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Author Topic: Tate Attacks Veteran .....Says Hes Part of Paedophile Ring  (Read 9663 times)
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« Reply #6 on: Friday31July2009 »

I have just returned from a holiday in New Zealand and I see Tate is back to his usual tricks. I, too have contacted libraries each time I become aware of his scheduled performances.  Just keep up the good work guys and lets continue to bury him.
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« Reply #5 on: Thursday23July2009 »

The accusations, grandstanding and controversy aren't about any of us.  It's about Tate, pure and simple.  More media coverage = more book sales.  That's his aim, that's his motivation, that's his only interest.  Why else would all of this be raised now, on the eve of his self-lauditory tour of WA?
« Reply #4 on: Thursday23July2009 »

Thanks Guys for your support,  Over the last 24 hours I have recieved 4 emails from Mr Tate, and I
believe he is trying to get me to carry out an attack on him through the emails.

I received an email from him through a forwarded email about his pending visits etc.   I took it on my self to advise the libraries concerned, that they should seek further information on the boafides of Mr Tate.  I did not at any time advise them to cancell these presentations, but to carry out a check on Mr Tate.

Then wack, wack, wack and wack, four emails to me  and the newspapers here in WA.

I have not and will not answer any of Mr Tates emails, but will collect and hold if required in the future.

I await the next onslaught from him.

Thanks again for your support.
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« Reply #3 on: Thursday23July2009 »

B9S33, You don't need to justify your self to this Drongo, Mate. He is nothing but a habitual liar and attempts at character assassination by him are pathetic. Normally when some one makes these types of claims and allegations they are attempting to cover up their own short comings and actions. 

Besides you are WRONG. If we had not have done the job we did back then, what might have been the out come of things today??

A few blokes and my self were referred to by a class of school kids as being Hero's from the Vietnam War. Not one of us carried any form of medal for bravery, but each one of us carried all forms of memories and regrets. But those kids lessened each and every one of our burdens with their sincere praise and appreciation for what we had done for them. In their eyes we were all Heroes! We had fought for their grandparents freedom. They were 3rd Generation Vietnamese Kids.
 Beats a Pollies praise any day!!
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday22July2009 »

I am not a hero.  I did a job for which i enlisted to do. Be it abnormaL or what, but i ended up in the SAS Regt.   I did the job i was allocated to do and thats it.  deal done

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« Reply #1 on: Wednesday22July2009 »

This fellow really makes you wonder. First, his writing skills are at such a low level that it makes you wonder whether he would have the literary skills  to write a book; second, his incapacity to string together a set of inter-related thoughts, have a look at his setnce structure above; third - oh!! why bother? Tate is slowly subsiding back into the sea of irrelevance from which he tried to slither.
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« on: Wednesday22July2009 »

Hi members,

Mad and bad Tate is at it again. When all else fails and you have been caught out, make wild accusations against the private lives of those you hate. This is the mad galah favourite tactic.

The following is what Tate has sent to a fellow Vietnam Veteran who served two tours in Vietnam and who served for many years in the Armed Forces.

From: Donald Tate
Sent: Wednesday, 22 July 2009 12:37 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: your letter to libraries

I have seen your letter, hero. so has the publisher- Murdoch Books, who have a great deal more legal resource than you have. It is placed in a particular file to be dealt with later. I'm glad to see you've got ties with the paedophile ring- the AFP is monitoring it, and everyone who communicates with it.

By the way...were you wounded in action? Ever spend a couple of years in hospital afterwards? Ever found your service history corrupted? You don't know shit mate.

Tackle me, and I'll make a headline out of you.

Don Tate

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