergus Fairfax
« on: Saturday18April2009 »

Francis Edwards is another short term Soldier who knows it all about the Military and Veteran communities. He is a former RAA Gunner who, along with former failed Gunner Westerway, knows more about Gunnery than The Master Gunner at the School of Artillery. His favourite remedy to lifes problems is to recommened we join a choir, his choir, and start singing.

I have no criticism of short term Servicepersons simply because they didn't serve long in the Military, BUT I do criticise strongly those short termers who know nothing about professional Soldiering and the Veteran world and who then proclaim loudly and long to the world that they are the fonts of all wisdom and experience when it comes to these matters. There are horses for courses.

AVM has informed you before that Edwards is a hyprocite, for while he was running around the Petersen list disdaining AVM, he was a member of the AVM email list. Admin has taken him off the AVM email list after giving him the benefit of the doubt. Dear oh dear, I just wish he would make up his mind what his principles are.

Anyway, he is another apologist for all things Tate and mad galah and this is his latest bundle of pearls of wisdom.

From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Cc: Mowgli ; ; Pete Edwards
Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2009 12:34 AM
Subject: ***SPAM*** IS THIS TRUE **POSTS

From: Francis Edwards
To: Allen J Petersen
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 5:12 PM
Subject: To all those a part of, or pro AVM.

Your life has meaning - even though, by the way you act and communicate, you clearly don't seem to think so - it really does! At this time, you seem born of a need to lift yourself to a place beyond people that you rightly or wrongly, in premeditated consideration, deem to be those who have no rights to a life at all and in doing so, reach for the treacherous power of antagonism to be your guide? This source is your worst enemy ever!

It would seem to all of us, that this need drives you to waste your otherwise beautiful lives away desperately engaged, embracing anger and wilfully leaping into the other traps that lay waiting for those that are the self dispossessed, seekers
of misery.

As a guy who tries to take on board the things that his shrink says to him, I ask you to spend a little time reviewing the life that you have today and consider the possibilities associated with the life and tomorrows that are yours to enjoy to the full.

Times have changed - the enemy is long gone - we do not need to find new enemy's in order to exist! We have earned the right to be happy old guys! For fuck sakes - grab it while you can.

Francis Edwards
Veteran Soul The Vietnam Veterans' Community Choir
(02) 9660 2595
0458 993 268

From: Francis Edwards
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 4:17 PM
Subject: Re IS THIS TRUE

Don Tate is a man with a story to tell and he tells it well. When someone writes something that they want people to read in order that the reading public grasp what is really being said, they seek advice from their publishers, discuss the matter and then OK all the edited variations that follow on!. Some readers will always go over the top and have a burning need to dissect the purest writings, paragraph by paragraph - In my opinion, such people have completely missed the point and ought consider the concept  of giving up on reading as a pastime and  pursue the more simple games of scrabble and the like instead - They're all word games after all and isn't that the essence behind what keeps us all up here on this site in the first place.

Francis Edwards

From: Francis Edwards
To: cavtrooper66; Allen J Petersen
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 3:43 PM
Subject: Is This True

Peter, You have made a vicious attack on a man that you have never met (Don Tate) and have probably done so at the urging of the very others or who fear to stand among us as men and manifest their value in any form of whatsoever nature.

I'll bet that you saw some hard stuff during your time in Vietnam and I thank you for doing whatever you had to do in order
to be still here among us today. In doing whatever it may have been, you will have no doubt made it possible for others among us to actually still be here today as well.

I say this in the hope that you will see me as a brother when I ask you to leave well enough alone.

Trying to harm another will not add a centimetre to your height  or bicep. You served your time as a soldier - you served it well - go out bringing honour to that achievement - an honour that some poor angry souls will never get to savour.

Live and let others do so in peace.

Francis Edwards

From: Jim Wiltshire
To: Allen Petersen ; Terry Westerway
Cc: Donald Tate ; ; ; spiritus@
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 2:50 PM

My own thoughts exactly,Terry.
I wonder who, among the similar sub-normal bigots who 'subscribe' to either of KT's Web-Site's, will have the intelligence
or initiative to look for themselves? I realize that is hardly a fair question. KT's 'new' address is:  spiritus@

Jim Wiltshire 107 Phillips St, Wodonga 3690  Ph:  02 6024 1079. Mob: 0412 161 047.

From: Terry Westerway
To: Allen Petersen
Cc: Jim Wiltshire;  Donald Tate;;;  spiritus@
Date: 17/04/2009 4:14:45 PM

Bloody Hell!! Here we go again!! Some anonymous f**kwit rabbiting on about things he is not in a position to know.

And, moreover, lacking the intestinal fortitude to stand up like a man and put his own name on the email.

Of all the "Peter Edwards" on the nominal roll (who served in a Cavalry unit), only one exists - 37640 Sergeant Peter Ernest Edwards who served with 3 Cav in 1968/1969 - hardly the individual likely to sign himself as "cavtrooper66". In my opinion this is simply Keith Tennent/Fergus Fairfax (or the person(s) behind AVM) trying to have a go.  Again..

Terry Westerway

From: Raymond Hoppo
To: 'Allen Petersen' ;Cc: cavtrooper66
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 1:38 AM
Subject: Re IS THIS TRUE

Guys I’m sorry but I don’t see the need or the sense for all this if Don is fantasizing (I’m not saying he is or isn’t) so be it, it may be his way of coping if it doesn’t hurt anyone why worry, you believe in yourself that you know the facts.

Regards, Ray

From: Jim Wiltshire
To: Allen Petersen ;
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 1:03 PM

Congratulations Don. An acquaintance of these sub-mentality baboons has read out a tiny part of your book to one of them. Or maybe he drew cartoons? By the way, has any-one checked out the DVA Nominal Roll for any SVN Vet by that name, either Inf or Cav who was in SVN in '66? Or is that too simple for some peepel?
What was that about electronic stalking - a Federal Offence incidentally - 'anonymous gutless cowards too timid to use their own name and or a legitimate ISP address?

Regards, Jim Wiltshire
107 Phillips St, Wodonga 3690  Ph:  02 6024 1079.   Mob: 0412 161 047.
Mass Distributed

From: Bud Cramer
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 11:23 AM
Subject: Re IS THIS TRUE???

A well written synopsis by Pete Edwards.
The 9 RAR blokes will do what they will, of course, but I suspect sorting out Pete is not amongst their immediate plans.
Tate lashed back at Pete with a quote from the Mt Buller Times (International edition?) bringing women, specifically his wife, into the argument.
Bud Cramer.

From: Donald Tate
To: Pete Edwards Cc: Allen Petersen
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 7:51 AM
Subject: Re Is this true

Another sad fuckwit, Edwards. You don't even know the basic facts of any of the matters you're talking about.
I'll let the 9RAR blokes sort you out.

Don Tate
author, "The War Within"

“'The War Within' reminds us that amongst us walk men and women harmed by war’s ravages.” - Mt Buller Times


From: Pete Edwards
Email: cavtrooper66
Received: Thursday, 16 April, 2009, 12:05 AM
Subject: Is this true

Let’s Have a Good Look at Don Tate.

In the cold heart of day let’s have a good look at Tate, the undecorated war hero, who abuses all and sundry about their service in Vietnam and the consequences that followed.

For he is, by his own claims, a “super soldier”, better than any SAS patrol member, better than any Jnr or Snr NCO, better than any officer who served in Vietnam.

But with no military qualifications! He attended no courses apart from Recruit and Corps Training, but in his warped mind, he was still better than SAS. He and the  other supernumeraries posted to HQ 1 ATF, were nothing more than replacements waiting to go to the newly arrived Battalions, as and when needed.

After Tate arrived in-country he served with 4RAR for some 6 months, which is good bush time. You can learn a lot in that 6 months! Especially unnatural changes to the vegetation in which you are working which may indicate an enemy presence.

As any Infantry soldier would agree with, regardless of his posting, once you became aware of these unnatural sightings, the hair on the back of his neck would stand up and his heart would start to pump, he knew that the enemy were very close. He would instantly stop the patrol from going any further and he would call the Pl Comd up and show and explain the changes in vegetation and explain what they meant.

That is what a normal Infantry soldier would do and his comments would not be questioned.

“Stumbles” was not a very good soldier as will be confirmed by some of his own statements a bit further down and as we
go further it will become evident of how, he utterly failed 7Pl C Coy 9RAR and let them walk into an ambush which he knew was close.

A “Stumbles” quote from his book:

“For over two hours we had struggled our way up the side of a muddy hill, and in closing darkness and with a thunderstorm raging around us, the Viet Cong sprung their ambush.

To this day, the horror of that ambush will wake me at night. Sometimes I wake with a sense of guilt, perhaps not deserved, because I feel I had had enough experience in 4RAR to have realised we were walking into a trap. Sometimes I still see leaves tied together, and tree markings, and exposed fire lanes, and wake up in a sweat wondering why I hadn't said something, why I hadn’t reacted quicker.

At the same time, we were all dog tired. Switched off. Careless.

And suddenly, with an unbelievable roar, the enemy machine guns opened up on us from the front and side. The first section of 7 Platoon were cut to ribbons”. (emphasis added).

Tate wasn’t switched off – he saw the tell tale signs – and shut up!

Careless! Negligent! Yes, as guilty as hell, Tate knew they were close and shut up and by his inaction 7 Pl were decimated!

The Bn soon found out about Tate’s stuff up, big time as it was, the word went out quickly. Is it any wonder that his peers did not want his name included in the Nominal Role of the Bn?

So Tate comes home, hating the world, and has done so ever since.

It is not the world that he hates, it is himself. By his own statements he was a gutless individual before the Army, by allowing 7Pl to walk into an enemy bunker system when he knew they were close, more of a gutless and cowards act.

Ever since he has sought sympathy, from anyone and everyone! Read his bleating of being WIA!

How better to remove the guilt from his inactions and being a prime cause of the casualties inflicted on 7Pl C Coy 9RAR? I’ll make myself a hero! – everyone will agree and I will feel good about myself!

So, D&E platoon comes up many years later and with enough fabricated gloss and magic, Tate and his supernumeraries at HQ 1ATF, Tate invents them all as super soldiers and hero’s, they swallow it up, and in their eyes Tate is a hero. What he had always wanted to be! A hero!

The facts don’t matter to him, the dream does!

So he writes very glamorous descriptions about their supposed activities making the Province safe, according to him, the SAS or the Infantry Bn’s couldn’t but Tate and his cohorts did. Wow!

Tate has blisteringly bagged the SAS patrols due to his superior knowledge of how an Army works, despite the SAS having patrols of between 5 and 10 men. That’s bugger all when bullets start flying and they have to get out on a “hot” extraction. They were always going to be outnumbered!

But Tate basically describes them as being cowards because the small patrols didn’t stand and fight! If I led a small patrol of that size, I’d be out of there too, and so would every other patrol commander when contacted by a numerically superior force.

This is all from a Pte soldier whom his peers do not have very much to say about his abilities at all.

He’s a hero! Another quote from his book:

“On the day I was wounded I should have been in Bangkok on R and R. But a sense of duty to 'C' Coy who were a little undermanned at the time, and knowing contact with the enemy was imminent, meant I volunteered to stay in the field instead. In retrospect, perhaps it was foolish decision, but a patriotic youth can be forgiven such foolishness.”
(Emphasis added)

I’ll bet everyone in 7Pl C Coy wished to Christ he had have been in Bangkok, for very obvious reasons. He states “Contact was imminent” and he went to water!

Tate will never be a hero in anyone’s eye’s, only his own! Simply because he is not and has never been anything than a bumbling and stumbling very inexperienced soldier who did not do his job.

Tate also complains that when 9RAR returned to Brisbane, they did not pay him a visit in hospital.

Tate’s quote:

“I never got a visit from anyone in 9RAR when they came home, even though they returned to my home town- Brisbane. Hadn't really got to know anyone in my three weeks with them, and I guess I was forgotten by the time they’d finished their tour.” (emphasis added).

I would say that 9RAR had very good reasons not to pay a visit, and Mr Tate your decision not to give any warning to 7Pl has never been forgotten. You live in infamy!
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