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Tate hates Vietnam Vets like the War Protestors Did
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Author Topic: THESE MAD GALAH PEOPLE.  (Read 106640 times)
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« Reply #67 on: Tuesday19January2010 »

Turn around somewhere here and overseas and you will find a fraud,a wannabe and a fake under a rock. We confine our interests to the mad galahs and Australian slime bags, however somebody sent this USA newspaper article to admin and we post it for your interest. See how they all have a response: they have been misquoted, misreported, lied about, didn't mean to harm anybody etc etc ad nauseum

Here we go for your interest.

Ray Jennings
Service questioned: Some say veteran's decorated record false
By Chris Roberts / El Paso Times
Posted: 01/11/2010 12:00:00 AM MST

Click photo to enlargeVietnam War veteran Ray Jennings shows his military identification.... (Mark Lambie / El Paso Times)«1234»EL PASO -- By all accounts, Ray Jennings was an above-average soldier who received a Bronze Star for his service during the Vietnam War. And members of the El Paso chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America agree that he was an efficient and effective president.

But for a decade now Jennings has angered acquaintances and alienated friends who say he falsely represents himself as a war hero.

Jennings, 63, said the criticisms were a case of mistaken identity. He said he has never misrepresented his military career. In addition, he said, none of his accusers know about his experiences in Vietnam, which included combat that left him with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Critics accuse Jennings of dressing in a Special Forces uniform for events such as POW/MIA ceremonies, though he never was in such a unit. Former friends say he wore a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross, an award second only to the Medal of Honor, but never received either decoration.

Lately Jennings has worn a cap and jacket with symbols implying that his Bronze Star was awarded with the "V device," which is given for combat valor.

Fellow veterans, who obtained his military records, say Jennings received no medals for combat valor or injuries. They also say he was never trained as a Special Forces soldier nor was he assigned to a Special Forces unit.

They say Jennings' misrepresentations degrade the sacrifices made by others, especially those who gave their lives in war.

"That's all false," Jennings said of the accusations. "It's politically motivated. I'm a diehard Democrat, and the people who are doing this are die-hard Republicans."

Jennings said there are two other people named Raymond Jennings in El Paso, one of whom bears a striking resemblance to him.

A search by the El Paso Times revealed only one other Raymond Jennings in town. He was born in 1972 and could not have served in the Vietnam War, which ended when he was 3 years old.

Jim Boyd, a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America and a former friend of Jennings, said there is no mistaken identity. Boyd swore in a 2004 affidavit for his veterans' chapter that he witnessed Jennings wearing a Green Beret, a Purple Heart and a Distinguished Service Cross at numerous events.

Boyd, now living in Fort Worth, said he believed Jennings at first.

In 1998, Jennings was wearing a maroon beret with a Special Forces insignia when he was invited to join El Paso's Benavidez-Patterson "All Airborne" Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association, according to chapter members. The insignia is supposed to be worn with the well-known Green Beret, said Bob Chisolm, a retired lieutenant colonel and chapter member.

Jennings declined the invitation to join and after a few more questions about what unit he was in and where he served, the members began to doubt his assertions. That led them to use the Freedom of Information Act to obtain Jennings' military records. Those records show that Jennings was never a member of a Special Forces unit, Chisolm said.

Chapter members began telling others what they had learned about Jennings. Vietnam Veterans of America officials asked Jennings to document his service. When he did not, his membership was revoked, said Bill Meeks Jr., national chairman of membership affairs.

Jennings said he is an at-large member in good standing. He said this means he is not affiliated with any particular chapter.

As for his service in Vietnam, Jennings provided the Times with a Bronze Star citation stating that he received the medal for "meritorious achievement in ground operations against hostile forces" in 1969 and 1970. But there is no mention of a "V device."

Jennings, though, said his camp was attacked with rockets and mortars while he was serving with the 459th Signal Battalion during his second tour in Vietnam. He said he received the medal for performing first-aid on two soldiers in his unit who were wounded and for carrying them to a rear area where they could receive medical treatment.

"These were combat tours. I wasn't in the rear taking showers," Jennings said. "Were they with Ray Jennings 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Vietnam?"

He also has a letter that appears to be from a 5th Special Forces Group commander thanking him for installing communications cable at a base in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

His former friends in the Vietnam Veterans of America chapter also used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain Jennings' military records. They say the documents show no record of Jennings seeing combat duty.

But an El Paso Times photograph taken at a Pearl Harbor Day ceremony last month shows Jennings wearing a cap and jacket bearing a first sergeant insignia, his rank at retirement. The words "BRONZE STAR" arc over the rank. The word "HEROISM" in smaller letters appears under the rank. Next to the rank is the "V" that normally stands for valor.

Asked about the "V," Jennings said it represents his graduation from the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy.

Records show that he graduated from the academy in 1982. An academy spokesman said there is no official "V" insignia related to attendance or graduation from the academy.

A 1998 El Paso Times story identified a man appearing in an accompanying photograph as "retired Special Forces 1st Sgt. Ray Jennings." The man, who looks like Jennings, presides over a POW/MIA ceremony wearing a Green Beret with the Special Forces insignia.

Jennings said it was not him.

A law approved in 2006 provides criminal penalties for wearing unauthorized military medals or uniforms. The penalties include fines and a prison term of up to one year. The FBI investigates such cases, but in the past three years there have been no complaints in the El Paso area, said Special Agent Andrea Simmons.

The national Special Forces Association screens its members, said Ken Cannon, the group's temporary administrative director. He said Special Forces soldiers go through arduous training and regularly are asked to perform missions under life-threatening conditions.

"I guess they want to earn respect," Cannon said of people who make false claims of military service or heroism. "Every time you have somebody pretending to be something they're not it diminishes those who have served and died."

Jennings maintains his innocence.

"I've served my country," he said. "Some people can't take the facts. Or maybe it's jealousy."

Chris Roberts may be reached at; 546-6136.
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« Reply #66 on: Wednesday09December2009 »

Moon and Muller have no shame

Phillip Moon and Noel “Molly” Muller are both Mad Galahs.  Both have been exposed as shocking wannabes who claimed heroic service, Moon in the RAAF and Muller in the RAN.  Moon and Muller are typical of the quality of those who hang around with the Mad Galahs.

These two, have the hides of bull elephants they just won’t go away. They keep assailing the Veteran Community with their bilious written swill. You can read about the heroic exploits of these charmers on the ANZMI website.

Muller – 
Moon  -- 

Below is the “wisdom” these two promulgated today through the Mad Galah mailman Allen Petersen.



This from Muller

From: Noel P Muller
Date: 9/12/2009 1:14:33 PM
To: Phillip Holder; maryann martinek  Bernie McGurgan;  Allen J Petersen
Subject: Re Indexation for Carer Allow, Youth Allow and DSP
I would submit, Phillip, that the day of the ESO as we know it is passed. There was a time when an ESO was a place to go for guidance and mentoring in the matters surrounding DVA Claims and matters related. I had my own experience with a prominent ESO over recent years (Two actually-one much, much longer than the other) and indeed, I have to state that all it got me was more grief, more denial, more disinformation, and the internal politics of BOTH were such as to repel me from their midst. For reasons obvious, I will not mention either ESO here as this is a very public medium and thus - word gets around. Those of you whom are familiar with my personal details already know the two ESO's of whom I speak anyway and so their is no point in repeating them.

It is more than possible to take one (any) ESO and compare it to Terra Australis or "New South Wales" as Australia was once known prior to Federation. Federation fixed nothing, indeed, it introduced an entirely new raft of problems of its own. That is where the ESO world is at. One ESO attracts certain people for the simple "prestige" of publicly wearing their badge - it indicates to one and all that you have served. Not necessarily active and with recent (40-50 year) changes, you do not even have to be an Ex Service Member to wear the badge (Associates are encouraged). How ever, the ESO's have become inbred, one into the other and the caustic mixture has spread far and wide and the damages caused are there - guts and all - for the whole Country to see. The "MAD GALAH'S" represents NON-ALIGNED personnel. That includes people such as myself. I have resigned my alliance to every ESO and my only allegiance now is to the MAD GALAHS. That is how the MAD GALAHS began and that is how I read it to this very day - Veterans of Australia's conflicts whom have been duded, misled or lie to by regular ESO's. You can take the VVAA and they have their take (and their politically biased executive) upon matters concerning the world of the Veteran. The R&SL has the precise same phobia and are nothing more than a kindergarten for Political Discontent within their own ranks. They have turned their back upon the greater Veteran Community and they DO NOT CARE WHOM KNOWS IT. Their Executive has become a lap dog to various Governments over the years and for my money, will continue to do so for a very long time to come - why change (they say) - IT AIN'T BROKE. (They say). VVF and all the other bodies are jealously watching what other ESO's are doing and that pretty well sums up what is happening when you begin to discuss dysfunctional ESO's.

There was, once, a time when it was only necessary to have the one ESO. Then we came home from Korea - Malaya - Vietnam and were disillusioned because the R&SL did not recognise us as REAL SOLDIERS - am I beginning to raise memories in your minds. During my 18 years domicile upon Qld Gold Coast, I had a mate whom had never ever served in the forces, he was a full blown member of the "TWIN TOWNS R&SL" and I took my Service Certificate down to join and was told that I would have to go onto a Waiting List (around 10 years) before I could be granted membership. That was about the time "I GOT PISSED". My mate's membership used to get us "Front Row Seats" to all the big name shows the Club used to hire and I never even bothered putting down my name. So much for the R&SL. There will be those whom will say that the NSW R&SL is not really the R&SL but each club is a Corporation. That is absolute CRAP because as a Service Club, they are not allowed to make a profit and all of their profits have to be drilled back into services for the members. Subsidised Meals, Drinks, Entertainment, Indoor Bowling Rinks (Outdoor Bowls indoors) and so it went on.

I suggest that we all come to terms with the fact that if we expect the ESO's to be our guiding light - we are flogging a dead horse. I make no apology for my opinion as I have learned the HARD WAY, PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

Best regards, Noel
Noel P "Molly" Muller

This from Moon

From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009 5:40 PM

From: phillip moon
Sent: Wednesday, 9 December 2009 2:59 PM
Subject: Message from Phil

Hi Allen,
Do you think that this is too strong to put out mate?  [No its good Phil. Allen

!!!!!!!!!!!!  USE YOUR BRAINS AND THINK AGAIN  !!!!!!!!!!!
Phillip Moon – 16 years in the Royal Australian Air Force
Central Queensland Region Coordinator
Global Recognition Campaign for MCS/Chemical Injury and other chemically induced illness & diseases affecting Civilians & Military Personnel! MCS-GLOBAL
My Personal website: -   
My Personal Skype address: - phillip.moon1
My E-mail Address is
My address: P.O. Box 7053, Bundaberg North, Queensland, Australia 4670

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« Reply #65 on: Wednesday25November2009 »

So slowly and painfully the truth is drawn out of these Yellow Bellied cowards.  Sit on the side line, throw all the garbage you can, but when you are identified scream foul play. So Paterson you are a "Tin-Man" just a low life "Wanna-Bee", trying to big note your self and thieve the honor of those who served and risked every thing for the Medals you so shamelessly stold and wear.  You Cowardly Mut. That is the lowest action a person can do to any Returned Service-person. There is no, NO, excuse for cowardice of this nature. You didn't have the guts or fortitude to put your hand up 40 odd years ago, but now you want people to admire you for your stealing the Honour those Medals represent for those who did go. Crawl back into your gutter with your mates you low peace of scum.  You will never have any respect directed towards you for what you have done. How many lies, bull shit stories and tear jerkers have you told over the years that you have worn the stolen Valour of Real Men. Total Shame on YOU.
Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #64 on: Tuesday24November2009 »

That's the way, Patterson, you dropkick.

Blame the National Archives for releasing public records that expose you as a wannabe bullshit artist and wearer of fake medals.
I really encourage you to write to your local Member of Parliament, because if he has any balls he will tell you to piss off and that you are a disgrace to all real veterans, and never darken his door (or letterbox) ever again.

Pull your head in you dunce, you are an embarrassment to yourself and you demean every other CMF soldier who gave honourable service to Australia.

Where do these clowns come from?  Roll Eyes

PQ Patterson is doing what this country runs on, Blaming others for their own actions words and behaviour. This is an industry in this country. Never ever take responsibility for oneself and ones own behaviour. Like the kids who were let out by their parents, killed by a train, and then who blamed the Police! The industry is this.

It is always somebody elses fault, never mine they say. Never ever take responsibiltiy for your own behaviour and actions.

Patterson has been proven to be a fraud yet he says it's not his fault.
« Reply #63 on: Tuesday24November2009 »

I wonder whose medals he is wearing?
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« Reply #62 on: Tuesday24November2009 »

That's the way, Patterson, you dropkick.

Blame the National Archives for releasing public records that expose you as a wannabe bullshit artist and wearer of fake medals.
I really encourage you to write to your local Member of Parliament, because if he has any balls he will tell you to piss off and that you are a disgrace to all real veterans, and never darken his door (or letterbox) ever again.

Pull your head in you dunce, you are an embarrassment to yourself and you demean every other CMF soldier who gave honourable service to Australia.

Where do these clowns come from?  Roll Eyes
« Reply #61 on: Tuesday24November2009 »

Jim Patterson - Mad Galah, wannabe and lying scoundrel

Mad Galah, Jim Patterson is not a veteran he is an ex CMF soldier who stayed in Sydney, during the Vietnam War, he could easily have transferred from CMF to regular service had he chosen to do so. 

For many years he has pretended to be a Vietnam veteran and has been photographed wearing Vietnam medals. See the ANZMI entry here: 

Patterson has been accepted to the bosom of the Mad Galahs.  Alan Petersen distributes his emails and other Mad Galahs like Terry Westerway embrace and encourage Patterson.

Patterson is a pathological liar.  He has been caught fair and square and instead of shutting up, he is now attacking the modus operandi of those who may have exposed him.

In his latest email he is condemning the Freedom of Information legislation that allowed researchers to establish beyond doubt that he is a lying wannabe.

The reason his records were accessed was because of his actions of pretending to be a Vietnam Veteran, so he is to blame for having his Service Record accessed, and for being exposed as a lying fraud and a wannabe.

Patterson is one of many wannabes who are Mad Galahs, others are Moon, Muller and Eather-Evans, how genuine veterans can abide these scoundrels in their midst is beyond comprehension.



Sent: Monday, 23 November 2009 5:16 PM
Subject: National Archives of Australia

Terry, (Westerway) as advised previously I received a letter today from NAA with the following notations, remember I asked three questions and here are the answers:- They confirm that the record of my service  was transferred on three occasions from CARO -In December 2006 and June 2008. NAA received two requests from the general public but because of Privacy laws in 1988, are not allowed to tell me who requested same, yet Mr Paul Dalgleish who I also spoke with on the telephone- can give all personal details over 30 years to anyone who pays the required monies for that inspection, and they can be used by those that pay the monies in any manner deemed fit by them.
When I explained these documents have been used in a fashion to ridicule and defame- he was non committal. So it seems the government can do one thing and we small insignificant persons have to abide by their decisions wether right or wrong. Next step is writing to my local member for Blaxland; and  ask him if he would like his personal details being given to anyone for thirty pieces of silver and quote the last paragraph of Mr Paul Dalgleish letter dated 12th November, 2009 "The National Archives for reasons of privacy does not give out the names of people whom requested and viewed records" and your record of service was made available under the Archives Act 1983- in response to requests from the public.
Jim Patterson
 NB: Copy of letter will be forwarded if you require, interesting reading
« Reply #60 on: Monday23November2009 »

Poor old Bernie is losing it?
Mad Galah ex Major Bernie McGurgan has been a campaigner for DFRDB for quite some time and for that he has earned some respect from the veteran community. 
Somewhere along the line Bernie must have got disoriented or disgruntled because he chose to join with the Mad Galahs, and counts Don Tate, Barry Corse, Jim Wiltshire and Keith “Yorky” Joyce amongst his very good veteran mates.
In recent times Bernie has started sending emails to the Australian Federal Police and then forgetting what he has done.  Ah well it could happen to any of us.
I could wax lyrical about McGurgan’s mates Tate, Corse and Wiltshire but on this occasion will concentrate on the subject of a personal reference McGurgan has issued for Keith “Yorky” Joyce. This is what GcGurgan said about Joyce on the 21 Nov 2009

“From: Bernie McGurgan
Date: 21/11/2009 7:43:09 AM
To: Recipient list suppressed:,
I know Yorky Joyce quite well! He and I served on the AATTV during 1970/71 and prior to that did our many AATTV courses together in 1969!
He is an honest and professional soldier whom I would vouch for any time!
The less said about his detractor the better and he should return to his rock pile and disappear ASAP!
PS Gidday Don hope you are well old mate?”

Looks like Bernie’s judgment as well as his memory is fading.  Joyce was a professional soldier, for only a very short time, mostly he was in the CMF and school Cadets and spent only just over three years on full time service in the Regular Army .  He chose to be discharged from the Army  before the expiration of his enlistment period when it was proposed he be reduced to a rank commensurate with his experience and seniority and posted to 6 RAR, an Infantry Battalion. Besides his inexperience and lack of seniority he had been involved in a drunken skirmish with one of his subordinates and it was decided he was no longer suitable to remain in  this CMF Unit as part of the ARA Cadre.
After leaving the Defence Force without any DFRDB, Joyce worked his way into the RSL and became President of the Rockhampton RSL Sub Branch. After taking  control, he started arranging things to set himself up with a nice superannuation fund. He set up a company named Lone Pine Ltd, transferred all RSL monies and assets into this shelf company, and started spending RSL money. He, as managing director and President of Lone Pine Ltd was on a nice "wicket" with illegal use of a  car a lucrative superannuation fund and wages.
Joyce destroyed the whole thing and bankrupted Lone Pine Ltd and thus Rockhampton RSL.  Many say that it was only the RSL’s desire to avoid bad publicity that kept Joyce out of jail for his activities. Before Joyce took over, the RSL had cash and assets to the value of 1.1 Million dollars. Joyce was subsequently banned for life from the RSL.
All that Joyce did to the Rockhampton RSL through Lone Pine Ltd is a matter of public record.  The RSL legal advisers said in a letter to Joyce dated 14 Dec 2006:

Paragraph 8 (In a letter to Joyce from RSL Solicitors)
Your repeated assertions of corruption, bigotry and treachery on the part of our clients are not supported by any evidence at all and are nothing more than an attempt on your part to divert attention from the real facts which, amongst others, include:
a.        your part in the failure and ultimate demise of the Rockhampton Sub-Branch of the League, which at one time owned property (unencumbered) to the value of
          ($900,000) and had cash reserves of in excess of $200,000.
b.        Your part in the failure and demise of Lone Pine Ltd (which at the end of the day acquired the assets of the Rockhampton Sub-Branch of the league for
           nothing); and
c.        The majority of the members of the League in Rockhampton not wanting anything to do with you or any organization in which you are involved the result
           being that they formed the Capricornia Sub-Branch so as to disassociate from you.

Whilst Joyce was destroying the Rockhampton RSL he was a Pensions Officer and level 4 Advocate and during that era he chose to scurrilously pass highly confidential personal documents to his Mad Galah mates, thus cementing his reputation for dishonesty, lack of integrity and being a disgusting and disgraced person.
Bernie old boy, vouching for this morally bankrupt person who has earned the ire of the veteran community is indicative of your general lack of judgment or inability to write an honest reference for any person, it is therefore easy to understand why you support the Mad Galahs.
In other words Bernie your judgment is not worth a Tinkers damn.
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« Reply #59 on: Wednesday18November2009 »

Well, if nothing else, the lads on a Brit exservicemens site I belong to are having a good laugh at that email.
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« Reply #58 on: Wednesday18November2009 »

From: xxxxxxxxx
To: Austvetmatters
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 12:56 PM
Subject: Molly 'Lamb Chops' Mueller has surfaced yet again!


Lamb Chops again demonstrates his abysmal ignorance on Allen Peterson's web page " Look out younger vets!" of 15 Nov 09. Poor chap; fancy being the only person who ever served in the ADF that did not know that service personnel did not get paid overtime! His disappointment  must be profound!  It was a 'huge shock' no less! Perhaps as much as his failure to be recognised for his remarkable exploits in defeating Indonesian troops singlehanded and other acts of bravery in four wars he claimed he was involved in! Unfortunately, after being dormant he has again surfaced with his usual blather.

From: Noel P Muller
To:  Bernie McGurgan ; Allen J Petersen ; maryann martinek
Sent: Sunday, 15 November 2009 9:31 AM
Subject: Re LOOK OUT

Further to my earlier post, I have a vague memory now but at best, recollect that my Recruit Pay on entering the Regular RAN was in the vicinity of 9 pounds per fortnight. I was a huge shock at a latter point that there was NO OVERTIME and my Fortnightly Pay was on a 24/7 basis. Even Firemen et al, get Overtime and Shift allowances. Not the RAN and I would reasonably assume the remainder of the ADF either. Could someone with better smarts than I possibly point out how this is an equitable system to anyone other than the Federal Government. I give up!

Best regards, Noel
Noel P "Molly" Muller


Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #57 on: Wednesday28October2009 »

Over the last week or so I have seen some disgusting and defamatory emails from the mad galahs. They must be feelin the heat of exposure from here. I have checked this forum and website many times and it is obvious to me that avm doesn't initiate attacks on the mgs. AVM responds to the sickness from the mgs.Fair enough. It is also obvious to me after much reading that the AVM website is a well researched website and has provided primary source documents to back up what it says.

Over the last ten days or so the mgs, mainly Tate Petersen Weekes McKenzie and UKNOWN people [ Petersen often leaves out the names from emails !! ] have attacked the personal lives and reputations of many including Generals Gower and Cosgrove, Brig Doug Formby, Bob Buick MM, Keith Tennent, Blue Ryan OAM, Ron King OAM, Clive Mitchell-Taylor, General Bill Crews,Cardinal Pell, Barry Billing, D371 in this forum and many others in this forum, Senator Mark Bishop,John Printz VVAA Vic, Peter Reece [ former Ministerial advisor ], Danna Vale MP (former DVA Minister) and Deanne Kelly former Liberal politician and DVA Minister and various ESOs including the TPI Federation, VVFA, VVAA and the Royal Australian Corps of Signals. More will probably be attacked.

QUESTION. Why are the mgs attacking the private lives, professional standing and personal integrity of so many many people. Their conspiracy oriented minds have accused all these people and more of having connspired to commit murder,murder prisoners of war, engage in cowardice at the Battle of Long Tan engage in paedophile rings, deal in drugs, pervert the course of justice and engage in official corruption.

One of their main movers and shakers and a man who has been proven a fraud and crook by avm is Keith Joyce He is no use to them any more because after years and years of attacking anybody who disagrees with him his life of infamy has caught up with him and he is very very ill from what I have been told. In fact the word is he looks like death warmed up. Now that couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. As ye sow so shall ye reap.

McKenzie secretly used various nom de plumes on internet forums trying to stir the troops up and cause trouble because the truth was being spoken about him.

The mgs are a vile dirty filthy lot who are a shame to all decent human persons.

PS  didn't mention that Weekes has used the secret nom de plume Viper. He has admitted this. AVM has said openly right from the first time I came in here that it is an anonymous whistle blowing website and they recommend using nom de plumes.They don't force us to and give us the choice. Can't be more open than that. No secrey all out in the open all fair and square. As somebody said that, apart from AVM, it is damn stupid to plaster your name all over forums these days and using nom de plumes is widely accepted in forums. Please note Petersen DOES NOT operate a forum. He operates an email list. BIG DIFFERENCE.
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« Reply #56 on: Wednesday21October2009 »

Just a couple of things in relation to Patterson.

What were Small Ships Company doing receiving medals at HMAS Penguin?

What were the two medals? He would not have accumulated the 28 days needed for the VM as
part of Sydney's crew nor the accumulated 182 days for the VCM. If he was a CMF volunteer he
accumulated no days at all!

What was he passing out as?

During Vietnam wasn't it policy that all CMF personnel had to volunteer for service in Vietnam
as well as signing a waiver relieving the Commonwealth of any liability in case of death, injury ect.
In other words they were never there! I know this changed with the introduction of the VE Act.

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« Reply #55 on: Tuesday20October2009 »

Patterson in ANZMI
« Reply #54 on: Tuesday20October2009 »

Jim Patterson sure can dance.

Fergus does not like to-ing and fro-ing with Mad Galahs, however, Jim Patterson has responded to my request to him, but has very unskillfully danced around the questions. See his email below.  There is nothing tricky about this issue it is straight forward.

1.   Did you serve in Vietnam?
2.   If so for how long?

Jim says  “the problem isn't about wether (sic) I did or not serve in Vietnam”   well Jim any reasonable person would disagree with you, because the only reason we are communicating, is because ANZMI said you claim to have served in Vietnam, and they say you did not.

It may well be that you did not say you served in Vietnam as they claim.

We don’t know what the answer is so please bless us with a simple answer to the questions. 




Well Mr Fergus,I have a problem in answering questions for about the fourth or fifth time  from persons whom  use prosydeums and hide behind fictious names.

No the problem isn't about wether I did or not serve in Vietnam it is personsal,and what the late Ernest Christopher Brandon Cramer.alias,Mowgli and other aliases wrote and distorted is according to AVM and anzmi very true.   Also your other hidden agenda person Brian Fisher wrote I received money from the DVA,in support of AVM and anzmi website.Now where is that to do with my service when it is untrue and anzmi printed.That is personal and defamatory

Well you and anzmi state everything is true,but I dont see your records of service,your pesonal particulars being bandied around,all I see is the lies and inuendos that cannot be proved said about me. and others I have nothing to be ashamed of ,I dont hide behind false names I use my own,and where is the copy of the emails Bud Cramer sent you and anzmi decrying my late father (funny you lot never printed that one I have a copy),where this site has checked everything(which they didnt) If you read the original emails which i have a copy of,all was explained,but they will be brought out at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place..

I don't hold personal grudges and I treat everyone with respect including you,when you decide to put your real name outside so others can check on you instead of hiding behind the cloak of shame,then I will answer your questions with pleasure

I think sir,you ought to read the lies that anzmi wrote and what Brian Fisher confirmed was correct including by being paid  DVA benefits instead of picking and choosing what you want  when you haven't the fortitude to be open about  your person.

Jim Patterson
a proud Australian and a Mad Galah
Cath-ghairm,Craig Tuirc
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« Reply #53 on: Monday19October2009 »

Jim Patterson is now officially a Mad Galah

In an email shown below, Patterson expresses his concerns about the way he has been treated by AVM. Mr Patterson’s troubles all stem from the wannabe hunters ANZMI, saying that he claimed to have served in Vietnam.

The huge email he has written (shown below) is about all sorts of things but he has failed to mention the crux of the matter, that is, whether or not he served in Vietnam, and if he did serve in Vietnam for how long?

Let’s put this matter to rest with a simple one line statement from Mr Patterson as to his overseas service.

Mr Patterson, please send your answer to your Mad Galah mailman Alan Petersen.



Sent: Monday, 19 October 2009 8:47 AM
Subject: AVM Website

I give my permission for this email to be reproduced
Good afternoon  all, Just finished reading the Australian Veteran matters website now I have the link can read what this is all about ,seems Im a thorn in the side of a few people,and wondering why?.
Im not a receipenant of any dva pension,not on any committees of any ex service organisation,dont go  to any extremes of putting myself out in the coalface as an expert or face of any ex service organisation,dont write to newspapers about  military matters or pensions,was in the ranks not an officer,so why are they afraid of me? Because I tell the truth and give my opinion and submit them throughout  Allen Petersons website. Is that a crime?
I have been accused  that   I obtain monetary gain from the DVA ,well pls check the dva website and tell me the file number so I can claim.As they have no records of my submitting claim for a pension of any kind  (No crime involved as no claim) yet I so accused.
Im also accused of being a member of a Vietnam American transport website,wish they could tell me what the site is so I could join?
Yes I was a member of the if they can remember you had to be 21 years old (legal age) in those days to drink legally,sign any documents including enlistment papers,and if dont remember when you signed the registration for  National Service papers one of your parents had to co-sign,might of changed after but was in my time.
I was a member of a group of persons whom where restoring a World  war two LSM for display but never got involved or was in any  forum pertaining to this  matter, do know of other Australians whom worked on the ship ,I have never been to the U.S. so why would I be a leading light of this group. never been given any paperwork from anzmi about myself or my service as per their rules ,just a so called friend asked questions which he sent to others and "doctored' by someone to read better.
It seems that in "outing" one of the anonymous persons and threatening legal action against another whom I can prove wrote incorrect statements about me,then I guilty of all crimes against humanity and the AVM Website and the veteran community as a whole.
I At least  put my name on my emails and don't hide behind prosydenums
I am not as informed  as some  as I have never involved myself in veteran matters ,I went to  reunions where I was invited to attend  never sought originally any invitation and met persons I hadnt seen for years whom knew me,and never falsified any paperwork.paid my money like everyone else and never caused any problems,yet im a  leading light (according to AVM) of the veteran community.
I just wish they and others would get their facts straight have written proof of everything I have done and will prove but the anonymous persons whom call themselves "whistleblowers" have not the gumption to stand up and face the accused.(very unaustralian dont you think)
Why am I doing this,well this organisation (AVM and anzmi))  have called my intrigity into line.and they state things that are so incorrect  and others read and believe is true and they confound the situation further.,and they insist on being anonymous because it suits there purpose to adjudicate on others as the "Be all of the ex service world, Judge jury executioner,and also have no respect for others only themselves"
I have current serving members of the adf whom don't know me personally asking if they could help me eradicate the lies being told,theya re appalled (Their words not mine) that an organisation of ex service could turn on one another. As I have refused to attend  reunion  which has been arranged for 2 years (because of the lies and innuendos) and they have expressed their displeasure in the actions of these people whom remain nameless individuals and hide behind the cloak of shame .
Im not even on the committee of that either,Im just an ex member of the unit and was contacted by them not the other way around by an email as were others all around Australia.
Thank you Mr Secretary for forwarding my Engraved "MAd Galah" badge (geeze you were quick) I will wear with pride
Also just to be factual have checked the Australian War Memorial,the national Archives and  both these departments have advised me in writing that they have no records pertaining to my service on file,and the only statuatory body that would have them is Central Army records,whom state they do not give out information unless in writing on a statuatory declaration witness by a Justice of the peace as they abide by the Federal government privacy Act,so where did these person from the other group anzmi get their information (illegally not under the freedom of information act as they claim) (read the C.A.R.o. Website regulations)
Oops sorry never in the NSW Police Service as per  advices from the anonymous persons,funny how  I can obtain information  and yes I have asked C.A.R.O for an answer and advise of whom asked for my information and if not forthcoming have also advised the A.F.P about this and they will conduct an investigation as this a  matter of criminal and national interst as if this information is being obtained illegally and could be used falsly to obtain monetary/identification  gain.
I am not into name calling anyone it is not my nature ,my teaching from  my late parents and other organisations lets me treat everyone with equal standing and respect ,but I will persist in righting the wrongs and standing firm with others to right those wrongs,as i teach my children and granchildren.
Jim Patterson a proud Australian and now a "mad Galah"

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Lies lies and damn lies

To all members and the many many non member readers of AVM. AVM wants to explain something and explain it clearly and once. From very early 2006 until March 2009 when AVM was published the mad galahs and their forerunner the orange people ran rampant around the internet, abusing all and sundry, attacking the private lives of all and sundry, telling lies about their own service, intimidating anybody they thought a threat, belittling the service of many fine people from Governor General Gen Michael Jeffery down, threatening all and sundry and overall making complete asses not just of themselves but of our hard won standing in the community. They got away with this for three years while ESOs and politicians stood by and did nothing. We at AVM reached the point where we knew somebody had to stand against the mg lies, nonsense and stupidity. We did. We opened the AVM website in March this year and then some months later after discussion we decided to open this online forum to give you a chance to have you say.

This is the truth of the matter. Because the mad galahs are now on the run and on the nose they are lying again to save their own smelly skins. They say AVM has attacked them . This is untrue.We haven't attacked them at all. We have reacted to their nonsense and rubbish by posting replies to their rubbish and by posting their true military history.. Each time they open their mouths with stupidity and lies we counter them. The lesson and equation is easy to understand. Mad galahs shut up and stop lying abusing and threatening, stop sending out your nonsense and we will find ourselves out of a job. We would love to be unemployed.

PS === AVM has explained why we operate anonymously. Many people apart from us tried confronting the mgs using their own names and they copped abusive and threatening emails and phone calls, spamming, were subjected to physical threats, had attacks made on their private lives and were hounded from pillar to post. If you want to confront the mgs using your real name go ahead, but be warned. If you want to have your say anonymously you are welcome here. We warn you that once they get their claws into you they are vicious old bitches. And you need to consider your family.
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A brief journey in fraud and wannabeism

Hello all readers and members. We have many new members and readers who will not be up to speed with who the main mad galahs are and what typifies them.Thus we provide the following list for you. You should be very wary of emailing Allen Petersen or anybody who appears on his email list for he will harvest your address and spam you. Trying to get off his list is like trying to win lotto.More mad galahs exist than those listed as we are concentrating on the movers and shakers. Despite their lies they are a small group yet they are very vocal at times.
Here tis.
Barry Corse. Failed Army Officer who never rose beyond the rank of Lt over his 20 year service. Spent most of his service with school cadets and the ARES or CMF as it was then known. Claims he was decorated for bravery by the Yanks yet has provided no proof. Claims he advised General Westmorland Allied Commander in Vietnam how to win the Battle of Coral and that his own intervention won the day at Coral.Claims he is the only Australian Officer to command American troops in Vietnam. Wears the USA Combat Infantry Badge without authorization. Claims he formulated the Governments border protection policy. Speaks in convoluted langauge which nobody understands. Fancies himself as a legal expert.It gets better but you get the idea.
Don Tate. Where do we start.He is mentioned numerous times on the AVM website and forum. Claims he was part of an elite Infantry Platoon in Vietnam which has been deleted from the military history through official corruption at the highest levels.Makes false claims about his activities in Vietnam.Claims this alleged Platoon was tasked to perform Ops which the SAS were not qualified to do. Has written a book part of which includes his version of his Vietnam Service.A book could be written on Tate and his lies and fantasies.He is mentioned many many times on the AVM website An extremely vicious, foul mouthed violent and lying individual who is widely detested.He has caused more angst and disunity among Veterans than anybody in living memory.
Jim Wiltshire Served in Vietnam as a clerk.Served in ARES the then CMF and RASO the special reserve before signing over to the full time regular Army. Was at one time a member of the wannabe chasing organization ANZMI. Has used at least two nom de plumes on the internet in his mad galah utterances and one with ANZMI. A conspiracy theory convert who sees enemies and corruption where none exist. A very very arrogant abrupt confrontational individual who enjoys bullying for no reason other than to try and prove himself and intimidate people. Makes fools of us all but fortunately nobody in any authority takes his words seriously. A serial pest.

Allen Petersen A very immature and stupid character who operates the most inaccurate and rabble rousing email list in the Veteran community. He is well known for the inaccuracy of his own statements and the information he sends around the web. Is beyond reason and thinks he is important because he operates a small email list. Never ever get on his list. You will never get off. Served in Vietnam as a member of the Royal Australian Engineers. Was a short term regular soldier who was not promoted.

Brian McKenzie Former VVAA National President who led that once proud and effective ESO into insignificance and disrepute. A grovelor extraordinaire who panders to those in authority particularly politicians. He and his wife roamed around the internet using nom de plumes when he was VVAA President and tried to cause trouble and disrupt debate. Is widely detested yet thinks he is well respected and liked. Certainly a sociopath like Tate and Wiltshire. Loves the limelight and being in favour with Government Ministers and others in authority. Boasts about his activities in the Veteran community.Has been a thorn in the side of Veteran organization unity for ages.
Dave Briggs. Murdered an Australian Officer with the approval of a well know Infantry Battalion Commander, operated secretly in Cambodia, highly decorated for bravery, concluded two Vietnam tours, seconded to ASIO as a Major, former WA Police officer. The only part which is true is the Police officer bit. Tried to enlist in the Regular army but was rejected as unsuitable.A trouble making abusive wannabe who is mates with Corse and who at one time was a high profile mad galah. He sent an email around the internet which threatened the life of former DVA Minister Billson. A nasty sick type who fits in very nicely with the mad galah manual of membership.
Terry Westerway Sacked from the Army because of his "unsuitability". Has one of the biggest mad galah mouths and knows everything. Never rose above the rank of Gunner in Artillery in his 3 and a bit years. Is a Vietnam Veteran who brings shame to us all. He is an expert on legal matters and has the solution to all the worlds woes including the unity and effectiveness problems in ESOs. A loud mouthed wannabe who cheated the taxation department and failed to provide for his children. Nice type.

Augustinus (Alan) Krikke A vicious and ill informed type who likes to play I know it all about Veterans matters and DVA entitlements. Opened up a page in facebook in which he made vile attacks on the private lives and service of his fellow Vietnam Veterans.
Phillip Holder Recently very verbal type who it is said is wearing the VVAA badge yet he is not and never has been a VVAA member. Is very good at offering his solutions to DVA entitlements and ESO matters. Lives in Orange which is a yellow thick skinned fruit. Maybe there is a connection.
All the main mad galahs have several things in common. They are without exception frauds wannabes liars would bes if they could bes who will take no criticism of their behaviour or versions of their own military history and lives. When confronted they always attack the private lives of others and their worn out accusations are that those who disagree with them are paedophiles, drug dealers, perverts, murderers and anything else they can dream up. To a man they were failures as Soldiers and Officers or very very average. To a man they have lied and to a man they have caused Veteran to turn against Veteran.Sadly some ESOs are willing to use the mgs to publish their material.
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Dear Federal members and Senators.

The mad galahs have stirred from their sleazy slumber and have begun
running around the internet making all sorts of outrageous threats and
levelling all sorts of abuse at you. These loonies claim they and they
alone will decide the outcome of the next Federal election. There may
be groups and organisations which will have a great influence on the
next general election but the mad galahs are not one of those groups.

These embarrassments to all decent Veterans have been trying to
bolster their own self worth and opinion of themselves for over 3
years now, and tell terrible lies and make stupid statements about
their effectiveness. The truth is they are a very small yet vocal
group who have no influence in the mainstream Veteran community.

Fortunately more level heads prevail among the general Veteran
population and there is no doubt all politicians should ignore the
boasts and threats of this Bolshevik rabble rousing group of thugs and
trouble makers.

To read up on some of these characters go here. All the main players
in this group are dunce Diggers, frauds, wannabes and military

Barry Corse

Allen Petersen

David Briggs

Terry Westerway

« Reply #49 on: Friday31July2009 »

The mad galah abuse has now reached the stage that it is becoming  boring and abusive to the people who have an opinion on Tates book if that opinion differs to Tates or Wiltshires opinion. If an opinion is offered it is run into the ground and nothing but abuse is offered. Tate and his mad galahs can't accept criticism of the book.
Wiltshire should get back on his meds .One can tell when he is off them as he uses vile language and becomes very boring. He uses the same language he accuses others of using and he is like a broken record.
No one has said Don Tate cannot write a book including his experiences and what he remembers of his tour of Vietnam . But it is up to him as a writer to produce the stories credibly . Don has written these stories probably believing in what he has written but there are veterans who choose not to believe him which is their right.
I have two questions to ask.
The engineer burial. If this happened as a war crime 40 years ago is he not a part of the so called cover up?
has he obviously now brought up these matters  to support the sale of his book.
Tate you continue to abuse the people who do not believe you. You should remember there were a lot more soldiers who did not patrol or go out side the wire or leave the bases in Vungers and Saigon. They would not know  and do not understand active service. This is not condemning them as we all know it took 10 to keep one infantry soldier in the bush. So Don it's up to readers to believe what is written or to disbelieve. No amount of abuse will change their minds. It will if anything turn them away.
Don Tate you have taken out AVOs against people. Is this because you did not want them to mess up the sales of your book or maybe they have hit the real mark? But why do you keep referring to them in your emails but do so in such a way they cannot speak against you? Your last email refers to sticking fingers into little boys . Using this language makes you one sick puppy .
« Reply #48 on: Wednesday15July2009 »

Another Mad Galah has popped his head up again and it is no other than the self annointed "Pope and Spritual Guru to all Veterans", George Craig. Below is an email he promptly put out upon hearing at the Repat, Daw Park, Adelaide of the demise of this Veteran. He is giving the impression that Jim was a great Mate of his. Wrong! Jim had the same impression of this galah as we all have on this forum and I have it on good authority that everything he has stated in the email is related to what was said about Jim at the Repat last Monday.

In reference to Jim's death being in part due to the closure of the psychiatric ward's former Day Programme is a whole lot of "cocky". I spent at least two days a week on this programme in various forms for over twenty years and I was with Jim on these days for a lot of those years. In all that time I have never seen this cretin as a patient on this programme and I believe he is using Jim's death as a sort of "I'll get you back" approach to the Admin of the Repat because recently he was forced to resign from one of their committes. Had a lot to do with his conduct whilst a committee member of the now defunct SPSN. Jim had a lot of health problems and that about sums it up.

Remember it was this religious wannabe ratbag who upon hearing of another Veterans death in a car accident immediately sent of an email to this Vet's wife overseas informing her that her husband was now dead. Well, you guessed it! Wrong husband, wrong Vet!

And they reckon their not mad!

-------Original Message-------
From: Allen Petersen
Date: 14/07/2009 1:51:20 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:,
Sent: Monday, 13 July 2009 3:59 PM

THIS IS TO ADVISE             
Jim Grosvenor who used to meet up with us at the Repat Hospital, Daws Road, Daw Park SA passed away last weekend. He was a Vietnam Vet and a gentleman. He recorded a CD of his favourite songs which he enjoyed to sing. He will be sadly missed. He was in his 60's  but during the last few months he was feeling  quite ill and out of sorts.
I think that the closure of the day program at the Repat was a contributing factor.
I will keep you posted as details come to hand.
19 Dickerson Crescent
Trott Park SA 5158
TEL : + 61 8 8387 1311
Mobile 0409 903 011

* Jim.docx (129.63 KB - downloaded 709 times.)
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This is a picture of the great Naval hero and frogman Noel "Molly" Muller,he who fought off the Indonesian Army single handed and who fought off Indonesian hostiles underwater as they tried to attack Australian Naval vessels.

See here

* mullerpic.JPG (144.41 KB, 332x526 - viewed 1556 times.)

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« Reply #46 on: Monday13July2009 »


Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 8:26 AM
Subject: Bunch of Phony Veterans

They all over the world. living off dead men's bravery. they are the scum
of the earth.

I just wish the Federal Police and the DVA would bring our wanabee's in
front of the courts and for every dollar they have ripped off our
governments be paid back and then some. For Example a Joe Brain who ripped
off the DVA for 90,000 and was taken to court found guilty but didn't have
to pay back the money. How do I know!!!  Well I was sitting in the court
room watch all this un-fold . These scumbags need to be jailed  to show them
this is a matter that real veterans see as serious but until then these
creeps will continue to ripped everybody off .


« Reply #45 on: Sunday21June2009 »

There's no doubt about the size of the Corse ego, and no doubt about the brazenness and arrogance of the mad galah leadership al la Corse, Wiltshire, Briggs, Martinek, Petersen and Westerway et al. They naturally think they are brilliant and well informed yet have no idea how stupid they sound and look.

I knew these self congratulating frauds would jump all over the current political situation with the PM and Turnbull. This particular political situation is of no interest in here. What interests me is how these predictable mad galah posers are now using the ute matter to claim there is a rule for the PM and Government and a rule for the mad galahs. Well, yes!! And so there should be. I mean why would the Government, AFP, Federal Opposition and all the major ESO leaderships jump when the mad galahs say jump?

As we have seen the PM has called in the AFP to investigate the origin of a certain alleged email. Now Corse says Rudd and the Government and the AFP should also investigate the truth which has been posted on this website about the mad galahs, on the AVM mailing lists and apparently on other websites and email lists. Geeeez. What a hide.

AVM has posted the provable truth about the mad galahs on their website from all I have read. That is the key thing. I mean I have read official documents and the mad galahs own emails with comments on their veracity. What is wrong with that? As my grandma always said-----there is nothing wrong with the truth.

Corse sent this embarrassing stuff around. Once again he makes and absolute fool of himself. By now I feel sure most politicians understand the MGs are nuts and that most of us disagree with their behaviour.

From: Barry Corse
Date: 20/06/2009 11:25:48 AM
To:;  'Griffin, Alan \(MP\)';  'Gray, Gary \(MP\)';;  'Johnston, David \(Senator\)';
 Subject: Rudd and Griffin why don't you apply this law for the protection of ANZACs?
Rudd and Griffin
1.      Why have YOU failed to act on the evidence formally presented to YOU since you came to office to demand your “statute public officers the AFP” act in the matters of the criminal stalking of some ANZACs by publicly identified  others including some ex service executives that you are supporting?
2.      Is this the confirmation that the contempt of the ANZAC community as personified by Whitlam and Latham is shared as entrenched ALP policy and now reinforced by YOU? “don’t worry about them they are just stupid ignorant expendable mushroom gunfodder”
3.      Must ANZACS become reffo’s, criminal parasitic australians of convenience, unhappy ill mannered pushy indian students or dodgy car dealer mates to get your statute duty of care attention? Gillard has the balls to stand up to some executive union thugs, why cant YOU stand up to some “selective AFP executive cops”? a criminal act is a criminal act be it federal or state.
Authorities may be able to prosecute website under federal laws
Kelvin Healey and Stephen McMahon Herald Sun

June 20, 2009 12:00am

VICIOUS harassment of young victims on a vulgar website stepped up yesterday, even as it emerged the site's operator could face jail.The site, exposed by the Herald Sun, was condemned yesterday by both Premier John Brumby and police. But its creator, Melton web designer Andrew Pallant, remained defiant, insisting he was protecting free speech.

While Victoria Police has admitted it is powerless to act on the site, it emerged last night the Australian Federal Police was likely to step in. It is believed an AFP investigation may begin early next week and Mr Pallant may face prosecution under federal telecommunications laws.

In 2004, the Howard government toughened laws surrounding cyber crime to cover using the internet to "menace, harass or cause offence" - with a maximum penalty of 10 years' jail. A federal prosecution is seen as having a better chance of success. Mr Brumby said that the combined efforts of the AFP and Victoria Police would investigate the best way to close down the website and potentially charge Mr Pallant.

"This is an outrageous website - obscene, despicable and cowardly," the Premier said. Later, the State Government hinted any loopholes that might exist in the laws would be closed. Despite the political and public outcry, Mr Pallant's site, which has given cowardly internet users an avenue to make unsubstantiated claims about others, remained in action yesterday. Many of the victims are teenage girls who have had their names, photos and phone numbers put on the site along with invitations to bombard them with abusive phone calls and text messages, or ask them for sex.

New vulgar posts, including pornographic images, and threats against victims who had spoken out, were made yesterday.

Teenager Majella Sheppard, 18, of Warrnambool, who originally had to endure allegations that she didn't feed her 20-month-old son, suffered even more sinister abuse yesterday. A post at 10.54am threatened her and her family with death because she spoke out about the site to the Herald Sun. Ms Sheppard begged police to take action. "I really just want to see the police do something about it - I just want it shut down," an angry Ms Sheppard said last night


Jim Wiltshire 107 Phillips St Wodonga 3690  Phn:  02 6024 1079.   Mob: 0412 161 047.
Politicians and Media come and go. While ever there is Government, VETERANS ARE FOREVER
Except some of them. Tsk. Tsk.
Mass Distributed.
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Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #44 on: Saturday06June2009 »

I have noticed how hypocritical and mealey mouthed these mad galahs are. I have often seen emails where Corse, Briggs, Wiltshire and several others have levelled terrible abuse, accusations and slander at many others, but the minute the truth is publicsed about them they cry poor. What is wrong with them? If they put themselves out there in the limelight and attack others and tell lies then they must surely expect others to defend themselves and react?

When I can figure out just what it is they are trying to say I reel in horror at some of the lies and abuse they hurl.

They never provide any skeric of proof to back up what they say===ever.

I am a former professional Soldier and Vietnam Veteran and I have to say I have never felt so embarrassed to be known as a Veteran since this mob started their nonsense, and that's what it is===absolute nonsense and shit.

As far as the numbers they say they represent==bullshit===what a load of piffel. They represent nobody and never will.

I honestly believe these people need professional medical mental help====I hope for their sake they get it===and for ours.

There is no doubt nearly all of these mad galah leading lights are frauds and wannabes.

« Reply #43 on: Friday05June2009 »

The peace is shattered, the terrible trio are at it again. The pack of three dingoes are baying at the moon. This trifecta of goons are again harassing politicians on behalf of the “million” veterans they represent.
Let it be perfectly clear that these three stooges do not represent me and they do not represent any other veterans that I know. They are a noisy and noisome gaggle of dills falsely believing themselves to be clever, making great big gooses of themselves and bringing discredit to the veteran community.
They call themselves the Mad Galahs, they have a logo, they write of the Mad Galahs as a group and a force, yet they vehemently deny that there is any such organization. They write incredibly naïve, incomprehensible and childlike emails to the leaders of our country – What must these leaders think of us. 
These three mental giants are:
Barry Corse
David Briggs
Jim Wiltshire
Corse believes that Politicians of all persuasions will be hanging on every word penned by his worshipful self.  Barry believes he is the great guru of the veteran community and if politicians don’t dance to Barry’s tune, veterans will not vote for them. 
Corse is idiocy personified, he is a puffed up, out of control buffoon. Politicians are more likely to be amused or saddened at what Barry has to say. Every time he creates words all of his personality problems hang out like a Barbary ape's bottom and his language is usually just as colourful.
Militarily, Corse is now a discredited dill following a failed military career. He wields as much power in the veteran community as a two bob watch battery.  He needs to be told to shut up by the legitimate veteran leadership community.
I am not of the veteran leadership community but will deliver an individual message to babbling Barry – Shut up!

The other two are Corse goons and sycophants, both bordering on lunacy and delusions of self grandeur. If Wiltshire were to stick to harassing politicians for individual veterans like he has in the current Tasmanian saga involving Mr & Mrs Bridges he may be judged as doing some good, but as far as being a conduit for veteran issues to be passed to politicians his insulting rhetoric is as likely to get a sympathetic response from the politicians as a plea for a sainthood for Idi Amin.   
Briggs with his visions of Veteran political leadership, has no charisma, no intellect and no scruples. On 21st September 2007 in an email Barry Corse extolled the virtues of Briggs to the Prime Minister of Australia, the virtues included a litany of lies about Briggs’s military service. Corse told of heroic service in Cambodia, winning bravery awards, conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to expunge and alter military records. Briggs has been asked many times to confirm or deny Corse’s comments but he has chosen to say nothing.  The problem is, if he confirms the Cambodia service he is a liar and a wannabe and if he denies it Corse is a liar who has deliberately lied to the Prime Minister of Australia and Briggs cannot bring himself to show his mate Corse as an idiot and a liar.
The terrible trio have been quiet for quite a few weeks, however, they seem to have mounted a new political campaign on “behalf of us veterans” – god help us.  Below is Barry’s latest peccadillo designed to better the position of the veteran community.  Read it in full as the last para of his P.S. particularly exhibits Corse’s stranger than fiction mental processes.
My final comment is, let’s completely discount these, and dills like them in the veteran community, and let those ESO’s that represent veterans do their work, in particular let’s give The Prime Ministers Advisory Council (PMAC) twelve months to see if they are effective.
Recent Corse email.
“What is the difference between Whitlam and Rudd, not much really BOTH believe in Keynesian Economics aka spend our grandchildren’s inheritance in the name of warm and fuzzy protectionism of some non productive parasitic Australians of economic convenience . Even ginger meggs understood reality cash-flow, spend more than is coming in and you will pay the piper, aka the economic angel of death and retribution. Rudd’s current claytons non recession is pure political deceit.
 AT LAST Malcolm Turnbull has publicly opened the Rudd/Whitlamite economic pandora’s box with the public relations exposure of the ALP’s toothfairy economic management aka, bankrupt ANZAC Land as the Rudd bequeathment for future generations.
 To the entrenched ultra conservatives in the ANZAC community who will scream we told you so. The message from the Mad Galah’s just before the election was a simple truth, Jeanette and her John had STOPPED listening to the ANZAC grass roots (they still are not paying attention because the majority still seem to believe that they are ordained to rule, aka arrogant elitist political pussies). Her generalissimo mates told her, we control the ANZAC GUNFODDER and on election day we will direct them to vote as always = all ANZAC mushrooms WILL vote conservative . Well history has recorded that the ANZAC community did NOT play the obedient mushroom game and more so our USA Veteran Cousins followed our lead. The Mad Galah message to the ANZAC Community was, Rudd seems to be the lesser of two evils . And he WAS.
 NOW the ANZAC Community is at the next stage of the ANZAC War of Reclamation, the preparation and run down to the next election.  (the unresolved 5 demands)
 With Turnbulls exposure of Rudd as the claytons whitlamite, it seems at this point in time that maybe Turnbull could be the lesser of the 2 ANZAC political evils?
 Just a perspective for our next phase of our ANZAC Community War of Reclamation. Its quite simple really, the Bernie McGurgan line, we will have the same equity as pollies, their partners, parasitic criminal Australians of convenience and the welfare community. Give us this equity or take up political yoga and take your place in history with those other infamous ANZAC contemptuous haters, Whitlam and Howard .
 For the self serving retarded pollies who read this ANZAC Community notation , now comprehend this, the ANZAC community electoral ball has been firmly placed in the centre of the next election field potential outcome vide the marginals and both of you know, whoever does not kiss the ANZAC Community arse will NOT win the marginals in the next election. Sit on your useless political pussies and do nothing will guarantee ANZAC Community anger to YOUR ELECTORAL DETRIMENT. We have put OUR ANZAC BALL into play, now the ANZAC rule perform or piss off applies to YOU.
Barry Corse
PS. On a lighter note, legal counsel has been instructed (20 May 2009)to explore and initiate a claim of medical negligence against the statute minister for failing to protect mentally ill ANZACs from other publicly identified criminal veterans of convenience, aka offshore and onshore electronic stalking by gutless maggots disguised as veterans, consistant with his statute duty of care (so advised 6 April 2009). The relevance of this legal direction is to provide the funds for the multiple defamation and criminal defamation due process actions against the three publicly published esos and vicariously their executives, potentially some elements of the Catholic church, the self identified individuals who have directly published and or on published the evidenced defamatory assertions. Over the last year those publicly self identified questionable veterans have been formally invited to confirm their public defamation and like the named esos they have played the emu game, if I hide my head and I cant see my opponents, then maybe my opponent is as silly as I am and will pretend he cant see me . For those who may not have been aware, the perspective that the past and present ADF high command has become a law unto itself as perceived by both sides of the pollie pig trough, may also extend to the perceived arrogance of the AFP high command, aka we will decide what criminal concerns WE investigate and proceed with(official admission is available). Perhaps more military and para military vacancies in higher places may eventuate? There is a sad irony in this, the current Veterans Minister has done and achieved more relevance than any previous ANZAC Minister for the ANZAC Community. He is also a political realist as Billson was not, he is politically expendable gunfodder from the self serving Rudd, Gillard and Albanese self delusional egotistical figjam team .
 For those who have a litigious and or historical interest in my Combat Infantry Badge, the US and Australian governments have both received copies of the collated US and Australian relevant veterans statutory declarations and a photograph of me wearing it, evidentiary  proof. (11 December 2008 and confirmed 12 December 2008). They have a choice, validate it or criminally charge me with making a false representation of a much respected coveted US Army award (formal invitational challenged on the 1 June 2009). To so criminally charge me would then invite a criminal defamation counter-strike. (ANZAC criteria, heads we win and tails we don’t lose).  The same principle applies to some questions of TREASON deliberately formally emplaced to Howard and confirmed 19 July 2007 by his Chief of Staff Tony Nutt, the irrelevant RSL National President and executive on the 15 August 2007 and Rudd on the 15 June 2008 and Obama via  Robert D. McCallum, Jr. Ambassador of the United States of America to Australia, on the 11 December 2008). If I have erred at law, if the questions are without substance, then criminally charge me. The select few who have perused the unpublished collated treason papers know that the paper trail is emplaced and the silence from all these once untouchable ex gentlemen is understandably deafening. In humorous clinical terms, I have provide the protagonists with their own grenade, the enshrined ANZAC rule 303 application, also ensured that as they seized the anthrax coated grenade, I removed the pin and left them with their self created prize.
 Heads we win, tails we can't lose. Give us a Fair Go. No more discriminatory legislation, lies and rubbish. Act. Or be acted upon.
One scalp down. Who's next
« Reply #42 on: Sunday24May2009 »

Yep PQ we'll have to see what that galah Petersen does when he returns....he says he went to Israel and the UK until June. I never asked to go on his email list , he just found my email address from somewhere and put me on-----many others have told me the same thing. I reckon all those who have found themselves on his list without permission should do what I did and make it very very clear what would happen if he didn't remove me.

Anyway let's see what he does when he flies back in. He seems to be a stupid sort of bloke who will send out anything and everything and then claim he should not edit what people say. Well he has no right to send out emails which attack people personally. He should do what most of us do and that is expose the matters which affect our lives, and leave personal attacks alone.

I guess that is the main reason AVM started up, to stand up for those who have been attacked and show what hypocrites the mad galahs are anyway....they are certainly not lilly white.
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« Reply #41 on: Saturday23May2009 »

I wouldn't call it quits just yet, gents. "Mark Time" is probably more appropriate.

Mailman Allan Peterson is away overseas and has suspended his email network while away.

I suspect that the diatribes from the Mad Galahs will recommence on his return.
« Reply #40 on: Friday22May2009 »

We will all be better off when its all quite on the western front.
Looks like we are getting there.Its great to wake up of a morning and have a laugh and not
have to read all the shit of the past.
Well Done.  Grin
 Nui Dat 68
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« Reply #39 on: Friday22May2009 »

Good evening members and readers,
Just a quick assessment of where matters stand. The mad galahs seem to have done what they should have done ages ago and that is shut their foul mouths, stop abusing and attacking innocent people, stop telling lies and warries and stop making personal attacks on the private lives of decent members of our community. We are pleased to report this, though we say it with some misgiving because of the past behaviour of the galahs who have previously shown they just don’t know when to stop and who have shown they have no decency, manners and conscience. We hope they don’t regress to their past behaviour and return to making fools of us all and making the lives of decent people a misery. If they return to past behaviour we will be relentless as we pursue them.

The only galah who keeps on keeping on is Wiltshire who just proves his arrogance and stupidity are the prominent factors driving his life.

It took us three years to gather together and make a co-ordinated stand against the mad galah behaviour. Nobody can accuse us of over reacting and nobody can accuse us of wanting a fight. We watched and watched as the galahs rampaged around the place doing their very best to make idiots of the Veteran and Military communities and those who have been vilely attacked have shown remarkable patience and maturity and stoicism as they have born the brunt of the filthy and rotten abuses and lies of the mad galah imbeciles.

So we are happy to be at a stage where the nonsense seems to have stopped. That is all we ever wanted.

We hope all of us can move on and live our lives in peace and decency without any more mad galah sillyness. However, let’s see what happens. In a nutshell we don’t trust the galahs and they will have to prove long term that they have changed their ways. They lost the public opinion battle ages ago and they should absorb that message and just get on with their lives.

« Reply #38 on: Friday08May2009 »

This is some old news but is the sort of thing that went on as Corse, Briggs and Wiltshire believed they had wide veteran support as they rampaged insanely across the internet.  I believe the redistribution of this info is pertinent as we look deeper into the madness exhibited by the self proclaimed veteran community leaders and spokesmen.

Notice the fourteen month difference between Corse’s email and Wiltshire’s release.  Why so long ?  The veteran in question had the temerity to question Don Tate and his outlandish assertions. In Tate’s defence the amoral Galahs went on the attack and with the only weapons they have in their armoury, sly filthy baseless innuendo.

From: Jim Wiltshire
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 4:41 PM
Subject: Fw: 28-02-07 billson nelson doak delay.doc

Back to the Future - in one easy step:
Barry Corse []
Sent: Wednesday, 28 February 2007 7:35 PM
To: 'Bruce Billson.MP'; 'B.Nelson.MP'; 'MP Alan Griffin'
Cc: ''; 'Sasha Uzunov Freelance Journo'; 'Media Alan Jones 2GB'
Subject: Aussie SLR in Hanoi military museum ?
Attention Ministers Billson and Nelson

Bruce and Brendan

Firstly, have you ever heard anything about "a captured aussie SLR in the military museum in Hanoi"? I hear many stories, never heard this one before, did we loose some SLR's in Vietnam or did our generalissimo's edit out that truth as well? (I wonder who it was? JW)

From: Bud Cramer.
Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 1:45 PM
Subject: BB weapon in VN museum

Further to this "discarded weapon" business. You can pass this on if you wish too.
No “Military Museum” in Hanoi.
The only museums that could possibly hold such an item are.....
Army museum, Hanoi.
War Remnants museum, Saigon, previously known as American Atrocities museum and American War Crimes museum. Vo Van Tan St District 3.
Vung Tau museum, Baria-Vung Tau Province.
Long Phuoc museum, Baria-Vung Tau Province.
Long Hai museum, Baria-Vung Tau Province.
Bien Hoa museum, Dong Nai Province. (where the original Long Tan cross is)
Cu Chi tunnels weapons-war memorabilia collection.

Then there are...
Air Force museum, Hanoi.
Ho Chi Minh revolution museum, Saigon (formerly the History museum, in the zoo grounds)
Army museum Danang.
Dong Hoi museum, Quang Binh Province (north of Hue)
Ke Sanh museum.

The only weapon that could be said to be, at first glance, an Aust Army issue weapon in any VN museum noted above is the one at the bottom of the pic and is on display at the War Remnants museum.  A former ARA Sgt of 20 years service (I previously wrote 12 years) can attest to this lack of any weapon identifiable as Aust issue.
To make absolutely sure that this is a Belgian FAL-FN and not an SLR, I went to inspect it yesterday. Stamped into the metal below the cover is..."FAL  cal 7.62....750"  On the card underneath is written in English "Belgium automatic rifle"
The pic to the left of the rifle is of 7RAR (3RAR?) trackers, perhaps in an attempt to show the weapon as having been used by Aust forces.  There are many M16 on display.

Briggs, Corse et al should have done their homework before making such claims.  I hope they enjoy paying for legal advice.

(The FN was in it’s usual display case position on 1 May 09)

* FN_War_Remnants__April_2008.jpg (27.91 KB, 360x480 - viewed 1459 times.)
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« Reply #37 on: Thursday07May2009 »

What a load of C### from Corse.
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« Reply #36 on: Thursday07May2009 »

Where, when and how did the mad galahs spring into life? They were born with many disabilities and faults in early 2006. Nobody had ever heard of these fools before then apart from madman Wiltshire, who single handedly helped destroy the Veterans political party ESVP, which was born before the 2004 Federal election.

You can read a brief but accurate resume of the deformed birth of the mad galahs by clicking this link


« Reply #35 on: Wednesday06May2009 »

Barry Corse is a pain in the gluteus maximus, his last tirade of legalese and threats was to the VVFA, this week it is the TPI Federation and State Associations.  Urgent messages have been sent off to Philadelphia seeking assistance from a lawyer, sufficiently skilled to interpret what Corse has said in his strange legal lingo.

Keep up the good work Barry Corse, the more people and ex Service Organisations you attack, the more it is realised what  idiots you and your Mad Galah mates are. 

Please explain – Why do you use funny "legalese" to communicate your threats?. Why not try good old Western Australian English?

Will say no more, and am sure Barry will be pleased that his work is communicated to a wider but equally stunned audience.

Have had to snip a swathe off  his email, (shown below) as reading it all in one go would not be conducive to the mental health of even a sane Veteran.



Barry’s latest tirade of legal talk.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jim Wiltshire <>
Date: 2009/5/6
Subject: TPI Associated Executives, a question, have YOU as the ACCOUNTABLE CORPORATE DIRECTORS been fully appraised of the matters below?


From: Barry Corse []
Sent: Sunday, 12 April 2009 11:41 AM
To: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'David Catterall'
Cc: 'Griffin, Alan (MP)'; ''; ''
Subject: TPI Associated Executives, a question, have YOU as the ACCOUNTABLE CORPORATE DIRECTORS been fully appraised of the matters below?

To The TPI Associated State and Federal Directors (except those with a perceived conflict of interest)

NSW Colin McGrath                   for President Pat Bright

NT Allen Kennedy          for President Tom Davern

QLD Peter Gregory              for President Terry Hills

SA John Reeves                    for President Greg Blyth

TAS Graham Halton            for President Graham Halton

Vic   David Keall                 for President John Vincent

WA Neville Clark                      for President Alan Wheatley

ACT Pat McCabe             for President Adrian Roberts

Vic TPI vice pres              for Vice President David Catterall                                                                                                                                                         (person of interest re:  From: David Catterall. To: Aussie Digger. Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 6:31 PM. Subject: Barry Corse. (ghost posted without author reply detail, author now located?)

Copy to Bill Kane  national secretary (silent or MIA?)

 TPI Associated Executives

G’Day Lads
Reference: Is there a question of some TPI perceived deliberate or accidental defamation as in accessories to and after the fact of perceived criminal electronic stalking public endorsement and bullying as in a perceived endorsement of deliberate aggravation of DVA patients accepted mental illness? Is it a criminal offence to deliberately electronically stalk or promote by endorsement, a known mentally ill veteran patient, is this a deliberate aggravation of the stalked veteran’s known mental illness a premeditated criminal assault?

Just in case you did not get a copy of the inquiry below or it’s TPI national and WA state un-responded predecessors.

Have you as accountable executives seen the communication below of 20 March 2009, as a consequent and supplementary of earlier correspondence re this matter, that should have been formally presented to ALL state and national TPI directors as a matter of perceived governance and vicarious personal litigious accountability, if eventually so found?

Am I correctly advised, the national TPI entity is funded by registered state executive constitutional statute process and that consequent of this, the national executive are at law servants of the individual and collective state TPI associations?

On this basis and pursuant to the questions raised vide the earlier formal correspondence, my question as a TPI Life Scriber, has the national and vide the causal connection, “have the state TPI executives, collectively and individually defamed me and other TPI and non TPI veterans by formally publicly proclaiming that all the information contained on the identified website is accurate and that the author and owner of the website is an honest person and as a TPI executive proclaimed honest person, all his publications on the TPI executive endorsed website are honest and accurate  publications, without any caveat”?

Consequent of the potential litigious ramification emanating from these questions, can I as a financial TPI member expect all the arguable state and national TPI entities within the criteria of good governance and commercial accountability re managements duty of care to an aggrieved member, consistant with the constitution’s, to seek independent formal legal advice for the protection off ALL TPI members and their association funds? If our legal counsel’s confirms this worst case litigious possibility, then the question may need to be considered, has there been any criminal inadvertent and or deliberate process that may jeopardize any government and or sponsorship support?

If the perceived arguable deliberate actions of some of the national and state TPI executive vide the public endorsement of the criminal website and its public utterings as ACCURATE in content, without any caveat, are criminal, are the identified TPI executives accessories to and after the fact of perceived criminal electronic stalking vide the public endorsement and bullying? Does it then follow that the perceived endorsement of deliberate aggravation of DVA patients accepted mental illness in that to deliberately electronically stalk a known mentally ill veteran, is a deliberate aggravation of the stalked veteran’s known illness, a deliberate criminal act? If this stalking is so found to be an attempt to cause the stalked mentally ill veteran detriment, is the said patient of the DVA and at law within the duty of care of the statute accountable minister? IF so, has the said minister failed in his statute duty of care of the said criminally stalked veterans, if so, then is it well within the common law parameters that the minister is criminally negligent if he was found to have not protected the known mentally ill DVA patient from the direct and indirect criminal stalking endorsement of the potential respondent associations and or individuals?

Barry Corse, TPI Life Subscriber W4587


 National Secretary TPI                                                                                                     WITHOUT PREJUDICEBill Kane

G’Day Bill

Reference A: Extract - From: Blue Ryan Date: 11/12/2008 4:10:22 PM To: 'Barry Corse'; Cc: 'Jim Wiltshire';  'Briggsy'  “The reference provided to Keith Tennent was done following a request from him some two years ago”.

Reference B: Extract - From: Barry Corse.  Sent: Thursday, 11 December 2008 9:42 AM and Friday, 19 December 2008 1:15 PM To: '' Subject: TPI national and vide process, state endorsement of criminal stalking and denigration of some TPI members and ANZAC Community.
PRIVATE  Alan Wheatley WITHOUT PREJUDICE President TPI WA and a National Director

To my knowledge I have communicated to you per reference B for the TPI national Executive’s attention re the matter described and confirmed as accurate by the national president in reference A.

In the absence of a satisfactory clarification from the TPI national and or state director executives, I again seek formal clarification of the simple up front question that appears to have been overlooked, “At law, has the TPI National Executive and therefore by dues process, all its sub entities, invited ALL the particularized aggrieved ANZACs and their families to sue the TPI for every value it has re the TPI proclaimed “accurate professional helpful website” vide all the particularized defamation within the advertized website as at and from 25 March 2007?

This should not be about perceptions of a “jolly good chap” who may have made a corporate governance error, this is about Australian Rule of Law and the litigious ramifications because some who hold corporate governance and statute accountability, may have failed to enforce the responsibilities that they contracted to uphold when they stuck their hands up and accepted the offices they stood for.

If the alleged admissions by TPI member Wiltshire from TPI national president Ryan and the initial private discussion to try and discretely resolve these governance and potential litigious concerns, before and since October 2008 are correct, the ANZAC community is understandably entitled to ponder, “what is it that a sick fellow is holding to intimidate and or blackmail a respected, admired ESO corporate executive”?  A supplementary concern may well be, why did this “community pedestalized executive” need to confide in a non TPI executive re his perceived executive fears and purportedly admit that he has been aware of the published criminal matters for some time?

Is this matter about Australian Rule of Law and the perceived question that the National TPI in proclaiming one members public website  as “accurate” when the content includes deliberate criminal and civil defamation, slander, intimidation, contempt, misrepresentation and electronic stalking of other ANZACs, specifically INCLUDING TPI members and their families?

Are there any TPI state and or national executives who have personal and or professional links to this TPI proclaimed website who by their endorsement and or published commentary, may be perceived as having a conflict of interest in this matter?

The Hypothetical Consequential Analysis below may assist in your response to my formal inequity inquiry in this matter.

Understandably I must reserve all my rights in this and related matters IF they are found to have substance.

Barry Corse
TPI Member

West Perth WA
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Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #34 on: Sunday26April2009 »

Mad galah mailman Petersen gets wacked again for talking nonsense and retracts his defamatory accusations.

From: Allen Petersen
To: "Undisclosed-Recipient:;"
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 11:06 PM
Subject: APOLOGY

Dear Readers,

On 10th and 12th March I circulated an email sent to me by Mr Frank (Jock) O'Neill and others captioned  "ESO GRANT SQUANDERED" and "TPI ASSOC IN CRISIS?".

The first email contained the imputation the Association was wasting or wasted public funds and the Association had used the funds provided by an ESO grant in an improper manner. The second email suggested that the TPI Association was in crisis. Both imputations are false and I agree the funds were used as prescribed in the Association's Constitution and rules and the Association was not in crisis. I understand I may have harmed the Associations reputation by the subject headings on the emails referred to above and retract any imputations readers may have drawn from them. 

I apologise to the TPI Association for any harm or injury to its reputation.

yours sincerely.

Allen Petersen
TPI Badge No 4160
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« Reply #33 on: Tuesday14April2009 »

I have cut and pasted these comments from ONLINE PETITION, whcih asked the question in 2006 of seeking Bill Crews resignation as RSL President.  The poll was in 2006 ,...and these familiar names all posted comments on the poll within a few days in April 2006..


The RSL never treated both my sick wife or myself with any respect, after my giving sixteen years in the Air Force to assist in the on going protection of this country. All the RSL was to us, was a francise to create mini casino's, forgetting their original obligation set by parameters decades ago, to the looking after of sick, disabled and suffering veterans and ex-service men and women  PHILIP MOON
The way I was treated, over the phone, when asking for help by Advocates, both here and in Brisbane, was so negative and it was like I asked them to dig a trench from Brisbane to Townsville, that I decided then and there, that I would never ask them for help again. I have the Vietnam Vets Advocates assist me, without any winging and have found them to be very accommodating in obtaining contacts and very quickly inquiring into why a certain claim had been rejected. They are up to date with SOP's. Phillip MOON

The man is useless, a hypocrite, and a liar. And that's his good points!  font=Verdana]T J Wilstshire[/font]
The Australian Constitution provides for elected representatives and senators to represent me to government and what they say in the parliament is open for me to read in the relevant Hansards. I have absolutely no idea what the RSL President tells the government and don't know if any record kept of his representations. I prefer to be reprented by those I have a say in electing to hold them accountable. The RSL National President is neither representative, accountable nor popularly elected.    JOYCE
The RSL executive have failed to represent the mainstream non aligned Veterans and OUR Families of Australia from the deliberate erosian of benefits by Australias WORST prime minister john howard  BARRY CORSE


  Jim Riddle
Until I actually hear an RSL supported, and orientated media announcement on COVVHS matters; then my long term position on the RSL will certainly not change.
Vietnam Vet 1968-69  TED COLMER
Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #32 on: Tuesday14April2009 »

From: Briggsy
To: 'Jim Wiltshire' ;
Cc: 'Bob Debus' ; 'Allen Petersen' ; 'Bob Buick' ; 'Kel Ryan' ; 'Bud Cramer' ; 'Keith Tennent' ; 'Angus Houston ACM' ; 'David Hurley LTGEN' ; 'Ken Gillespie LTGEN' ; 'Peter Leahy LTGEN' ; 'Julia.Gillard.MP (Lalor)' ; 'Wayne.Swan.LAB MP. (Lilley. Treasurer)' ; 'Simon Crean.LAB MP (Hotham. Trade)' ; 'Stephen Smith.LAB MP (Perth. Foreign Affairs)' ; 'Joel Fitzgibbon' ; 'Nicola Roxon.LAB MP ((Gellibrand. Health & Ageing' ; 'Peter Garrett.LAB MP (Kingsford Smith. Environmen' ; 'Tony Burke.LAB.MP (Watson.Agriculture,Fisheries&'
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 9:28 PM
Subject: RE: Bob Buick and his ramblings

Don, mate you have achieved not only for yourself and the rest of 2nd D&E but for all diggers that have been overlooked or deliberately pushed out of the picture instead of into it. These are the everyday Australian Digger who forged the ANZAC and Kokoda traditions, those that did the job and only consideration was their mates wellbeing

The show ponies that need medals and unearned respect may be soldiers but are not Diggers, they may be soldiers but mate simply remember their respectability is only for the medals they wear and not for the person wearing them.

You and the lad of 2nd D&E will be remembered for ever more as a very big part of the Australian Digger family because of the dedication you hold for yourselves as well as the traditions it stands for. Don you have shown that you are a man amongst men and will be remembered for that by putting your mates first even though you may not have a shiny medal, you have the gratification of veteran mates and that as you know can only be earned and awarded by those who really count

The respect you wear is true and sincere and not the product of narcotism, so my friend hold your head up and ignore those that choose to knock because you are a true blue Mad galah

Regards Briggsy

PS: Don I am told the best medicine for narcotism is to completely ignore the sufferer


From: Jim Wiltshire []
Sent: Tuesday, 3 June 2008 9:11 PM
Cc: Bob Debus; Allen Petersen; Bob Buick; Kel Ryan; Bud Cramer; Keith Tennent; Angus Houston ACM; David Hurley LTGEN; Ken Gillespie LTGEN; Peter Leahy LTGEN; Julia.Gillard.MP (Lalor); Wayne.Swan.LAB MP. (Lilley. Treasurer); Simon Crean.LAB MP (Hotham. Trade); Stephen Smith.LAB MP (Perth. Foreign Affairs); Joel Fitzgibbon; Nicola Roxon.LAB MP ((Gellibrand. Health & Ageing; Peter Garrett.LAB MP (Kingsford Smith. Environmen; Tony Burke.LAB.MP (Watson.Agriculture,Fisheries&
Subject: Bob Buick and his ramblings


 As Below. And as I have previously stated, many of you have had ample time to have made none of this necessary. The longer you take no action and/or do a 'Pontius Pilate' against the vicious lying cowardly foul-mouths of whom you already know, the further afield these 'MadGalahs' will fly. Don't Look Up.

Jim Wiltshire,

107 Phillips St Wodonga 3690.

02 6024 1079. Or: 0412 161047

-------Original Message-----



Date: 3/06/2008 10:23:03 PM

To:Subject: Fwd: Re: Bob Buick


The fact that one veteran- Bob Buick continually debunks the 2nd D&E Platoon matter, aggravates me no end. He has attacked me twice since the Press Release by Mike Kelly MP, and forces me to respond. So I forward this small letter on because it is the opinion of one of the most respected (if not the most-respected) senior officers of the Vietnam War- Brigadier George Mansford AM, and HIS opinion counts in the greater scheme of things.

George Mansford does not slink around in the shadows, nor hide behind aliases or false web sites. THIS man never shot a wounded, defenceless enemy soldier after a battle; he never bolted for safety during one; and he never left half his platoon behind not knowing whether or not they were dead or alive. Nor did he ever claim a medal falsely and wear it until he got sprung and was forced to hand it back.

I say again- I really do not wish to be engaged in a continuous, public, verbal exchange with a moron- but it seems I have no choice.


Don Tate

Note: forwarded message attached.(below). JW

From: George Mansford

Date: 3/06/2008 1:47:21 PM

To:Subject: Re: Bob Buick

Don, good to hear from you. I anticipated you would not take flak from any source including old opponents. In truth, the fact there were other points of view from other Vets has perhaps even highlighted the confusion and dense fog that blanketed your identity and deeds and thus isolated and subsequently denied the platoon from existence and its deserved recognition.

I thought I had communicated congrats but very busy of late and it must have slipped my mind. I was of course delighted to hear of the results. It continues to reinforce the belief that the system best not stuff around with Aussie diggers. I do hope that unlike many lessons from yesterday the system never forgets this terrible flaw, nor indeed the injustice of it all.  It is true to say that because of your moral courage and determination to see justice for you and your mates there is much that can be prevented to ensure young diggers of today and tomorrow are not exposed to the same humiliation and mental torment. You have every reason to be proud of your fight and the subsequent victory. I do hope that you can now put it all behind you and catch up on life with your wife and family and share there warmth and cameraderie with all who wore the uniform. Given your ability at writing perhaps you may even pursue another book.  I have asked a mate by the name of John Blake to attend your lunch and am awaiting a reply. He too is ex army and was very much a rebel as a Lt/Capt before he said enough is enough. Apart from the odd haemorhhaging of my eye (because I am not following the rules) I am quite OK and am about to fly out to Canberra to speak with the next graduating class from RMC about soldiering and their  responsibilities for those they will command. l will of course be alert for any potential young granny that just might walk into my killing ground. Have a memorable book launch and try and ignore any shells going overhead. I will be thinking of you and all the other young blokes, regulars and nashos who made our country proud with their service in Vietnam, and for old b...s such as me who were also very honoured to have served alongside them. .  Take care   

----- Original Message -----

From:To: George Mansford

Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 9:29 AM

Subject: Bob Buick


G'day George

Mate, I'm sorry if I let you down with my outbursts against Buick- but that man really does press my buttons! Trust you are well- and what about that victory last week, he? It's what happens when good men like yourself have a quiet word in the channels of power, I reckon.
Kind Regards, Don Tate
« Reply #31 on: Saturday11April2009 »

Allen “The Mailman” Petersen.

I would imagine that posts to a chat list either get forwarded on to the entire group or rejected for some reason. A simple enough system and certainly a valuable one for vets wanting to get the word out.
Petersen takes in the posts, sometimes edits them and forwards to the group. Sometimes he only forwards them to those he thinks should know what came in.  It is his decision and his alone as to who sees what.

On 10 April he made the decision to direct a vet’s reply post to not only the person originally involved but to Jim Wiltshire ; Barry Corse as well.
Further along in the post emails he brought in,
To: Donald Tate
Cc:  Harry Kirkman; Jenny Bell; Terry Westerway; Ted Colmer; Bernie McGurgan
Throw in  Jim Wiltshire ; Barry Corse and there you have the active Mad Galahs. Rabid 2nd D&E proponent Ted Colmer might not associate with Corse et al but he was Petersen’s choice for a CC so gets a guernsey.

This “mailman”, this “editor”, gave some friendly advice to a vet about not making waves and promptly turned around and brought Tate into the thread in a direct email. There was absolutely no valid reason I can see to do any of that. The subject commented on was charity, not galahs and other wannabes.

Why did Allen Petersen do that? It doesn’t really matter now, does it, what’s done is done.
What I mainly wanted to display here is how the slimy prick can play both sides against the middle for no other reason that to have his name splashed over volumes of veteran communication. I feel a book in the wind.
The “mailman” has been dressed down by Alan Griffin on two occasions for distributing complete rubbish from alarmists, e.g. Terry Westerway, which had no resemblance to DVA decisions.
Mr. Petersen might wish to mind his manners a bit more carefully in future. If he doesn’t, the sly shit-stirring “mailman” might find himself carefully packaged and surface mailed back to Wadi al-Fash, Haifa, Israel.
Fergus Fairfax
« Reply #30 on: Friday10April2009 »

Sent: Friday, April 10, 2009 8:53 PM

It looks like failed 2nd Lieutenant Barry Corse is at it again.

You can read up on Corse here


Corse just doesn't know when enough is enough and doesn't know when he is not wanted.

Not only doesn't he understand he is not wanted, he doesn't understand he is treated as a joke by the general ESO and Veteran communities.

Today admin received the following email which we will comment on after you read his drivel.


From:***** *******
To:  ;
Cc: ****************
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2009 5:50 PM

From: Barry Corse

To: 'John Graham'

Sent: Thursday, 9 April 2009 6:04 PM

Subject: New forums for veterans = widening the ANZAC community base input.

 Thanks John

May I suggest that this is deliberately enlarging the ANZAC community political input base and yes it is playing politics to the aligned and non aligned ANZAC Community. From my perspective this is a PLUS for the ANZAC community.

In reality it pushes the rsl further off centre stage as the once self proclaimed peak body.


I hope that this will cause the perceived discrete defacto rsl executive leaders David McLachlan of the southern rsl forces and Ted Chitham of the northern rsl forces to ponder the advice of some senior conservatives and use Neil Weekes as the future key rsl player to help the RSL executive be perceived as relevant to the majority of the non aligned ANZAC Community before it becomes a fatally wounded eso dinosaur. Anyone contemplating regurgitating any of the past nominees should review political marketing 101, command is about perception by the buyers, do we trust this establishment front? Andrew Peacock and Jim Killen once assured me that Bill Snedden was the man to lead the liberals back to government, they did not understand politics 101 from the middle ground voters perspective either and deservedly paid in full for thinking like a figjam.


The conservatives have made it clear, TO WIN THE NEXT ELECTION THEY must have the ANZAC vote in the margins. The ALP have made it clear that to retain government, they MUST keep and expand the ANZAC vote in the marginals. Informally they both accept that their endorsement by the eso establishment dinosaurs is the marginals kiss of death in that the non aligned ANZAC community will go opposite to what the perceived irrelevant ESO executives suggest. As one of the more astute very senior conservative wannabe ministers commented, the rsl high command establishment just dont get it, the ANZAC genie is OUT of the mushroom bottle and is NOT to return. I wonder if anyone has tried to suggest that to Adrian Clunies Ross and or David McLachlan?


Just a different perspective.




To read up about failed 2nd Lieutenant Barry Corse please click here



Corse was an RSL member the last we saw from him and he has consistently engaged in behaviour unbecoming an RSL member. It is time he was hauled before the WA RSL ethics Committee because of the consistent way he has undermined the RSL. We have said before and we will say again. There are serious issues which the RSL must address about its operation, however Corse and the mad galahs are not the people to listen to. Corses behaviour as an RSL member is not acceptable because he has no intention of addressing the genuine RSL issues. His intention is to cause disunity and mayhem and disharmony in the RSL.

We notice again he has mentioned his good mate and supporter Neil Weekes , a Retired Brigadier and a member of the PMs Advisory Council which was set up by this Government to advise the PM and Minister on ex Service matters. Weekes was a long time member of the mad galah email list and may still be on that list. He has privately and openly supported the mad galahs in the past though he has made a move in recent times to distance himself from being tarnished by them and Don Tates lies and fabrications. There is a clear conflict of interest  by Weekes if he remains on the mad galah system. The mad galahs have openly stated he has been a private advisor to several of them.

So, Corse has failed to understand we are sick to the teeth of his nonsense and gibberish and again he is making a move to publicly try and make a name for himself, something which has failed before and which will fail again. Nobody with any sense, decency or principle listens to anything foul mouthed and abusive Corse has to say.


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The War With In.[/b] A short story of a returned and wounded soldier who suffered from mental delusions, along with a mental block. The gaps in the writers story are filled in by a friend who suffered from the same ailment.
Rated as; Light reading, and does not give one a laugh at any time. Hard to read and finish.

Fact or Fiction;  Fiction, and not really well written, grammar leaves a lot to the imagination. Definitely not movie material, was written as a light hearted attempt to deceive Veterans from the Vietnam War, who just might have forgotten some of the minor truths and facts in relation to their own service.

Recommendation;  Could be used to supplement out house paper, or given to Boy Scouts as a fire starter.

Caution!  Under no circumstances should any Veteran suffering from True P.T.S.D. or any hart condition be given this book whilst convalescing.  It may reawaken the killer with in, and cause harm to Author.
« Reply #28 on: Wednesday08April2009 »

My response to one small section of TJ's is below his email.

From: Jim Wiltshire []
Sent: Tuesday, 7 April 2009 11:06 PM
To:; Alan Griffin.MP The Hon Minister for Veterans Aff; Joel Fitzgibbon.MP; Attorney-General The Hon Robert McClelland MP; Bob Debus The Hon Minister for Home Affairs
Subject: AVM gutless veteran cockroaches
this confirms what some of the ANZAC “researchers”  have discovered re the determination of these “rockspiders aka maggots” to hide from the proud ANZAC accountability heritage we inherited from those who have gone before us. As some have contemplated, these maggots disguised as ANZACs will be heard on ANZAC Day telling the greatest porkies to hide their shame.

An informal question for some of the TPI, VVFA and Rocky rsl executives, “will you march with head held high on ANZAC Day for YOUR public posted endorsement of these gutless maggots and their insidious criminal electronic stalking with intent to cause some ANZACs to SUICIDE”?

Not a very well composed complaint there old son. I trust you've never abused the addressees before in one of your infamous "Legislate or Vacate" tirades at some time.  If you have, you and your scheming mates might find their support somewhat lacking the big guns you'll need to close AVM down. Ever heard of "Chooks comin' home to roost" TJ?
AVM Admin can handle anything you can dream up.

This is the bit I'm interested in right now.

"intent to cause some ANZACs to SUICIDE”?"

Thar she blows. The cornered rat's last gasp and so early in the piece too, dear me.
We won't go into the way you and your galah mates use the internet. Instead, I'd like to reveal the next to last instructions from the Barry Corse Oz Veteran Force - Mad Galah training manual. A direct knock off from China Hammal's "Whiners Guide to the Galaxy"

Let's review your mate Corse first TJ.

From: Barry Corse []
Sent: Monday, 28 April 2008 1:49 PM
To: ''
Cc: 'MP Joel. Fitzgibbon(minister for Defence)'; ''; 'Griffin, Alan (MP)'; ''; ''; 'John & Wendy Knight'
Subject: NAA criminal Complaints and Negligence
My personal concern as discussed with my Veterans Affairs psychiatrist on the 15 April 2008 was that I and some of my friends appear  to have been targeted vide electronic stalking with an intent to push us/me into suicide and now today death threats. That these people may be operating under the front of a veteran support group are in full attack vide their perceived child sex network of supporters. If I am correctly advised the AFP is aware that illegal guns and child sex do not operate without drugs.
Barry Corse

West Perth WA

Detailed Complaints

                                                                   Without Prejudice

Australian Federal Police Perth WA (08) 9320 3444 and
Office of the Privacy Commissioner and
Western Australian Police Electronic stalking and
child sex office and
Queensland Police (email 20 April 08) and
Ministers Fitzgibbon, Snowdon, Griffin, Kelly and Gray re the criminal negligence issues particularized of 16 April 2008
Reference : Electronic Criminal Stalking and Death Threats AND Child Sex activists and protectors.

Pretty much what you wrote TJ. Isn't it?

There's need to go further into the single Corse - Hammal devised method of operation. I'm sure everyone's got the picture.

I will leave you with something to ponder TJ

Good men have found themselves in untenable situations based on their war service. Sadly, they could see no way to bring an end to what they were suffering other than to take their own lives. Whatever their reasons were, you and Corse have diminished them by using suicide as a threat to make people leave you alone. Could DVA's reaction time to real cries for help be diminished by you pack of girls carrying on like this at the drop of a wannabe?
You and your wannabe mates are not in untenable situations. There is nothing that cannot be resolved. But you will not rampage around the internet like rabid dogs without one or more vets having something say about it.

China Hammal threatened suicide on many occasions.  When his OAM was being rightfully stripped from by the GG.  He did it again when DVA put his phony claims under review and rescinded his TPI.  He did it again, I believe, to force DVA to reinstate it.
Where's the fat lying prick of a whining blubbering lump of wannabe shit right now TJ?  Scoffing scran at the RSL most liikely, whining about it and whining about the way Whitey holds the poor Chinaman down , that's where.

TJ quote,

"intent to cause some ANZACs to SUICIDE”?
Name them.

Corse also told many email recipients about evil intent.

"intent to push us/me into suicide"
Name them.

Where's Corse TJ?  No one eased up on that evil bastard, in fact his useless life got tougher. Where is he TJ?

So, where do we stand now?

Do I continue to pound you until you and your insidious mates run away? Or do I back off in fear of your feeble "leave me alone, I'm sick" suggestion that self harm could be on the cards?

I'll ask a similar question of Tate while I'm here.

Don Tate.
Does Mowgli have to continue to pound you until you run away?  Are you of suicidal nature too?  Or does he back off and let you carry on with your miserable wannabe life as if you had never been heard of outside your immediate home loc?

Here's the deal TJ.
AVM to respond to your email, or not, as Admin sees fit.

You settle down and go back to being a supporter of all vets in need, not just the exposed wannabes Corse Briggs Tate.
Failure to do so will result in me coming at you hard.  Make of that what you will.

Barry Corse. Drop off or drop dead. Failure to do so will result in me coming at you hard. Make of that what you will.

Don Tate. Remove your shit from the AWM and stick it in your wardrobe at home. Apologise to every man who was at Thua Tich - Xuyen Moc when you were not but still managed to defame with lies initially fed to you by "Barney" Bigwood who got them from Robert Jon Enright. 1202112, 4 RAR transfer with you, 1201907, to D&E Pl HQ Coy 1 ATF and then 9 RAR.
Publicly state that the Vietnam section of your book is nothing but a wannabe's work of fiction and that your film is not much better.  Cease lecturing to gullible children and non-veterans about your war experiences.  Failure to do so will result in me coming at you hard. Make of that what you will.

If any of you whining girls are seriously contemplating suicide, I'll send you a pam on the subject.

« Reply #27 on: Wednesday08April2009 »

Mowglie thanks for the Weekes emails etc.

I can't understand Neil Weekes. I have seen his name on much mad galahs emails and I have never seen him lay into them about the way they attack people and defame them. I could never understand just why he as a retd officer and senior one stood by and said nothing and became part of them.

So it's allright for the mad galahs to call people whatever they want and to tell lies about veteran and military detail but not ok for this site to stand up for whats right?

From what I have read here your stuff is well researched, proveable and in most cases you just quote what the mad galahs have said and then reply to them.

dunno.....just cant understand Weekes at all.
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« Reply #26 on: Tuesday07April2009 »

Brig. Neil Weekes emails of interest. A long read but well worth your time.

    ----- Original Message -----
    Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 3:30 PM
    Subject: SABRE FORCE
    Dear Neil,
    We have circulated your email which you sent  to admin. It seems very strange to us that you have never heard the name Sabre Force.
    You have been on the email lists of Petersen, Corse and others for quite some time, and probably remain in contact with some or all of them.
    Therefore we find it hard to believe you have not heard the name Sabre Force. Please read the attached emails, which are a small example of those we hold.
    I suppose you have never viewed the UTube video named Sabre Force at


G'day Unknown "Warrior",
I cannot see my email address in any part of your attachment.  I say again, I know absolutely nothing about a "Sabre Force".  I do not recall seeing the name in passing.  I have never, repeat never, viewed the UTube video.  In fact I did not know a video existed and I do not recall ever having been into the UTube.  Having read all your attached material I see my name mentioned and I see that there must be some association between the "2nd D&E Platoon" and this "Sabre Force."  Please show me an email in which I have mentioned this "Sabre Force" or an email in which I have supported this "Sabre Force"!  I readily acknowledge that I supported Don Tate to get recognition for the members of the 2nd D&E Platoon because that is what they were called by their OC at the time (MAJ George Pratt) .  That is on tape and I have heard that tape.  As far as the diggers at that time were concerned, that was their official identity.  That does not mean that I support every other thing that Don Tate does or says.  Show me where I state that I agree that there has been a cover up.  Show me where I agree that there has been some conspiracy.  You can't, because I do not agree with these statements and I have never made them.  Those diggers did a good job and I do not regret going in to bat for them.  That does not mean that I am a Don Tate sycophant.  Show me where I have denigrated the Cav troops who were involved in these actions near Thua Tich.  Show me an email where I am critical of the command arrangements.  Show me where I am critical of Brigadier Pearson or Captain Arrowsmith or the award given to Arrowsmith. Show me where I have actively supported Tate, Corse or anyone else in something illegal.  In fact show me an email in which I am critical of anyone or in which I denigrate anyone.   Again, you cannot.  Yet you vilify my name without any evidence.   
Now, according to your website I must be guilty, by default, because your webpage states this:
"Only those who lie and degrade our community will feel guilty and offended by what we publish herein."  Therefore, as I have taken offence about what you, your website and some of your contributors have said about me, I MUST be guilty.  Case over.  March the guilty bastard out!
You see, it is a matter of degree.  You and your contributors state, without any evidence, that I support Tate and others and the inference to all your readers is that I support them unilaterally and unequivocally, in everything they do or say.  That is a very dangerous assumption and you have not abided by your own website Terms or Statement - see below.  I talk with atheists but that doesn't mean I do not believe in God.  I supported Don Tate in one area so go ahead and crucify me.  You have not clarified your assertion.  You do not say that Weekes supported Tate to achieve recognition of the "2nd D&E Platoon" but only in this one instance.  Oh, no, you use the scattergun approach.  By the way, read the following email from the Australian War Memorial:


"Meeting at the Australian War Memorial, Friday 18 May 2007


The intention of this e-mail is to agree upon the outcome of a meeting with

Mr Don Tate, Mr Ted Colmer and Mr Kevin Lloyd-Thomas (representing a group of the former Defence and Employment Platoon (D&E Pl) of HQ 1ATF), and Australian War Memorial staff, including Director Steve Gower and Ashley Ekins, Acting Head and Senior Historian, Military History Section.


The AWM team believed:


·                        Ashley Ekins, author of the final volume of the Vietnam War official history, Fighting to the Finish (anticipated release in August 2008), assured the veterans that the combined infantry—armour night ambush near Thua Tich on 29/30 May 1969 by soldiers of the D&E Platoon and 2 Troop, B Squadron, 3 Cavalry Regiment, is to be covered comprehensively in this volume.


·                        Ashley also assured the D&E Pl veterans that their platoon, which was a sub-unit under command of Headquarters Company, 1st Australian Task Force at Nui Dat, would be identified in the history as a discrete group.  Although it is not possible to refer to them as the “2nd D&E Pl” or “No. 2 D&E Pl”, since no official evidence of such a platoon exists in the 1ATF establishment table, rolls or order of battle, their operational service and their actions in a particular operation (Operation Garry Owen) will be attributed to a group who called themselves unofficially the Second D&E Platoon.


·                        An assurance was given that the history will record that their sub-unit comprised mostly soldiers who were posted as reinforcements from 1ARU to 4RAR in early 1969 (Feb/Mar 69).  When 4RAR returned to Australia in May 1969, they remained on the strength of 1ATF, held over as supernumerary to establishment and posted to HQ Company 1ATF.  From about mid-May to mid-June 1969, they served with D&E Pl, possibly as a single rifle section under command of a junior NCO. In mid to late June 1969, most were subsequently posted to 9RAR and served out their tour in Vietnam with that unit.


·                        It was requested that, if possible, the veterans provide the AWM with a brief (one or two paragraphs) personal account of the night ambush at Thua Tich to assist in the description of the action (any use in the official history to be attributed to them).


I believe this was a most worthwhile meeting and thank all those who attended.


Steve Gower

Ashley Ekins
Acting Head and Senior Historian
Military History Section
Australian War Memorial
GPO Box 345
Canberra  ACT  2601"
Your website is acting as judge and jury.  You do not seek comments from the person whose character you so readily assassinate, and please don't hide behind the loose rationale - well that's what these "Mad Gallahs" do.  You cannot justify your actions on the perceived wrongdoings of others.  If you do, you are no better than they are.    No one has ever contacted me about my position, to see whether or not I knew about this "Sabre Force" or what my position was on other matters.  However Mowgli states, inter alia, that I am "...a Tate and Sabre Force admirer and supporter."  Where is your or Mowgli's evidence?  Yet you accuse Corse, and others in the so-called "Mad Gallahs", of doing exactly the same thing to others.  There are a couple of your contributors who are hypocrites and they are all feeding off each other's anger, attacking everyone in sight.  I note that many of your contributors do have the courage to use their own name, but for whatever reason your web manager or admin staff delete these details.  Why?  Is it to deny the rights of others to challenge the accuracy and the facts of what these contributors are saying?
I note, also, that your webpage states:
"We do not accept Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Gmail or any other web based email addresses. Your email address and name will never appear when we send emails."
However I note that Fergus ( and Mowgli ( both use Gmail email addresses!  Does that mean these fellows run the AVM or does it mean the AVM has two sets of rules: one for those who operate behind pseudonyms and anonymity and another for other authentic contributors?  Or does it mean that Fergus and Mowgli operate an authentic email address when corresponding with the AVM?
I must say that I am sorry for the lot of you and it sickens me that I have had to come out and defend myself.
If I have seen the name "Sabre Force", I honestly cannot recall.  It means nothing to me and still does mean nothing.  Nor do I want to know about it. I am not, as Fergus publicly labeled me, a "dangerous, dogmatic conspiratorial theorist who has insinuated himself onto the PMAC" nor an "activist" as stated by another one of your contributors, nor a member of any organisation apart from the R&SLA, the VVAA and the National Servicemen's Association.  Nor am I trying to demolish the R&SLA.  Heaven forbid!!!  Check my records, which I am sure you have done already.  Speak to Bill Crews before you allow such claims to be pasted to your website (see the excerpt from your web statement below).  If being an activist is lobbying the Government of the day to improve the conditions of veterans and their families, then OK, in that sense I concede that I am indeed an "activist" and I will continue to be an "activist".
You see, some of your contributors ( and because of your webpage Statement, that means the AVM) are making some pretty wild assumptions and allegations and you are slandering my name and others.  You find me guilty by association.  I correspond with Minister Griffin regularly.  Does that mean I am a member of the ALP?  Does that mean that I agree with everything the Minister says and does?  Speak to the Minister.  I think he will testify that this is not the case!  You have published a photograph of me and mentioned my name in association with that photograph (that is Mowgli, one of your contributors, has done so) without my permission.  Is that legal?  We will see.  You, your website cannot hide behind some glib statement about the accuracy of the statements or articles submitted by your contributors.  Your own website states:
"We never publish any information unless we have evidence that what we say is true. We don't publish rumour, gossip or false accusations."
What hypocrisy!
Show me the evidence to substantiate that I am an "activist" as claimed by another contributor.  Show me the evidence that you checked out the statements by Fergus or Mowgli in their most recent articles posted to your website.  So much for your honest approach.  You are no better than the so-called "Mad Gallahs".  No, the AVM and those contributors who hide behind pseudonyms and anonymity are worse than those members of that group called the "Mad Gallahs" because at least members of the latter group have the courage to use their own names and members can go directly at them and challenge them!!!
In fact I think I read somewhere where someone from the AVM justified why they have to remain anonymous "for obvious reasons."  Well those reasons are not obvious to me, nor would, I presume, they be obvious to 99.9% of other veterans and the general community.  Please enlighten me and the other readers.  Unless of course it allows the AVM and some of its contributors to say anything about the individual they have chosen to personally assassinate with impunity!  Or is it because they lack the intestinal fortitude and/or the moral fibre to confront an individual personally, one on one, with an allegation to get the intended victim's side of things first?  I pity those AVM contributors who fall into this category and I hope your readers are not as gullible as you think they are.  You know as well as everybody else does that, regardless of whether your assumptions and/or allegations are proven to be true or false, some mud will stick forever.
All of this nonsense is fragmenting the veteran community.  Take a good look at yourselves.  You are the conspiratorial theorists.  You see shadows behind every tree, you see sinister plots in everything and you interpret every email or statement as being a conspiracy.  For goodness sake redirect your energies, your considerable resources to doing something positive.
I will let those who read this email judge who is telling the truth in regards to what has been published about me.  Is it the AVM and some of its contributors (who operate behind a veil of secrecy, pseudonyms and anonymity) or is it Neil Weekes who uses his real name?
And if you, or any of your contributors have pasted assumptions, rumour, gossip, lies or false accusations against me then can we believe anything else that you publish?
As an aside, my initial email was addressed to Mowgli via the AVM.  I note that the subsequent response was sent by "admin" of the AVM.  Therefore, by assumption and association (now you've got me doing it!), Mowgli must be part of the AVM, or is known by the AVM and the AVM speaks on his/her behalf.
I am seeking legal advice on what actions can be taken but I have already received confirmation that defamation of a person's character on the internet is viewed as a serious offence as is the publishing of a photograph of a person without their approval.
Finally the points I make above apply equally to anyone else who wants to denigrate anyone else.  If you have a beef, then have the courage to contact the individual personally, one on one, without involving the whole community, to get their side of the story, BEFORE you tell the world.  Sure, we live in a democracy where we have freedom of speech but we also believe in a fair go.  If you do not have the courage to do that, and to use your own name, then don't say or print anything.
Please print this on your website - if you dare?
Neil Weekes (my real name)

From: Neil Weekes
To: Ray Payne ; Ray Payne ; Garry Prendergast ; 'Allen Petersen' ;
Cc: ; George Mansford ; Geoff Parker ; fergus39 ; Bernie ; Alan Griffin
Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 1:48 PM
Subject: Fw: SABRE FORCE

G'day all,
I have pondered long and hard about releasing this email.  However there have been a number of messages that have been posted to the website of the Australian Veterans' Matters (AVM) about me by contributors using pseudonyms and hiding behind anonymity.  They have never approached me to get my version of things before slandering my name.  I sent the gist of this email to the AVM late last week requesting an apology but they have not done this.  I doubt if they have posted that message on their website.
I know that I run the risk of some people saying that as I have responded then I must be guilty.  However some of my soldiers and some of my friends have read these articles on the AVM and they have approached me to give my point of view.
So here it is.
This long-winded email response refers to yet another accusation by an AVM contributor, who uses the pseudonym of "Mowgli".  He has accused me of being a Don Tate and Sabre Force admirer and supporter.  I sent an email to Mowgli via the AVM denying this.  The AVM, not Mowgli,  replied - see below my response.
The real reason I am releasing this is emphasised in the last paragraph of my reply and that is to try to discourage this tendency to splash unsubstantiated accusations, allegations and innuendo about someone all over the net.  That is a serious offence and it is illegal.  If you want to challenge someone over something that they have said, did or written, then go ahead.  But have the courage to do it personally, one on one and have the courage to use your own name.  Don't hide behind a veil of secrecy knowing that you can say whatever you like about anyone with impunity.
You make up your own mind.
This will be my last correspondence on this matter.  If you want to reply or comment please do so but make it personal, one on one, to me and use your real name.  If you want to make a comment to the AVM ( do the same.  Do not use a multi-addressed message.  Cheers,
Neil Weekes (my real name)

Sorry Neil. No personal emails. It really doesn't matter who I really am, you've read my views, you know my thoughts on Tate et al.  What would revealing my identity to you gain me? Nothing. Only a "hiding behind Mum's dress" AVO from Tate.
We can sort things out right here for all interested parties to see what's going on and then decide for themselves what your position was and is regarding the "2nd D&E Platoon-Sabre Force" and possibly that damn book.
Once we've done that, maybe we could get into your support, or lack of, for Tate.  Then maybe the same thing for Barry Corse of the Oz Veteran Force. I'll be sure to have copies of his emails ready.
I'm very sure this post will be forwarded to you Neill so why not sign up and we can chat here in the most free and open environment I can manage at this time.


« Reply #25 on: Tuesday07April2009 »

My apologies for making my first post to this forum such a long drawn out affair but I thought some here might be interested in a TJ email I received via several back doors.

TJ ? That was Trevor Jim Wiltshire's cunning code name when he was working with the ANZMI forerunner, CPMH.  I was instrumental in getting him the heave ho from there for being a pretentious jerk and as useless as the proverbial tits on a bull.

His email will give you a fair idea of the Mad Galah Mob mentality.

If you've ever dealt with The Mob CEO, Barry Corse at "Conspiracies R Us Central", then you'll recognise a behavioral trend flowing down through the lesser lights all the way down to their Feb 2007 recruit, Don Tate.

TJ must have flogged off his meds again to buy new tennis shoes. I haven't seen him this unsedated for a while.

Hey TJ. How's the new 4WD going? Get your old booster seat to fit ok? You always did know how to scam DVA for the ultimate $$. I remember you were one of the very few TPI recipients who was actually getting the $1900 pfn the unlovely unwanted Dana Vale told the media we were all getting.  Don't tell me you had something more than money to generate an affinity between the two of you. God didn't tell you to run for parliament too, did he?  If he did, you certainly stuffed that one up old son. Loudly and longly abusing the gentlemen of the Grey Funnel Line Association was not a real bright thing to do.  Let the master's apprentice Tate, the almost lifelike Corse sock puppet, handle the abuse end of things for the Mob. He's so painfully ridiculous he almost, not quite, but nearly, verges on being worth the odd chuckle. I'm only jokin' TJ. He's nowhere near humorous and we'll see how he likes playing cell block games when he gets done for fraud. What am I saying TJ?  He won't cop a laggin'. Don was wounded in Vietnam. The only man who was, if you listen to him whine.

You're backing a few dead horses here mate and the Sabre Farce crew have just added another high profile deadweight to drag you even further down. Do yourself a favour and go and take your meds. But I'll be back real quick if they don't kick in and slow you down from maniac to someone a tad more decent. By that I mean someone a bit more like the caring human being you used to be.

I just realised something TJ. I'm a Tate accused but as yet uncharged pedophile now I guess. I can't do much about that right at this minute but maybe Don Boy and I can sort that out in private later. You know how that works TJ. We start off with the "he saids" and the "you saids" followed by the "they saids" and then we shake hands and forget that anything ever happened.
Like ****

Bye TJ.

Enjoy the read gents.

(Curt Ainsworth, ex-Army, ex-CPMH, ex-ANZMI, now semi-rtd)


From: Jim Wiltshire
Sent: Sunday, April 05, 2009 10:15 PM
Subject: Rabies and Mad Dogs

The below has been slightly updated since it was last sent under another heading. You might find some of it amusing:
-------Original Message-------
From: Me Date: 5/04/2009 2:23:43 PM
Xxxxxxxxx, I'm glad you asked.
It's a pity a few other people don't ask questions instead of blindly accepting everything thrown at them. There is one and only one person besides myself who has even out-dated details of my address book. No-one repeat no-one has the full details of my address list, no matter how old. If you or any-one else can extract them from a mass distributed email with all addressees in 'Bcc' then you & they are a damn sight better than any-one else around. More especially since I use my own in-built Server program for sending emails, and it in fact sends every email to every addressee separately. The complete email with all Bcc addressees is not sent to my ISP. viz. They are sent from my computer individually. That's why it sometimes takes a while for my emails to reach addressees after they've been originally sent. A bit slow at times depending on how many are on the separate Lists I send to, & it unfortunately delays delivery of later emails, as they are sent in sequence. Normally it's the Server at the ISP which extracts 'Bcc' addresses & sends them. In my case even that doesn't happen.
Certain low type 'scalawags' have a habit of 'harvesting' email addresses. They get them from emails sent without using 'Bcc'. I.e.. All addressees are clear for all to see. Check how many of mine have been like that. That's why I use 'Bcc' and frequently made-up but clearly ludicrous 'To' addresses on most of my mass distributions. And also sometimes, particularly those going to MPs/Media, mark them "Mass Distributed".
The only time you or any-one else will know my emails have gone to other's on receipts, is when I say so, and or when it's one or more of the above ridiculous addresses. If there are legitimate addresses in either 'To' or 'Cc' it's because I want other's to know them. For example Media addresses. I get a lot of queries about "where can I send this email?". Likewise occasionally those for MP's etc. It's also sometimes convenient for many addressees to know that certain criminal cowards have also been sent the same email. Incidentally, I've also occasionally put some of their correct legitimate email addresses on the Bcc as well.
As regards the crap on and from Keith Tennent and his WebSite(s); 'Anzmi', 'Mowgli'; 'Fergus the fearful ferret Fairfax'; and other 'anonymous' authors, read the below. I've already sent it to some other's who've asked. Pitifully few actually. Doesn't harbour well for the integrity or commonsense of some Veterans. Nor for some of the rather surprisingly stupid ESO's and their executive staff. Especially recently. Their right. Their loss, monetary and otherwise. Yes, this has gone to them:
 From: Jim Wiltshire
Date: 3/04/2009 12:28:22 PM
To: Subject: Fw: RE: Fw: Very Interesting
Yeah, xxxxxxxxx
I (we) know about it. It's run by Keith Tennent & ANZMI, with input from a mentally deficient ex-WO1 & his mad-dog mates, and another germ(s) calling itself 'Fergus Fairfax'. The ex WO1 (We'll call him 'MM', for 'MotorMouth') of course actually set up & ran the original anzmi for some time until his wife realized what he was actually doing in the way of threats & criminal actions against other Veterans & their families, & how dangerous any kick-back to her own family could be. Yes, I and other's have his admission. We had already tracked down and 'conversed' with some of his 'mates'. The 'others' (witnesses) above includes ex-senior officers who, unlike some whose name has been mentioned recently, are in fact truly worthy of respect. Some of those magnificent men have also been attacked, derided and defamed on another Web-Site and in 'anonymous' emails sent out in shot gun fashion to who knows where. Not to mention innocent civilians, men and women, and reputable civil and military organizations that these germs think might be associated with myself or the previous ESVP, Sea of Orange, Veteran Force, SPSN (Service Persons Support Network) and or MadGalahs. 'Fergus' is a creature/creation of the senior officer's who are not worthy of respect, and all of them are puppets.
MM & Anzmi? On the principle of 'set a thief to catch a thief'. The 'hard-core' or 'Star-Chamber' look for (actually target) those they have irrational hate for & try to dig up & expose them as being what they call 'wannabes'. Sometimes civilians posing as Veterans, more often these days it's genuine Veterans who may have 'embellished' their Service Record once or twice in a drunken stupor. Or even those they hate who've done nothing. The average run of the mill member and or supporter of Anzmi and in particular it's immediate predecessor, 'CPMH', has no idea of what this criminally minded hard-core is or has been up to. MM is the greatest 'wannabe' of all time. He was apparently just barely intelligent enough to realize that one day he might get 'sprung', so he set up & ran the "wannabe exposer's". But he wasn't intelligent enough to seriously consider any ramifications. Evidently his wife was, when she found out that he & a few other's were doing considerably more than they claimed to be, and keeping it secret from the other's they'd recruited. Who the hell would ever think to actually do an in-depth check on him? Some people did when he became particularly offensive, abusive, foul-mouthed & wouldn't butt out of private conversations despite frequent requests and then warnings.
Enter Keith Tennent(KT). Tragic. Used to do a hell of a lot of good with his previous WebSite(s). Changed quite literally overnight, & began attacking all those who had previously been his strongest supporters. Ignored all efforts by his friends to seek some sort of professional help, & became more vicious towards those who tried to help him. Quite a long story, going back over a number of years, & he started using anonymous emails to do it. MM, Anzmi & KT sort of gravitated together. We think MM/Anzmi initially blackmailed him into turning on every-one, & things just grew from there. I genuinely can't think of any other reason for his abrupt and total over-night change. I have found out since that Anzmi knew about his past, but to my knowledge no-one else did, including me. I was one of several people who offered to help him out at one stage when he was having financial strife in keeping his WebSite going. Actually I offered outright to fully fund him, no strings attached, that's how worthwhile a job he used to do.
When he changed, he had frequent requests to explain himself from myself and scores of other's and, when he ignored every-one and blacklisted/banned his past supporters, and then started his campaign against them, he was also frequently warned to 'tone it down' or at least contain his poison-tongued vitriol to his own WebSite. He didn't. He's also had successful legal action taken against him by some of those he's ridiculed & defamed, and will be facing a lot more. But it won't be mere AVO's.
These creeps use off-shore based WebSites/ISP's and Web based mail for their WebSites & their 'anonymous' emails, in the belief that that protects them. It worked to their advantage for years when it was just Anzmi doing it for their Anzmi WebSite. Things are a little different now.
All the above is fully documented. You'll also note that they have been able to 'dig up' virtually nothing about me, and know virtually nothing other than what I have in fact previously told Buick or KT himself and one or two other's. No-one else knew anything. Idiots. Just how stupid can these people get! The first sentence on their "Wiltshire" article shows that quite clearly. They first threatened to do an 'expose' on me a fortnight before Anzac Day 2008. It was supposed to have been widely distributed and 'put up in lights' the week after that Anzac Day. I'm still waiting. These silly Billie bullies who brag they can find out anything and everything about anyone anywhere anytime seem to have struck a slight problem, and have got to invent total crap. It's never happened before. Scares the Hell out of them, I think. Which is another reason they don't send me anything direct. Seems they think that I can track them down thru their Internet address somehow?. Perhaps even to the last split second of Latitude & Longitude? Easy from that to pick up a street directory & pinpoint the street and even house the email came from, I imagine? Maybe even a street that only has five houses in it? Guess that's how it must've happened before? Naturally computer programs are a little more sophisticated now than they used to be. Don't need to pick up a street directory just for starters. And I am known as a bit of a computer 'nerd'. Spend a lot of money on it in fact.
There's another person they've decided to target recently. They'll dig up SFA about that person either of an official or Service nature, apart from what's been public knowledge for a long time. And most of that is in fact wrong, but very few people know it. In particular, 'the public' doesn't know that. Even scarier?
 You can send this anywhere you like xxxxxxxxx. In fact it might be a good idea if you did. We've put out very little about any of this through our own distribution lists, and I know some people are wondering what the hell is going on. I'm tossing up mass distributing this anyway. Unlike those who cannot use their own name or legitimate addresses, we have nothing to hide. The fact they can dig up nothing about some of us is not our doing. Much scarier? And no, we don't bother checking people's Service Records. Official Records are woefully inadequate and much of what is there is either deliberately wrong or misleading, with crucial facts missing. Some-one must have spent a great deal of time, energy and money on falsifying records. And it seems they still are. Another little thing we've proven that some don't like. Especially the hierarchy, and those afraid of the truth being known to all.
There's a lot more, but the above is a reasonable overview.
Regards, JimW
 Jim Wiltshire 107 Phillips St Wodonga 3690  Phn:  02 6024 1079.   Mob: 0412 161 047
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it looses power and people take it with a grain of salt.
80's.  That's it.  Most people are awake to charges like this now which makes accusations like Tate's not only obviously hollow rhetoric but also the action of a blustering wannabe caught out in his lies.
"Yers are all pedos"  Good one Stumbles, a resounding comeback, a high degree of intelligence required for that verbal shot.  Did it take long to learn that trick from Barry Corse and the Galalh Mob or have you used it on many of your local area residents already?

I can see all the cash from book sales going straight to his legal advisors. 'tis sad that we can't all go to a leafy park somewhere and strash it out before that's necessary.  Perhaps the 9 RAR men Tate accused of cowardice in battle would attend.

For Tate, the ex-school teacher whose grasp of the English language appears to be well below that of a trained teacher.
Rhetoric, noun, the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast.

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« Reply #23 on: Monday06April2009 »

I am in the process in emailing all public libraries that have Don Tate's book on their shelves.

Onya PL.

Here are lists of libraries which may help readers


« Reply #22 on: Monday06April2009 »

Exactly, by joke I mean make light of, in the case of pedophilia, it should always be a serious matter and not something that should be levelled lightly as it tend to make a very serious crime seem less serious when these dogs know its not true. Kinda like the boy crying wolf, if its used constantly as a vengence weapon (kinda like the battered wife syndrome) then it looses power and people take it with a grain of salt.
« Reply #21 on: Sunday05April2009 »

Yes you really have to question the morals of people who would joke about such a disgusting crime against kids by falsely accusing people of it. It think it says alot about these Mad Galah's integrity or lack there-of.

Unfortunately they're not joking. That sort of thing is designed to make detractors back off in fear of a police report being made.
It's become a quite common and mongrel dog easy method of dealing with people one doesn't like and while the accused and his family may vigorously defend the man, the stink of the false charges lingers.

Little wonder we at AVM, and those ANZMI I suppose, have to operate from the shadows. So be it. Anything that will see these chancres on the vet community bum gone and finally healed over will be worth it.

« Reply #20 on: Sunday05April2009 »

Yes you really have to question the morals of people who would joke about such a disgusting crime against kids by falsely accusing people of it. It think it says alot about these Mad Galah's integrity or lack there-of.

« Reply #19 on: Sunday05April2009 »

I sent an e-mail to Tate pointing out his insulting rants against the Cav in particular.

It seems that the AVM people are a paedophile ring.


Boots. Apparently not only AVM people. Any vets who don't support Tate and Corse are paedophiles.

From: Donald Tate
Date: 3/06/2008 8:29:39 PM
Subject: Buick's latest ramblings

“I served in "D" Company 4RAR for 5 months”

(1201907 TATE  D.W. 11 Pl Delta 4,  27/01/1969  13/05/1969 (3.5 mths))

From: Donald Tate
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Tuesday, 3 March 2009 2:46 PM

“there are some things you can never take from me: - on my first day in the jungle, I was separated from the rest of my platoon, and took on a small Viet Cong force ON MY OWN. (That action is recorded in Lt Avery's "In the Anzac Spirit") My platoon commander didn't even know my name that day- but I tell you this, if I was an officer, that action would most certainly have gotten me a medal. After all, others got medals for a damned sight less”

From: Donald Tate    (
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Wednesday, 4 March 2009 12:35 AM
Subject: the latest Fergus Fairfax attack!
 “Similarly, I also have no recollection of many of the early contacts with the 4th battalion after the deaths of two men in January and having to collect the body parts of one of them”

(Supposedly Op  Goodwood  AO Townsville)

AVM proved that to be a late-run load of crap.  The work of a cornered wannabe.

He never contacted AVM but rather he went full bore ahead for the book author and another well respected veteran, labelling them paedophiles.

That might give you a slightly better insight into the evil mind this wannabe possesses.


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« Reply #18 on: Sunday05April2009 »

I am in the process in emailing all public libraries that have Don Tate's book on their shelves.
« Reply #17 on: Sunday05April2009 »

I sent an e-mail to Tate pointing out his insulting rants against the Cav in particular.

It seems that the AVM people are a paedophile ring.

Oh dear!! When will he be dealt with!!!

What a ferkin' jerk off.


Grasshopper Tate learned his Master's lesson well.  "Yer all a pack a' pedos" is the stock standard "The Second Last Corse Recourse" to action when one of his conspiracy theories gets brought undone.

This morning Allen Petersen, Galah mailman and supporter, put this out.

Reporter Nick McKenzie presents The Age/Four Corners investigation:
"The War Within" - Monday 30th March at 8.30pm, on BACK.
 HomeArchiveOpinionForumsWeb SpecialsAbout UsSubscribeSearch Four Corners
With more troops being posted to Afghanistan the issue of Post Traumatic Stress looms large.
The War Within
Reporter: Nick McKenzie  -Broadcast: 30/03/2009

You can make up your own minds about what Petersen's done but, although the content is not Tate's, it looks to me it could like a last gasp Corse-Tate attempt at getting that title in our faces again. Maybe before it goes off sale for good. Here's hoping.

Now we can wait for Grasshopper Tate to follow on with the "The Last Corse Recourse" which is an email from Dave "Cambodia" Briggs full of of faux legal mumbo jumbo.  Plenty of "Without Predjudices" "Whomsoevers" "Whereasses" "Prime source intel" will impress us lesser beings and stifle any further discussion on on whether Corse, and now Tate, are vile conspiracy theorists out to do nothing but feather their own nests to the detriment of the wider veteran community and decent men working for Australia in the keeping of our "true" Military history.

Speaking of "true" Military history. With the permission of AVM Admin I'll soon be writing to various companies and orgs to further my aim which is the total removal of Tate's book from public sale or lending.
More on this in the other thread devoted to Tate.


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« Reply #16 on: Sunday05April2009 »

I sent an e-mail to Tate pointing out his insulting rants against the Cav in particular.

It seems that the AVM people are a paedophile ring.

Oh dear!! When will he be dealt with!!!

What a ferkin' jerk off.


We find that very very strange. Well we have come to expect that type of hysterical defamation and abuse from the mad galahs.I wonder just how Tate knows who owns and operates AVM. He is wild guessing as usual and trying to lay a smokescreen to cover his own lies, bullshit and abuse.

We know who they are but they will never know who we are.

Shame we have to do it that way but we know the way these sickos operate and we know the only way we can fight them is to remain anonymous.

Ya can't talk sense or reason to fools and f....wits. The mad galahs cannot be reasoned with. Many people have found that out the hard way.


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« Reply #15 on: Sunday05April2009 »

   I believe these morons have been into Doc Dane ex cav.
Doc and i joined togeter and he went to cav me to engenieers. Whom ever the moron is he should get all his facts to gether never a braver man than Doc.
He was in Para Olimpics and exceld in all sports he entered even with his disabiaties.
I hurts to here some prick is degrading a wonderful bloke.
Keep up the good word on these idiots the more u expose them the better.
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« Reply #14 on: Sunday05April2009 »

I sent an e-mail to Tate pointing out his insulting rants against the Cav in particular.

It seems that the AVM people are a paedophile ring.

Oh dear!! When will he be dealt with!!!

What a ferkin' jerk off.

« Reply #13 on: Sunday05April2009 »

Yes its typival on the response from these hypocrites, do as I say not as I do, kinda like the wannabee's that ANZMI expose, they cry about their privacy rights while commiting offenses against the state and the veteran community by steal our honour. So the Galahs thinks its quite reasonable to be able to attack and tarnish the name of the imagined "conspirators" but expect total exemption from having a critical eye passed over their own claims and activities. Must be night having an ivory tower to live in LOL.

« Reply #12 on: Sunday05April2009 »

Sent: Saturday, April 04, 2009 5:33 PM

Hi members,

Please find attached an example of some of the feedback which has been posted to the AVM forum.

It's amazing just how much supportive email and forum feedback we have had and all of this has been rational, sensible and pertinent.

Most of the email feedback we have had has been very positive and supportive and informative. Very few have criticised our website and emails.

We believe the few criticisms we have had reflect more on those who have made the criticisms than on us.

We knew our website would be unpopular in some circles and we stated that at the beginning of our work.

It seems some think it acceptable for the mad galahs to denigrate, attack, defame and threaten anybody they wish , but according to this minority it is not ok for AVM to defend those who have been mercilessly attacked and to unveil the truth.

REGARDS.........................AVM ON SATURDAY

* forumfeedback.doc (42.5 KB - downloaded 627 times.)
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« Reply #11 on: Friday03April2009 »

Hi readers,
Again today we have more for you regarding two matters.
Firstly we have more on the fraudulent Sabre Force here
and secondly we have an update on Tate's book here
or you can get all updates at your leisure at
The latest updates are smaller files and download much more quickly.
We have been receiving some very pertinent and first hand information regarding several matters which has added to our store of knowledge and to our investigative processes. Thank you to those who have sent in information.
Please remember you can be part of this mad galah debate at our forum here

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« Reply #10 on: Friday27March2009 »

From: *******
Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2009 6:59 AM
Subject: Fw: Military Frauds

They are every where and one time they all wanted to be Viet vets now it
will be Iraq & Afghan wanabee vets.

Australian Vietnam  Veteran


From: "J B "
To: ********
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 10:08 PM
Subject: Military Frauds

I have been working with the POWNETWORK as a fraud
investigator since 2003 and the Department of Defense as a Counter Terrorism
Officer from 1997-1999 prior to that after 13 years of Active Duty Army
Service with a years duty in Bosnia Herzegovina Dec 1995-Dec 1996 and Iraq
March 1991-July 1992. I also did 2 tenures along the Texas/Mexican Boarder
with JTF-6 or Joint Task Force Six as it is better known conducting drug
interdiction and boarder security operations with a combined military and
federal law enforcement task force.

With the POWNETWORK I have worked with them to expose some very high level
frauds, some of which were operating within our military overseas in Iraq
completely violating the security of our installations and their functions
and one in particular managed to set up bogus contracts worth millions of
dollars being sent to his private bank account in the US with the
Governments of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar and Jordan. He also
continued his charade all the way to the funeral of one of our finest
warriors, SFC Tony Yost a Special Forces or Green Beret soldier killed by Al
Qaeda's Moussowi Forces directly targeting him. The widows father is a
General Officer and when he spotted this fraud General Officer at his son in
laws funeral he nearly slotted him on the spot! That's when we were called
upon to investigate and expose! The fraud was investigated by US Army
Criminal Investigations and the US Secret Service and is now doing 20 to
life in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary!

But the fraud problem is far more immense than this. Mary and Chuck Shantag
at the POWNETWORK and their affiliates like me get 8-10 reports of fraud a
day that are valid and an additional 2-3 that are unfounded plus 5-6 more
that are borderline! And those numbers seem to be increasing as our economy
declines! The more real live heroes that return home and get real benefits
to help them survive from the Veterans Administration, the more people want
to be heroes and thus they decide to defile those that are and violate them
by stealing their honor and valor by posing as heroes like them in order to
reap the benefits they do from the Veterans Administration and elsewhere.

So you cannot take this problem lightly. It is out of control here in the
US, UK, Italy and is growing there in Australia, France, Germany and
Scotland. We have had reports from all of these as well as Africa where an
American was posing as a service member.

Stiff legislation is great but you mus have an enforcement apparatus in
place to enforce punishment as well or every law in the book is worthless!
And the penalties must be stiff or the offenders will simply scoff at threat
of prosecution as do ours here in the US even after new legislation with
stiffer prosecution was enacted in Dec, 2006.

We have managed a higher prosecution rate under this new legislation
entitled "The Stolen Valor Act of 2006" which is a benefit. However because
the penalty portion lacks teeth we have already seen repeat offenders and
therefore we are striving to amend or rewrite the Act to make it hurt like
it should have in the first place.

Well Bob, if you need any assistance at anytime please do not hesitate to
contact me at ********* or the POWNETWORK at *********
Take care and stay safe my brother!

Out here.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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« Reply #9 on: Friday27March2009 »

Hi Ethelred,

Wiltshire harvests email addresses and sends emails to anybody he chooses. He never asks permission to do this and when people ask to be removed from his email list he ignores them, as if he can do what he wants.

Wiltshire is a madman who has a reputation for sending abuse, defamatory emails, threats, lies and nonsense.

We often have people ask us what he is talking about and we always say we have no idea. He talks in veiled speech and riddles.

The man is a self opinionated fraud whose ego and arrogance are only outstripped by his stupidity.

He has gotten many many Veterans, politicians and media offside and he is a disgrace to our community.

Even his own family don't like his behaviour. This is what his daughter said of him in 2007. He obviously has his family terrified of him and under his control.


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Hi, my name is Jo. I am the daughter of Jim Wiltshire of Wodonga Vic who served in Vietnam 5 Company RAASC WKSP RAEME. 24 Feb 71 - 18 Nov 71, after my birth. Your Dads have probably all received an email from my Dad at some point in time. Ask your Dad if he has heard of Jim Wiltshire of Wodonga. He sends all the emails to me as well. I get at least 20 a day from him. He is so obsessed with the fight for the rights of Vietnam Veterans. I've even joined in and sent the odd email to the 'odd' Pollie every now and then!

At today's date (16/8/07) I am 40 years old and have 4 children aged 18 boy, 15.5 boy, almost 12 girl, and 10.5 boy. I married at age 20 in 1988 and separated 16 years later in 2004 (now divorced). My oldest boy lives with his dad and I share custody of the younger 3 children. I have worked full time in a government department for 21 years (will see my working years out there no doubt!)

I suffer from epilepsy and have had two back surgeries this year, the latest just 3 weeks ago. I had a disc fusion and disc replacement. Dad has a bad back. My epilepsy is due to multiple lesions in brain which I have passed on to my three sons. I know this because the 15yo had to have brain surgery in 2004 because one of his lesions bleed causing a blockage in his brain and he became very ill. We were flown by air ambulance to Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne where he underwent emergency surgery to reduce the pressure in his brain. I had the other kids checked after that and both other boys have the same thing. I was surfing the net and found a University in the States who were conducting a study on families with multiple CCMs (thats what these lesions are called) so we sent our blood over to them including my daughters and they said the boys and I have a mutation on one of our genes. My mum and dad haven't had brain scans so I'm not sure who I inherited it from but it would be interesting to find out.

Dad suffers from PTSD. He is 63. Mum is 60. They are both retired. Dad's computer keeps him busy, sending emails to politicians and generally trying to help people. A lot of the emails Dad sends concern/upset me because of the tone he uses.
Anyhow, I'm not really sure what else to put here and I've rambled on enough (probably too much). If there's anything else you want to know post me a message. Cheers, Jo

We know people who served with him and they say he was a deranged paranoid psychotic in the military. It seems nothing has changed.

Wiltshire sets very very high standards for everybody else, but he fails to live up to his own standards.

He has made personall attacks on anybody he doesn't like or is jealous of from Gen Cosgrove down. Jealousy and needing to be in control are his hallmarks. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....or Wiltshire scorned.

Wiltshire is like Tate. When he attacks others lives he is looking in a mirror and when he looks at those he attacks he is really looking at himself and attacking what he hates about himself. His favourite personal attacks are alleging paedophilia, murder, drug dealing and official corruption by senior officers. Wiltshire is the head honcho at conspiracy central.

If you look at Wiltshires military record much has mysteriously been redacted, blanked out with a felt tip pen. We wonder what he is hiding.

It's amazing this fraud has been diagnosed with PTSD. We can't understand where he would have been traumatised during his short Vn tour. After all he was a clerk in Vung Tau. Perhaps the typewriter exploded one day and he shit himself.

You can tell a person by the company they keep and Wiltshire keeps company with Tate, Corse, Briggs, Keith Joyce and various other mad galahs.

Periodically when the "pressure" of life becomes far too much for poor traumatised old Wiltshire he admits himself to hospital with mental problems. We suggest the best place for him is a permanent room under family committal.
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« Reply #8 on: Friday27March2009 »


I have received a lot of abusive and mad emails from a Jim Wiltshire. I don't know him. He sent me several yesterday and they can just be described as terrible and show what a sick, warped mind he must have.

In his emails he makes personal attacks on many people from Gen Cosgrove down. The attacks are of a personal nature. This is shocking.

what does he think he will achieve by sending this stuff.

I'd like to know if anybody else has been placed on his email list without getting permission.

Thank you.
« Reply #7 on: Friday20March2009 »

Re Tates comment

 "I wanted to drag out my movie camera and capture the moment for my own records, but knew
Riddle would've kicked me up the arse if I suggested it"

either I'm reading things wrong or there is a   discrepancy in Tate's story. I refer you to an ABC 7.30 report in which it was stated by the interviewer (and not refuted by Tate)that Riddle would not allow him to take his camera.
This is what the interviewer said
LISA WHITEHEAD: In an ironic twist, Don Tate filmed everything in Vietnam except his time with the second D and E platoon. Corporal Jim Riddle had refused to let him carry his camera.

The transcript of the interview and the video can be found here
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« Reply #6 on: Friday20March2009 »

Dear subscribers,
This evening we have two updates for you
and here
Mowgli has been very busy burrowing away and uncovering the truth about Don Tate and his fraudulent claims and information.He produces his latest expose for you tonight. There will be more to come from Mowgli.
We have also published the official service history of vicious trouble maker and bully boy Keith Joyce.There is some surprising information there for you to read.
Tonight we'd just like to briefly summarize the mad galah matter for you.
This wanton, evil group have been marauding around the internet for nearly two years, and has told innumerable lies, made many threats, bullied many people, acted like the true wannabes and frauds they are and distracted those who want to protect your entitlements, health care and superannuation. The mad galahs have taken the focus off the genuine debates in our community and wasted the time of many individuals and ex Service organizations.
The sooner we remove the galahs from the community the better off we will all be.We can then go about repairing our battered reputation.
To get what they want and to try to take over the Veteran community the galahs have gone to any length and stopped at nothing.
They haven't confined their attacks to the matters which affect your every day life as Veterans, but have gone as low as anybody can by attacking the private lives of Veterans and their military service.
A decorated War Veteran of the Battle at Long Tan has been accused of being a coward, a liar, of losing his weapon during the battle, and of being a murderer.They have also accused this Decorated War Veteran's OC during the Battle of doctoring this Veterans Commendation for the Military Medal. None of this is true.
The mad galahs have attacked many well known Officers and Soldiers, accusing them of being involved in murder, falsification of official Military records,incompetence, drug running, murder and paedophilia. All of their accusations are false.
To further their cause they went into the Church of a respected Veteran during Mass, while this Veteran was Serving in the Sanctuary, and accused him of being a paedophile. This man has never worked with children in his life and wasn't working with children in the Church.
As the mad galahs continue to terrorize the Veteran community with their filth, lies, misinformation and nonsense we will continue to stand up to them and to unveil their duplicity and stupidity, until they slink back into the darkness from whence they came.

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« Reply #5 on: Tuesday17March2009 »

That is the real problem in trying to shut the mouths and pens and keyboards of the Galahs.....defamation and in some instances criminal defamation, would be a useful outcome ......but as these gutter mouths have no assets, nothing could be achieved.......

The best way to deal with all of these 'turds of veterans' is to continue to expose them....and perhaps one day, when they least expect it....someone will come up to them, and take them on...........but then again we have the brave Tate, Colmer who enjoy violence...................

Continue to shame these vicious fools.....
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« Reply #4 on: Tuesday17March2009 »

People with malignancies are treated with respect and compassion.
I prefer to think of the Mad Galahs as rats infesting the sewers. The best way to deal with rats is with poison.
This mob will eventually poison themselves and vanish back into their underground fantasy worlds.
« Reply #3 on: Monday16March2009 »

There is one word that describes this galah gang down to a "T"

(from the Latin roots mal- = "bad" and -genus = "born") is a medical term used to describe a severe and progressively worsening disease. The term is most familiar as a description of cancer. A malignant tumor may be contrasted with a non-cancerous benign tumor in that a malignancy is not self-limited in its growth, is capable of invading into adjacent tissues, and may be capable of spreading to distant tissues

Malignant tumours can be removed.

« Reply #2 on: Sunday15March2009 »

Tapadh leibh Akela

Ta suil agam go bhfuil tu i mbau na slainte

The only strategy is to maintain integrity and point out their lies and deceit whenever it happens and that is very frequent.

Slainte Mhath


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« Reply #1 on: Sunday15March2009 »

Hi Akela,

You are spot on. I have spoken to some of the people you have mentioned.

They have told me they have received legal opinion from Barristers and have been advised they have clearly been defamed.

However as you say the money comes into the equation.

On advice from their Barristers they have decided not to move because they would never recuperate their own costs and costs awarded by the Courts because the mad galahs have no money and no assets.

In fact some have put their assets in their wives names.

So, though many people have been seriously defamed, there is little point in throwing good money after bad.


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« on: Sunday15March2009 »

Feasgar Math, Fergus,

I find it most extraordinary that this group, who rejoice in the name of the "Mad Galahs", have the temerity to carry on in such a way. It beggars belief that they could hold a view that any reasonable person would put any credence in their outbursts. The sad thing is that they seem to take themselves so very seriously. They truly are "the sad, the bad, the mad".

I read with great interest their outpourings. And I then wonder how on earth they could draw such unsupported conclusions?

I was an infantry officer for about 30 years, both regular and reserve. I, too, served in SVN. I know some of the people against whom they rile. Bob Buick, Keith Tennent, Neil James, MAJGEN Steve Gower. All good people. Held in good standing by those around them. Buick, et al, have been most patient in their dealings with this renegade group of computer keyboard operators. I don't know why. Perhaps Buick, etc, have decided not to sue for defamation because this sad and misguided group of delusioned  individuals have no assets. That must be the reason.

Anyway!!! The "Mad Gallahs" and their supporters provide me with more than a few chuckles at the end of a long and hard day of work. Perhaps I should be grateful for that and their outbursts of unintended humour.

Fergus Fairfax. More strength to your arm.

Slainte Mhath

Beannachd Leibh   

Yours 'aye.
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