Barry Corse..The Tragic Case of a Failed 2nd Lieutenant



Barry Corse is a tragic figure. He enlisted in the Army Apprenticeship Scheme in Jan 1959. During his time in the RAE [1959-1965] he reached the dizzy heights of Lance Corporal. However his lack of devotion to duty, his incompetence and  discipline problems meant he was going nowhere fast. He then applied for entry to the old Officer Cadet School at Portsea and in 1966 he graduated as a Second Lieutenant. Some of Corses' classmates were amazed he ever graduated and always considered him a loose cannon, as being incompetent and as being totally unsuitable to hold Commissioned Rank.


He was then posted to 2 RAR and spent well over a year in South Vietnam, firstly as a Platoon Commander and then as a Liaison Officer at Task Force HQ. On completion of an extended tour of duty we was posted back to 2 RAR, where he remained for a very short period before he was shuffled off to the old Jungle Training Centre at Canungra. His time here was again short before he was posted to Western Australia on compassionate grounds taking up postings in CMF and Cadet Units. During this time, and until the end of 20 years of Service, Corse never qualified for promotion to substantive [ permanent ] rank above 2nd Lt. He retired after 20 years service a TEMPORARY Captain.

Corse appeared on the online Veteran scene in late 2006. Nobody who had been working for years on Veterans issues had ever heard of Barry Corse. He immediately began a campaign to vilify various former and current senior Officers, various ex Service Organizations, various politicians from the then PM down and various Veterans. He moved quickly to set up a fraudulent movement named the mad galahs whose sole aim in life was to take over all Veterans matters and castigate and defame anybody who stood in his way. His abuse, defamation, vilification and deranged and confused thinking have become legendary.

Corse set himself up as the wise owl and leader of this silly movement and attached himself to well known people and former senior Officers whom he approved of to curry favour and try to impress those who fell for his fraudulent behaviour. He is a real name dropper who tried to create the impression he has influence in the ADF command structures. Nothing could be further from the truth of course with this tragic and failed 2nd Lt.

He built up a small following of equally deranged mad supporters who were equally as adept at abuse and vilification as he is. Their particular penchant has been to intrude into the private lives of those they detest and to try to degrade the War Service of several well known Veterans. Corse has a deep hatred of Gen Cosgrove.

Corse continued on with his indescribable behaviour and now remains in the background of the mad galahs, only after having publicly failed to build an Empire for himself and destroy those who opposed him.Corse has claimed the mad galahs [ read Barry Corse ] represent 1,000,000 medal wearing Veterans! He remains backstage, using others to publish his dirty work for him. Petersen and Wiltshire are more than willing to post the Corse ramblings.


Before Christmas 2008 he claims he was visited at 3AM one morning by somebody he never named. He immediately ran crying to the DVA Minister to ask his protection, rather than report the alleged matter to the WA Police.Corse rallied the gang and immediately, without providing any proof, blamed somebody from the ANZMI wannabe website.


The damage this excuse for a former Officer has done to the image and reputation of the Veteran community has been incalculable, and it will take ages for our reputation to be restored even if he totally disappears today.


His behaviour can only be described as delusional and sociopathic. He really does need to seek urgent mental help for his own sake and for the sake of the Veteran community. We will have  more to reveal to you about the behaviour of Barry Corse and we are determined to see him and his mad galahs relegated to the nether world of irrelevance and mutual insanity where they can spell bind each other with their stupidity. 

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