Charlie Bartkus.

A vile, vicious medal cheat who has hounded fellow Veterans in Rockhampton using stalking, gossip, lies and filth. Bartkus is one of the great religious moralisers of the world, who pretend they are as pure as the driven snow, who propound moral values for others and who attack those who don't conform to their view of the world. At the same time they use this moralising as a smokescreen for their own weaknesses and faults.

Charlie Bartkus was an ill disciplined, trouble causing Vietnam War era National Serviceman.

His Military charge sheet { see links below }, over the short period of two years in the Australian Army, is littered with offences such as absent without leave, disobeying routine orders, failing to appear at a place of parade and more. If Bartkus had not been in the Army and had broken the Law in society as often as he did in the Army over two years, he would have been known by the police and the Courts as a serial offender.

The great and vast majority of the Australian National Servicemen of the Vietnam War accepted their lot in life and simply got on with doing their best to serve in the Military and look after their mates, without causing trouble for their mates or the Military. Their mates lives were at stake.  However,  there was a small vagabond group such as Bartkus which spent their whole two years making trouble for their mates and the military and  disrupting military life, as they arrogantly disregarded Military Law and discipline.

However, Bartkus has reinvented himself over the last decade or so in Rockhampton, Queensland to trick the Rockhampton civil and Veteran community into thinking he was a capable, competent and dedicated Soldier who served out his two years National Service without blemish. He blew into Rockhampton in the  1990s as he ran away from his past in Victoria, where his wife had left him and where he had been forced out as a Pastor in a Church. His alcoholic drinking had taken its toll on those around him.  He has used fabrications of his Army service to trick the Rockhampton community into believing he is a local Veteran hero who stands for the rights and entitlements of all Veterans, when in fact he has simply used the local Veteran community and the Rockhampton TPI Centre  to try and make a name for himself, while he has gone about this reinvention.

In truth Bartkus has made it his business to attack the private lives and military records of various Veterans in the Rockhampton area. His attacks have been vile and vicious. He has stopped at nothing as he has entered the bedrooms and Military service of these Veterans. People like Bartkus always attack the private lives and military records of others as a smokescreen to hide things about themselves which they do not want others to know.  Those who point the finger most always have the biggest skeletons in the cupboard.


Bartkus is a mate of local medal cheat, fraud and criminal Keith Joyce, who destroyed the former Rockhampton RSL sub branch and left the til empty, a til which once contained about $1 million.  They have worked together for years to attack others in Rockhampton and elsewhere. You can read about Joyce here   here and here on the ANZMI wannabe exposing and medal cheat website { scroll down to read about Joyce’s medal cheating }

Birds of a feather flock together.

These clowns have never learned the lesson that if you are going to make attacks on others, your own slate must be lily white and as clean as a whistle.

We claim Bartkus is a medal cheat. If you look at the following picture you will see Bartkus wearing the Active Service Medal 1945-75, the Vietnam Medal, The Defence Medal, an unknown medal, probably a buy your own, and the South Vietnamese Campaign Medal. Bartkus is entitled by his service record to wear all the above except the unknown medal, and additionally the Anniversary of National Service1951-1972 Medal which he is not wearing.

This is the Anniversary of National Service1951-1972 Medal

The unknown medal second from right as you look at the image bears no resemblance to the Anniversary of National Service1951-1972 Medal.

Bartkus is a bloated, obese alcoholic who has made Rockhampton his most recent place to peddle his nefarious wares. Upon arrival in Rockhampton he literally possessed nothing, and at one time was thrown out of the house he was living in, and was thus on the streets. He quickly moved to worm his way into the arms of an innocent, unsuspecting woman who had a home of her own, which was just what suited Charlie down to the ground. Charlie now lives the life of riley, at the expense and behest of this gullible woman. Ah, yes Charlie, coning your way into the life of a comfortable granny is the way to go. The words bludger and parasite come to mind.


So, life goes on for Charlie Bartkus in Rockhampton, where he is despised by genuine War Veterans who have done the real, hard yards and is also despised by by former professional Soldiers who know what professional Soldiering is really about. No Charles, you do NOT become a professional Soldier after a short two years. That old son is just the beginning! It takes men to Soldier on.

You can read what Fergus had to say about Bartkus et al here;topic=193.0




Bartkus was posted to Artillery and his job was the most menial in the Royal Australian Artillery. He was an ammunition number on a gun. His reinvention of himself leads others to think he was a war hero when the blatant truth is he was anything but.

His long list of charges, shown above, proves he had a pathological hatred of authority figures in the Army. He has carried this hatred into his life in the Qld TPI Association and general Veteran community, where he has targeted his vile attacks towards former Army members who held senior rank and authority. In the case of one Veteran who he has attacked viciously, this former Army Sergeant served with him in 4 Fd Regt RAA and 108 Field Battery RAA, and this former Sergeant has first hand knowledge of just what a trouble maker and ill disciplined soldier Barkus was.

As part of his rewriting of his incompetent military service, Bartkus visited his old Caboolture [ near Brisbane] school of St Columbans, and convinced the pupils and teachers alike that he was something he never was.

See here

He has engaged in the same propaganda at the Catholic school the Cathedral College in Rockhampton see here

The intriguing thing is Bartkus, who was Baptised a Catholic, turned his back on the Catholic Church and became a Pastor in a Pentecostal Assemly of God Church in Warnambool, Victoria. Lately he has been peddling his war stories to Catholic kids. Any port in a storm so to speak.

It just gets worse with Bartkus, the self indulgent pillar of the Rockhampton Veteran community. Now one would think that such an upstanding and well trained military man as Bartkus, would dot all the i's and cross all the t's in his civic life. However, search as we may, we can't find any mention of Charlie [ hero of the Vietnam war ] Bartkus, on the electoral roll. A minor thing you may say, but well, for somebody who paints himself as capable, efficient, civic minded and responsible, the significance of his failure to enrol to vote is just a mark of the arrogant fake this man is.

The gullible are easily conned by frauds like Charlie Bartkus.

Here he is again, posing as a competent ex Soldier at the local Rockhampton Veteran Retreat Cockscomb, where he has conned many local Veterans.

Notice he has no idea of medal and badge protocols. He is sporting the RASB [ Returned from Active Service Badge ] which must not be worn with a medal rack. It must be worn on civilian clothes by itself to alert people to one's active service. Professional soldiers and veterans would agree he looks like a banana republic dictator with all the bits and pieces he has strewn over his drabby shirt. Just a wannabe, that's all. Oh and we love the necklace and what seems like a bracelet!

UPDATE 24 June 2018



As we have said above Bartkus found himself a female partner not long after he arrived in Rockhampton. Her name is Barbra Robson.

Bartkus gravitated to a woman who had similar values and principles to himself. This woman's son was convicted of one of the most vile and vicious murders one could imagine. Her son was convicted in 2002 from memory. It is true that one cannot blame Barbara Robson for the murder, but one can say that Steve Robson, the murderer, was raised in a home where Barbar Robson taught him his ethics, principles, behaviour and standards.

Read about this felon and scum bag here

and here

 The following death notice appeared in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin last week. This notice is an attempt by the Bartkus clan to white wash his military career and paint him as a war hero by mentioning Fire Support Base Coral. Literally thousands of men were involved in the Battle of Coral and the supporting operations. None of them have tried to milk it like Bartkus did. By the way, Coral was fought in May 1968, and not in 1968 - 1969.

This death notice is a propaganda piece, it reads like a foreword for a Hollywood production and it tries to rewrite the true military and civic history of Bartkus. If Bartkus served with Honour and competence, why did he never produce any Military references to attest to this?

BARTKUS, Charles 'Charlie' 29/05/1947 - 16/06/2018 71 years, 2 weeks & 4 days Vietnam Veteran, 102 Field Battery, Fire Support Base Coral 1968-69 On Saturday, 16th June, at approximately 10.15 am, the life of Charlie came to an end. Charlie was the loving, and beloved partner of Barbara. Loving and beloved father of Nicky, Catherine and Sarah. Charlie passed away peacefully with all his girls by his side. He was greatly loved, and will be sorely missed "with an immensity of abundantness which knows no bounds." (A Charlieism) Proposed funeral Monday 25 June 2018 at 11am. Please see Saturday edition for funeral details.

The funeral will no doubt be a litany of lies and propaganda too as the eulogy is read.