The Service History of Barry Corse

Barry Corse is another failed Officer and Soldier.  

Corse enlisted as an Army Apprentice in 1959 and had a mediocre and average history as an Apprentice and fitter and turner.  He was appointed Lance Corporal [ one stripe ] during this time. He then had this appointment  stripped from him.
Barry Corse didn't complete his SGCE High School certificate in WA, academic problems and shortcomings which were to plague him for the remainder of his Service. Despite much support, molly coddling, help and special, preferential postings granted to him by the Military to study he never ever gained his leaving certificate, which was needed for Officer promotion.

Corse was charged in the Royal Australian Engineers for various offences. At one time during his life he was charged with a civilian offence of being in possession of a firearm. We wonder just why Corse needed a personal firearm as a young man. Additionally while a Soldier it was brought to the notice of his military superiors that he had failed to pay a civilian debt.

Barry Corse's very ordinary Engineer career unfolded as he was posted around the place, gaining poor to average results at various courses he completed. His service in the RAE was very very ordinary, and he was never marked out for promotion or as a Sapper who showed promise.He remained with RAE until 1965.
In 1965 Sapper Barry Corse decided he was not suited to the non Commissioned ranks, and that there was no future in the ranks for him. He was then accepted into the former Officer Cadet School at Portsea in Victoria in mid 1965. He had very average results during his 12 months course at OCS and graduated a 2nd Lieutenant in 1966. He was allocated to Royal Australian Infantry. He did not have all the academic qualifications needed for Officer promotion beyond 2nd Lieutenant. He never ever gained these academic qualifications during his 20 year service.

Corse was a problem child from the time of his enlistment. He pestered the Army with his personal problems, and often made application for compassionate postings.It seems Barry Corse believed the Army should do his bidding. He tried to wangle the system for compensation for being involved in three minor accidents as a young Soldier. He had obviously learned there was money to be made from Military accidents and disabilities. 

After his OCS graduation in 1966 he was posted to the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment [ 2 RAR ]. His time in this Bn was very average and in 1967 he was posted with 2 RAR to South Vietnam as a Platoon Commander. He remained with 2RAR throughout its tour of duty and when the Battalion came home in mid 1968 he was posted to the 1st Australian Task Force HQ at Nui Dat as the Task Force Commander's liaison officer or ADC [aide-de-camp ].This was a cushy posting. He completed about 17 months in Vietnam.
The duties of the TF Commmander's liaison officer [LO ] included escorting visitors around the Task Force, entertaining them, running chores and errands for the Commander and acting as personal assistant to the TF Commander. These duties were not onerous, nor did they involve any combat duties. However, as you will read, Barry Corse claims otherwise.

Barry Corse has publicly claimed he was detached to an American combat unit during his time as LO, and that he was the only Australian Officer to ever command American Troops in combat during the Vietnam War.  He claims he was decorated for bravery by the Americans. However, there is NO record of this detachment, nor of his alleged command of any American Troops nor of the award of any bravery decorations, either Australian or American. Approval would be required from AVF Saigon, MACV and Canberra for an Australian Officer to Command American Troops.
Funnily enough Corse claims these records have somehow disappeared from his official military documents. We have heard this pathetic, infantile excuse many times over the years. We are sure that Brigadier Hughes the Task Force Commander, who some of us knew well, would have made sure any such detachment and any bravery decorations were included in his Commanders Diary and in Corses' file, and that AFV Saigon and Canberra would have been notified. Brig Hughes was a stickler for detail and accuracy. The Veteran community will not accept Corses' claims of bravery decorations unless he produces the paperwork. Corse has been photographed wearing the American Combat Infantry Badge. We wonder under what authority he wears what is a highly regarded and esteemed American Veteran Badge of Honour.
Corse was eventually provisionally promoted to  Lieutenant [ two pips ]. After his Vietnam service he was posted to the Jungle Training Centre at Canungra in 1969 and in 1970 was promoted temporary Captain. He could not be promoted substantive [ permanent ]  Lt or Captain because he had continually failed to gain his academic qualifications for promotion as an officer.His rank history is a progression of promotions and demotions.
Corses' personal problems and below average career continued and he pestered the Army enough to eventually be posted to a CMF [ ARES ] Unit in WA [ part time Soldiers ].His career was very much less than average because he was given the opportunity to get to at least Major and only got to Lieutenant. So off he went and again performed with below average results.

While in WA he was posted to School Cadets and to the recruitment side of the Military. Like his mates Keith Joyce and Bernie McGurgan he seemed to enjoy working with boy School Cadets. Maybe one attraction to the Cadets is he found it difficult to relate to adults and to give orders to men and found it easier to give orders to boys. 

We know that average OCS graduates who spent 20 years in the Military would attain at least the rank of substantive [ permanent ] Major. We personally know one OCS graduate who retired a Brigadier. The Victorian RSL State President Major General DJ McLachlan is an OCS graduate. Corse retired a Lt / TEMPORARY Captain.
Barry Corse seems to be jealous of other Officers of high achievement and asserts that many were/are involved in conspiracies to his detriment. He is particularly viscious towards former Governor General Gen Michael Jeffrey and Gen Cosgrove, both officers of Corse's time who were everything that Corse was not.
Barry Corse military career reads like the topsy turvey world of Alice in Wonderland. We could write a 1000 page volume on his Military service. Neither we nor you have the time for that.
Barry Corse seems to have had more interest in Liberal politics than his Military career, for he stated at one stage " At the termination of my 20 years it is my intention to enter Federal Politics. In accordance with this aim I have associated myself with the Liberal Party with a view to seeking a Senate nomination at the election following my termination of service". Perhaps he thought he could achieve in politics that which he never achieved in the Military.This statement by him is highly unusual because the Military is non Party political.

Corse has set himself up in the last two years as the self anointed leader and CEO of the mad galah group, a group of misinformed, abusive,arrogant,disgruntled failed Officers and Soldiers whose behaviour has been an embarrassment to all decent ex Servicemembers. The name of this group says it all. Corse has painted himself as a decorated War hero, as a highly efficient former senior Officer, as a man who has important contacts all over the place and who is without blemish and beyond criticism.He is a real name dropper. None of his propaganda is true.

The truth is Barry Corse is not a decorated War Veteran, he had a below average Military career, he spent just over two years in a combat Infantry Unit out of 20 years service, he knows little about Regimental life in combat Infantry units, spending most of his service as a Sapper in Engineers and as an officer in the CMF. Corse never went anywhere rank wise in the Army. His overseas service was limited to Vietnam and a short stint in PNG with RAE.
He was a failed dud of an Officer, just like the other failed  leaders of the mad galah group.
Corse counts among his cultish admirers and supporters Harry Kirkman and Owen Eather. Eather is a fellow OCS graduate. Both of these failed Servicemen get a mention on the Veteran fake and wannabee website, ANZMI. You can tell a person by the company he keeps.

Our professional medical advice is that Barry Corse could well be a delusional paranoid psychotic. We believe this description could well apply to some of his followers in the mad galah movement such as David Briggs and Keith Joyce and Jim Wiltshire. It is indeed sad to see anybody so delusional and we would agree that if Corse has these serious problems he should seek medical intervention. In the meantime, no matter how ill he may be, we will not stand by and see him embarrass and undermine the genuine ex Servicemembers of Australia.
Barry Corse acts as if he was a very very senior Military Commander and a battle hardened War Veteran who has the interests of the Troops at heart. Corse's past history and current behaviour clearly show he is an arrogant, narcissistic character who thinks of one person.....himself.
We commend Corses' military history to you. Any reader will clearly see that Barry Corse is a wannabee, who longs for recognition and applause.


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