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Tate hates Vietnam Vets like the War Protestors Did
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Author Topic: Petersen May Face Legal Action from WA TPI Association  (Read 13260 times)
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Mad galah and mad galah mailman Allen Petersen is a proven fool and dill. The simple fact is the lights may be on but rarely is anybody home with this character.

However silly he may be he is not certifiable and is street wise enough to know right from wrong.

He has consistently published misinformation, lies, defamatory comments and stupidity to his email list for years, to such an extent that the DVA Minister Griffin has had to correct his information six times.

Petersen acts as if he is above the Law, he says that he does not have to verify the accuracy and legality of what he publishes on his email list. This is utter nonsense and just his weak excuse for behaving atrociously. Many have had to endure the abuse, lies and defamation he has posted.

It seems the WA TPI Association has had enough of him and they may instigate legal action. While there are those who may disagree an ESO should ever instigate legal action against one of its members, and we accept whatever stance readers take, we make the point that the fault in this stands with Petersen and NOBODY else. He is responsible for his actions, behaviour and words, and nobody else.

This email has been sent out by mad galah Petersen himself.

From: Allen Petersen
Date: 15/07/2009 11:50:55 AM
To: TPI Association WA
Cc: Sarah Curthoys;  Andrew Houghton;  Alan & Michelle Wheatley;  Blue Ryan
Alan hereunder is my statement read to members at TPI General Meeting yesterday. I request these be included in the  Associations Minutes of the meeting. I accept the members decision but reserve the right to seek legal advice on several points associated with this matter. I am particular concerned at the allegations I have cost the Association $5400 in legal fees.  Allen Petersen. TPI Badge W4160
1 On the 22nd April I received a letter from Arns & Assoc (lawyers) advising me that I had made defamatory comments in
2 emails I circulated on 10th March 2009 (Frank ONeill) and 12th March 2009 (TPI Assoc in Crisis- Tennent Firestorm)
( I had changed the subject headings of these emails but not altered the text/content of the emails.)
2. I was requested to retract the defamatory imputations and make an amends offer within 7 days.
3.I immediately contacted our Assoc President (AW) at home and stated it was not my intention to harm the Association's reputation being a TPI myself and offered to immediately publish an apology and retraction. I said he could draft the Apology and I would publish it under my name. However, he asked that I draft the Apology and retraction and send it to his Solicitor (Andrew Houghton).  I did this on Thursday 23 April 2009.
4. On the Friday 24 April 2009 I received an email from Andrew Houghton saying my Apology and retraction was acceptable to the Association. I then immediately circulated that document to everyone on my email lists- incl Jock ONeill, AW, Andrew Houghton, the TPI Association and concluded the matter was now finalised.
5. I then left on (27 April 2009) for Europe and UK on a prearranged holiday returning on 12 June 2009. (I was absent from
the May and June General Meetings).  On my return home I was confronted by surprise with a letter from the TPI Assoc  dd (2nd June 2009) advising me that the Mment Committee had decided to suspended me from the Assoc for 12 months (the reason given was I had brought the Assoc into disrepute and cost the members a lot of money in legal fees). I was offered the right to appeal the Suspension. So here I am today. I also received a letter from  Association Solicitors, Curthoys and Co (dated 18th May 2009) advising that in future members will not be satisfied with an Apology.
6. I feel the suspension is unfair as I complied with the Associations request to an Apology and retracted all defamatory imputations against the Association. I was also advised by Solicitor Andrew Houghton (by email) on Friday, 24th April 2009 my apology and retraction was deemed acceptable to the Association. Again the matter was finalised.
7. Id like to suggest to the Mment Committee that it would have been better to have contacted me in the first instance
back in March and request  I retract any emails deemed defamatory to Association before going to the lawyers and incurring substantial legal fees. I would have been agreeable to withdrawing any offending material. Try mediation first and legal action as a last resort. I understand others members have received threats of legal action for comments made against the Association.
8. I have agreed to comply with the guidelines for forwarding emails in the June Battling On which I discussed with Alan Wheately back in April this year.
9. Finally, why is this Association using its resources and funds pursing its own members with lawyers when it knows, many of its members including myself suffer from PTSD and war caused mental illness??
10. I ask members to uphold my appeal.  Thank you Gentlemen. .
Tuesday 14th July 2009
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