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Author Topic: Mad Galah Wiltshire hates the Defence Force  (Read 6479 times)
« on: Saturday29August2009 »

Wiltshire makes me sick, he will grab anything to discredit the Defence Force with his conspiracy and corruption theories. This time he has sent an email all over Australia that has been written by a remarkable nonagenarian. 

Wiltshire reckons that John Stuart MacGregor was a soldier in the Army involved on operational  service during 1942 and that details of his service have been corruptly erased by a “General's Club” .  Wiltshire in his usual conspiracy fogged brain asserts a massive cover up to deny that MacGregor served at that time. See below what Wiltshire said..

“Addition by Referrer: You might also like to check some of the photographs in the Australian War Memorial. They clearly show Mr MacGregor in uniform with his crew in PNG. In War time. And   I've got BOTH RECORDS.

Let's see some lying hound try to make something out of that. Oops, I forgot. ALL military records are infallibly, invariably, 100% correct. Except when the general's club get their hands on them.

Just as well I got there first.

Jim Wiltshire

PS. The Army Number's wrong too. Does that make THREE RECORDS?”

The simple truth is that John Stuart MacGregor was in the Army, in the Melbourne University Rifles, from 21st  Jan 1940 until 28th March 1940 and would have been discharge because of a congenital medical problem. He attended Melbourne University from 1938 to 1942 completing  a Bachelor of Science course and was employed by the Federal Post Master Generals Department (PMG) at the same time

In the email Wiltshire distributed, he claims to have a photo of MacGregor in Papua in military uniform with his “crew”. That photo is here  and is indeed MacGregor second from the left, however his status is that of a civilian PMG Engineer not as a member of the Army.

In another newspaper article here  It says  “A former engineer who helped build the secure line to allow General Douglas MacArthur to give orders during World War II has finally received acknowledgement that, though a civilian, he did operational service”.

In 1968 MacGregor filled out a Personal Particulars form for a Government Department it shows he was at University in Melbourne between 1938 and 1942 and it shows he was employed by the Post Master Generals Department from 1938 to 1962. It erroneously omits his Military service with the Melbourne University Rifles, MacGregor himself has chosen not to show his three months with that unit during 1940.

Mr MacGregor has had a very interesting life including being courted by Australian Intelligence agencies in relation to a Russian “Spy” named Formenko. He is too good a man to be involved with a goose like Wiltshire. Should anyone desire more information about MacGregor please request direct to Fergus.

Wiltshire's statements and innuendo about the deliberate corruption of MacGregor’s service records have no foundation. MacGregor in his later life has simply sought recognition for his service as a civilian in a Cable Laying operation between Papua and the Australian mainland during 1942.  As a civilian he is not covered by the same legislation as a soldier who served would have been. It appears he is at odds about that situation with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Wiltshire has again made a great big goose of himself by sending his crap to Politicians and the Media all over Australia  Wiltshire has a deep hatred of the Defence Force that could only be properly described by a Psychiatrist.

Have a read of what Wiltshire has distributed on behalf of nonagenarian, John Stuart MacGregor.



"From: Jim Wiltshire


Cc: ; ; ; ; Louise Markus MP ; Louise Markus MP ; Bob Baldwin.MPLib Shadow Min Def Science & Pers ; Mike Kelly AM MP ALP The Hon. Dr Parliamentary Se ; Attorney-General The Hon Robert McClelland MP

Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 7:16 PM

Subject: False Witness; Denial of Justice; 90 Year Old Veteran Still Fighting

Mass Distributed. Just for you.

------Original Message-------

From: Date: 27/08/2009 12:23:57 PM

To: Alan Griffin.MP The Hon Minister for Veterans Aff;  ministerfordefence.Dept;  Kevin Rudd Senior Adviser.Lachlan Harris

Cc: LettersBorderMail;;;  whitehead.lisa.730 Report;  LettersCourierMail;  LettersSundayTelegraph;  LettersHeraldSun;  LettersEditor SunHerald;  Media 9am Ten;;  Letters Editor AFR;  Letters Daily Telegraph;  Howard Sattler. Radio.6pr.WA;  BorderMailNewsRoom;  Letters Editor Adelaide Advertiser;  A Current Affair;  TCN Today Show;  Media Sunrise Seven TV;  EditorMilitaryContact;  Deryn Hinch.Radio;  Army Newspaper;  Alan Jones.Radio;  The Australian;  Samantha Healy;  The Advocate.TAS;  Stephen Pink;  Yaara Bou-Melhem.SBS;  Kimberley Porteous;  Jonathan Dart;  Brendan Esposito;  Andrew Rule The Age;  Andrew Bolt.heraldsun;  Neil Mitchell 3AW;  Neil MitchellMedia;  Misha Ketchell;  Mike Smith 4BC;

Subject: False Witness; Denial of Justice; 90 Year Old Veteran Still Fighting


Minister for Veterans Affairs, 026 277 7820
Hon.Alan Griffin MP FAX. 026 273 4140

Thank you thank you for your letter of the 14th of August 2009 via Graham Koop with all its errors.

You make your first mistake in the opening sentence in paragraph 2 "your cable laying activities with the PMG", and you cite no evidence for this, and as every schoolboy knows, this statement conflicts with the facts and the Australian Constitution and the Post and Telegraph Act 1903, and the Defence Act 1903, including the 2nd reading speech.

"When you practice to deceive, Oh, what a tangled Web you weave!" And of course, if you start off with a lie, and you enlarge upon that, then you must logically finish with a bigger lie.

I have asked many times if it is possible now that we have had a change of government, seemingly for a good purpose, and a change of Mark Sullivan and his Johnson, that we can get back to looking at the facts and the truth for a change.

I now have two different "Official Certificates of Service" from your department and if one is true, then the other one might logically be considered to be false.  If on the other hand, both are based on fictitious or forged records then it is possible that both may be false, and if they are not prepared in accordance with your principles laid down on your own website, then they might both be forgeries.

To prevent this occurring in similar cases, I recommend that each certificate have a security code on the certificate, including perhaps the date on which it was compiled or amended, and a reference to the person responsible for the compilation or alteration.

Of course if your office has determined to supersede Parliament, then we should be able to save, quite a bit of money and perhaps use the Parliamentary Offices for other more useful purposes, even a school for HISTORY.

I realize, of course that Mark Sullivan, may have been closer to the truth, than we believed at the time, when he told us, that night in BALLINA, that we could do no better than to rely on him and his close association with John Howard than to try to change the government at the forthcoming election.

Now that we have had the election, which we thought would be for the better, it appears that little has changed.

With all due respect to Mark Sullivan and his Johnson I don't think that even they can ignore the laws laid down by Parliament after so many years, and I know that the High Court, has many times ruled against retrospective legislation, and for the Department of Defence usurping the rights of our legal system.

I also realize that, as in most countries the Defence Department think they have the divine right to rule the country as a dictator, that this sometimes conflicts with the laws laid down by Parliament and occasional judgments from the High Court of Australia.

I think recent history of the Defence Ministry merely confirms this. I was lucky enough to start work with Robert Gordon Menzies,the youngest Q.C. In history, and I worked closely with the Minister for Defence and several other Prime Ministers such as Sir. Arthur Fadden, Frank Forde and I have dined with every other Queensland Prime Minister except our present Prime Minister.

Not necessarily that Queensland is worth saving, as some people think, but we in fact did save it, during the war, and also later during the prosperous years, with the Brisbane Airport, the Queensland Roads, the foundations for all the "Coal Loaders", etc, but it is much more profitable to sell Queensland to the Japanese than to give it to them, for nothing, by dissertion.

I built the largest machine ever purchased the Australian Defence Force Academy, the foundations for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, and the remedial work after the Granville Train Disaster.

As Australia's leading inventor was able to revolutionize road construction in America, particularly in California.

I have also contributed much to the history of Australia and have trained Brian Harridine, leaping Leo MacLeay, the speaker of the House, and whilst as the Diplomat, head of UNESCO in the Middle East, I trained Saddam Hussein.

As I have lived through these times, I have no difficulty in remembering what actually happened, but I would suggest, as recommended by our present Prime Minister, that some of your staff could benefit from a study of Australian History.

Now that the bodies of the deceased tourists have arrived back in Australia, it might be a good time to lift the veil of "TOP SECRET" from our mission to provide a "SECRET SECURE LINE FORM BRISBANE TO PORT MORESBY" for the Allied Forces, and for the Supreme Commander, General Douglas MacArthur, and to recognize those of our group, who fought the Japanese invaders, and those others who died on duty and have still yet to be recognized.


If you still think with all your might, that it is easier to fight a 90 year old, cripple than to admit the above mistakes, I can only remind you that this was tried many years ago on someone born with the same deformity as me, and this did not work then and may not work now. His name was Caligula.  "Oh! It is excellent to have a Giant’s strength,  But it is tyrannous to use it like Giant." "Condemn the fault, and not the actor of it."


Still looking for Justice, or a fair go.

John Stuart MacGregor NX 341 778

38 Quays Drive, N.S.W. 2478

Phone/Fax. 0266 811 522

Thursday, 27 August 2009



Addition by Referrer: You might also like to check some of the photographs in the Australian War Memorial. They clearly show Mr MacGregor in uniform with his crew in PNG. In War time. And I've got BOTH RECORDS.

Let's see some lying hound try to make something out of that. Oops, I forgot. ALL military records are infallibly, invariably, 100% correct. Except when the general's club get their hands on them. Just as well I got there first.


Jim Wiltshire


PS. The Army Number's wrong too. Does that make THREE RECORDS?"

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