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Tate hates Vietnam Vets like the War Protestors Did
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Author Topic: Len Smith----Conman  (Read 17877 times)
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« Reply #3 on: Friday26June2009 »

I have seen some of the sanctimonious drivel from Len Smith that has been doing the email rounds about the recent death in custody in remote WA..
Much of it sent to the Premier and Attorney General of WA and a long list of various State and Federal MP's and containing the usual boilerplate "outrage" about "genocide".

Appalling hypocrisy from a convicted fraud.

I trust the addressees have done the sensible thing and hit the "delete" button as soon as they see this grubby ex-con's name attached.

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« Reply #2 on: Friday26June2009 »

Did this bloke join up and declare his Nationality on his application forms as an Aboriginal / Indigenous Australian, or as just an Australian?
When did he become and Aboriginal, at birth or when he found it convenient to screw some other poor bugger out of some thing?
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« Reply #1 on: Friday26June2009 »

Better Smith the attachment or click on the pic to enlarge.

That colour photo was submitted by Smith to the Legion of Frontiersmen when he applied for membership. As some may know the Legion is a very right wing, white British colonial organisation which should hardly be of interest to a proud Australian Aboriginal Man.
We doubt that Smith would have been accepted because of his criminal background.

This is some of the preamble on the Fronty site:
The Legion of Frontiersmen Australian Division has its roots back to 1906 when the first Legion presence was established in Australia.

The intention was to form a voluntary self-governing military organisation, which would link together men who had come from all parts of the British Empire to serve in South Africa during the Boer War and had afterwards been disbanded, so that their services would be immediately available in the event of another war. From there it would go on enrolling others with suitable qualifications, and it particularly asked for ex-members of the C.N.W.M. Police, cowboys, hunters, prospectors, and generally enterprising types from outlying parts of the Empire.

There has been some confusion as to whether Smith has Operational Service. The attached letter explains all. He seems to have been included in the batch who were granted Op Service during the Indonesian Confrontation period. He did serve in Singapore while posted as a clerk to FARELF.

* SMITH2.jpg (23.13 KB, 413x574 - viewed 1123 times.)

* Letter_from_HA.jpg (346.94 KB, 2480x3507 - viewed 1205 times.)
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« on: Thursday25June2009 »


There is one word which describes Len Smith. Conman. This despicable convicted fraud, cheat and liar is a member of Allen Petersens email list. Like so many on the Petersen email list he is a proven fraud, liar, wannabe and cheat. Every now and then Smith will pop his head up when he thinks the time is suitable for his purposes and send an email out via the Petersen email list. Petersens list attracts frauds and wannabes like moths to a flame. Petersen either is so stupid he unwittingly allows this behaviour to continue or he loves having these crooks and frauds on his mailing list and deliberately encourages them. We do know Petersen is quite stupid and that he thrives on gossip.

One of Smiths favourite strategies is to call the race card. Smith says he has Aboriginal blood in him. The genes must be miniscule. Look at his picture below. Like so many in the general community Smith uses the genuine social and economic plight of genuinely disadvantaged Aboriginals to peddle his own agenda. We regard this behaviour by him as abominal and obscene.
This is what Smith recently published on the Petersen email list.

----- Original Message -----
From: Allen Petersen
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 10:42 AM

I thank Jim Duffield sincerely for his continued support of our People and the information he has generously emailed...if only there were many more Australians like him? I  would also like to thank those people from Australia and indeed from around the world who have emailed me with their "outrage". Len Smith (A Proud Aboriginal Army Veteran)
From: Len Smith
Cc: ; Jim Duffield ;
Sent: Wednesday, 24 June 2009 7:11 AM
Subject: The Death of Elder Ward...where's the "Sorry", Justice and more.......

"Without Prejudice"
Dear Minister Porter,
I am emailing you about my disgust at the appalling death of Aboriginal Elder Ward. On behalf of my people, The First Nation people, I am seeking justice. And I demand that those responsible will be brought to justice. This last episode is a wake up call for your government, and indeed all State Governments of Australia and our Federal Government. And furthermore, it is putting you and your government on notice, that the family and friends and many people world wide will continue to seek justice on behalf of the late Mr. Ward, until there is closure.
I also wish to inform you that this email and its attachments are going to ALL State and Federal Politicians of Western Australia, politicians of other states and Federal politicians, substantial Australian and world media outlets, family and friends and other organisations and interested parties, around the world. Indeed this email will find a substantial audience of  disgusted people who also will be demanding an answer.
I have read the Coronial report and almost everything else pertaining the "avoidable" and unthinkable tragic death of Elder Ward, a great Australian. His death is likened to those of the Holocaust of WW2. One can only image the horrific pain this man endured during his last hours of his precious life. Sadly, his death is a clear example of the problems our people face, in THEIR very own country. An attitude that still exists, especially among your states Judiciary, Policing and  Corrective Services, it seems. And I make no apologies for saying, it is a continuation of our dark Colonial era, fostered by far too many of these government people, who are predominantly of Anglo/Celtic stock, and it seems many are still quite too happy to carry on with this attitude trend. Many of these people's attitude is very clear and history continues to confirm this.
I have also found through my own years of life's experience that there are far too many people in these establishments who, through attitude and laziness target the disadvantaged and the weak. (Aboriginal people). This is NOT Democracy Minister. Neither is it the Freedom we fought for, including many of our very brave and highly decorated Aboriginal people, many receiving the Military Medal (MM) for bravery in both World Wars. (See attached). The custodians of the law and its administrators should be ashamed of their record. Our Aboriginal people have never had Freedom in our very own country, yet we must continue to fight, just for our existence and acceptance.
Minister, most people are not born with Racist views or with Class distinction ideals! These attitudes are taught by mostly "irresponsible" people (parents, communities, governments, schools and the like) and  has, in my view not waned in Australia, but has been "nurtured" by those who still wish Australia to remain "White". Yet these very same people, who have condemned Hitler's Germany for the very same thing. Also for Japan for being in denial of the Atrocities it committed during WW2.Yes! it is "selective" Discrimination and Vilification we are facing here and that is probably why a reason why Australia still has one of the worlds worst records of Discrimination and treatment of our First Nation People.
Of course "one swallow doesn't make a summer" but a good example to make my point is that just a year ago a newly elected NSW federal politician allegedly said to my wife and I when we were discussing a range of issues, including Aboriginal matters and I quote: "One thing that I cannot accept is why Aboriginal parents get an allowance to send their children to school"? This statement just about sums up the problems we face! Doesn't it Minister? What chance do our people have?
A further example of this country's woes, is the speeches by the then Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, (see attachment). It is most frightening indeed when our previous country's leader and head of state shows such disgraceful ineptness when it comes to equality of our people.
I ask you Mr Porter, as the Minister responsible for Corrective Services and Attorney General of your state of Western Australia, have we really moved forward in Australia when it comes to equality for our Aboriginal people?  The tragic and simple answers are NO! Is it possible that today, in Australia this sort of thing can still go on? sadly, Yes!
Western Australia has a very murky past when it comes to treatment of its Aboriginal people. I remind you and your parliamentary colleagues, (who for them this is of NO less  importance, or carries any less responsibility), of your States past in Human Rights. But now the Death of Mr Ward, will not go in vain, as it will become the "Watershed" of a new beginning for our people, in your state and indeed, Australia. The world will be watching Minister Porter.
Deaths in Custody in your state still remain the highest figure, (per head of population) than the other *two awful states and Territory when it comes to treatment of our people, *(NSW, Qld and the NT).
If Elder Ward (a great humanitarian as he was) white and achieved what he has, then he would have been given a State Funeral, such is the equality and value your government has placed on our people.
Is it possible that today, in Australia this sort of thing can still go on? How can Australia point its (hypocritical finger) at other countries on Human Rights issues? Poor Elder Ward was "literally "cooked" in that prison van as the attending doctor found that Ward had "cooked" patches of skin and his temperature was an incredible  41.7 degrees...absolutely disgraceful! A shocking result of being driven in an unsuitable prison van almost a thousand kilometres! **(And without being checked for his welfare ONCE)?
I attach the link to view the reports into Australian Deaths in Custody:
The law, as I understand Minister is mostly based on history. Then it seems very clear to me that those people responsible had a history (experience) of such conditions and would have known what the consequences of their actions in this case would be.
I was about to send out this email when I was informed of the alleged statement during an interview on Channel 9 with Nina Stokoe saying that she was "sorry". I cannot accept this at all. It is a plea for leniency as her fears of prosecution grow. After reading the interview transcript in full, I am also disgusted and believe that Nina Stokoe remains in denial of her responsibilities and indeed such statements and poor excuses of her and her colleagues behaviour strongly reinforces that view she and her colleague has indeed NOT followed WA Corrective Services guidelines in relation to "checking" on prisoners **(welfare) whilst in their custody, and indeed while Mr Ward was in that "inferno". Escape? How could he have escaped in his condition?  So, it remains very clear to me and is actually confirmed from the interview of Ms Stokoe that had Mr. Ward been white, he would most likely still be alive today.
For the benefit of those people who did not see the Channel 9 interview or indeed see the said transcript, I have attached it also with this email. Readers will also be appalled at its contents as much as I am!
All the other attachments and I draw attention to the attachment of the former Prime Minister of Australia, John Howards excerpts of two of his speeches, (and my relevant comments) will confirm the enormity of the problem of the treatment of our First Nation people that still exists in Australia.
Minister, we need leadership, empathy and understanding.....if only you could be an Aboriginal for a day? would then find out a "little" of what it is like to "Walk in a Black Man's Shoes". Lead the Way Minister Porter! Like the United States recently did by "growing up a bit in the Human Rights and Equality Stakes" and voting in an American African as their country's President and End the Genocide of our First Nation People! This will be your only chance, Minister!
In closing Minister, I would like to say. The Death of Mr Ward makes a mockery of the "Sorry Day" which my wife Rita and I attended in Canberra. Everyone who was there felt that we now had hope. NO not what some "selfish" people think, "Compensation", but at last we felt we had a Federal Government that finally understood. I feel 'Sorry" for our people, it seems that your government couldn't even come close! In this case our hope has been dashed, but I repeat, Mr Wards unnecessary death will NOT go in vain.
Yours sincerely,
Len Smith
A Proud Aboriginal Army Veteran
Room A-301, 6 Hong Kong Garden
669 Gao Yang Road,
Hong Kou Qu
Shanghai, PR Republic of China
Mobile: 86 136 8180 8900

We now insert the genuine and provable history of this cheat and fraud for you to read. This man ruined the lives of dozens of old people and acts as if he is a Knight in shining armour in the community, as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and as if he is as pure as the driven snow. Read on now and see what you think of Len Smith.

By VICTOR. 11:24am Fri Apr 19 ´02
"Financial Adviser Fraudster."
Jail for financial adviser who duped elderly, naive clients. A Southport financial adviser who led police on an international manhunt was yesterday sentenced to seven years´ jail.
Former National Mutual employee Leonard John Smith was found guilty on 22 fraud charges and 7 counts of dishonestly gaining funds after a long trial and indictment in the District Court at Southport Queensland this week. The court was told that the 55-year-old encouraged elderly Gold Coast residents to transfer funds into a non-existent financial institution dubbed the British Marine Bank.
The fictitious bank was the invention of former Sydney financier George Balus, who last year was sentenced to 11 years´ jail on fraud charges involving $12 million in investments. However, defence barrister Rod Clifford said Smith, who has spent 478 days in Hong Kong and Queensland prisons, helped officials retrieve more than $2.4 million from an English account.
"Mr. Smith is aware that many elderly people lost their life savings." Australian Securities and Investments Commission Queensland principal lawyer Niall Coburn said Smih led police on a chase, which was joined by New Scotland Yard and Interpol officers, through Britain, Antigua, Beijing and Hong Kong.
Monday, 19 November 2001"

01/405 Seven years jail for $870,000 fraud after extradition

Friday 16 November 2001 
Mr David Knott, Chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), noted that today's sentence of Leonard John Smith for seven years jail is the second major jail term handed down in connection with the British Marine Bank fraud.
Mr Smith was sentenced today in the Queensland District Court after being found guilty yesterday on 22 charges involving intentional fraud of $870,000. He had solicited loans for the British Marine Bank, which was a fictitious entity invented by Sydney fraudster George Balos. 
'We are pleased that our view of the seriousness of this fraud has been confirmed by superior courts in two separate States', Mr Knott said.
'The investigation and prosecution of the British Marine Bank fraud has been a complex matter, affecting more than 300 investors, involving more than $12 million of investors' funds and requiring the extradition of Mr Smith from Hong Kong. With the announcement of Mr Smith's conviction the matter is now nearing completion', he said.
Mr Smith's sentence follows the earlier conviction and sentencing of George Balos, the major promoter of the British Marine Bank fraud. Mr Balos was sentenced to 11 years jail by the District Court of New South Wales on 11 September 2000 after being found guilty of 46 fraud-related charges.
A third defendant, Raymond Dominic Strano, will be sentenced in the District Court of New South Wales next month after being convicted on 25 October 2001 on 17 charges involving over $1 million arising from the fraud.
The British Marine Bank and Commodities International fraud was an investment scam that operated between July 1995 and September 1997 and involved soliciting loans on fraudulent terms. Individual investors, many of whom were elderly, entered into the loan agreements for amounts ranging from $10,000 to $330,000.
Today Mr Smith also pleaded guilty to six other charges involving fraud of $60,000 through Coastal Asset Management Corporation, an international bank debenture scam. Coastal Asset Management Corporations was also an investment scam where clients were told they were investing in international bank debentures that did not exist. He received a further sentence of one year for these offences, which will be served concurrently.
Both matters were prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.
For further information contact:   
Allen Turton
Director Enforcement
Telephone: 02 9911 2338
Mobile: 0411 549 236   Kate Harvey
ASIC Media Manager
Mobile: 0401 985 966

02/444 Appeal against sentence of Leonard John Smith dismissed
Monday 9 December 2002

The Queensland Court of Criminal Appeal has dismissed the appeal of Mr Leonard John Smith against the severity of the sentence imposed upon him by the District Court, at Southport on 16 November 2001.
Mr Smith, a former Tweed Heads and Gold Coast investment adviser, was convicted of 22 charges involving intentional fraud of $870,000.
The charges were brought following an investigation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) into Mr Smith’s conduct as a financial adviser.
ASIC alleged Mr Smith had solicited loans for a fictitious entity, the British Marine Bank from over one hundred investors, many of whom were elderly.
Mr Smith had also pleaded guilty to six other fraud charges in connection with a separate international bank debenture scam, called Coastal Asset Management Corporation.
Mr Smith was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of seven years after being extradited from Hong Kong. His extradition was facilitated through a joint effort by ASIC, the Australian Federal Police, Interpol, Scotland yard and Chinese authorities.
The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions conducted the prosecution and made submissions before the Court of Appeal.

02/444 Appeal against sentence of Leonard John Smith dismissed

So as you can read for yourself Petersen has attracted Smith to his email list. We feel sure we need say nothing further about Len Smith because you will be quite capable of forming an accurate opinion of Smith by yourself.

But it’s not just Smith whom Petersen has attracted to his list. Frauds right around the country know that if they want a free run all they have to do is send an email to Petersen, and in his usual childish and immature way he will post anything and everything around the place, even when it is false and stupid.
Other characters who have regularly posted to the Petersen email list follow for your edification. We understand you will not be able to read all of the following in one sitting but will probably have to read the information piece by piece. We suggest you save this email for future reference just in case one of these blotches on society tries to con you or an organisation near you.

Jim Wiltshire of Wodonga
Jim Wiltshire is the Commander of Conspiracy Central. His mind lives in a warped wonder world of non existent conspiracies and plots. He never ever provides proof of the conspiracies which he alleges.In this he is ably assisted by various other mad galahs whose minds are just as warped.

Keith Joyce of Rockhampton
Joyce is a pathetic fraud who has lied about his Military career. The truth is Keith Joyce was a drunken bully boy and incompetent and very junior NCO and temporary WO2  who made a habit of beating up his Soldiers.

Barry Corse of Perth
The damage this excuse for a former Officer has done to the image and reputation of the Veteran community has been incalculable, and it will take ages for our reputation to be restored even if he totally disappears today.
His behaviour can only be described as delusional and sociopathic. He really does need to seek urgent mental help for his own sake and for the sake of the Veteran community.

Allen Petersen of Perth
Allen Petersen operates an email list.
This list can only be described as biased, inaccurate, stupid, irresponsible and immature. It deals with gossip and abuse, threats and defamation and never ever presents accurate information regarding the issues of Veteran entitlements, health care and ADF matters. Allen Petersen changes the emails which people send to him to suit his own agenda....which is to spread the mad galah agenda.

David Briggs of Perth
David Briggs was an abusive, arrogant, ill disciplined Serviceman who went from unwilling National Serviceman to trying to become a volunteer.
He has continued his terrible behaviour in the Veteran community and seems to have points to prove.

Terry Westerway of Sydney
Westerway was a serious discipline problem in the Army, being charged with many offences whilst on War Service [ Active Service ] and during Peacetime. War Service offences are most serious offences because during War our fellow Veterans need us for protection and we must be able to rely on each other. He also found it difficult to pass several basic Artillery courses and eventually he was forcefully discharged before his engagement was completed as being unsuitable for Military Service.

Noel “Molly” Muller of Adelaide
Noel Patrick "Molly" Muller of NLA Mad Galah fame claims his chance of recognition for his heroic HMAS Vendetta service was thwarted by the Freemasons who were controlling his ship.

Phillip Moon of Bundaberg
Phillip Moon of Bundaberg Queensland is the artful dodger who writes with great flare and little truth.  In communications with the Mad Galahs he has given two accounts of heroic exploits near the Butterworth airbase in Malaya in 1971.

Don Tate of Albion Park Rail
Donald Tate is one of the most obnoxious and blatantly mercenary veterans to pop up in the veteran community in recent times.

Ted Colmer of Sydney
Colmer is really a Tate stooge who has been mercilessly used by Tate in his marketing campaign to sell his autobiographical book that includes information about the mythical 2nd D&E Platoon. Other high profile stooges are The Hon Mike Kelly MP, Ms Jenny George MP, Brigadier Neil Weekes the group of loonies known as the Mad Galahs and to a lesser extent Brigadier George Mansford.  In relation to this matter Colmer has behaved like a rabid dog, with outrageous threats against any person who challenges his theories and "evidence". Colmer's main evidence is that there is no evidence. He claims it has been removed or expunged.

KIRKMAN Harry John
7 Aug 2007   Harry Kirkman insists that Two Hundred prisoners of war including women, children and aged persons were gruesomely and relentlessly tortured on the deck of HMAS VENDETTA between the 29th November 1965 and 4th December 1965. He also insists that sometime between 20 November 1965 and March 1966 a riot took place near a British naval base in Singapore in which a British serviceman was killed and crew from HMAS Vendetta were injured.  Did these events really happen or has Harry Kirkman concocted  a "story" to  enhance his war experience and gain benefits from The Department of Veterans Affairs for himself and others?  Full story here

As you can read the Petersen email list is full of “them”. Anybody who thinks the Petersen email list has any credibility is barking up the wrong tree. Birds of a feather flock together and Petersen will continue to attract all the fools and frauds in the country. Our information relies on official service documents, newspaper reports, other official documents and the words of the mad galahs themselves.

* Smithpic.jpg (14.46 KB, 170x273 - viewed 972 times.)
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