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Author Topic: Criminal Tate is a fake TPI  (Read 14959 times)
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« Reply #9 on: Wednesday01September2010 »

For anybody who wants to know, Don Tate is in Victoria at the moment trying to flog his book "The Liar Within" or some title like that.
It seems he is scheduled to be at 30 Rob Roy Road, Malvern East at 6pm on September 6th.
Bookings are essential. For more info call 03 8290 4000
The Venue is The Stonnington Council  Library
Alan Price

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« Reply #8 on: Wednesday18August2010 »

If you would like to pass my details to the enquirer of Jim Riddle I will pass on details, I am in contact with him. 
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« Reply #7 on: Wednesday18August2010 »

AVM has received the following email which just underpins all we know about criminal Tate. Tate used Riddle relentlessly and mercilessly to get what he Tate wanted. The truth is Tate has no time for Riddle, his illnesses or his welfare. Criminal Tate is the arch user, the arch liar and the arch fake.

From: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 12:16 AM
Subject: Jim Riddle

Hi Guys
I have been searching for Jimmy Riddle since he returned home to the UK. I was very close to Jim during his stay at RSL CARE Caloundra, i was one of his carers, i was hoping someone may be able to tell me which nursing home he is in now or how i may be able to contact him,

I would also like to express my opinon on Don Tate, what he has done is absolutly disgusting, he is a lying, cheat, I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet him when he came to Caloundra to take jimmy to the "Book Display", i rememeber clearly jimmy was excited and fully believed everything Tate was telling him, when Jimmy was returned to us he was so depressed it took quiet a few days for even me (Jim used to call me his "ruffyin") to bring him round and usually i could snap jim out of almost anything, Tate has alot to answer for and I know he will get his,

and for the record Jimmy may have had a drinking problem previously, but while he was in care with us at RSL CARE he seriously only ever had one nip of rum with his lunch and even then it wasnt every day, I hold alot of respect for Jimmy not due to his service days but Jimmy as a person, it took awhile for his "walls to be broken down" but when you get through them he is truly an amazing being.

any help you can give me to gain contact with jimmy again would be very appreciated.

kind regards

« Reply #6 on: Wednesday11August2010 »

Its the Mad galahs and the likes of Tate who deserve being lit up on these pages........D371 does not have to justify his service.

I reckon Tate will self implode one day, he gets a brain snap and someone will clip his ears.

Oh then unless he takes an AVO in general on AVM to close us down, just like they are trying to do to Wikileaks !!

Oh, and can anyone tell us if Tate did take an AVO on his best buddy, Ted Colmer?

Tate will go away, but the sooner the better.....and cant wait for his next book !!!!
« Reply #5 on: Tuesday10August2010 »

Submission 2.

Is this how you do this, my grandkids bought me a computer for Xmas.

I see Frank Grady is mentioned, I know him, I served with him prior to and in Vietnam. When he marched in to the section/Platoon/Company he was a forward scout, that was about mid 70, and not a bad one, he had a good set of eyes. In about Oct 70 he was promoted and became our 2ic and did a good job.

In Vietnam one of the section commanders was promoted and sent to another Company, about May I think, I forget which Company. Frank Grady then became our section commander, doing a good job, maybe a bit too hard on us, but very capable and efficient.

What is all this rubbish about?
« Reply #4 on: Tuesday10August2010 »

As I'm new at this, as I recall the lance jack in D Coy Q store was  "Lofty" Adams and he was there for the Battalion's whole tour. I heard he died about 12 years ago, I might be out a little bit on the time frame but it's about that.

This Don Tate is totally wrong on this point as he is on a number of others. I doubt if he knows what in the hell he is talking about.
« Reply #3 on: Tuesday10August2010 »

well, to set the record straight for Tate, Grady was a CPL ECN 343   ..... TATE  is so full of his wank again
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« Reply #2 on: Tuesday10August2010 »

Dear me Donnie Boy has lost control of his mouth again. Here he is spreading garbage again. Donnie why don't you take your own advice and drop out.

From: Donald Tate
To: Allen Petersen
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 7:54 AM
Subject: So the maggot "D371" is Frank Grady, eh?

Well well the gutless maggot "D371" is unmasked at last- Frank Grady, or more precisely, "Francis Grady"!
Thanks for that information, Brian. Thanks to those other veterans across Australia, as well, who were keen to see this maggot unmasked. Frank Grady, eh?
The Frank Grady who labelled me a "criminal" for an alleged punch of a local cat?
Let's look at that web posting again to double check.......
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« Reply #6 on: Sunday03May »
Hi fella's,
Yesterday I had a few beers with Horrie Howard (Colonel Commandant of the Regt) and he has not
heard anything of this nature.
He said any subject along these these lines had not even been mentioned.
So that may this rumour to bed.
Frank Grady  (aka D371)
Yep. It's Frank Grady. And therefore, is it the same ....
- Frank Grady, (an ex-L/Cpl) who claims to have been a section-commander with 3RAR? (It's news to 3RAR!)
- Frank Grady, who served in the Q-store in Vietnam but pretends he was a full-on infantryman?
- Frank Grady, who has questions hanging over his head about certain fund-raising ventures with a Wollongong ESO?
- Frank Grady, booted out of the Granville ESO office for...ahem.....certain FINANCIAL indecretions?
- Frank Grady, who insinuated he'd visited my home and stated that I wouldn't answer the door to him, who called me a 'coward' for doing so, but who never set foot anywhere near my home- as my wife and daughters will attest to, in court, eventually?
- Frank Grady, who alleged in writing that I "dropped my pants" in front of school children and that it was investigated
by Dapto Police (comprehensively rejected by the Police Service, in writing?)
- Frank Grady, as ignorant as most, who declared that the 2nd D&E Platoon "didn't happen" because he spent more time in the military and knows everything about it? (Helooooooo Earth to Grady......ask Col Bill Houston of the Army History Unit, and the Hon Mike Kelly MP for their opinions!)
- Frank Grady, who brags to all and sundry about how he faked a number of suicide attempts so as to score the TPI then calls other veterans "frauds"?
- Frank Grady, who wouldn't support the efforts by seven local veterans and our wives to build the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk at Albion Park because there were no funds available for him to 'look after'?
- Frank Grady, dumb as dogshit, who hides behind the pseudonym "D371", then inadvertantly leaves his full name at the bottom of one of his cowardly postings for all to see? (As above)
- Frank Grady, now desperately trying to sheet the blame for the "D371" postings to other, honourable infantrymen from "D" Coy, 3RAR, and in doing so reveals what a gutless bastard he really is?
- Frank Grady, who writes 'postings' for other dumb shits to post- like 'Bomber' Bob Gibson (probably the only man in the veteran community more stupid than Grady is?)
- Frank Grady, who sat in the Wollongong court recently, holding hands with a certain 'cat'? (Has the 'cat' suddenly come into money?)
- Frank Grady who likes to brag about having drinky poos with a local ex-general because it gives him some credibility hob-nobbing with that sort? (Is it also true that the good general always maintains a stranglehold on his wallet when drinking with Grady?)
- The Frank Grady well known to local police?
Is that YOU, Frank?
I hope so. Because I've started the process of calling you to account.
And Francis, when you call others "criminals" and "frauds", perhaps you might reflect on how those terms are more a reflection on you. Take a good hard look in the mirror, you hypocritical maggot.
Don Tate
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday03August2010 »

Tate has said on numerous occasions that there are no such things as psychological disabilities. EG PTSD. He has also said on numerous occasions that only those who have been WIA [ wounded in action ]are genuinely disabled. He says all others are fakes. Tate has made it clear many times that if you were not WIA then you are not entitled to any disability payments from DVA. In fact this is what he clobbered the asbestosis sufferer over in the shopping centre.

Therefore, Tate must be judged according to his standards. One can only assume that he , being the honest, upright Veteran he claims he is, has never claimed for any other disabilities apart from the gunshot wounds he ended up with in Vietnam.
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« on: Tuesday03August2010 »

If you listen to criminal Tate all you will hear is how badly he was wounded in action, how much those wounds affected the rest of his life forever, how limited his life became after 1969 and how much he suffers physically to this day. Poor criminal Tate. He ignores the great suffering many, many others endure without complaint.

He was granted his TPI in 1993.

Ho hem. Well according to Tate his life was absolutely ruined and he was prevented from doing anything in life after 1969.

Yet in the media article attached [ click on the paper clip to read clearly ] we have him taking more cricket wickets than anybody else, planting hundreds of trees and all that entails like digging holes [ why he even has a shovel near him in the pic ] and carting heavy loads, taking on the great responsibility of President of his local cricket club and doing all this and more after 1969 up to right now. Because right now he has been driving around the whole country, peddling his lies and sickness, making money and making out he is so sick he can't do anything.

What a fake.

He clearly fails the VEA 1986 work test and his TPI should be taken from him.

Anyway read the attached and see what you think.

* tatefaketpi.jpg (382.38 KB, 768x878 - viewed 1160 times.)

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