Edward William Colmer was an Infantry Private Soldier at 1 ATF Nui Dat, Vietnam from 14 May 69 to 3 Dec 69. Prior to that time he had served with an Infantry Battalion.


For a few weeks between mid May 69 and late June 69 he served with the D&E Platoon that was part of HQ 1 Australian Task Force. The D&E "Platoon" for a short time was split into two elements one of which adopted the nick name of the "2nd D&E Platoon".  The Platoon is known to have worked hard and done the Royal Australian Infantry Corps proud, during operations.

Another of the group Donald William Tate decided to write a book that includes the exploits of the "2nd D&E Platoon". Tate decided to sensationalise his book at the expense of tarnishing the reputations of Army Officers and Australian War Memorial personnel by inferring that the Platoon had been illegal, and senior officers of the Task Force Headquarters had indulged in criminal conspiracy, fraud and obliteration of files to "cover up" the illegal nature of the Platoon.

The Task Force Commander simply split his D&E Platoon to best utilizes his resources at the time, there was no conspiracy, cover up or illegal activity. Colmer contends that as there is no documentation supporting the establishment of the 2nd D&E Platoon it all must have been illegally disposed of.  He bases his argument of the absence of documents; the point is there never was a requirement for documents and no documents ever existed. Colmer and the other 4 RAR Diggers were posted to HQ Coy 1ATF just like all D&E Platoon Diggers, the Department of Veterans Affairs  Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll shows that, as would their personal records.

Colmer is really a Tate stooge who has been mercilessly used by Tate in his marketing campaign to sell his autobiographical book that includes information about the mythical 2nd D&E Platoon. Other high profile stooges are The Hon Mike Kelly MP, Ms Jenny George MP, Brigadier Neil Weekes the group of loonies known as the Mad Galahs and to a lesser extent Brigadier George Mansford.  In relation to this matter Colmer has behaved like a rabid dog, with outrageous threats against any person who challenges his theories and "evidence". Colmer's main evidence is that there is no evidence. He claims it has been removed or expunged.

The purpose of this expose` is to again exhibit the quality of those people who are part of the lunatic fringe of the Mad Galah group.  Colmer joined the NSW Police Force after his Military service and after about eighteen months was transferred to a Federal drug squad.  The drug squad has since been enmeshed in scandal with Colmer blowing the whistle on his mates in retaliation for them accusing him of tying up a woman and robbing her. What a mess. The drug squad was totally ineffectual and ended up in a blizzard of bad publicity and allegations resulting in its disbandment.  Colmer with his short police background talks like a "Philadelphia lawyer" to show off his "vast" legal knowledge, just like his other Mad Galah mates Barry Corse and Dave Briggs. Jim Wiltshire, Terry Westerway.

Colmer in an email dated 13 Dec 2008 admits to participating in corrupt police methods by "verballing" suspects, here is what he said:

"That's right crud, cops use to verbal a lot, because the crim's involved in major crime were bloody good.  However, because you and you as XX  [sorry Xxx?] says are so easy to fit, and supposed intellectuals? I can hardly believe how easy it is.  Therefore, I ponder, and the likes of you " Aye Fergus" should be flattered ****head, because I keep thinking it is some type of diversion?.. No, just your stupidity crud!  Apparently it is that simple, and now you and you are desperately trying to cover things up? TOO LATE."

Verballing is the epitome of police corruption. It is believed that apart from the odd renegade like Colmer, police did not, and still do not use "verballing" as stated by Colmer.  However as Colmer has alluded to participating in verballing and in the light of the conclusions and threats shown in Colmer's diatribes we can conclude that what he has said is true of himself and others he knows.

Here are further examples of Colmer's lunatic ravings:

I will destroy him physically and his associates...  I don't need absolute proof per se!   but I will finally get Fergus Xxx, because that's my thing, and albeit, 59, I am ******* fit and ready, and really don't care about life generally.

I will get Fergus, because my long arm of the law very  past is still very persuasive, and friendly, with many debts still owed from past things?..  Give me Fergus [for me] and I will drop off completely. .... I will deal with this prick in my way and not tell anyone..



"Yes, BB. FF, MM and others, I will fail with my jurisdiction hearing dated: 30 January 2009, at the AAT, because I am an ex "baggy arse" ex alleged "nasty cop" and "nut case!" Vietnam vet, but will still give it the Oz go! How could I possibly defend myself against the public paid purse of representation provided to the NAA with a "briefed" Counsel [Barrister].  Does this most obvious complicity with certain others make you feel like a really proud hero: digger/s?  To civilly take out a Statement of Claim against the Government for MALICE would be utter stupidity, madness, and wastefulness against the public resources; but to take out the same action against joint complicit private dullards [a euphemism] tortfeasors, would be like a walk in the park"

"Thanks though Fergus because you have now made certain admissions that I've only suggested? and when did I apparently make these comments herein, because I have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about, but then I do have violent rage attacks associated with my chronic PTSD, and associated spectrum disorders; with absolute black- outs, you "crud" so you really should ring me at home, or visit me at the address below Fergus "Crud" Fairfax.  We can also discuss this problem you describe as mistaken identity??  But then cowards never ring or ever put their real name or address to such vicious and unwarranted attacks do they Fergus". 

 "I just can't believe the negligence originally orchestrated by all of you! now protecting paedophiles? Then using them for your devious greedy "empire building" purposes, to pervert the course of justice!  Yes, I have a mountain of evidence concerning this person, but would never have envisaged your complicity with this!   Concealment of records, and actively destroying Vietnam veteran's lives "YES!"  Protecting rock spiders? Another thing altogether."

"Start writing your AVO's AWM because you will need them!"

"I have absolutely nothing left to live for and already know the identity of yours: one fergus fairfax, address and all!!"

"I do have violent rage attacks associated with my chronic PTSD, and associated spectrum disorders; with absolute black- outs, you "crud"

Colmer is obviously a sick veteran who seems to relish the reputation of being a "mad dog" and we suggest before he inflicts physical harm on others and himself that those Brigadiers who control the crazy Mad Galah mob advise him to retire before he gets taken away by men in white.