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Tate hates Vietnam Vets like the War Protestors Did
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Author Topic: Mad Galahs Claim To Represent Us  (Read 8406 times)
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« Reply #4 on: Wednesday17June2009 »



From: Jim Wiltshire
Sent: Tuesday, 16 June 2009 6:28 PM
Subject: ANZACs to Rudd and his servants = perform or piss off aka did you really think we had forgotten the 5 demands?

From:   Barry Corse  Date: 16/06/2009 2:00:23 PM
To:;  'Johnston, David \(Senator\)';  'Griffin, Alan \(MP\)';
Cc: Subject: ANZACs to Rudd and his servants = perform or piss off aka did you really think we had forgotten the 5 demands?

ANZACs to Rudd and his servants, did you really think we had forgotten the 5 demands?

1. TPI and DVA associated benefits be increased by the current minimum shortfall of $92.1.  partial catch-up estimated shortfall per fortnight est $80

2. the immediate application of adjustment to male average weekly earnings. Deafening silence

3. the redefinition of what constitutes war service, ignored to the detriment of serving and future ANZACs, simple = any ANZAC deployed anywhere armed to intercede on behalf of the executive government WILL be gazette as “warlike service” (and all warlike service WILL be tax free)

4. the redefinition of the clinical determination as to service caused mental trauma. Ignored = any ANZAC who suffers any form of mental illness as a result of defence service will be accepted for whole of life liability until proven otherwise. (damaged in the service to the nation is liable)

5. The creation of "The Prime Ministers Veteran Advisory Council". Claytons Council of agreeables = the first ANZAC council was not expected to be any more than a prime ministerial front with a controlled agenda. Ok the apprenticeship is over, so now the ANZAC criteria applies, “get publicly relevant on behalf of the people who imposed the council, the non aligned ANZAC community, or piss off”.


One (maybe) and a bit out of 5 does not a pass mark make.
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« Reply #3 on: Friday17April2009 »

Alas, the hero of the Confrontation speaks out... undecorated destroyer of the Indonesians when he held the beachhead on his own.  And now he "speaks" on our behalf.  It shows just how dillusional this pathetic lying lump of human flotsom is... It is a pity that he just would not sit on a giant portaloo and pull the chain so he could be flushed away with the rest of his wannabee kind who are also known as the Mad Galah's or totally demented parrots..

What a pity the cook had not taken the "bad" lamb chop and showed it in Molly where the sun don't shine all those years ago.
Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday15April2009 »

80s take no notice of ANYTHING Noel Molly Muller said in the past, or may say in the future.

He is a madman, and considered so by all who have had dealings with him....even politicians------all except the mad galahs naturally who embraced him with open arms because they could identify with him, and he was usefull to them..

The letter by Lamb Chops Mutineer Muller to the SA Government was pure grandstanding, and nothing more.

To read up about dear old Molly, another mad galah wannabe click here

Muller is another mad galah who has gone to ground, however before he did he was very good at throwing the old and tired mad galah accusation around the place, if you disagree with me or question me-----well then you are a paedophile.

Molly is a serial pretender who never came into contact with any of Australias enemies, though he would have you believe otherwise.
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« Reply #1 on: Wednesday15April2009 »

Another example of the hoards of people these Mad Galahs claim to represent.

VETERANS Affairs Minister Alan Griffin has just completed the Sydney leg of a national tour that many believe sounds the death knell for the Returned and Services League.

Even as RSL clubs adapt to attract a new young crowd, the RSL sub-branches that are supposed to care for the welfare of diggers returning from conflicts such as Afghanistan and Iraq are in decline.

"As far as many veterans are concerned, the RSL is dead," said former Vietnam platoon commander Barry Corse, representing about 500,000 non-aligned veterans who have refused to join the RSL.

"It is the RSL which has always been very keen to speak positively for generals and politicians. But when it comes to the life and wellbeing of a young or discarded soldier all they say is 'Trust the system'. That system has betrayed the rank-and-file gun fodder."

The RSL's Defence Force membership has dropped by 20 per cent in 10 years to below 200,000.

Korean War Veterans Association president Bob Morris said: "I feel there are too many groups with too many vested interests. The RSL is not representing any of them but, for the first time, we are seeing a Government that is trying to find a way to represent all those interests."

Mr Griffin consulted 130 veterans in Sydney on Friday as part of a national tour that will lead to him appointing a prime ministerial advisory council on ex-service matters.

"The RSL is like a 300-pound gorilla. It is by far the biggest of ex-service organisations. I think it does a good job but it is a bit much to expect it to be ... able to fulfil all the expectations of a very diverse community," Mr Griffin said. "Part of the issue with the many ex-service organisations is that they are responsible to their members and they are selected on a very narrow basis - for example a single conflict - which gives them very specific needs.

"If this committee works, what it does is allow us to give advice on the issues that affect all the organisations that make up this community," he said.

Even those within the RSL see there is a problem. Dr Rod Bain, RSL NSW southern country vice-president, predicted the RSL had 10 years to save itself.

"There are too many ex-service organisations in Australia representing too many small individual groups with their own interests. There isn't a body that represents ex-servicemen as a whole," he said. "The RSL does it well enough but unfortunately it has managed, over the last 10 or 15 years, to alienate a number of people. Unless the ex-services organisations can work together and get to the service people before they leave the forces then we are going to be in serious trouble as an organisation."

Kel Ryan, who is standing for election as national president in September, conceded the prime ministerial committee was taking on a job previously held by the RSL.

"The RSL was traditionally the voice of the ex-services community but for reasons that have been well documented the RSL missed the opportunity to grasp the issues that were particular to Vietnam veterans," he said.

RSL national president Bill Crews argued: "We are here to stay. We do have a number of younger members, not as many as we would like, but we are working on it." He welcomed the planned committee.

Ross Horne, former secretary of the Royal Australian Regiment Association, was wounded in Vietnam and is angry that the RSL offered him no support.

"The RSL is a dead duck in the water - it has lost contact with the people it should serve," he said.
« on: Wednesday15April2009 »

Here is a reply to Noel Muller by Michael Atkinson (State Minister for Veterans Affairs - SA). It appears that the Galahs intended to get their hooks into the Veteran Affairs apparatus as some self proclaimed experts? Who endorses them to represent us at all? Can the experts at AVM cast some more info on these goings on?

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